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Csonka’s ROH Winner Takes All PPV Review 3.10.17

March 11, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Winner Takes All PPV Review 3.10.17  

Csonka’s ROH Winner Takes All (15th Anniversary PPV) Review 3.10.17

– Jay White defeated Kenny King @ 10:00 via pin [***]
ROH TV Title #1 Contender’s Match: Kazarian defeated Hangman Page, Chris Sabin, Punisher Martinez, Cheeseburger and Silas Young @ 10:20 via pin [***¾]
Top Contender’s Match: Jay Lethal defeated Bobby Fish @ 15:30 via pin [****¼]
ROH Six-Man Title Match: Champions The Kingdom defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys @ 8:10 via pin [**½]
ROH TV Title Match: Champion Marty Scurll defeated Lio Rush @ 18:45 via submission [****]
– The Briscoes & Bully Ray defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr & War Machine @ 12:04 via pin [***½]
ROH Tag Team Title Street Fight: Champions The Broken Hardys defeated The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice @ 17:15 via pin [****½]
ROH Title Match: Christopher Daniels defeated Champion Adam Cole @ 21:55 via pin [***¾]

– We got a really great video package, hyping Daniels’ career and Cole’s run as “the greatest ROH Champion.” Really good promo work from both guys.

– Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are the commentary team tonight.

Kenny King vs. Jay White: This is a late addition to the show, playing off of King and The Rebellion attacking White and the Machine Guns while also trying to recruit their friend Lio Rush. White is a NJPW young lion, in the US on his learning excursion and is really good for his experience level. They worked back and forth, keeping a really nice pace early. King had control, White hit the dropkick, and King then cut him off with a leg lariat. White fought back, taking King down and paying tribute to Honma with a falling kokeshi. King quickly sent White to the floor and then wiped him out with a corkscrew dive. Back in and King missed a springboard leg drop allowing White to hit the back elbow. White hit a suicide dive on Coleman (he shoved King out of the way. back in, White hit a high cross and then laid in chops in the corner. King hit the toss up facebuster, and then a bridging fisherman’s buster for the near fall. They traded strikes back and forth, but White hit a flatliner and a German but King cuts him off with a spinebuster. White then laid in strikes, and hit a suplex into the buckles and King got the ropes. White up top, gets cut off and King follows him up and they battle up top. King back flips off, hits a jumping enziguri and looks for a cradled superplex, but White shoves him off and hits a high cross, King rolls through and White then rolls him up and picks up the win. Jay White defeated Kenny King @ 10:00 via pin [***] This was a good match to kick off the show, nice back and forth action, and both guys worked hard and did a good job of keeping the crowd. Better than expected especially considering it was a last minute addition.

– We get a video package on Kazarian turning on Daniels and joining Bullet Club.

– Bullet Club cut a promo with their new friend, Kazarian.

ROH TV Title #1 Contender’s Match: Kazarian vs. Hangman Page vs. Chris Sabin vs. Punisher Martinez vs. Cheeseburger vs. Silas Young: Sabin and Kaz start things off, this is one on one with tag rules. Sabin and Kaz traded pinning combos, Page then came in and looked to work with Kaz, but Sabin ran them together and then to the floor. Sabin hit a dive; Young cut off Cheeseburger and nearly died on a dive. Cheeseburger caught on a dive, allowing Martinez to hit a sweet step up dove onto the pile.

