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Csonka’s TNA Slammiversary Review 6.12.16

June 12, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Slammiversary Review 6.12.16  

Csonka’s TNA Slammiversary Review 6.12.16

X-Division Title Match: Eddie Edwards defeated Champion Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and DJ Z @ 11:45 via pin to become the NEW CHAMPION [****]
– The Tribunal defeated Grado and Shera @ 7:45 via pin []
Knockouts Title Match: Sienna defeated Champion Jade and Gail Kim @ 7:40 via pin to become the NEW CHAMPION []
– James Storm defeated Braxton Sutter @ 6:42 via pin [**]
KOTM Title Match: Champion Eli Drake defeated Bram @ 8:40 via pin [**]
– Ethan Carter III defeated Mike Bennett @ 15:01 via pin [***½]
Falls Count Anywhere Full Metal Mayhem: Brother Nero Jeff Hardy defeated Broken Matt Hardy @ 17:04 via pin [****]
TNA Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Decay defeated The BroMans @ 9:25 via pin [**½]
TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Lashley defeated Champion Drew Galloway @ 17:15 via submission to become the NEW CHAMPION [****¼]

– The company did a moment of silence for the mass shooting that happened earlier this morning in Orlando. They had the roster on stage for this.

X-Division Title Match: Champion Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z: The entire division has been these guys for months now, which based on talent is fine, but they haven’t been given a lot of TV time; and when they do the matches have been short. I hope that they get to cut loose tonight. Shane Helms dropped the green jacket for a pimp suit. TNA management has ruled that Helms is banned from ringside, I like that. As Helms was escorted to the back, Edwards and DJ Z attacked Lee and Everett. Edwards and DJ Z worked together, playing off of the feud so far, which has been almost more of a tag feud due to the alliances. That won’t last long. Edwards and DJ Z controlled early, and then it was down to them as they traded pinning combos. Nice pacing early, Lee looked to do a suplex to the floor spot and Edwards didn’t go over with him and Lee looked a bit shook up. Everett then hit a wild springboard dive to the floor and wiped out the pile. Lee and Everett isolated Edwards, using double teams. Edwards tried to fight back but got cut off. DJ Z back in as Edwards was sent to the floor, DJ Z ran wild for a bit and sent Everett to the floor, Edwards hit a dive and DJ Z got a near fall and then hit a dive. Everett looked to get a pin, leading to he and Lee arguing and eating a missile dropkick from Edwards. Edwards fired up for a bit, chopping down Lee and Everett. All four then were in and it broke down, and Lee got a great near fall off of a Spanish fly on DJ Z. They went rapid-fire offense wise, and Edwards got another good near fall off of a superkick. Edwards went up top, Everett cut him off and that led to a SUPER RANA on Edwards by Everett for a near fall. Wild shit here. Everett set Edwards and headed up top, missed the 450 and DJ Z hit a DDT for a near fall as Lee broke it up. Lee sent DJ Z to the floor, Lee and Edwards battled with strikes and Lee hit a jumping knee to take control, but Edwards countered God’s last gift into a cradle and won the title! That was an excellent opener, car crash at times and a bit of an anticlimactic finish, but it was exactly what it needed to be. Everyone worked their ass off, it was a ton of fun and most importantly we had a clean finish. This was a great way to kick off the show, and felt like the best TNA match in ages. It’s also what I’ve been missing from the division.

– EC3 cut a promo about his match tonight with Mike Bennett. He’s a great man.

– We get a clip of Sting’s Hall of Fame announcement. They will announce the 2016 inductee on Tuesday.

– Al Snow cut a pre-match promo, using some bad French, and promising to make things great like Donald Trump.

