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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Chicago Review 10.15.17

October 16, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Kenny Omega Global Wars
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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Chicago Review 10.15.17  

Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Chicago Review 10.15.17

– Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser defeated Best Friends @ 13:10 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated Hiromu Takahashi @ 14:30 via submission [***¾]
– The Addiction defeated KUSHIDA & Cheeseburger @ 8:21 via pin [**½]
– Bullet Club defeated Search & Destroy @ 14:40 via pin [****]
– The Dawgs defeated One Mean Team @ 5:11 via pin []
– Suzuki-gun defeated Shane Taylor, Jay Lethal, Kenny King @ 16:30 via pin [***]
– Colt Cabana defeated Toru Yano @ 7:52 via pin [**]
Non-Title Match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay defeated Flip Gordon @ 15:19 via pin [****½]
IWGP United States Title Match: Champion Kenny Omega defeated YOSHI-HASHI @ 25:23 via pin [**]

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– ROH Champion Cody is here to kick off the show. He says that people have been thanking him all day, thanking him because the Global Wars tour has been the most financially successfully tour in ROH history. He then mentions a Tweet from Roman Reigns earlier today, and says he thought his vest was covering up a potbelly and failed drug test. Instead it was covering up envy. This isn’t an indie; it’s a club. He tells Carey Silken to “kiss the ring.” Silken refuses, so Cody says the best fan will kiss the ring in the ROH ring. Cody brings in a masked fan with a being the Elite sign. Cody gets his phone out to film it for Being the Elite. The fan unmasks as Dalton Castle and attacks! He beats Cody down and chases him off. The build for Final Battle begins.

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs. Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor): Taylor and Young into begin, they work some back and forth with Taylor hitting a dropkick. Bruiser tags in, as does Trent. Bruiser talks trash, and Trent hits shoulder blocks, as the Bruiser won’t go down. Taylor back in and they take him down, working double teams and hug. Young in and they work him over, Trent stomps on him and Taylor hits the slow motion senton. But the Bruiser is back and attacks, tossing Taylor to the floor. Young tosses Trent and we get floor brawling. Back in and the Bruiser takes control, working over Trent. He and Young work quick tags, isolating Trent and picking up near falls. Double teams follow and Bruiser covers for 2. Trent hits an enziguri and Young cuts him off. Trent fights back, hits a stomp from the corner and Taylor gets the hot tag. He runs wild, and suplexes Young onto the bruiser. The falcon arrow follows, and the deal only gets 2. Bruiser hits a corner attack and cannonball, with Young covering for 2. The Best Friends battle back, DDT on the Bruiser and follow with dives to the floor. Back in and they hug. Young avoids the chokeslam, hits a knee strike and short DDT. Bruiser up top and hits a banzai splash for 2. Taylor tosses Young, but follows and takes a backdrop on the floor. Trent and the Bruiser in the ring, and Bruiser takes him down and heads up top but misses the frog splash. Trent hits the running knee strike, and follows with a piledriver for 2 as Young makes the save. Taylor tags back in, works over Young but runs into double teams, but cuts of Taylor. Trent and bruiser on the apron, and bruiser hits a backdrop and cannonball to the floor. Taylor rolls up Young for 2. Soul food hits, but Bruiser hits Taylor with the keg, allowing Young to hit misery for the win. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser defeated Best Friends @ 13:10 via pin [***] This was a good overall opener, but I feel the wrong team won here.