Back in, and Martinez ran wild, hitting a springboard senton. Martinez worked over Page and Kaz for a bit, but Page finally hit a DDT; Page and Kaz are legal and catch Cheeseburger on a high cross, but he fights back and hits a RANA. Young cuts him off again, hitting the back breaker/lariat combo; the neck breaker followed. Sabin flies in and works him over, Martinez back in with a superman punch and then a big boot; Sabin saves Burger from a powerbomb, everyone attacks Martinez and takes him down. Sabin hits Page with a tornado DDT, Young hits Page with the rolling DVD. Burger back in, palm strikes to Young but Page cuts him off with the superkick. Martinez saves Burger from Page, and chokeslams him on the apron. PK by Sabin to Martinez, slingshot cutter from Kaz to Sabin for the near fall. Sabin then hits a run up German superplex on Kaz (shaded of past TNA matches there). Young hits Sabin with the Finlay roll and moonsault, and hits misery, but Burger makes the save. Burger and Young battled back and forth, Misery countered, but Young misses a lariat allowing Burger to hit a springboard knee. Palm strike to Young, Kaz cuts him off, hits the ace of spades and picks up the win. Kazarian defeated Hangman Page, Chris Sabin, Punisher Martinez, Cheeseburger and Silas Young @ 10:20 via pin [***¾] This was a very good and spirited multi-man, car crash style match. There were a ton of fun moves, tremendous pacing and an invested crowd that was into the characters; this was crisp and a hell of a sprint overall. We’re off to a very good start so far.

– Fish and Lethal cut promos prior to their match.

Top Contender’s Match: Jay Lethal vs. Bobby Fish: Fish looked to ground Lethal early and work his submission game. Fish then landed a hard kick, sending Lethal to the floor. Back in the ring, Fish looked for leg kicks, Lethal avoided an hit the hip toss into the dropkick, and Fish took a powder to the floor. Lethal then hit a dropkick, went for the suicide dive, but Fish sidestepped him and Lethal crashed to the barricade. Back in the ring, Fish took the heat and looked to keep Lethal grounded. Lethal batted back, hitting a delayed suplex. Fish went back to the kicks to slow down Lethal. Lethal avoided the moonsault, hit chops and a superkick; the dive connected for Lethal this time. They struggled back into the ring, went face to face and traded strikes center ring. Fish started to open up, get more intense and work in kicks as well; the Saito suplex connected for a great near fall. Fish looked to attack the leg, but Lethal grabs the ropes and then counters with the cutter. Lethal slowly heads up top, Fish cuts him off working elbows. Lethal knocks him to the mat, the elbow drop connects, but Fish counters and rolls into the heel hook. Good scramble by Lethal, who finally gets the ropes. Lethal then hits the Lethal, up top, elbow drop connects flush this time; the Lethal injection is cut off by leg kicks. Lethal hits a superkick and enziguri, and hits the cutter off the ropes. The Lethal is countered, and Fish drops back into the heel hook, but Lethal gets a cradle for 2. They work a series of counters, Lethal injection and Lethal picks up the win. Jay Lethal defeated Bobby Fish @ 15:30 via pin [****¼] This was rather tremendous, it was worked like it meant something, with a Japanese vibe to it with Fish utilizing a lot of limb/MMA style work. It also felt like the win meant something; it had a big time match/main event feel. Hell this could have main evented a lot of shows. The home stretch was particularly strong with some great near falls.

– The Kingdom, Dalton Castle & The Boys cut promos about the upcoming title match. They said “dingle berries & Melvins” a lot.

ROH Six-Man Title Match: Champions The Kingdom vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys: We got the big brawl to begin, Castle hit some suplexes and the Boys hit dives. Castle and the Boys took control, with Castle using the Boys as weapons; slamming them onto the champions. It didn’t last long as one of the Boys got slammed off of the apron, it looked like it sucked big time. The Kingdom took the heat, triple teaming the injured Boy, and choking him out in the ropes. Castle distracted the ref, the Boys pulled the switch and Cabana tried to tell the ref. Castle got the hot tag, and then started to suplex fools around, and scored the near fall. Castle flubbed a catch, but Taven covered it well going for a pinning combo to save the spot. Castle then went back for the German right away, which I was not a fan of. Castle hit BangARang for a near fall; it broke down as the Boys hit double dropkicks. O’Ryan hit a springboard moonsault to the floor, but his shins crashed into the barricade, which had to suck so bad. The Kingdom hit their assisted powerbomb for the win, O’Ryan is getting medical attention post match. Champions The Kingdom defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys @ 8:10 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, but easily the weakest thing on the show. The match had no heat going in, due to Castle & The Boys not winning any matches on TV to make them a threat; thankfully Castle’s gimmick is so over and they worked in enough flash that they got the crowd to care.

