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Dax Harwood On Mark Briscoe’s Singles Run, If He’s Considered Retirement

March 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Dynamite Dax Harwood Image Credit: AEW

FTR is competing in an AEW career vs. title match on next week’s Dynamite, and Dax Harwood talked about potentially considering retirement and more. Harwood spoke with per Wrestling Inc:

On Mark Briscoe’s future as he embarks on a singles career: “I think this could probably be the most important match in his career (at Supercard of Honor). It goes far beyond wrestling, you know what I mean? It goes far beyond the small wrestling bubble that some of us live in. This is personal. This is real life. I think he has an opportunity to put a beautiful cap on a beautiful story. I don’t know where the story’s going. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that above all, man, Mark is going to do this for Jay, and he wants to do well for Jay.”

On FTR’s career vs. title match on AEW Dynamite next week: “Man, we’ve had so many important matches. The Dog Collar Match. Every match with Briscoes –- which April 1, the day after my live show, will be a year since we had our first match with Briscoes. Yeah, I’d say our three matches with the Briscoes. We’ve got an opportunity to work with Brett [Hart]. We had Ricky Steamboat’s very last match. We’ve won nine different championships, hopefully next week we’ll have the tenth. I think this could possibly rank up the biggest matches of our career — only because so many people, whether they’re a casual wrestling fan who just followed the weekly TV show or they’re a diehard wrestling fan who has followed social media, they all have their opinions. They’re all involved in this story, whether you’re involved backstage and following my podcast or whatever in interviews I’ve done, like with you, and over the last year.

“I’ve talked about, and I’ve been very transparent, that our contracts come up in April. I’ve been very transparent. You can look back at the Renee [Paquette] podcast I did over a year ago. You can look at any interview. I’ve been very transparent with that, and that’s the real life stuff. Then also, if you look back on my match with CM Punk that I had a year and a week ago, at the very end of that match, Cash is carrying me out and in the stands on the way back is The Gunns. They’re making fun of us because I lost. Now it’s a year later, and we’re going to put a bow on the feud. Whatever you think, whatever you’ve been following, you can follow this story because wrestling is so beautiful when the story is done right, and I think regardless if you’re a jaded wrestling fan and you study it so hard, or you just tune in every Wednesday night, you can follow this story and you’re invested.”

On if he’s legitimately thought about retirement: “We’ve made our decision. I’ll put that there. We’ve made our decision — no pen to paper, because we still have three weeks left. I think around April 16 or April 17 is when our contracts come up. We’ve made our decision, and it’s the most important decision of our career. But it’s the last decision of our career, too. That’s because physically, I don’t know if I want to or if I can go any further. I put this post out the other day because so many people were kind of — I don’t know, I try to ignore the Twitter mentions. I go to our meet and greets and our lines are out the door. I go to these live events and the people are f*****g crying because we’re coming out, and I love that. Then every once in a while, you go on Twitter and you hear the people say some negative stuff. I put on Twitter that I have to get this three inch needle injected to my knee just to make sure I have cartilage, because I have legit zero cartilage. I’ve had two knee surgeries on my right knee, one knee surgery on my left knee, bicep tear here [points to shoulder] that I got replaced, bicep tear here [points to other shoulder] that I haven’t got replaced, and I won’t get replaced, labrum tear here, labrum tear here. I want to be able, at the end of our contract, whatever we decide to do, I want to be able to play with my daughter. I want to be able to comfortably go to her soccer games or her dance meets. I feel that if I continue to push the envelope on my career just for monetary gain, that I won’t be able to be the father that I want to be to her.”