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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Toronto 2019 Review

May 9, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt Taven ROH
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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Toronto 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Toronto 2019 Review

– The Sons of Haku defeated Alex Coughlin, Karl Fredricks, & Clark Connors @ 9:55 via pin [**¾]
– Yuji Nagata defeated Silas Young @ 10:10 via DQ [**½]
– EVIL & SANADA defeated The Kingdom @ 10:05 via pin [**¾]
– Rush defeated PJ Black @ 6:10 via pin [***]
– The Briscoes defeated Lifeblood @ 13:15 via pin [***½]
– Jay Lethal defeated Satoshi Kojima @ 15:00 via pin [***]
ROH TV Title Match: Shane Taylor defeated Champion Jeff Cobb, Brody King, & Hirooki Goto @ 9:41 via pin [***½]
ROH World Title Match Champion Matt Taven defeated PCO @ 18:10 via pin [***½]

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– Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana are on commentary.

The Sons of Haku vs. Alex Coughlin, Karl Fredricks, & Clark Connors: Loa & Coughlin begin. They lock up; Coughlin grounds things and frustrates Loa. Loa cuts him off with strikes and Toga joins in for double teams. Coughlin fires back and tags in Connors and the lions double team Tonga. Connors follows with knee strikes and tags Coughlin back in, and Tonga follows with a clothesline and lays the boots to him. Loa follows with a powerslam and Hikuleo then lays in chops. The slam and leg drop follow for 2. Loa back in and lays in rights on Coughlin. Coughlin fires back with chops, and hits a spear. Karl & Tonga get the tags; Karl hits a dropsault and spinebuster. Loa cuts him off and the Sons of Haku take control back, as Hikuleo works over Karl, but Karl cuts him off and the lions run wild with triple teams on Hikuleo. Tonga & Loa make the save, it breaks down and Hikuleo hits a powerslam and tree slam for he win. The Sons of Haku defeated Alex Coughlin, Karl Fredricks, & Clark Connors @ 9:55 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, maybe a bit too long, but the LA dojo kids showed good fire again,

Silas Young vs. Yuji Nagata: They lock up, working into counters, and Nagata takes early control. They lock up and work to thee ropes, and they break clean. Young fakes a handshake and hits a back elbow. Nagata fires back, they trade strikes and Nagata follows with kicks. He then starts attacking the arm, but Young cuts that off with strikes and grounds the action. Young then stuns him off the ropes and hits the slingshot double stomp. Nagata fires back with a running boot, and then lays in body kicks. The XPLODER follows for 2. They trade strikes, with both guys firing up and daring the other to keep coming. Nagata looks for the arm bar, but Young makes the ropes. He then lays in knee strikes and the anarchist suplex gets 2, Nagata counters misery once, we get a ref bump, and Young hits misery. Young gets a chair, brings it in and then pulls an Eddie Guerrero, tossing it to Nagata and taking a bump. Nagata then wraps the chair around his head and he plays Eddie Guerrero. The ref sees it and DQs Young. Yuji Nagata defeated Silas Young @ 10:10 via DQ [**½] It was going along well until they had to over complicate things down the stretch. No need to get cute, Yuji Nagata beating Silas Young clean is a perfectly acceptable result, because he’s Yuji Fucking Nagata.

EVIL & SANADA vs. The Kingdom: O’Ryan & SANADA begin. They lock up and O’Ryan grounds things. They work into counters and into a stalemate. O’Ryan offers a handshake, and they try to attack each other, and O’Ryan teases a paradise lock but SANADA escapes and hits the dropkick. Vinny & EVIL tag in and they trade chops right away, and EVIL takes control, and follows with a shoulder tackle. O’Ryan in and double teams follow and the Kingdom takes control. They isolate EVIL in their corner, working quick tags and double teams. The spinebuster and flying head butt follows for 2. Vinny grounds things, choking out EVIL. EVIL fires back and superkicks the leg. Tag to SANADA and he runs wild with elbows and a standing moonsault for 2. Vinny stops the paradise lock, and they double team SANADA, covering for 2. SANADA fights off house of a thousand horses, and scores with a TKO. EVIL in and gets dumped. SANADA gets skull end, swings Vinny and the magic killer finishes it. EVIL & SANADA defeated The Kingdom @ 10:05 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but really lacked in energy and felt flat.

– Rhett Titus arrives to join commentary.