ROH TV Title Match: Champion Marty Scurll vs. Lio Rush: They worked a nice, quick and crisp back and forth with Scurll teasing the chicken wing early. Rush took things to the floor, hit the RANA but Scurll pulled a Fit Finlay and trapped him in the ring skirt and followed with a superkick. Scurll then started to stomp the shit out of Rush’s arm and hands, and then isolated the arm and started to often up Rush for the chicken wing. Scurll was basic, vicious and straightforward in his attack, maintaining focus well. Rush escaped the finger break spot, with a grade A pimp slap. Rush did a really good job on the comeback, constantly selling the left arm and fighting back one handed. Rush up top, had to roll through as Scurll moved out of the way. Rush fought off the PK, slammed Scurll to the apron but Scurll looked to keep attacking the arm. Rush hit a PK, and then hit a double stomp on the floor. Back in and Rush hits another double stomp for the near fall. Scurll fought off the kicks of Rush, and then attacked the legs of Rush to slow him down. Scurll hits the PK to the arm of Rush, the brain buster followed for a good near fall. Rush hit a PELE, they trade strikes and Scurll again takes out the knee. Rush slaps Scurll, but then gets decapitated with a lariat. Scurll immediately goes back to the attack on the arm, lays in a forearm strike that sent Rush to the apron and the superkick followed. Scurll hits another and then goes for a third and Rush fires the fuck up and returns to the ring ad they throw bombs, going all Frye vs. Takiyama; Scurll then cut off the attack, locking in the chicken wing. Rush escaped with a cradle, went up top, but the frog splash ate knees and Scurll then hit the piledriver for a great near fall. Rush countered the tombstone and then went for the chicken wing, but Scurll escaped. Rush finally hit Rush hour (one man Spanish fly) for another great near fall. Rush dropped to the floor, grabbed the TV title belt and teased using it, but he didn’t use it opting to lay in kicks to Scurll and then hit the frog splash for 2 as Scurll escaped once again. Rush to the floor, sets up some chairs and takes Scurll up top. Scurll said fuck that noise, escaped, hit the tower of London and got the near fall. Scurll and Rush went back and forth, Scurll locked in the chicken wing, ripped off Rush’s tape and laid in elbow strikes as Rush finally tapped. Champion Marty Scurll defeated Lio Rush @ 18:45 via submission [****] This was another great match, they made Scurll look like a violent and dominant champion and Rush took his best before finally losing. I do think it went a bit too long, which hurt it a bit for me, but still some great stuff from these guys who got the chance to deliver and did. Scurll is the best guy to work with flyers like Rush and Ospreay, he is a great base and is athletic enough to keep up and also has a great mind for creative spots.

– The Briscoes were to face Smith and Archer for this show, but Archer is out of action due to a herniated disc in his back.

The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr & War Machine (Hanson & Rowe): They did the big brawl right away, with Bully & The Briscoes taking control. DBS suplexed both Briscoes, but they cut him off and took War Machine to the floor. Bully &The Briscoes did the WAZZUP spot, but before they could get the tables, War Machine made the save. DBS and War Machine took the heat on Mark, DBS worked a crab hold and Jay broke it up only to get sent to the floor. Mark made his own comeback, ate a German suplex and then finally got the tag to Jay. Jay ran wild, but War machine cut him off with the pop up powerslam for the near fall. War machine looked for fallout, but DBS tagged himself in and then argued with War Machine (commentary previously mentioned that they are in warring factions in NJPW and that this match was made because of Archer’s injury). Bully Ray got a short hot tag, but was tossed to the floor, allowing Mark and Jay to fifth off their opponents. High cross by Mark back in the ring, one from Jay and then a high cross by Bully Ray onto all three opponents. Jay driller and froggy bow on Hanson, Rowe tried to make the save, but ate a triple teamed 3D. The Briscoes & Bully Ray defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr & War Machine @ 12:04 via pin [***½] They smartly put Bully Ray into a six-man match, one with a ton of brawling to protect him in his debut. Overall this ended up as a very good match, they stayed in their lanes, and simply worked to their strengths; the Briscoes & War Machine were particularly great here. I also liked the tease of Bully & The Briscoes as possible trios title contenders.

