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From The Shelf- WCW Spring Stampede 1999

July 24, 2013 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf- WCW Spring Stampede 1999  

WCW Spring Stampede 1999
Tacoma, WA

Key Points:
-Hulk Hogan, DDP, and Sting all look to take the WCW World Heavyweight Title from the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.
-Four months after the end of his streak, Goldberg finally gets the chance to avenge his loss again Kevin Nash.
-Disco Inferno has mocked Konnan’s new rap so now Konnan wants REVENGE~!!!!

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.

Blitzkrieg vs. Juventud Guerrera
Winner gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title on Nitro. Feeling out process to start and Guerrera drop toe holds Blitzkrieg into a sunset flip for 2. Blitzkrieg works the leg of Guerrera but Guerrera catches him with a wheelbarrow roll-up for 2. They trade counters and Blitzkrieg catches Guerrera with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Chops by Guerrera and he hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Handspring back elbow in the corner by Blitzkrieg and he hits some punches in the corner. Guerrera comes back by slamming Blitzkrieg’s face off the turnbuckle ten times and a springboard dropkick knocks Blitzkrieg to the floor. Suicide plancha to the floor by Guerrera!!!! Back in, Guerrera hits a Brainbuster for 2. Mexican surfboard by Guerrera but Blitzkrieg counters into a cover for 2. Blitzkrieg escapes a suplex attempt and hits a spin kick. Dropkick by Blitzkrieg knocks Guerrera to the floor and he goes up. Blitzkrieg leaps to the floor but Guerrera drop kicks him in mid-air!!!! Sick bump by Blitzkrieg there. Back in, Blitzkrieg hits a tilt-a-whirl arm drag sending Guerrera back to the floor. Asai moonsault to the floor by Blitzkrieg. Back in, they trade counters and Guerrera hits the Final Cut for 2. He puts Blitzkrieg on top and follows up but Blitzkrieg drives Guerrera back down to the mat in an awkward spot. Blitzkrieg goes up but misses the Sky Twister. Guerrera goes for the Juvi Driver but Blitzkrieg catches him in a small package for 2!!! He puts Guerrera on top and follows up with a wheelbarrow driver off the top for 2!!! He puts Guerrera on top again and follows up but GUERRERA CATCHES HIM WITH A JUVI DRIVER OFF THE TOP FOR 3!!!
Winner- Juventud Guerrera ***1/2 ( A super fun opening contest. They went balls to the walls and the finish was one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. Blitzkreig was really sloppy at points but overall he hung well with Juvi. )

Hardcore Match- Hak w/Chastity vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Bigelow wheels a cart full of weapons into Hak in the entrance way to start. Rights by Hak and he sets up a table. He puts Bigelow on the table and climbs a coach that’s part of the entrance. He HITS A SUMMERSAULT SENTON OFF THE COACH THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Bigelow nails Hak with a broken piece of the table and he rakes the face of Hak. He tosses Hak into the cart he brought out and he nails Hak in the back with a crutch a few times. Back in, Hak slams Bigelow’s face off of a chair and he sets up a table between the railings and apron. Back in, Bigelow nails Hak in the head with a trash can followed by a cookie sheet. He drives a broom into the midsection of Hak and then a trash can into the back. Hak blocks a suplex attempt and they botch a reversal. Hak bails to the floor and he pulls out a ladder. Back in, Bigelow stomps away and grabs the ladder but Hak dropkicks it back into Bigelow. He drops the ladder onto the back of Bigelow and he goes up. Summersault senton off the top onto the ladder onto Bigelow by Hak!!! Bulldog onto the ladder by Hak and he grabs another table. He also brings in a safety rail and back in, Hak hammers away. He nails Bigelow in the head with a trash can and Hak climbs a ladder. Bigelow tips it over sending Hak crashing through the table on the floor!!! Bigelow sets up the safety rail and ladder in two different corners and he tosses Hak into the ladder. He nails Hak in the head with a trash can but Hak hits some shots in the midsection with a crutch to come back. Hak puts Bigelow on the safety rail and goes up but misses a guillotine legdrop and lands on the rail!!! Bigelow drops the safety rail on Hak and he catches Chastity coming in with a fire extinguisher. Bigelow sprays her but this allows Hak to nail him from behind with the kendo stick. White Russian Leg Sweep by Hak with the kendo stick and they head up. Bigelow HITS GREETINGS FROM ASUBRY PARK OFF THE TOP THOUGH THE TABLE for 3!!!
Winner- Bam Bam Bigelow **1/2 ( I loved the first couple minutes of the match but once they went into the ring they had every hardcore style match you had ever seen in 1999. It was solid but nothing spectacular at all. )