Marty Scurll vs. Hiromu Takahashi: Daryl is out to be the guest timekeeper. They play to the crowd and then get to action for a bit, and then play to he crowd again. Back to work, Takahashi teases a sunset bomb to the floor but Scurll fights that off and attacks the arm but Takahashi counters the apron kick and hits a running dropkick off the apron. Takahashi follows with chops, but Scurll cuts him off by attacking the arm again, and then sending Takahashi to the barricade. The eye poke follows, and he then attacks Takahashi right in front of Daryl. Scurll then grabs Daryl, and brings him in the ring and attacks Takahashi with him, covering for 2. Scurll then stomps on the hand and hits a basement dropkick for 2. The stranglehold follows as Scurll grounds the action. Takahashi escapes, hits the RANA and the basement dropkick follows. Takahashi counters the hand break spot and hits a pop up powerbomb for 2. Scurll lays in chops, the superkick to the knee and they trade several pin attempts for near falls. Takahashi then hits the overhead belly to belly into the corner. Scurll uses Daryl as a shield, allowing him to stack up Takahashi and use the ropes, for 2 but the ref saw it. Takahashi rolls up Scurll for 2. Takahashi tries to use the ropes for a pin, but the ref saw that as well. Hey both argue with the ref, and then trade chops. Takahashi superkicks Scurll on the apron and hits the sunset bomb to the floor! Back in they go, and Takahashi hits the dynamite plunger for a near fall. Scurll counters the time bomb, hits a pair of tornado DDTs, and then cradles Takahashi for 2. Scurll turns Takahashi inside out with a lariat, Takahashi counters the chicken wing, but Scurll gets it on the second try and Takahashi taps. Marty Scurll defeated Hiromu Takahashi @ 14:30 via submission [***¾] This was very good match, they kept Daryl to a minimum and did a great job of constantly building the action throughout and they went home at the right time. They made the absolute most of the crowd loving them so much.

KUSHIDA & Cheeseburger vs. The Addiction (Daniels & Kazarian): Kaz and KUSHIDA into begin, they work a fast paced back and forth with KUSHIDA taking the advantage and also taking out Daniels. Cheeseburger in as well, he and KUSHIDA work over the Addiction and after some messing around, they lock in arm bars. Kaz has had enough of this and powerbombs Cheeseburger onto KUSHIDA. They toss KUSHIDA to the floor and isolate Burger. The Addiction continues to work double teams, Burger hits a desperation RANA and tags in KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA runs wild, tosses Daniels and follows with a dive. KUSHIDA grabs his Hover board and heads up top. He jumps off the hover board with a high cross, covering for 2. The Addiction cuts him off, hits celebrity rehab. My fee cuts out and when it came back, the Addiction had pinned Burger with the best Meltzer ever. The Addiction defeated KUSHIDA & Cheeseburger @ 8:21 via pin [**½] This was fine, The Addiction needed the win, but it felt like a waste of KUSHIDA.

– Post break, the Addiction sets up a table, but Bully Ray makes the save and chokeslams Kaz through the table.

– Bully says he didn’t plan to do that, but you don’t just pull out a table like that. He then goes on a history tour, talking about good times and then teases his retirement like he did in Buffalo and Pittsburgh, due to the injury suffered at Death Before Dishonor. He then soaks in some “thank you Bubba” chants. He brings a kid in the ring, says he represents all of the fans and thanks him He gives the kid a hug and gives him a piece of the table, the last table he’ll ever break. He puts over ROH and thanks God. You know when you start doing this on every show it loses it affect, and especially when it just doesn’t come off as believable.

Bullet Club (Cody, The Young Bucks & Adam Page) vs. Search & Destroy (The Motor City Machineguns & Jay White & Jonathan Gresham): The crowd is chanting “fuck the Revival” & “Cease & Desist.” Cody wants Gresham to kiss the ring, Gresham refuses and after stalling, they lockup. Cody uses his size advantage early, but Gresham cuts him off with a dropkick. It breaks down with everyone rushing in and missing moves, leading to an eight-way dropkick and stand off. The Bucks and Cody clear the ring with Cody and Page hitting a run up dive and then moonsault to the floor. Matt up on the stage and jumps off and onto the pile. Back to the ring and Gresham attacks the knee of Nick as search & Destroy lay the boots to Nick and do too sweets. It breaks down, Search & Destroy then isolated and works over Cody as the crowd totally rebels on them. They now work over Matt, with White and Gresham hitting a backpack senton. White takes control, teasing Bullet Club with too sweets, and that allows Nick to hit a superkick. Shelley in and he plays into the crowd and heel it up. He and Sabin double-team Cody but Nick makes the big comeback, running wild and tags in Page. Page runs wild, hitting the dropsault and shooting star press form the apron to the floor. The buckshot lariat levels White as he covers for 2. White escapes the rite of passage and suplexes Page to the buckles. Gresham tags back in and runs wild with a stunner, enziguiri and German. It beaks don into a revolving door of guys rushing in, the Guns hit the dream sequence and everyone hits signature moves. The Guns isolate Matt, but he backflips out of the doomsday device and Bullet Club locks in sharpshooters on everyone. It breaks down to the Guns and Bucks, superkicks follow and then the shooting star indie taker on the floor. Cody kills White with cross Rhodes. Gresham tries to fight one on four, tells them all to suck it but eats superkicks. The rite of passage follows and Bullet Club wins. Bullet Club defeated Search & Destroy @ 14:40 via pin [****] This was a wild and crazy match, shades of the matches from the previous nights, but felt more dialed back. Search & Destroy did a great job of embracing the heel role here, the crowd reacted to the moves big time, but they were pro Bullet Club all the way. It was an insane car crash style match, and a well done one at that with a hot crowd. Everyone was working hard and this was a ton of fun.