– DBS and War Machine argued and then brawled post match.

Las Vegas Street Fight (ROH Tag Team Title Match): Champions The Broken Hardys vs. The Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice (Romero & Beretta): Vice got tossed as the Bucks and Hardys looked to start, but Vice grabbed the toys first and attacked their opponents and took control, taking the Hardys to the floor. The Bucks and Vice worked a quick paced back and forth, with Vice fighting off the Meltzer driver. The Hardys returned and took control, working over Beretta and then the Bucks took out Romero. Beretta then got POWERBOMBED onto the ramp, and we’re back to the Bucks vs. Hardys. The Bucks took control, mocked the Hardys but both missed coming off the top. Jeff grabbed a ladder, his spot monkey addiction has returned. Romero cuts the Hardys off, and hit Matt with the ladder and then Beretta tossed Romero into the ladder to take out Matt, but Jeff took them out with a trashcan shot. Superkicks by the Bucks, they set up the ladder in the corner but Beretta returns hitting a tornado DDT but he’s pulled off of the top onto the ladder. Jeff is superkicked to the floor and falls onto the pile on the floor. Nick climbs the ladder, Beretta pushes over the ladder but Nick bounces off the top and hits a swanton onto the pile.

The Bucks work double teams on Beretta, Nick hits a 450 onto a trashcan that was on Beretta for a near fall. It breaks down into a flurry of big moves, superkicks follow, twist of fate and side effect by Matt but Jeff eats knees on the swanton try. Romero brings out a sleeve with thumbtacks on it, hits forever clotheslines on the Hardys and Bucks. STRONG ZERO hits, but the Bucks survive as Matt makes the save. And now Beretta pours put some thumbtacks, they go after Nick and battle up top. Matt over to make the save and they hit a double team electric chair on Beretta into the tacks. Superkicks for all from the Bucks, they put thumbtacks in Beretta’s mouth and superkick him! Romero tries to make the save, sliced bread countered into the MELTZER DRIVER but the Hardys make the save, the crowd loves this as the Bucks and Hardys battle, twists of fate on the Bucks but they survive. The Hardys grab tables now, Matt sets one up as Jeff sets up the ladder. Matt puts Matt Jackson on the table, Nick makes the save, superkicks to Beretta. Beretta set on the table, Jeff hits the swanton to retain. Champions The Broken Hardys defeated The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice @ 17:15 via pin [****½] In 2017, Beretta has been the best and craziest guy in every match he’s been in, dude is an unsung hero and a shining example of finding success post WWE. This was a beautifully insane and violent match, and considering it was made late (due to the Hardys title win) it had a ton of heat and they more than delivered on the stipulation. The only negative is that they did an absolutely insane and awesome match; now Cole and Daniels have to try and follow it.

– Post match, The Hardys stole the Bucks’ superkick title belts.