Rush vs. PJ Black: They lockup, working into counters and Rush hits a belly to back suplex, but Black maintains control. They work into lucha passes and Rush hits a running forearm. Black cuts off the suicide dive, and slams Rush to the barricade. Back in and Black heads up top and hits the high cross for 2. The abdominal stretch follows, lays in kicks and a rolling forearm. Rush cuts him off with a snap German and then tranquillos. Te suicide dive follows and Rush slams him to the barricades. Back in and Rush hits the corner splash, superkick and belly to belly to the buckles. The bulls horns finishes it. Rush defeated PJ Black @ 6:10 via pin [***] This was a good, short match with Rush staying undefeated with another strong win.

– Dalton Castle arrives. Castle says everyone is having a good time tonight, and complains about Toronto. He feels fantastic because he’s boy-less and free. He calls the boys trash babies and says he doesn’t make mistakes, and won the title without the boys and won the trios titles by himself. He doesn’t need the boys, and he’s back and is ready to burn this place to the ground.

Lifeblood vs. The Briscoes: mark & Haskins begin. They lock up and Mark grounds things. Haskins counters and looks for an arm bar. Back to the feet and Jay tags in and Haskins hits dropkicks and Williams flies in with a missile dropkick. Lifeblood works double teams and Williams grounds Jay and covers for 2. Mark tags in and they dump Lifeblood and mark follows with a moonsault to the floor. They work over Williams and then Haskins with strikes. Back in and Mark follows with chops and Jay then follows with strikes and a running boot. The Briscoes work quick tags, isolating Haskins and Mark hits a suplex for 2. Jay tags in and locks on a camel clutch. He follows with uppercuts, Mark tags back in and follows with chops and kicks. Jay follows with a boot to the face and the Briscoes follow with a slam and elbow drop. They knock Williams to the floor and Haskins fires up with strikes, a leg lariat, and then tags in Williams. Williams runs wild and follows with chops and a Saito suplex. The second rope leg drop follows and lariat follows for 2. Haskins tags in and Mark battles back, jay pulls him to the floor but Lifeblood follows with dives to the floor. Haskins follows backing with the soldier shoulder roll into an arm bar, but Jay makes the save. He dumps Williams and Haskins fights off Mark with chops. Jay tags in and hits a dropkick. The superkick and neck breaker follows for 2. He looks for Jay driller, but Haskins escapes and hits from Haskins with love and Williams follows with a frog splash for 2. Mark dumps Haskins and heads up top, but Williams cuts him off. He follows him up but Jay picks him up and doomsday follows and that’s that. The Briscoes defeated Lifeblood @ 13:15 via pin [***½] This was a very good tag match with Lifeblood delivering again and the Briscoes maintaining momentum ahead of challenging for the tag titles.

– Bully Ray arrives and admits to taking out Tenille and says he’ll take out Lifeblood one by one. He mocks Finlay for being hurt and Juice for doing jobs in Japan. Haskins & Williams regroup and look for a fight, and Bully bails.

– Kelly Klein issues an open challenge and Allure arrives. Angelina Love says Klein is a fighting champion, and teases accepting her challenge. She won’t let her defend her title, and says she will challenge back in the US. Klein attacks and Allure run away; Klein calls them a bunch of bitches.

– Blind Kenny King joins commentary.

Jay Lethal vs. Satoshi Kojima: They shake hands and lock up. Lethal looks to work the arm, but Kojima counters out and grounds Lethal. Back to the feet and they trade shoulder tackles. Lethal follows with leg kicks, but Kojima fires back with chops. They trade, Kojima fires up and Lethal cuts him off with the cartwheel into a dropkick, sending him to the floor. The suicide dive follows, and back in, Lethal lays the boots to him. He then starts attacking the knee and covers for 2. Lethal follows with leg kicks, and Kojima cuts him off with chops. He follows with strikes and takes Lethal to the floor. Back in and Kojima maintains control with chops. Lethal then grounds things and works an Indian death lock variation. Kojima fights and makes the ropes. Lethal follows with a shin breaker and covers for 2. Kojima fires back and follows with machinegun chops. The corner forearm follows, but Lethal knocks him to the floor. Lethal follows and attacks the knee and then lays in chops. Kojima trips him up on the apron and follows with an apron DDT. Back in and Kojima heads up top, and the elbow drop connects for 2. They trade strikes and Kojima scores with a DDT. Lethal fights off the cutter, and hits the blue thunder bomb. Lethal heads up top and drops down into the figure four. Kojima fights, and makes the ropes. The Lethal injection is countered and Kojima hits the Koji cutter. Lethal counters the brainbuster and hits the Lethal combination. Kojima counters Lethal injection with a lariat. The brainbuster follows and that gets 2. Kojima looks for the lariat, but Lethal hits an enziguri, superkick and Lethal injection for the win. Jay Lethal defeated Satoshi Kojima @ 15:00 via pin [***] This was good, Lethal rarely disappoints, and Kojima is still enough of Kojima to deliver.

Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Brody King vs. Hirooki Goto vs. Shane Taylor: This was made a TV title match at the last minute. Cobb attacks Taylor right away and they brawl to the floor. King & Goto now brawl in the ring, they trade shoulder tackles and Goto takes him down. Cobb back in and he trades with Goto center ring. They light each other up, and then trade clotheslines. They work into a double down and then brawl from their knees. Taylor then wipes them out and King in and hits a RANA. LUCHA BRODY! He follows with a tope to the floor. He rolls Taylor back in and covers for 2. They trade strikes, chops, and Taylor hits a head butt and Cobb in and attacks, but King cuts him off as Goto returns and it breaks down. Superkicks by Cobb, lariat by Goto to Taylor and then King cuts off Goto. Cobb takes down King and hits the standing moonsault for 1 Goto hits the spin kick and Saito suplex on Cobb for 2. Cobb cuts him off with a swinging suplex and King follows with a cannonball on Cobb. Taylor then hits him with the destroyer for 2. Taylor to the ropes, Goto cuts him off and hits ushigoroshi. Cobb counters out of GTR but Goto hits a lariat. He follows with kicks and the GTR is cut off by a King lariat. Cobb hits a snap German, King pops up and runs into tour of the islands and Taylor takes out Cobb, and hits greetings from 216 and PINS King to win the title. Shane Taylor defeated Champion Jeff Cobb, Brody King, & Hirooki Goto @ 9:41 via pin [***½] This was a very good hossy battle, with everyone getting some shine, and Taylor getting the unexpected win, but also didn’t beat Cobb, setting up a rematch down the line. Their last PPV match was great.

– Destro wheels out a chained up PCO and electrocutes him to properly fire him up for the match.

Champion Matt Taven vs. PCO: PCO turns his back and allows Taven to attack. This just fires up PCO, who no lays in rights and Taven hits kick of the king. PCO dares Taven to dive at him and Taven refuses. He then lays the boots to PCO, and knocks him back to the floor. PCO cuts off the suicide dive and hits an apron chokeslam. Back in and PCO randomly dives to the floor… onto nothing and then hits the suicide cannonball on Taven. PCO follows with kicks and grabs a chair. He sits Taven in it and follows with chops. Back in and Taven stuns him off the ropes and then runs into a Michinoku driver. PCO heads up top and Vinny & TK arrive for the distraction, allowing Taven to attack. PCO counters the climax with a lariat, and uses Vinny’s axe to attack PCO. PCO is busted open and Taven works him over on the floor. He posts him and then again, attacking the bloody eye of PCO. Taven now rakes at the eye, continuing his attack. PCO slowly starts to fire back, but Taven cuts him off, attacking the eye again. He follows with strikes, but PCO fires up and Taven scores with the DDT for 2. He hits another and then a third. He follow with a 4th and Taven talks shit until PCO pops up and starts absorbing strikes. The pop up powerbomb follows and then hits a tombstone for 2. PCO looks for the apron senton and actually hits it! PCO slams him to the barricades, but Taven attacks the eye and hits the climax onto a chair. Taven rolls backing and PCO pops up and makes it back in. Taven then hits a sick sunset bomb to the floor. Back in and Taven hits the frog splash for 2. The crowd tries to rally PCO, and Taven hits just the tip twice but PCO then cuts him off and hits a dragon screw. The package piledriver follows, PCO up top and hits the senton and covers for 2. PCO heads back up top and the moonsault connects and he then covers for 2. The Kingdom attacks Destro, PCO fights them off and nearly kills Vinny trying to powerbomb him through a table. Taven gets a spike from TK and stabs PCO in the eye and pins him for the anticlimactic finish. Champion Matt Taven defeated PCO @ 18:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with a good story of the heel champion attacking PCO’s good eye, bloodying him up and allowing him to control. The crowd was into PCO and the big comebacks, and it played well, with the only negative being the sloppy and anticlimactic finish. They did a good job of protecting PCO in how he lost here.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Being a fan during the Monday Night Wars: 2.30
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The final score: review Good
The 411
ROH War of The Worlds Toronto 2019 started a bit slow, but there was nothing bad and the back end of the card was all good to very good. Overall it was an improvement over Buffalo, and a good show, but didn’t deliver anything I felt was must-see.