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Dax Harwood Shares His Response to Beth Phoenix & Edge Using The Shatter Machine At Elimination Chamber

March 1, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Edge Beth Phoenix WWE Elimination Chamber Image Credit: WWE

The wrestling world was buzzing when, at Elimination Chamber, Edge & Beth Phoenix broke out the “Shatter Machine” to finish off Finn Balor. Dax Harwood spoke about what it meant to him that Edge & Peth used FTR’s finisher, working with Edge to help him get ready for EC, and more. Highlights below:

On Edge asking Dax to help him get back in ring shape: “Adam’s been off for a little while, and he just asked me if I would work with him and help him get back into ring shape, so I did. Those two [Edge & Beth] are Hall Of Fame talent, and I am just lucky that they respect me and Cash enough that they wanted to pay tribute homage to us, using that move.”

On his emotional response to seeing the move done: “I don’t want to give the wrong impression to fans when I say this, especially with our contracts coming up in April. But hearing the name ‘Shatter Machine,’ when I watched it and I saw it for the first time, the Shatter Machine and those guys hit it, heard Michael Cole call it. I was watching on my phone and I rewound it, and my wife just started filming me. I said to her, I didn’t know she was filming me, I said aw man, I’m so emotional right now. She said, why are you so emotional? Because they did your finishing move? Well, yeah, that’s very respectful, but I’m more emotional that they called it the Shatter Machine. Cause that’s the name that I came up with, you know? It was just emotional to me that we have made a little, small impact on the business that I have loved and cherished for my whole existence, right? We came up with a move, we named a move, and they’re still calling it that move. That, to me, is so humbling.”

On being humbled by Michael Cole still calling it Shatter Machine: “Watching it, hearing it still called the Shatter Machine really made me feel. It made me feel. I’m very lucky that those guys respect us enough to do it, I’m lucky also that that company respects us enough to still call it that. They could have called it whatever they wanted to. They could have called it an assisted codebreaker, assisted lungblower, or made up a name and called it the “Edge & Phoenix” or something, I don’t know. They could have done whatever they wanted to. But instead they called it the name that I came up with and that’s beautiful to me.”

On his friendship with Edge: “Because he has been off filming some things, and he just wanted to get back in the ring. He knew that if he got in the ring with me, I wouldn’t just take it easy on him. He and I met, got in the ring together, talked and hung out. I mean, we’re very close friends, I consider them family. I think they would consider me family, as well. Our kids love each other. The first time that we got together to help Adam get ready, I brought Finlay and he brought his two kids, and they just played for two hours.”

On if he knew Edge & Beth were going to use the move: “It was a surprise. It was legit a surprise. We had some conversations, and I jokingly said, you guys should pull out the Shatter Machine (laughs). And Adam said, you know, we kind of had an idea to maybe use it. I said, don’t tell me anything more. If you guys want help practicing, let me know. They didn’t ask for help practicing the move, so I just didn’t think they were gonna do it. But they did it, and pulled it off flawlessly, dude.”

If using any of the above quotations, please credit FTR h/t 411mania for the transcription.