Grado and Mahabali Shera vs. The Tribunal (Basille Baracca and Baron Dax) w/Al Snow: The Tribunal attacked before the bell, and took the heat on Shera right away. Snow is on coach mode, blowing a whistle constantly. The Tribunal worked over Shera in their corner, with Snow’s help from time to time, and kept control. Shera hit a jawbreaker, but the Tribunal kept the heat. Very bland heat overall, it’s hard to ask people to care about Shera (who has barely been booked as anything) or the new guys, who have no real heat. Shera finally hit a sky high, and looked for the tag. Dax pulled Grado to the floor, keeping the heat on Shera. This is not the best idea. Grado finally rushed in and tossed Shera to his corner and made the tag. Grado ran wild, dropped the straps and then got distracted by Snow. Grado stole his whistle, and then ran into a double chokeslam by the Tribunal for a near fall. Shera then hit a springboard axe handle and started to clean house, he and Grado worked strikes to the Tribunal and landed elbows. They then did wacky dances, Shera got sent to the floor and that led to Grado hitting a boot, but Snow distracted the ref. Shera pulled Snow to the floor, but he then got posted. Tribunal hit a version of the Demolition decapitation for the win. The Tribunal are an very basic team with no real hook, and do nothing for me overall. But with that being said, outside of the overly long heat on Shera, this wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t good, but I expected worse.

– Braxton Sutter was backstage and ran into James Storm. Sutter is working the overly nice guy gimmick, and Storm put him over. They exchanged pleasantries, and then left to have a talk.

– Gail Kim is out, selling her bum leg. No Maria match tonight, due to Maria’s injury. Maria follows with Allie. Allie accused Kim of faking her injury, noting that Maria deserved sympathy. Maria says their match is off, but Kim wanted no part of this shenanigans. Billy Corgan then appeared, and had Maria’s x-rays, noting that Maria’s injury is legit. Corgan said the match will happen when Maria is cleared. Corgan then made a new match, and then put Kim into the Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Champion Jade vs. Sienna w/Maria and Allie vs. Gail Kim: Kim and Jade worked over Sienna to begin, which led to everyone gong for pins, which got a bit sloppy. Sienna laid out Kim with a running boot, and then Kim started to favor the injured knee. Sienna went to work, putting her in the tree of WHOA. Sienna worked over Jade, Kim returned but Sienna didn’t have any time for her. All three worked to the corner, leading to Sienna picking up both for a double Samoan drop. Nice. The action spilled to the floor, where Jade sent Sienna into the steps. All three they struggled to get into the ring, and when they did they all brawled. Sienna sent Kim to the floor off of a back suplex, which didn’t look good for Kim. Jade scored with a near fall off of a DDT, Kim was back in and jade went up top. Kim followed, and hit a RANA on Jade. Sienna hit Km with a clothesline, Jade then came off the ropes with a RANA to Sienna. Sienna countered the package piledriver, hit the Yokosuka cutter but then Kim hit eat defeat but Allis broke up the pin. Kim brawled with her, went after Maria and Allie tossed Sienna the belt. Marti Belle arrived and took out Jade, and Sienna covered for the win. This wasn’t very good, they never locked into a solid flow and while they had some nice ideas, the execution came off flawed more often than not. Add onto that the overbooking that took over, and it did not help things in my opinion. Hopefully they have good plans coming out of this, but unfortunately this wasn’t very good at all. I am happy for Sienna though.

– Lashley cut a promo about his main event title match, where it is KO or submission, which is his world.

– James Storm arrived, and cut a prom about being in TNA since day one. He talked about getting a chance with guys like Abyss and Styles 14-years ago, and they made it. He wants to give another young man a chance, and so tonight, he will face Braxton Sutter tonight.

