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Dan Lambert Credits King Mo for Helping ATT Fighters With Their Pro Wrestling Training

October 27, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
King Mo MLW: Fusion

– During an interview with Jim Varsallone, American Top Team founder and AEW talent Dan Lambert discussed how MMA fighter King Mo Lawal helped American Top Top transition into wrestling. Lawal currently represents ATT in MLW. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Dan Lambert on how King Mo helped the ATT fighters work on their pro wrestling: “I mean, King Mo is probably the best teammate we’ve ever had at the gym, which is why we knew he would become such a good coach even when he was full-time fighting. He was putting in so much time in helping everybody else, it was a natural fit for him to make the transition into a coach. As far as his pro wrestling career, he’s gone to wrestling school, he’s been in developmental territories for WWE. As soon as we started the AEW crossover, the first thing he did was grab a couple of guys that were involved and said, ‘Hey, let me show you some things. Let me show you how it works,’ So, [he] was very good, very instrumental. He was a big help to JDS before his first match and the guy’s just — he’s always at our gym, and he’s always looking to help everybody else get better.”

On King Mo possibly crossing the Forbidden Door: “Yeah, he’s under contract somewhere else, but Tony Khan’s got that Forbidden Door that he likes to open, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see King Mo climb through it at some point.”

On how Junior Dos Santos has taken to pro wrestling: “I think JDS is already doing pretty well in wrestling. Some leave him out. Because I think he’s already proven himself in there. I think you’re gonna see more of him in there. But I mean, those names you just mentioned. I mean, Paige VanZant gets ridiculous reactions. She just has a lot of charisma. A lot of people like her. A lot of people hate her. A lot of people like to hate her. So I think she could do big things if she decided to go that route. You know, Masvidal, he’s got so much presence. He could do just about anything he ever wants. Whether it’s promote fights, go in and fight, do professional wrestling, I mean, I could see that guy doing just about anything he wanted to do.

“Kayla [Harrison], like I said, she’s kind of a monster and a beast and just about everything she does. You know, she’s the best female Joker best Judo of all time coming out of the United States. She’s undefeated in MMA get ready to win her second PFL Championship, knock on wood, and I think she could have a future in wrestling, too, but like I said before, I think she’s got a lot of things she wants to do in the world of MMA first.”