One Mean Team vs. The Dawgs (Titus & Ferrara): You have four matches left, I see no need to add this in. The Dawgs take control right away, with Titus slapping Ferrara around and using him as weapon. One mean team cuts off Ferrara, taking the heat and working double teams. Titus makes the save, and Ferrara tags him in. Titus runs wild, hits corner splashes and he then shoves Ferrara down and catapults him into One Mean Team. It breaks down, Titus hits a dropkick, and he and Ferrara isolate Johnson. Clotheslines and kicks follow, and the suplex/high cross combo connects for the win. The Dawgs defeated One Mean Team @ 5:11 via pin [*½] It was a match with no heat to it..

– Post match, Jay Briscoe attacks One Mean team and lays them out. Jay then says he tried to tell Mark that they need to get back to being the best tag team on the planet, but Mark has been worried about other things and is now injured. Heal up real quick, because it’s time for them to take this shit over.

– Shane Taylor now arrives, and heads to the ring. He gets paid to take people out, the bigger the fight and the bigger the check. He’s replacing mark Briscoe tonight.

Shane Taylor, Jay Lethal, Kenny King vs. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & The Killer Elite Squad [Smith & Archer]): In a shock to no one, Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell and we get a floor brawl. Suzuki works over King with a chair, but Lethal fires back and hits a suicide dive onto Archer. Back in and Lethal, King, and Taylor work together and work over Smith with Taylor covering for 2. Lethal tags himself in, and he wants Suzuki. Jay Lethal is not a smart man. Suzuki tags in and lays in chops and slaps. Lethal hits the hit toss, cartwheel, slap and dropkick. He then lays the boots to Suzuki, looks forth figure four but Suzuki gets the ropes. The hanging arm bar in the ropes follows as KES attacks Taylor & King. Suzuki-gun takes control on the floor, beating down their opponents with ease. Suzuki chokes out Lethal with a cable as Smith helps out. Back in and Suzuki and Lethal trade chops, Suzuki laughs off Lethal and lays in more chops. Lethal absorbs the strikes, fires back up and lays in chops to Suzuki. Suzuki demands he chop him again, laughs again and just no sells Lethal. Minoru Suzuki gives no fucks and kicks Lethal to the floor. Archer tags in, and just tosses Lethal around with ease and hits a corner elbow. Smith in, Lethal fights back and heads up top and is cut off. Smith hits a superplex, but Taylor makes the save. Smith cuts off Lethal, tags in Archer and Lethal escapes the hart attack and tags on King. King runs wild, hits a spin kick and shotgun knees. Archer stops him with a slam, but King hits a spinebuster for 2. Archer hits an overhead belly to belly, but King tosses him to the floor and Taylor stops him and he levels Smith as King hits a dive onto Archer. Back in and wholesale changes to Taylor and Suzuki. Taylor hits a side slam and splash but Smith makes the save. KES takes out King & Lethal, Suzuki locks in a sleeper and KES in but it breaks down. King and clear out KES, Taylor & Suzuki trade strikes and Suzuki tries for the Gotch pile driver, lays in knee strikes and the sleeper. Taylor fades, and Suzuki hits the Gotch piledriver and Taylor is done. Suzuki-gun defeated Shane Taylor, Jay Lethal, Kenny King @ 16:30 via pin [***] Taylor did well here, and the tease of the Gotch piledriver was really well done down the stretch. The Suzuki vs. lethal stuff was also really good. We had all of the Suzuki-gun brawling, but that was fun as they stayed away from the bullshit that hurts their matches. This was good.