James Storm vs. Braxton Sutter: Storm is sporting some new black and white tights. They worked a nice and basic back and forth opening, with the veteran Storm getting the better of the newcomer. They worked a nice pace here, going into another back and forth, with Storm again coming out with the advantage. Storm was controlling with ease, a hiccup here and there flow wise (an odd occasional start and stop) and then Storm hit the back stabber for a near fall. Sutter then fought back and hit a fisherman’s neck breaker for a near fall. He headed up top, and hit a high cross for a near fall. The powerslam followed for another near fall. Storm countered the tornado DDT, Sutter then countered the DDT into a suplex into the corner for a near fall. Sutter still had control, but then ran into the lung blower. Storm set for the superkick and hit it, and that was that. That felt like a fine TV match, forced into a PPV. Post match they shared a beer, and that was that. Not sure that that does for Sutter really, hopefully they have the next step planned (Sutter teams with and turns on Storm or gets pissed and turns to make his name off of Storm), otherwise he just lost clean to Storm, who has no real direction.

– Eli Drake cut a promo about defending his KOTM Title tonight.

TNA KOTM Title Match: Champion Eli Drake vs. Bram: Drake tried to sit on the ropes and pose when he entered the ring and almost fell on his ass. Drake tried to run early, Bram chased and tried to get control, but Drake stunned him off the ropes. Bram no sold that and sent Drake to the floor. Drake tried to take the title and run to the back, but Bram followed and they brawled on the ramp. This led to the usual walk and brawl Bram match we seemingly get all the time. Bram peeled back the mat, which led to Drake backdropping him onto the floor. Drake then looked to climb the ropes, but slipped back into the ring. Is his new gimmick that he’s clumsy? Seems silly for someone they seemingly want to push. Anyway, Bram beat the count and Drake hit a neck breaker. They did a double down spot, which led to a striking exchange center ring. Bram fought back, working rights and clotheslines. The running knee strike followed, and then a powerbomb spiked Drake. Brighter side of suffering by Bram, but Drake rolled to the floor. Bram rolled Drake back in, and Drake immediately hit blunt force trauma and retained. This was another perfectly fine match. On a side note, I may not be a big fan of Drake, but when he’s serious he comes off so much better. I am not a fan of the clumsy gimmick they tried to incorporate here, as it comes off as a comedy gimmick. Make a decision; if you want to run with the guy as a strong secondary champion, do so, Drake comes off much better when they do that. Less goofy heel Drake and more of the serious side is all I ask, and what I mean is he can keep his promo stuff, but do not do the clumsy comedy shit.

– After a Mike Bennett promo, we got a very good video package for Bennett vs. EC3.

Ethan Carter III vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria: The show has been pretty down hill since the opener; this is a big match for both guys and they are in a position to help turn things around. Lets hope that they do. They are taking a very measured approach to the beginning, challenging each other into stalemates and trying to make it feel big. I appreciated the vibe that they were going for, as it played well off of the video package and match build. They spilled to the floor, but as Carter went for the splash he ate the post and that allowed Bennett to retreat and look for the countout, because he’s a dick. Bennett kept forcing Carter to the floor, followed and then hit a hangman’s DDT to the ramp. I wish they had separated this from the previous match if they were going to brawl on the floor, since the previous match did a lot of that. Bennett again hoped for the countout, but Carter survived. Bennett kept control once Carter returned to the ring, scoring with corner clotheslines. Carter then fired up, missed the corner splash and Bennett looked for the miracle in progress, Carter countered and hit a nice powerbomb out of that for a near fall. Bennett countered the one percenter, and hit the spinebuster for a near fall. Bennett was showing frustration, and hit a cutter but Carter popped up and decapitated him with a clothesline for the double down. They made it to their feet and traded strikes, Carter then started to put some stuff together and finally hit the corner splash and flapjack. One percenter connects, but Bennett kicked out! Good near fall there as that has been protected rather well. Bennett stunned Carter off the ropes, to the apron and Carter hit the TKO more on the ropes than the apron. Carter up top, but jumps INTO A CUTTER for a near fall! Bennett picked up Carter, but Carter got the million dollar dream. Low blow by Bennett, PILEDRIVER follows and Carter managed to kick out! Carter then came back with rolling Germans, one percenter connected and Maria slid a chair in to distract the ref, and the delayed count only got 2. Carter went after Maria, the ref escorted her away and Bennett hit the miracle in progress on the chair for a near fall. Carter hit the TKO onto the one percenter and that was all. They worked themselves into a good match, with some really nice near falls. I also love Carter using the moves of the TNA Legends he previously slayed to make his comeback and eventually win. They played to the crowd well, and while not the blow away I hoped they would have, this was very good and certainly one of the better outings so far on the show. This should get Carter back into the title mix.

