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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 7.8.21

July 8, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling 7-8-21 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling/Twitter
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 7.8.21  

*Steve Maclin defeated Suicide in an intense match on BTI.

*Callis verbally attacks Callihan, as he and Omega prepare for the Slammiversary contract signing tonight.

Brian Myers (w/Sam Beale) vs. Jake Something

Jake doesn’t show patience as he manhandles Myers all throughout the ringside area. Back in the ring, Jake sends Myers overboard with a clothesline. Myers trips him on the apron, showing his craftiness. Myers hits a suplex on the ramp and gains control in the ring. Beale strikes from the outside while Myers distracts ref Brandon Tolle. Jake smashes Myers with hammering blows and a sit-out bomb for a near fall. Great flurry of moves. Myers strikes back with a thrust kick and DDT. Myers tosses Jake and follows up with an elbow drop for a near fall. They go back and forth before Jake nails a Black Hole Slam to defeat Myers. Myers grabs the mic afterwards as a diversion for Beale to attack him. Matt Cardona’s music hits as he floors Myers and Beale.

WINNER: Jake Something

This was fun and served its role well. The story was conveyed well with Jake getting a valuable win while displaying some great in-ring action with Myers, who equally impressed. Cardona’s return was inevitable but he always brings energy and star power, making for an impactful opening segment.

*Deonna Purrazzo is questioned on who is next in line for her title belt. Deonna is issuing an open challenge to whoever believes has a shot at her championship.

*Callihan is approached for an interview. A supposed sheriff arrests Callihan out of nowhere, who claims that this time, he is innocent.

Deonna Purrazzo (C) vs. Lady Frost

Lady Frost answers the challenge, who’s certainly familiar to competing under the bright lights and is building a strong following on the indies. Frost immediately has a star presence but Deonna remains confident. Deonna ties her up but Frost flips out and sends her into the corner. Deonna is impressed as she lays in her strikes a bit more. Frost charges back with matched aggresion as she nails a spinning roundhouse. Frost whiffs on a moonsault. Deonna kicks and flips her as she’s ready to finish. Venus de Milo locked in as Frost taps and Deonna retains. Deonna feels confident as ever as Gail Kim’s music hits as we head to break. Deonna is on edge while she gives appreciation to Gail. She is here to inform Deonna on her Slammiversary plans. Deonna expects her to be her opponent. Gail rejects this and says Deonna must be tested. She will receive a mystery opponent of IMPACT’s choosing.

That was a fun match for what it was but could’ve gone a bit longer. Deonna looked fantastic and Frost was able to shine in the glimpses she was given. Strong promos from Deonna and Gail and a simple yet intriguing set-up for the PPV. Good execution here.

*Chris Sabin is looking for Swinger but he’s unavailable. He asks how Swingerella #2’s cat’s surgery went before Moose approaches, who violently assaults him across the poker themed tablecloth. I loved the contrast between Sabin’s wholesome charisma and Moose’s intensity.

*Last week Chris Bey finally got into the X-Division action, as he sided with Josh Alexander, Petey Williams, and Trey Miguel. Bey confirms that this is not friendship, he merely chose a side to give him an advantage.

W. Morrissey vs. Jason Page, Manny Smith, and Deonte Evans

The giant floors them all. He crushes them with boots and a chokeslam to Evans. Huge powerbomb to Page followed by a standing F-5 to Smith. He stacks them for the pinfall.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

This was fine as Morrissey obviously looked like a monster, but didn’t add much.

*Callis informs us that Callihan assaulted him and he was forced to have him arrested. He reveals a blatantly fake assault video. D’Amore approaches confirming the signing tonight.

Susan and Kimber Lee vs. Havok and Rosemary

Havok and Rosemary double up on Susan causing Kimber to come in. She is floored by Havok but regains control when Rosemary comes in. She tags her with some flashy kicks but can’t put her away. Kimber and Susan control her in the corner before they miscommunicate, allowing Havok to score the tag. Rosemary comes back in to hit the spear after Havok cleared the way, scoring a major win.

WINNERS: Havok and Rosemary

That match was fine, with Havok and Rosemary becoming more and more of a cohesive unit.

*We are joined by Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K, who introduces Jazz as the host. Jazz questions if this is Piper’s Pit, which Kaleb misunderstands as Peppa Pig. Tenille is frustrated that she can’t find a partner and blames Jazz. She gets fired up and Tenille attacks her from behind. Funny stuff as always from It’s All About Me.

*Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace check on Jazz, who was just floored. They challenge Tenille and Kaleb with a K for next week.


Swann grabs the mic and acknowledges Violent by Design’s attack. He invites them to the ring but Fallah and TJP answer instead. Both teams have interest in the tag title shot. Violent by Design’s music hits as the titleholders hit the stage. They enter the ring, before The Good Brothers music hits. Anthem Representative, Tommy Dreamer informs them of a four-way tag booked for Slammiversary. Swann, Deaner, Anderson and TJP will face in a four-way after the commercial break!

Karl Anderson vs. Rich Swann vs. TJP vs. Deaner

All action as we begin with Swann getting the upper hand on Anderson. Swann and TJP enter the ring with a great display of athleticism. Swann shines before Deaner attacks him from behind. Deaner dropkicks TJP into the buckle, neck first for a near fall. TJP avoids danger before being sent outside where Swann follows up with a Swanton. During the break, Karl Anderson was sent into the rails. Swann is in control of Deaner in the ring, as he drops a leg drop. Swann rocks Deaner with shots. Anderson looks for a partnership with Deaner which immediately backfires. They all come in and lay each other out as tension builds. TJP hits the boot wash on Anderson, but he fires back with uppercuts. TJP hits the Detonation Kick on Anderson, and hits the top rope for a missed Mamba Splash on Deaner. Swann comes in but gets spiked by a Deaner DDT for a 2.9 broken up by TJP. Deaner sends TJP outside but Anderson hangs him on the ropes and hits the Gun Stun to win.

WINNER: Karl Anderson

That match had solid action but could’ve been a lot better with a different formula. 90% of the match only featured two wrestlers at a time. Things heated up towards the end and the tag division has a match with high potential set for Slammiversary.

*Kimber Lee is desperate for a change in Susan and reveals Father James Mitchell. He warns her of the ramifications of reviving Su Yung.


We join D’Amore in the ring with a table that has a short future. Callis and Omega come to the ring and analyze the contract. Omega signs as the lights start flickering before going out. We get an outside view of the filming of the supposed attack on Callis, revealing John E. Bravo as the attacker. Callis tries to explain before Callihan appears, hitting Omega with the baseball bat. Omega gains the advantage but gets low blowed. Callihan delivers a package piledriver and signs the contract. Callihan finishes him off with a powerbomb through the table before raising the belt.

This was a basic but effective angle. Slightly flat ending for an exciting show but there’s a week to go. Bravo and Swinger’s involvement was a good element to add and was teased months ago if I’m not mistaken.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This show had a really hot start but failed to capture me in the second half. Quite newsworthy still and managed to increase interest in Slammiversary, which was much needed.

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