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Jeff Jarrett Reflects On Disastrous WCW Creative In 2001, Bill DeMott Memories

February 25, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
Booker T Jeff Jarrett WCW New Blood Rising Image Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of My World With Jeff Jarrett, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about the way WCW creative worked (or rather, didn’t) in 2001 and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On the disaster that was WCW creative in 2001: “Yeah. Just the creative, and either we were doing Nitro and Thunder both in the same night, or we were about to do. Again, the vibe and the tension and the unknown just — once 2001 rolled around and the first pay-per-view and — you know, I don’t say ironically but yeah. Just the main event was a disaster. I don’t know what the opposite word of momentum is? No momentum? That was WCW. There was just no momentum whatsoever.

“And so now we’re a year — or, I don’t want to say a year removed, but six months removed from the Bash at the Beach and the Hogan lawsuit. And Vince Russo had come and gone two or three times. The creative team if you will just struggled week to week. And then there were so many guys on the roster that had really got comfortable with. ‘I’m just gonna pick up a check’. And at this point, people were saying ‘I’m just gonna pick up the check and be hopeful that some changes are coming.’”

On working with Bill DeMott: “I met him the first time down in my first WCW run at the Universal tapings. Bill is a hell of a worker. I’ll call him a big guy; I’m not saying he’s 6’6″, but he’s he’s he’s definitely not a little guy. But you know, moonsaults off the top, and just super athletic. Again, Russo and company saw the value and his talent. But — and look, it’s coming off the Attitude Era at that time. I guess in a lot of ways, it was, ‘Hey, let’s try to continue that Attitude Era, or inject some Attitude mentality into the WCW product with a Hugh G. Rection is Hugh’s name.’ But you know, that’s a comedy name to begin with out of the gate. So again, a tough road for Hugh to battle from a character development standpoint.”

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