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Csonka’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals Review 9.14.16

September 14, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
TJ Perkins
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Csonka’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals Review 9.14.16  

Csonka’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals Review 9.14.16

CWC Semifinal Match: Gran Metalik defeated Zack Sabre Jr. @ 13:21 via pin [****]
CWC Semifinal Match: TJ Perkins defeated Kota Ibushi @ 14:58 via submission [****½]
– Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar @ 9:50 via pin [***]
CWC Finals Match: TJ Perkins defeated Gran Metalik @ 17:47 via submission to win the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and to win the WWE Cruiserweight Title [****¼]

– Triple H narrates the opening video package to start things off.

– Mauro and Bryan welcome us to the show and discus show great the tournament has been. Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Gran Metalik is the first semifinal match tonight.

– We then get a video package, with the final four discussing how important it is for them to have the chance to win.

CWC Semifinal Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Gran Metalik: Metalik attacks right way, sending ZSJ to the floor and hitting a dive. Back in he hit a slingshot senton, which got a near fall. That was an awesome open from Metalik. ZSJ cut him off with an uppercut, landed a few more and grounded Metalik, working a head scissors. Metalik would make the ropes, but picked up the pace again hitting a RANA and dropkick. Commentary is doing a good job of explaining that Metalik needs to stay away and use his speed to avoid the strikes and grappling of ZSJ. ZSJ avoided a back handspring and worked a dragon sleeper, but Metalik again got the ropes. They are working their respective styles well here, similar to ZSJ vs. ricochet from last weekend. ZSJ again grounded Metalik for a bit, he escaped, ate some for arms but Metalik hit a sling blade variation and then the running shooting star press for the near fall. This crowd loves Metalik as he and ZSJ trade cradles, and then Metalik worked an octopus variation, which led to a roll up for 2. ZSJ scored with the hanging guillotine, Metalik took him to the mat and countered it into the crab. They then traded strikes and slaps from their knees, with ZSJ working with great aggression here, that was until Metalik leveled him with a lariat for a near fall. Superkick by Metalik and then the back handspring elbow followed for another near fall. Metalik went back to the ropes but jumped into an uppercut and ZSJ hit the PK for a great near fall. They again traded strikes from their knees, slaps and head butts were also used as ZSJ got the advantage and covered for 2. Metalik countered the half nelson slam, ZSJ scored with the octopus but Metalik powered to his feet and got the ropes. ZSJ worked uppercuts and set Metalik on the ropes and followed. Metalik tried to fight him off, and then crotched ZSJ on the ropes and then hit the RANA off the ropes! Metalik did a springboard but landed in triangle position! He battles and stacks ZSJ and managed a near fall. Metalik then caught a charging ZSJ and hit the Metalik driver to score the win and a spot in the finals. This was an excellent way to kick off the show, as they worked a similar match to the Evolve contest between ZSJ and Ricochet, which allowed both styles to succeed. Both guys came off very well here, but I feel that Metalik really came across like a star in this match.

– William Regal arrived and have Metalik his medal for making the finals. Metalik got the post match interview, and thanks the fans.

– The Cruiserweight are coming to Raw on Monday.

– Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa get interviewed backstage and Gargano says he is medically cleared and is ready to rock and roll. They are facing Cedric Alexander and Nam Dar tonight and want to send a message to the Revival, that they are the best tag team in the world.

