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Canadian Broadcasting Legend Recalls Bonding With Sami Zayn, Talks Trish Stratus’ Importance

March 2, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Sami Zayn WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

Canadian broadcasting legend and activist George Stroumboulopoulos (MuchMusic, The Hour) recently guested on The Sessions with Renee Paquette. The two Canadians discussed Strombo’s iconoclastic career, but made time as proper Canucks to discuss pro wrestling, Canada’s TRUE national sport (j/k… maybe?). Read on for Strombo’s thoughts on pro wrestling, Trish Stratus, and bonding with Sami Zayn over Winnipeg punks Propoghandi:

On the importance of Trish Stratus: “Wrestling had women competing at a high level. I think people outside of wrestling might not understand how important Trish Stratus is. I met Trish, I think when I was like 20. She wasn’t in wrestling at all. We were just kids, we met at some event. Trish was was nice then as when she was super famous. But wrestling gave a place where women got in the ring and slayed on the same cards as men, and that’s fucking important.”

On how wrestling kills in the ratings: “And how amazing is it, by the way, I get the reports, I look at ratings all the time. Wrestling kills. I love that it kills. I love the range of storylines it’s had.”

On bonding with Sami Zayn over punk rock: “I’ve gotten to know Sami Zayn. Sami and I kind of connected on social media only because we both loved the same punk rock band from Winnipeg, Propaghandi. It just didn’t occur to me, I hadn’t been keeping up on who’s wrestling or doing what. I looked at this guy who followed me on social media, oh bro, he loves Propaghandi, I’m down. And he’s Syrian; he was speaking out about Syria. I went to Syria, so we really bonded on it.”

On loving Sami’s conspiracy theory character: “I loved his crazy conspiracy shit! Because I know his actual values are so good. And in a world where the conspiracy shit is super weird, and he feeds it, but he also pulls back? I just love how right on the fuckin’ edge of the blade Sami is (laughs).”

If using any of the above quotations, please credit The Sessions h/t 411mania for the transcription.