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Eddie Edwards Says Signing With Impact Wasn’t a Tough Decision

March 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Eddie Edwards spoke with Wrestling Inc about his decision to resign with Impact Wrestling, tag team wrestling and more. Highlights are below:

On resigning with Impact: “It wasn’t a tough decision really on my part [to re-sign]. With the direction the company is currently going, just with the total look of the company right now, between the locker room, the boys in the back, to the front office, all the way to the top at Anthem, it’s a good time right now. And it’s a place that I’m happy to call my own. It’s a place that I’m happy to be a part of and kind of take this step forward together. Right now, we’re all on the same paper, day by day, step by step trying to take Impact Wrestling to that next level. Obviously, I’m clearly confident that we’re going to be able to do that based off the fact that I just re-signed.”

On his plans for what’s next: “The main goal is always that World Championship. I want to be the guy up top and I want to be the guy with the company on back going forward, but hey, whatever I need to do to get some gold. Whatever I need to do to benefit the company, whatever I need to do going forward I am happy to do. I’m not against a tag. That’s what I built my career on, that’s what I started out as really. I started making a name for myself through tag team wrestling in the world. It would take a lot to get me to go back to tagging because I am enjoying what I’m doing right now.”

On his tag team with Davey Richards: “I have always felt that [tag team wrestling can be the main event]. There’s different times for different things, and I think one week it can be the World Title main event, the next week or next month should be the Tag Team Title main event. I feel like, for a while, the tag team wrestling had been lost. When me and Davey were tagging, we always wanted to be on the forefront. We wanted to be the forefront of tag team wrestling.”

On tag team wrestling in the indies: “It feels like it’s gone through a little bit of a rebirth with Lucha Bros, and LAX, and obviously, Young Bucks. So, there’s a good chance that now you can be confident that this tag team match, this tag team main event is going to be a main event that people are pleased with. I have no doubt that something like that could work and I always felt that way. I remember even back years ago when I first started, when I first met Kevin Kelly and he had mentioned that. The independent company that we were doing, they wanted to do one night do a tag, do the World Title match the next night, and then you do the Tag Title match. I feel like that’s a unique but also a great way to go about wrestling, to give the best of both worlds to everybody.”

On being happy that he’s staying with Impact: “I have been Impact and I wanted to be Impact. It’s a place where I, like I said, it’s my home. It has been my home and I wasn’t looking elsewhere, it was just talks with Impact to try to come to an agreement and we did. Before my deal was ever up, we were able to come to an agreement and get it done, so, it worked out nicely.”