– TK O’Ryan posted the following on twitter…

ROH Title Match: Champion Adam Cole vs. Christopher Daniels: Daniels is 0-8-1 in ROH title matches. They went back and forth to begin, with Cole outwrestling and mocking Daniels. Daniels finally fired up and jabbed Cole in the face to take control. Daniels then sent Cole to the floor, hit the moonsault but couldn’t follow up as Cole slammed him to the apron and superkicked his head into the post. Daniels is busted open now, Cole went back to the floor and posted him again to maintain control. Cole then slowly beat on Daniels, wiping his blood on his chest. Cole grounded Daniels, working the chinlock, but Daniels fought to his feet an laid in forearms, but Cole stopped that with a shining wizard. He continued the heat, demanding that Daniels stay down. Daniels slowly pulled himself to his feet, but as Cole celebrated, Daniels hit the STO into the koji clutch; Cole made the ropes. Cole again ran down Daniels, telling him he will never be champion, and promising to end his career and then go make love to Daniels’ wife. Daniels is fired up now, starts walking through punches and firing away at Cole. They traded strikes, but Daniels hits a series of clotheslines, the STO and then hits the blue thunder bomb for 2. Cole avoids the BME and hits the superkick for the near fall. they work through a series of counters, shining wizard and last shot by Cole gets a near fall. Daniels fought off the destroyer and follows Cole up top, RANA by Daniels and the cover gets 2. Cole counters angel’s wings with a RANA, palm strikes by Daniels and they do a double down. Daniels crotches a charging Cole on the ropes, heads up top, and Cole fights off angel’s wings. Daniels knocked to the mat, DESTROYER by Cole countered and Daniels misses a charge, and Cole hits angel’s wings for a near fall. Cole hits another shining wizard, calls for the end and Daniels counters and hits Cole’s last shot for the near fall. Daniels then pulled out the STYLES CLASH, rolls but Cole survives again! We get a ref bump and then Cole superkicks the ref, but Cole rolls up Daniels but there is no ref. UGH. Kazarian is out now, tosses Daniels into the ring and Cole almost hits kazarian. Kazarian grabs the title belt, but tosses it to the floor and rips off the Bullet Club shirt to reveal the custom Daniels shirt. Cole is shocked, uranage, BME and another BME! A third BME and Daniels wins the title. Christopher Daniels defeated Champion Adam Cole @ 21:55 via pin [***¾] During this week’s ROH TV report, when “Kazarian joined Bullet Club” I noted the following: Bullet Club gets to dominate prior to the PPV, the turn Kazarian and stack the deck against Daniels, who the ROH faithful want to see get his one run with the title. The final angle was well done, as Kazarian never touched Daniels; considering that they are nefarious villains at heart, you can imagine it being a trap against Bullet Club. I dug the blood, it came at the right time and added to the drama. Cole was the perfect overconfident heel to Daniels’ desperate last man journey. They had a lot to overcome considering the previous match, but the work was good, the layout worked and they told the right story with the desperate veteran pulling out all of the tricks in order to finally accomplish the one thing that had alluded him all of these years. They largely told a simple story and I really loved it, while the “overbooking” made sense, and allowed for the heels to finally get their comeuppance as Bullet Club got tricked, Daniels overcame after all of these years and finally won the title, but I felt as if they made it more about Cole. But all thinks considered, that also makes sense as they are about to have he and Omega cash over Bullet Club, likely leading to Cole’s contract expiring and his departure from ROH & NJPW. The fact that he accepted Kazarian in, got worked and lost his title should give Omega & Bullet Club enough ammunition to expel him from the Club. Add into it the fact that Kazarian got into the TV title contender’s match and won, you can also claim that he used Page in that match o secure his title shot. This was a very good match, it took a bit to get going and the near falls down the stretch didn’t have the heat I hoped they would have, but it had a great story that came off very well.

– Daniels and Kazarian celebrate, Cole is a sad panda. Daniels holds the current ROH title as well as the original ROH title. The ROH locker room arrives to celebrate with the new champion.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia.”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was a great show with a lot of very good to excellent wrestling and the big moment at the end. The commentary was really strong, Kevin Kelly and Ian Riccaboni worked very well together and did a great job of not stepping on each other’s toes. It really felt as if they had Riccaboni take the lead since he’ll be the main guy going forward. Colt Cabana was a ton of fun, adding in some great nuggets of history and such, and was focused as a color guy and not forced into “being a heel wrestler.” The show gets a big thumbs up with a lot of great stuff to watch. Despite the soft and uninspired overall build, ROH hit a homerun, delivering one of the best major shows of 2017 so far.