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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 2.27.24

February 27, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Carmelo Hayes WWE NXT 2-27-24 Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 2.27.24  

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! Jeremy Thomas, here as always, and tonight NXT is just a week away from next Tuesday’s Roadblock episode. With plenty to set up, tonight’s show will see Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes come face-to-face ahead of their NXT Championship match at the show. In addition, Noam Dar will defend the NXT Heritage Cup against one of the No Quarter Catch Crew while Kelani Jordan battles Kiana James. We’ll also see Roxanne Perez take on Jakara Jackson, Von Wagner vs. Lexis King and more. It’s NXT’s return to live shows after last week’s taped episode and the go-home show for Battleground, so we could be looking at a pretty great episode.

Here at Thomas HQ, I’m clipping along nicely in my movie-watching. I watched the fun little documentary Too Funny to Fail: The Life & Death of The Dana Carvey Show on Hulu and the true crime doc Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix, which was a ride and a half. I also began a rewatch of the Final Destination films, getting through the first three. The first two hold up well as fun supernatural slashers while the third is where we start to see the franchise go on a downward slide.

I also took a trip to the theater where I watched the new Ethan Coen crime caper Drive-Away Dolls; you can check my review of that out here. I also saw Lisa Frankenstein which I very much appreciated, as well as Bob Marley: One Love which was well-acted and directed but fell short in the script department by hitting the big moments of Marley’s life without really tapping into the man himself much.

On TV, of course continued keeping up with Drag Race season 16 and Drag Race: UK vs. The World season two (Team Nymphia Wind & Team Tia Kofi, respectively). I also watched the docuseries Rewind The ’90s on Hulu which was a nostalgic trip to my teen and young adult years, the new episode of Gamechanger on Dropout.TV (always fun) and got some progress in my X-Men: The Animated Series rewatch.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* ILja makes his way down to the ring to start the show and gets a mic. He calls out Carmelo Hayes and calls him a disgusting rat, demanding he come down. He says Hayes said last week if they’re not talking about the NXT Championship there’s nothing to talk about, and the title is right there. So come out of your hiding place and let’s talk about it!

And here comes Melo! Melo stops at the ramp with security stepping bet6ween them. Melo says Ilja is champion for now, but he’s the one who makes the brand go. He says the security is Melo Security and will do whatever he needs them to do. Melo says Ilja is still pissed that he used him and made Trick doubt his integrity. He says Ilja makes him sick.

Ilja says that Melo is right about him, and Melo says that’s why he’s not stepping into the ring until he makes the match official. He says losing the title is Ilja’s biggest fear, and he won’t attack him once the contract is made. So get his business handled and he’ll give him till the end of the night. Ilja takes out a couple security guys and Melo backs off.

* Earlier today Ava is backstage and says every show is big leading into Stand & Deliver. Gigi walks up and says that she wants to talk about what’s next for her. Ava says they can talk and they walk into Ava’s office where Jaida Parker is here and says she wants to talk. Gigi says the line is behind her and Jaida says she doesn’t wait in lines. She says WorldStar never talked about Gigi, and Gigi says she’ll give her something to talk about. Ava tells them they’re each other’s immediate future as they have a match, and tells Jaida to leave first.

Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James

Lockup to start, Jordan backed into the corner. Kiana tries to go up the turnbuckle but Kelani ducks under and locks in a wristlock. Counterwrestling, Kiana up to the top for an armdrag but Kiana with a quick shot after. Jordan goes up again for a rana and Kiana escapes to the outside. Izzi Dame cuts Kelani off from going through the ropes so she goes over them and dives onto Kiana and Izzi! And we’re on PIP break.

We’re back as Kelani goes unto the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and the two collide with a double crossbody. Kiana crawls over to Kelani and decks her, but Kelani fires back. They’re up to their feet throwing elbows, Kiana with a kick and a back suplex but Kelani lands on her feet and takes over with elbows. She kips up and catches a kick — spin kick and a cover for two.

Handspring off the ropes for a clothesline, Kiana blocks and they trade counters until Kelani takes Kiana down for two. Kelani goes for a Rocker Dropper but Kiana blocks it and sends Kelani to the apron. Kelani leaps over into the ring and comes off the ropes into a spinebuster for two.

Kiana goes for a suplex, but Kelani counters into an inside cradle for two. Kiana with a shot, she sends Kelani into the ropes and Kelani goes up and over, kicking Kiana. Izzi yanks Kelani off the apron and then rolls her in, Kiana with the 401K for three.

Winner: Kiana James (8:13)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Perfectly fine match to kick off the show. Both of these two have shown a lot of improvement, this just didn’t quite hit the next level but it was solid.

* We go back to last week where Lash Legend answered the open challenge for Lyra after Shotzi was injured. Lyra picked up the win.

* Afterward, Roxy is losing her shit in the locker room complaining about losing out on a title shot two weeks in a row. She goes to leave and Jakara comes in to talk shit, saying Lash stays ready. It turns into a brawl.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Blade and Karl start off, Karl with a kick to the gut and a stomp down in the corner. He plays to the crowd for a moment and then goes back in to whip Blade into the ropes. Blade dodges a clothesline and hits a dropkick, then tags in Edris. Anderson whipped into the ropes, double drop-toe hold and dropkick, plus a dropkick to Gallows.