Scotty Riggs vs. Mikey Whipwreck
Riggs toys with Whipwreck to start and he hits a slam. Drop toe hold by Riggs and he walks across Whipwreck. Whipwreck slaps him a few times and hits some punches in the corner. Back elbow by Whipwreck and he hits a clothesline. Dropkick by Whipwreck and Riggs bails. Whipwreck follows out and hammers away on Riggs on the floor. Whipwreck sends him into the railings and he legdrops Riggs’ head in the ropes. Baseball slide by Whipwreck and he hits a slingshot hurricanrana to the floor. Whipwreck misses a slingshot legdrop on the apron and Riggs knocks him off the apron into the railings!!! Back in, Riggs goes up and hits a double axe handle off the top for 2. Dropkick by Riggs and he chokes Whipwreck in the ropes. Snap mare and Riggs hits a front elbow drop for 2. Corner knee strike by Riggs and he charges again but eats boot. Second rope dropkick by Whipwreck gets 2. Side Russian leg sweep by Whipwreck gets 2. Hurricanrana by Whipwreck gets 2 as Riggs gets his foot on the ropes. Flying forearm by Riggs gets 3.
Winner- Scotty Riggs *1/2 ( In 1999, if you were looking for a guy to have way to long squash matches with on PPV for no reason, Mikey Whipwreck was your guy. Dull match and it did nothing for Riggs. )

Konnan vs. Disco Inferno
Konnan calls Disco a scrub before the match so Disco attacks from behind and stomps away. Disco stomps away in the corner and hits a rolling clothesline. Konnan comes back with a bulldog and a basement dropkick. Punches in the corner by Konnan and he stomps away in the corner. Konnan charges in the corner but eats elbow and Disco hammers the back of the head. Konnan runs the ropes and takes Disco down with an arm drag. Disco comes back with a back elbow and he snap mares Konnan into a chinlock. Konnan starts to fight out so Disco hits a swinging neckbreaker to regain control for 2. Back to the chinlock goes Disco but Konnan fights out. Disco blocks a hip toss attempt with a clothesline and he goes up. Second rope front elbow by Disco gets 2. Chinlock by Disco again but Konnan fights out and hits a hip toss. He charges but Disco dumps him to the floor. Disco follows and goes for a bulldog but Konnan blocks and shoves Disco into the post. Back in, Disco stomps away on Konnan on the apron and he snap mares Konnan. Fist drop by Disco gets 2. Slam by Disco and he goes up. He misses a second rope elbow drop and they slug it out. Rolling clothesline by Konnan and he hits the Cradle DDT for 2!!! Konnan rolls Disco up for 2 and Disco comes back with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. They trade counters and Konnan hits the Last Dance for 3!!!
Winner- Konnan **1/2 ( Solid match. They kept it simple, everything looked crisp and the last few minutes were quite good. A bit surprising considering the two guys in the match. )