– We get a pre-recorded promo from Matt Hardy.

– Reby, along with Maxell, did the ring announcing for Broken Matt Hardy.

Falls Count Anywhere Full Metal Mayhem: Broken Matt Hardy vs. Brother Nero Jeff Hardy: They immediately brawled on the floor and used weapons, which made complete sense considering the feud and match stipulation. Jeff got some run to begin, but Matt fought back with the ladder and smashed Jeff to the post. Matt set up a table, looked for a suplex but Jeff countered, not through the table though. Jeff used trashcans and searched for weapons, and pulled out a bigger ladder. He then smashed Matt to the post in retaliation from earlier. Jeff choked out Matt on the table and then hit a slingshot splash through the table for a near fall. Back in the ring, Jeff extended the ladder and set it up all the way across the ring. Twist of fate followed, and he laid Matt on the ladder. Jeff up top, and hits the big splash onto Matt, and covered for another near fall. Jeff up top again, but the swanton ate knees from Matt, who covered for 2. Matt then tried to bite off Jeff’s ear, they traded rights and Jeff hit another twist of fate but Matt popped up and leveled Jeff with a clothesline and he again tried to eat his face. The fight went to the apron, where Matt hit the side effect. Matt then grabbed a Casio style keyboard, and set it up between the apron and a barricade. It fell the first time, but Matt set it back up and powerbombed Jeff through the keyboard, which got a near fall. Jeff Hardy, confirmed keyboard warrior. Matt then set up tables and worked over Jeff, laying him on the tables. He got in the ring and set up the ladder, but Jeff was back up and in the ring. They brawled on the ladder, which toppled over and they hit the ropes and did a double down. Jeff then made his comeback and hit the leg drop to the balls, and then the twist of fate. Jeff headed up top and hit the swanton, which only got 2. The battle again went to the floor, they climbed on the tables and Jeff hit the twist of fate through a table and Matt kicked out. Jeff kept on the attack and laid Matt on the other table, beat Matt with a trashcan lid and went to the top rope and hit the huge swanton through the table and that was finally that. This was a stunt show/garbage match, and there is nothing wrong with that because it has its place. In that aspect, it was exactly what it needed to be and was extremely fun. I really enjoyed the match and felt that they delivered exactly what they needed to in terms of the feud and their position on the card. I had my doubts, but they delivered. This kind of match isn’t for everyone, but they did their job here, worked to the strengths of the stipulation and felt like a big time match.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Decay (Abyss and Crazzy Steve) w/Rosemary vs. The BroMans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E) w/Raquel: Robbie got some run early, but Abyss finally cut him off and Decay took control. Steve missed a charge, Jessie tagged in and worked over Steve. Dropkick to Abyss and then a head scissors to Steve, Robbie then hit a dive to the Decay on the floor. Rosemary is in the ring, she distracts Jessie who poses for her. He then press slams her to the floor onto Abyss and Steve. Decay finally took control over Jessie on the floor, and then took the heat in the ring. The heat was fine, but bland as the crowd wasn’t into much of anything after the previous match. Jessie finally hit a shoulder block off the ropes and tagged in Robbie. Robbie cleaned house on a good hot tag, and then he and Jessie double teamed Steve. Abyss was in as it broke down, rosemary accidentally misted Abyss and then he accidentally chokeslammed Steve. Abyss is sent to the floor, BroDown on Steve and then the Boston crab and Abyss pulls the ref to the floor. Abyss then misted the ref as Steve phantom taps. Rosemary and Raquel in the ring, they brawl and Jessie separates them. Steve has the title and hits Jessie with it as Rosemary takes out Raquel. New ref in and Jessie kicks out. Robbie shoves Steve off the top, Jessie with the crab again but Abyss makes the save. Black hole slam on Jessie. Abyss powerbombs Steve onto Jessie and Decay retain. This was really solid, it felt a bit too rushed/chaotic and had a bit too many shenanigans, but it largely worked. I wish the feud had a bit more behind it to make everything mean a bit more, but it was better than a lot of other stuff on the show. If they could have cut a little of the overbooking out to let things play out a bit more naturally, I think it plays much better. They had a lot of good ideas, but again it felt like too much with not a lot of time to let it sink in. The right team won.