CWC Semifinal Match: TJ Perkins vs. Kota Ibushi: Perkins beat Swann and Gargano, two Full Sail favorites, so he wasn’t very popular at first. These two worked a more methodical open, with Ibushi trying to wok leg kicks and Perkins checking them. Perkins countered another kick and tried to roll for the knee bar, but Ibushi managed to escape. Commentary made sure to mention that Perkins won all three of his matches with that knee bar. Perkins picked up the pace, locking into his head scissors and then getting a near fall. Ibushi fired back and hit a kick to the chest of Perkins, and then hit a springboard missile dropkick, sending Perkins to the floor. Perkins cut off the golden triangle moonsault, sending Ibushi crashing to the floor. Bryan immediately mentioned that he landed on his head and brought up his past neck issues and the fact that Kendrick worked it extensively in their match. Ibushi beat the count, Perkins tried to slow the pace, Ibushi looked to fire back but Perkins hit a dragons crew leg whip and then started to work the knee. It didn’t last as Ibushi hit a RANA and sent Perkins to the floor, and that allowed him to hit the golden triangle to the floor. Back in Ibushi hit a missile dropkick and got a near fall. Ibushi then hit a snap slam, then a lionsault but Perkins caught him and worked the knee bar; Ibushi got the ropes but is slow to get back to his feet. Spin kick by Perkins, but Ibushi then caught him with a German and a bridge for the near fall. Ibushi laid in a series of kicks, Perkins to the apron and more kicks from Ibushi and he lights up Perkins. Ibushi went for the dead lift German from the apron; Perkins fought him off and then hit a springboard dropkick. As Perkins went up top, Ibushi hit a PELE. He went to finish Perkins with the powerbomb, but Perkins countered into the tornado DDT and the dondon for the near fall. Ibushi went for another PELE, but Perkins countered into the knee bar center ring! Ibushi managed to roll out, they traded strikes and kicks and then Ibushi hit the golden star bomb, but Perkins kicked out! Ibushi is absolutely shocked here as that has finished everyone. The crowd has really gotten into this. Ibushi up top, MISSES the Phoenix splash and they again trade strikes center ring. Perkins counters, lands the toss up kick, but Ibushi then catches him for a jig’n tonic, but Perkins again kicks out! SICK head kick by Ibushi, but Perkins counters the powerbomb into the knee bar! Ibushi fights, and then Perkins locks in a sick looking STF and Ibushi has to tap! This was an amazing overall effort, with the story of Ibushi’s neck coming into play and Perkins working the match of his life (both in terms of the stature of the tournament and in real life) and showed an amazing never say die attitude. In the end, he survived Ibushi’s best, but had to dig deep and use more than just the knee bar to score the win. Ibushi has been money in this tournament, and Perkins came out of this looking absolutely amazing, they have made he and Metalik look like stars and we aren’t even at the finals yet

– Perkins got his medal as the crowd chanted “thank you Kota.” In the post match interview, Perkins says that he never thought this would be easy and needed to win this one, and he did. He’s worked his whole life for this and is close to accomplishing his goal.

– Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar get to talk. Dar says he and Alexander will make history tonight, and they only have to be on the same page enough to get the win.

– Sasha Banks, Jack Gallagher, Kalisto, Rich Swann and Bayley are ringside.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar: Back and forth from Alexander and Ciampa to begin, really fun stuff with a brisk pacing and Alexander getting the advantage after a dropkick. Gargano and Dar tagged in, they did some solid back and forth, with Gargano cutting off Dar with a knee strike. Ciampa tagged in, had control for a bit but Alexander saved Dar with a tag, sending both Gargano and Ciampa to the floor. Alexander then wiped out Ciampa with a dive. Back in the slingshot flatliner score a near fall for Alexander. Ciampa would cut off Alexander, Gargano tagged in and then they hit a stacked superkick to Dar on the floor. Gargano hit the spear on Alexander, which got a near fall. Alexander managed to escape the lawn dart and hit a Michinoku driver for 2. Dar and Alexander tried to double team Gargano, but he escaped and Ciampa got the tag and got to run wild, destroying Dar with knees. Alexander with the blind tag, it breaks down and we get the big move buffet and EVERYONE was down. Gargano and Dar traded strikes, Dar managed to send Ciampa to the floor and then got the knee bar on Gargano, Ciampa makes the save and then Gargano tags him in as Gargano is still selling that knee injury. Ciampa looked for an air raid crash off the ropes, Dar escapes and then sent Gargano to the floor and hit a suicide dive Alexander destroyed Ciampa with a dropkick in the corner, and got a near fall off of a brainbuster. He got another near fall off of a kick, and the ref did count three as Ciampa kicked out. Gargano and Ciampa then started to kick ass, lawn dart by Gargano and then the superkick knee combo to Dar finished it. That was a fun match that the crowd loved, it was a bit too chaotic and sloppy at times to be great; it was good fun.