Video package for Kidman/Mysterio Jr. airs.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship- Rey Mysterio Jr. © vs. Billy Kidman
They’re also the tag team champions together. Feeling out process to start and Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Slingshot headscissors by Kidman and he backdrops Rey to the floor. Slingshot pescado to the floor by Kidman and he gets reversed into the railings. Rey tries the wheelbarrow bulldog but Kidman blocks and drops Rey onto the railings. Slingshot leg drop using the railings by Kidman and back in, he gets 2. Chinlock by Kidman but Rey fights out. Headscissors by Rey sends Kidman to the floor and he goes for a moonsault off the apron but Kidman catches him. Rey escapes and shoves Kidman into the railings. Rey uses the railings to hit a headscissors on the floor to Kidman. Back in, Rey hits a springboard seated senton for 2. Lionsault by Rey gets 2. Assisted hurricanrana is blocked by Kidman and he hits a powerbomb for 2. Back suplex backbreaker by Kidman and he slams Rey to the mat for 2. BK Bomb by Kidman gets 2. He slides Rey to the floor and he hits a SSP off the apron!!! Back in, Kidman powerslams Rey and he goes up. He leaps off the top but Rey dropkicks him on the way down for 2. He puts Kidman on top and follows up with a bulldog off the top for 2!!! Spinning heel kick by Rey and he goes for a piledriver but Kidman backdrops out. Kidman charges in the corner eats boot and comes back with a powerslam for 2. Chinlock by Kidman bur Rey fights out. He clotheslines Kidman to the floor and hits a springboard summersault senton to the floor. Back in, Rey goes up and leaps off the top but Kidman clotheslines him on the way down for 2. Back to the chinlock goes Kidman but Rey fights out. Kidman presses Rey in the air but Rey catches him with a hurricanrana on the way down for 2. Chinlock by Rey and he charges at Kidman in the corner but misses and hits the corner shoulder first. Kidman presses Rey again but Rey catches him with the X-Factor for 2. Kidman sends Rey to the corner sternum first and Kidman hits a sit-out pedigree. Kidman goes up but Rey follows so Kidman hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for 2. Kidman charges in the corner but eats boot. Rey puts Kidman on top and follows up with a super wheelbarrow bulldog for 2!!! Springboard bulldog by Kidman gets 2. Kidman charges but misses and he falls to the floor. Rey goes up and hits the guillotine legdrop as Kidman was coming in. Standing moonsault by Rey gets 2. Kidman counters a powerbomb into a faceplant and he goes up. Rey crotches him and follows up. Frankensteiner off the top by Rey gets 3!!!
Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion- Rey Mysterio Jr. ***1/2 ( The crowd was dead for this which was unfortunate cause this match was really good. In front of a hot crowd, this probably could have been something special. )

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko w/Arn Anderson vs. Raven and Perry Saturn
Benoit and Saturn start. Benoit dumps Saturn to the floort and Malenko jumps off the apron but eats a reverse atomic drop from Saturn. Saturn sends Benoit into Malenko and back in, Raven and Saturn hit the High/Low for 2. Gordbuster/top rope splash combo by Raven and Saturn get 2. Tag to Raven and they hit a drop toe hold/elbow drop to the back combo on Benoit. Dropkick by Benoit knocks Raven to the floor and the Horsemen double team him on the floor. Back in, Malenko tags in and they hit a double spinebuster to Raven. They wish bone Raven and Malenko suplexes Raven for 2. Leg lariat by Malenko and he tags Benoit. Small package by Raven gets 1 as the ref was distracted. Back suplex by Benoit gets 2. Short arm clothesline by Benoit gets 2. The Horsement double team Raven in the corner and Malenko comes in. Corner clothesline by Malenko and Benoit gets a cheap shot from the apron. He charges again but eats boot and Raven hits a clothesline. Tag to Saturn and he cleans house. T-Bone suplex to Malenko and he hits some punches in the corner to Benoit. Malenko nails Saturn to stop him and he puts Saturn on top. Malenko follows but Raven catches him allowing Saturn to hit a Doomsday Crossbody. He goes for the DVD on Malenko but Benoit saves. Malenko dropkicks Saturn into a German suplex from Benoit!!! Raven and Benoit tumble to the floor allowing Malenko to hit the Tiger Driver on Saturn. Texas Cloverleaf by Malenko but Saturn makes the ropes!!! DVD by Saturn gets 2 as Benoit breaks with the Diving Headbutt!!! Malenko rolls into the cover for 2. Tag to Benoit and he chops away on Saturn. Backbreaker by Benoit gets 2. Benoit stomps on Saturn’s leg in the corner and tags Malenko. Drop toe hold/baseball slide combo by the Horsemen gets 2. Sleeper by Malenko but Raven breaks it up. Benoit comes in and covers for 2. Northern lights suplex by Benoit gets 2. Benoit kicks Saturn to the floor where Malenko works him over. Back in, Saturn catches Benoit with a sunset flip for 2 as Malenko breaks with a dropkick to the back. Snap mare by Malenko and he grabs a chinlock. Saturn breaks with a back suplex and Raven tags in. He cleans house and clotheslines Malenko to the floor. Anderson throws a chair into the ring and Raven sets it up. Drop toe hold into the chair by Raven to Benoit and Saturn puts Malenko on a table on the floor. He goes up for a flying splash but Anderson rolls Malenko out of the way sending Saturn crashing through the table!!! Raven hits the Evenflow DDT to Malenko and covers but Anderson puts a chair on his head and distracts the ref. This allows Benoit to hit a diving headbutt off the top onto the chair and Malenko rolls into the cover for 3!!!
Winners- Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko ***3/4 ( This was an energetic and chaotic tag match. People adore this match but I feel like the heat segment wasn’t all that great and I didn’t like the table and chair spots in the match at all. It’s not a classic or anything but it was still a super fun match to watch. )