– Drew Galloway cut a promo about tonight’s main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Drew Galloway vs. Lashley (Win by submission or KO only): This has been one of the better feuds TNA has done in some time, both guys have been on and I am excited for the match. I hope they lay it out smartly, because if not the stipulation can hurt instead of help the match. The bell rang and Galloway hit the claymore right away. Great sell by Lashley there. They then battled to the floor for a short period, and then back in where Lashley took control. Lashley tried the torture rack, but Galloway escaped into the iron maiden but Lashley countered into some ground and pound. Lashley went for a spear, but posted himself and Galloway again locked in the iron maiden. Simple and smart work from both so far. Lashley fought back and hit the spear, and the ref counted on Galloway as Lashley looked ready to pounce again. Lashley then started to slowly work over Galloway, hitting an overhead belly to belly and allowing the ref to count again. Lashley then worked for an arm bar, Galloway rolled and kicked Lashley in the face to escape. Lashley’s eye is busted open a little here as Galloway connected with a series of boots. Lashley cut him off with the spinebuster and then a delayed suplex. Lashley would counter a superplex, and then ht a clothesline off the ropes. Galloway hit the claymore, but Lashley rolled to the corner and was still on his feet. Galloway argued with the ref, and Lashley connected with a desperation spear and both men were down. Lashley went for a standing choke, Galloway escaped and booted Lashley to the floor. Galloway followed but Lashley press slammed him to the apron. They brawled to the steps, where Galloway hit the air raid crash. The ref counted, but Galloway then locked in the sharp shooter on the steps. The ref made him break it, so Galloway hit another claymore on Lashley. Galloway then got desperate and set up a table, laid Lashley on it and then headed to the ring. Galloway then went for an over the top dive, and ate table as Lashley moved! HE DEAD. Lashley broke the count and beat down Galloway with ground and pound. Galloway survived the count and was busted open, and was pissed off. He head butted Lashley and then jumped into the ring, but Lashley caught him in a cross face! Galloway powered up, and turned it into a TOMBSTONE! Lashley managed to counter the claymore, hit a big right and locked in a head and arm choke. Lashley pulled back as Galloway struggled, and passed out! NEW CHAMPION! Like the other matches that excelled on this show, they played to the stipulation/style well and accentuated the strengths. Both guys came off very well here, Galloway loses nothing in loss as he overcame and fired up, finally falling to the MMA star. They did a good job of avoiding the constant count teases, they did some, but not the constant tease until 9 bullshit that slows these matches down. That was an excellent main event, pretty much what I hoped for when they built to the match.

– Doctors and agents checked on Galloway as Lashley celebrated.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
I think that they could have skipped Storm vs. Sutter, to give other things a chance to breathe a bit, and also could have adjusted he match layout so that so many matches with the outside brawling could have been separated, which would have given the show a much better flow. The show felt a bit cluttered, and fixing some of these things would have improved it overall. The show started hot, and then fell off for a bit. Not horrible, but it got rough. EC3 and Bennett turned things around, and then the Hardys and main event delivered. Make sure to catch the X-Division match, EC3 vs. Bennett, Hardy vs. Hardy and Galloway vs. Lashley. The rest is easily stuff to skip, but overall I’d recommend the show, which is nice to say about a TNA PPV.