– William Regal arrives and discusses the tournament. It was Triple H’s idea, and then he and Canyon Cemen traveled the world to find the 32 competitors. He says that this tournament exceeded all expectations. Regal was always envious of cruiserweights, and praises the finalists. Bryan and Mauro says this represents the best in wrestling, and loves what it has meant for the guys involved.

– Corey Graves arrives and shares his thoughts on the tournament, noting that Ibushi’s loss busted a lot of brackets. He also praised Kendrick’s run.

– We get highlights from earlier in the show.

– Prior to the match beginning, Triple H made his way out ring. He says that they are making history tonight, they stared with 32 from around the world and are now down to the final two, two of the best in the world. They are looking for THE one, and says that the winner will be the best in the world and first Cruiserweight Classic winner. The winner will ALSO become the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Triple H shows of the belt (it looks similar to the Smackdown ones) as we get chants of “thank you Hunter.”

CWC Finals Match: TJ Perkins vs. Gran Metalik: Nice back and forth to begin, with both guys looking to gain the early advantage. Perkins would score with his head scissors, Metalik fought to the feet and was pulled back to the mat. Perkins then worked a pendulum, and then into a cradle for 2. Perkins looked to ground Metalik, but he would have none of that and they worked through a few lucha passes, and Perkins then scored with the Muta lock. Metalik made the ropes, and then sent Perkins to the floor and hit the suicide dive. Back in the ring, Metalik hit a senton bomb for 2. Metalik then grounded Perkins, working a surfboard variation. Perkins managed to make the ropes, leading to Metalik laying in chops. Metalik then hit a head scissors out of the corner, and then scored with the RANA, sending both men to the floor. Back in and Perkins hit the slingshot senton for a near fall. Perkins took things back to the ground, wrapping up Metalik and targeting the shoulder, which Metalik was icing after his first match. Metalik managed to counter a suplex, sent Perkins to the apron and then Metalik jumped over the ropes with a RANA to the floor! Metalik then followed with a step up dive as things have picked up. They slowly got back into the ring as Metalik hit a springboard elbow drop for the near fall. Perkins then countered the running shooting star press into the knee bar, but Metalik did a great fight to make the ropes. Perkins laid in kicks to the leg of Metalik, but Metalik fired back with sick chops. They trades strikes center ring and then Metalik hit the superkick. Metalik off the ropes and Perkins dropkicked his knee for a double down. Metalik countered a charge, Metalik driver countered but then Metalik spiked Perkins with a DDT for a near fall. Metalik then went up top, ate boots on the moonsault, and then Perkins rolls into the knee bar! Metalik struggles to make the ropes, but Perkins pulls him back center and applies it again! He tries to pull him back again but Metalik with a cradle gets 2. Metalik driver connects, but Metalik’s knee gave out and he was too slow to cover, only getting the near fall. This crowd is going wild for these guys as Metalik attacks from his knees with vicious chops and slaps. Metalik goes for the drover again, countered and Perkins hits the slingshot dropkick. Metalik cuts off Perkins as he goes up top, he follows and they trade strikes. Metalik goes for the super Metalik driver and Perkins counters into the knee bar again! He grapevines the leg and Metalik fights for all he’s worth but Metalik had to tap! This was an excellent finals match, both guys came off as big stars and simply delivered.

– Perkins celebrates post match. His chest is a MESS form those chops, and he is nearly in tears and Triple H puts the title on him. He and Metalik embrace. Triple H and Perkins hug and then Regal congratulates him.

– Perkins gets the post match interview, saying that he keeps a key around his neck, which was for the last place he lived before he became homeless. He feels he doesn’t need it any longer, because he doesn’t have to go back there. During that time he looked for inspiration, and his heroes were wrestlers. It means the world to him to possibly inspire someone else. This is bigger than him, and represents the work of 32 men, and all of the guys involved are his hero.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Virtually Perfect
The 411
This was an amazing show and the perfect culmination to the tournament, the only negative is that it’s over. This is the TV show of the year hands down, maybe the show of the year. I love wrestling.