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Former Tough Enough Contestant Daniel Rodimer Running For Congress

September 6, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Daniel Rodimer

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Dan Rodimer, who was part of the WWE Tough Enough season in 2004 that included The Miz and Daniel Puder, is running for the US House of Representatives in 2020 as a Republican from Nevada.

Rodimer, who is 41, was expected to be the star from that season, as he’s 6’6″, weighed 285 and had the bodybuilder look that Vince likes, but was voted out by fans. Rodimer was eventually signed anyway and went to OVW, where he was given the name Daniel Rodman. Eventually, just before he was set to be paired with Edge and Randy Orton in 2007 as Team RKO, he quit wrestling. He moved to Las Vegas and got a law degree in 2013.

Last year, Rodimer ran for Nevada state senate but lost. He was on Fox News series Fox & Friends recently and said he wanted to form a tag team with Donald Trump if he’s elected.

The Daily Beast ran a story about a 2010 arrest Rodimer had in which he was charged with misdemeanor battery for an incident at a Waffle House in Naples, Florida. He grabbed a man by the neck at around 2:30 AM, then challenged someone else to a fight. He said he likes to “f*** people up”. Police came and arrested him after finding his business card on the scene (which he threw down and featured his name and face on it), and he allegedly told them at the time that he liked to hurt people. The misdemeanor charge was dropped and he went through anger management.

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