– Post match, Suzuki attacks the ref.

Colt Cabana vs. Toru Yano: Yano has his DVD and Cabana has one as well. They trade DVDs and we’re friends to begin, until Yano tosses Cabana’s DVD to the floor; they both go for sneaky roll ups and get 2. They get their DVDs back, until Yano SELLS his DVD to a fan. Cabana gives his way. Yano tries to remove the buckle pad, and does it. Cabana refuses to get in the ring, yelling, no means no and the crowd chants it. Cabana avoids the exposed buckle and grabs the pad and Yano grabs another one. Cabana attacks, takes the second pad as Yano begs off. Cabana attacks, they do some rope running comedy, and Yano does his break spot. Cabana attacks, and ground Yano, and Yano makes the ropes. They tease hitting the exposed buckle and then Yano slams Cabana to he exposed buckles, covering for 2. They trade atomic drops and sell their balls, Yano uses the ref as a shield but Cabana avoids the low blow. They shove the ref around, and he falls as he’s blown up. Low blow and cradle by Yano, but the ref is down. Yano grabs tape, but Cabana low blows Yano and hits the flying asshole and jabs. Yano counters and ties him up with tape, exposes another buckle but runs into an elbow and Cabana picks up the pin. Colt Cabana defeated Toru Yano @ 7:52 via pin [**] As a wrestling match, there’s not much here, but as something the crowd loved it worked as they got to cheer their guy and they loved it. This is the perfect kind of setting for Yano.

Non-Title Match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay vs. Flip Gordon: They work a fast paced back and forth, with some cool counters mixed in. Flip flips into a side headlock, but Ospreay cuts him off as he gets cute during a handstand spot. Ospreay lays in chops, and locks in an octopus hold and shills his website as he does. Flip picks up the pace, hits a satellite head scissors and dropkick sending Ospreay to the floor. Flip then hits a moonsault to the floor. Flip hits the senton atomico, and follows with a dropkick for 2. The back handspring elbow connects, and then another. The running kick and standing moonsault connects, and Flip covers for 2. Flip grounds the action, but Ospreay fires up and hits a back handspring kick and both men are down. Ospreay follows with a jawbreaker, kicks and the hesitation dropkick gets 2. A running, twisting, shooting star press follows for 2. Flip hits a knee strike, but Ospreay RANAs him to the floor. The Sasuke special follows. Back in and Ospreay hits the springboard forearm, covering for 2. Ospreay follows with strikes, and pulls Flip up top and Flip cuts off Ospreay with a kick, that sends Ospreay to the floor. Flip then hits an insane springboard, double jump corkscrew moonsault to the floor! Back in they go, Ospreay avoids the 450, but he hits the Samoan flop, running shooting star and an asia moonsault for a great near fall. Ospreay up top, Flip cuts him off with a jumping kick and follows him up. Ospreay slips out, they work into a series of kicks, and Flip hits the OSCUTTER on Ospreay! Both men are down and the crowd loves this. They trade strikes center ring, Ospreay with a combination of shots and then hits a superkick and emerald flowsion for a great near fall! Ospreay’s Oscutter countered, Flip his a sling blade and then hits the 450! Ospreay kicks out at the very last minute. Ospreay counters the 4-nifty, and hangs Flip in the ropes and hits the shooting star press for another awesome near fall. The cyclone kick and Oscutter finally put Flip away! IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay defeated Flip Gordon @ 15:19 via pin [****½] This was set up as an attempted showcase for Flip Gordon, and not only did they steal the show, but they stole the whole weekend. This was an awesome, back and forth match that portrayed Gordon on Ospreay’s level and was the breakout match he needed in ROH. Both guys do some awesome and at times unbelievable things, the crowd loved it and the final few minutes were awesome, almost making the fans believe Gordon could win. Excellent stuff.