US Championship Tournament Final- Scott Steiner vs. Booker T
Steiner stalls for awhile to start by confront fans at ringside. Finally he comes in and Booker hits a dropkick. Arm drag by Booker and Steiner bails. Back in, Steiner hammers away on Booker in the corner. Flying forearm by Booker and he hits a short arm side kick. He dumps Steiner to the floor and he follows with an axe handle off the apron. They brawl around ringside and back in, Steiner charges in the corner but eats boot. Booker hammers away on the mat and hits a corner clothesline. Punches in the corner by Booker but Steiner crotches him to come back. Steiner sends Booker into the railings and he drives a chair into the back of Booker a few times. Back in, Steiner hits a clothesline followed by an elbow drop. Steiner hammers away in the corner and he chokes Booker with his boot. Backbreaker by Steiner gets 2. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner gets 2. Steiner goes low on Booker and he grabs a Bear Hug. He converts it into a overhead belly to belly suplex and he goes for a vertical suplex but Booker escapes and hits a DDT. Rights by Booker but Steiner rakes the eyes to stop him. Knee to the gut followed by a spin kick by Booker. He cleans house and leaps at Steiner but Steiner pulls the ref in the way!!! Scissors Kick by Booker and he hits a flap jack. Harlem Side Kick by Booker and he covers but there is no ref. Booker helps the ref up but Steiner decks the ref again!!! Awesome. Booker blocks a Frankensteiner attempt and hits a spinebuster. Booker goes up but Steiner crotches him. Steiner follows up and hits the Frankensteiner off the top for 2!!! Steiner has a foreign object and he goes to nail Booker but misses. Big boot by Booker and he suplexes Steiner but he nails Booker with the foreign object on the way down. Steiner pulls the ref over and covers for 3!!!
Winner and NEW US Champion- Scott Steiner **1/2 (Solid match. I enjoyed the hell out of Steiner’s antics and Booker T brought good energy to the match. This was a rock solid affair. )

Video package for Goldberg/Nash airs.

Kevin Nash w/Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger vs. Goldberg
Knees to the gut in the corner by Nash to start and he hammers away in the corner. He chokes Goldberg with his boot and goes low when Elizabeth distracts the ref. Short arm clothesline by Nash gets 2. Sidewalk slam by Nash gets 2. He chokes Goldberg in the ropes and he jumps on Goldberg in the ropes. Goldberg ducks the big boot attempt and he hits a leaping shoulderblock. Single underhook suplex by Goldberg and he hits a superkick. Goldberg goes for the Spear but NASH LEAPFROGS HIM and he spears the ref!!!! Yes, Nash CLEARED Goldberg on that leapfrog. Luger nails Goldberg in the back with a chair and Nash goes for the Jackknife Powerbomb but Goldberg goes low. Reverse atomic drop and a big boot to a charging Luger. Spear to Nash and he hits the Jackhammer for 3!!!
Winner- Goldberg ** ( Goldberg came in, kicked ass, overcame the odds, and got his win back. This did exactly what it needed to do, so thumbs up. )

WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Ric Flair © vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting
Randy Savage is your guest ref and he brings Gorgeous George with him. Everyone brawls to start and Hogan brawls with Flair on the floor. In the ring, Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but DDP quickly gets to the ropes. Knee to the gut by DDP and he hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Diamond Cutter blocked by Sting and he hits a clothesline. Sting goes up and hits a flying clothesline. Stinger Splash by Sting gets 1 as Flair breaks. Snap mare to Sting and Flair goes up but Sting tosses him off the top. Hogan hammers away on Flair as Sting and DDP brawl on the floor. Backdrop to Flair and Hogan cleans house. Corner clothesline by Hogan but Flair comes back with a poke to the eye. Chops by Flair but Hogan no sells as he HULKS UP~!!!! Rights by Hogan and he hits the big boot. Legdrop by Hogan gets 2 as Sting breaks!!! Flair clips the leg of Hogan and he grabs the Figure-4. Hogan turns it over but DDP breaks it up by stomping on the bad knee of Hogan. DDP clotheslines Flair to the floor and he grabs a Figure-4 on the post onto Hogan!!! Sting breaks it up and Hogan bails to the floor as trainers come out to check on Hogan. Hogan seems to have legit hurt his leg and is carried to the back. In the ring, Sting hip tosses Flair and hits a dropkick. Punches in the corner by Sting as DDP looks on. Sting blocks a reverse atomic drop attempt and clotheslines Flair. Chops by Flair have no effect and Sting sends Flair to the corner. Flair goes to the apron but Sting knocks him off. Clothesline by DDP to Sting gets 2. Slam by DDP and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Flair rakes the eyes of DDP but DDP comes back with the discus clothesline for 2. Back elbows in the corner by DDP to Sting but Sting comes back with the Stinger Splash. They trade counters and Sting hits a bulldog. Sting goes for the Tombstone but DDP counters into one of his own for 2 as Flair saves!!! Flair dumps DDP to the floor and Sting puts Flair on top. He follows up and Sting hits a superplex for 2. Back suplex by Flair gets 2. He grabs a sleeper on Sting but DDP grabs a sleeper on Flair as well. Sting hits a jawbreaker to break everything up. DDP and Flair double team Sting who no sells. Double leaping clothesline by Sting and he cleans house. Bulldog to DDP by Sting and he hits the Stinger Splash to Flair!!! Scorpion Deathlock to Flair but DDP breaks it up. DDP goes for a suplex but Sting counters into the Scorpion Deathdrop for 2 as Flair pulls him off. Knees to the groin by Flair and he grabs the Figure-4!!! Sting rolls to the ropes to break but Savage kicks Sting’s arm off the rope. He pulls Flair to the middle of the ring and he goes up for the Flying Elbow Drop to Flair!!!! DDP stomps away on Sting and he hits the Diamond Cutter to Flair for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Diamond Dallas Page ***1/4 ( Before Hogan’s injury this was really good but once he got taken to the back I felt the match lost some steam and the final stretch was not as hot or as good as the first half of the match. Also, DDP’s win fell flat as both no one expected it to happen and I feel WCW gave him the belt two years too late. He wasn’t as hot here as he was a couple of years ago which is why I feel he gets a bad rep at WCW Champion. )

The 411: Many people have praised this as one of WCW's best shows and one of if not THE best show of 1999. I don't think it holds up quite as well looking back, but it is still a good show. The wrestling itself was very good but weird finishes and some questionable booking left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll definitely recommend the show cause it is easy to watch and has some really good wrestling but I won't put it as an all-time great WCW show.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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