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Hurricane Helms Endorses Nikki Cross’ New Gimmick, Cross Responds

June 23, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Hurricane Helms is a fan of Nikki Cross’ superhero-inspired gimmick, sharing his support for the new character online. As reported, Cross debuted the new look on this week’s Raw when she reteamed with her old bestie Alexa Bliss to earn a spot in the women’s Money in the Bank match next month. The new look has been polarizing online, and Helms — himself a former wrestling superhero, of course — posted to Twitter to point out that his character didn’t get over right away, either.

Helms pointed out that despite that initial reactions, he eventually got over and inspired Super Stacy, Mighty Molly, and Rosey:

“Yup. So did a lot of my friends and peers. But I got it over, so over in fact, that THREE other Talents became derivatives of MY character. How often does that happen? And now @NikkiCrossWWE steps up to the plate and I’m gonna support her every step of the way! Fly Nikki Fly!”

Cross responded as you can see below, writing:

“your blessing on this means so much to me. It’s important. Nobody will ever ever replace Hurricane Helms. He’s one in a gazillion. I treasure your support and hope to make you proud as I carve my path. I just gotta track the Hurricane down first! I keep missing him at #WWERaw”