IWGP United States Title Match: Champion Kenny Omega vs. YOSHI-HASHI: Apparently Omega forgot the title, because he doesn’t have it out with him. The crowd is completely behind Omega here, no fringe on the tights and he took his shirt off so we may get serious main event Kenny here. They work to the ropes and HASHI lays in chops. Omega takes him down, laying in kicks and talking shit to HASHI. HASHI fights back, hitting back elbows and the running blockbuster for 2. They trade strikes and chops; HASHI hangs Omega in the ropes and dropkicks him to the floor. HASHI whips Omega to the barricade a few times; Omega fights back with a Finlay roll and moonsault off of the barricade. Omega brings out a table, but HASHI fights back and suplexes Omega on the floor. Back in the ring now, HASHI lays in chops to the jeers of the crowd. Omega fights back as they trade chops, HASHI lays in forearm strikes and follows with a running elbow. Omega counters the bulldog and hits the kotaru krusher for 2. The side back breaker follows for 2. Omega grounds the action, and then lays in elbow strikes. HASHI fires up with a RANA and spin kick, but Omega counters only to run into a code breaker. HASHI hits a superkick and neck breaker, covering for 2. They trade chops and strikes, Omega hits a RANA and sends HASHI to the floor. The big dive follows, and Omega then powerbombs HASHI through the table he previously set up. Back in and the neck breaker across the knee gets 2. Omega hits a knee strike, but HASHI hits a lariat that turns him inside out. Omega hits the snapdragon suplex, HASHI counters out of the one winged angel with a DDT. The running knees and powerbomb gets 2. Omega fights out of karma, and we get a fucking ref bump. Scurll and the Young Bucks arrive to beat down HASHI, but Omega backs them off and now wants to do the 10-boots bullshit; Page & Cody arrive. HASHI cuts it off and hits the back stabber. Yano, Flip, the Best Friends and Ospreay arrive. They fight over the boots spot, trading strikes and Omega hits V trigger, and send V into the Bullet Club and CHAOS boots. Bullet Club celebrates, Omega hits a powerbomb for 2. Omega hits V trigger, the one winged angel and Yano pulls out the ref. Trent hits the dude buster on Omega, but page takes him out and we get everyone brawling, Yano low blows and Cody taking out Flip, Ospreay hits the Oscutter on him and he wipes out the pile with a shooting star to the floor. Nick puts Flip through a table with a 450 to the floor. HASHI heads up top, the senton is countered by knees. V trigger, one winged angle and Omega retains. Champion Kenny Omega defeated YOSHI-HASHI @ 25:23 via pin [**] One thing I absolutely hate in wrestling is sitting through a match that is supposed to be important, for nearly 20-minutes, only for it to be filled with ref bumps, run-ins and bullshit. It was very obvious what was going on here, they booked a shitty match in regards to the fact that no one bought HASHI winning and there being zero chance Omega was losing. So they hoped all of the bells, whistles and ballyhoo would make up for that. The match was going good, despite people not buying HASHI at all, but all of the bullshit did nothing for me and took way from my enjoyment. That stuff played well to the live crowd, because they paid to see Bullet Club and were into all of their stuff; I just wanted a good and fun match, not 10 run-ins, ref bumps and all kinds of bull shit, this did nothing for me.

– Bullet Club celebrates. Cody cuts a promo, and asks about 1995 & 1996, when wrestling was cool. He says right now, wrestling has never been cooler. He thanks NJPW, and then praises Omega for carrying NJPW on his back, calling him the leader of Bullet Club. Omega thanks Chicago for their love and the merch sales. He apologizes for not being fulltime with ROH, but really represents Bullet Club and The Elite. He thanks those who support Being the Elite, and runs down HASHI. Omega tells us goodnight so he can go to bed, but is cut off by Matt. Matt says that they need to take a Bullet Club selfie but no one has a phone. Jimmy Jacobs arrives and they take a sefie at ringside. They apologize forgetting Jimmy fired. The crowd chants “fuck the Revival” as the show closes.

 photo fe36ffd0-0da4-4e3b-a2d3-b026b341dd87_zps41ef5d61.jpg
“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
ROH Global Wars Chicago was the best of the three shows this weekend, featuring an awesome Gordon vs. Ospreay match, which is must-see, but was hurt by a completely overbooked main event and over-reliance on the Bullet Club. They just went too far, I get that Bullet Club sold out these shows, but there’s also a point where it becomes too much and is a turn-off, which is what the main event was for me.