Edris charges at Karl but gets nailed in the head. Whip across the ring, Edris up and over a charging Anderson and hits a rana. Chp in the corner and Blade tags in, whip into the ropes and a back elbow followed by a leapfrog splash and then an assisted legdrop of Blade’s back.

Gallows distracts Edris which allows Anderson to push him into the hostile corner. Gallows tags in and stomps Blade down, then grabs him to hang him on the ropes and kick him in the head. Gallows grabs Blade by the ear, Blade fires back but gets knocked down. Gallows lays in elbows to the shoulder and locks in a chinlock to grind Blade down.

Blade to his feet and hits some elbows but is knocked into the corner where Gallows tees off on him with punches. Kick to the head and Anderson tags in to continue the kicks. He drops to the mat for a laying chinlock. Blade fights to his feet and elbows out but gets nailed in the back. Back suplex, Blade lands on his feet and gets a sunset flip for two.

Edris gets the hot tag and cleans house. Spinning bulldog off the ropes, he sends Gallows to the outside and hits a knee to Anderson’s head. Jackhammer from Enofe and he goes to the apron where he kicks Gallows who through Blade into the steps. Up top, he leaps off but Anderson moves and hits a spinebuster. Gallows in, Magic Killer, that’s it.

Winner: The O.C. (5:24)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Damn good for the time it got. Say what you want about the O.C. but they’re going to give the NXT teams some important reps and they work well in a clash of styles against most of the NXT teams.

Right after the match, Chase and Duke speak from the Chase U section. Chase says karma is a bitch, and Duke says they aren’t the first people to come in here but it’s time for a Chase U-sized ass whupping.

Frazer and Axiom then come in and say they have next on The O.C. They get on the apron and argue about it — and the LWO is here! Wilde with a missile dropkick to Gallows and the teams all send The O.C. to the outside. They aren’t happy — and the Wolfdogs are at the platform to watch it all!

* Ava is on the phone talking about title matches at Roadblock. Oba Femi walks in and wants to know his next victim. She says she’s figuring it out and a lot of people want the shot. Oba says they’ll eat those words when they get in the ring. Ilja walks in and stares at Oba, who smirks and leaves. Ilja tells Ava they need to talk.

Roxanne Perez vs. Jakara Jackson

Roxy with a Thesz press and punches right at the bell, Jakara goes outside. Roxy follows, Lash gets in between and Jakara goes for a cheap shot but Roxy ducks it and batters Jakara. Jakara gets a shot in on Roxy and rolls her back in, bunches in the corner and a big knife-edged chop.

Roxy turns it around and sends Jakara into the corner, then hits a chop before hitting a springboard moonsault off the second rope for two. Irish whip reversed by Jakara but Roxy with a kick to the gut. Front facelock, they jockey for position and Roxy goes for Pop Rocks. Lash holds onto Jakara to block it and gets ejected. Roxy attacks Jakara but gets dropped, cover gets two.

Jakara trips Roxy on a slide to the outside and slams Roxy’s leg on the apron. Back in and she applies a bow and arrow submission but Roxy slips out into a cover for two. Jakara slams Roxy’s head into the mat, she picks Roxy up and they start trading slaps! Roxy dodges a slap and goes apeshit on Jakara, into the ropes and she knocks Jakara down. Big right hand and a dropkick, charging uppercut in the corner and a Russian legsweep into the crossface. Jakara taps!

Winner: Roxane Perez (4:11)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Good match for the time it got, a running theme this week.

* Thea tells Jacy and Jazmyn Nyx that she talked to RIley. They think that Riley came crawling back and Thea says that it didn’t go that way. She says that Riley said she was two different girls and were better off as friends. Jacy says old Thea was a loser, so is Fallon and so are Andre Chase and Duke Hudson, noting she saved Chase U and not them.

Kiana walks up and compliments her on the calendar. Jacy says Thea was getting advice from Fallon and they laugh. They all walk off together without Thea, who says “a loser, seriously?”

* Bron and Baron are talking and Corbin doesn’t want to spray paint his jacket. They walk up on The O.C. and they go back and forth a little. Luke says these are the NXT Tag Team Champions and it’ll be easier than they thought. My feed went wonky but when they came back, Luke says if they can get past Chase U, they’ll be waiting.

Dijak vs. Luca Crusifino

Lockup to start, Dijak nails Luca in the head. Luca battles back with strikes, but Dijak blocks one and fires back. Luca sends Djiak over the top and goes outside to send Dijak into the announcer’s booth!

Back in the ring but Dijak takes over. he comes off the second rope but Luca with a big shot. He goes for a back suplex but Dijak blocks it and knocks Luca down. Kick to the head, then back elbows in the corner and an overhead chop, followed by another one and then a bunch of them.

Luca fires back and they trade shots, Dijak with a thrust kick and then a duplex but Luca flips over. He goes for a suplex and Dijak floats over, then hits a clothesline. Chokeslam attampt blocked by Luca, he hits a series of clotheslines but Dijak won’t come down — belly to back suplex downs Dijak!

Luca charges at Dijak in the corner for a big clothesline, he goes to do it again but is hit with the discus boot. GTS finishes it.

Winner: Dijak (3:26)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: A barely extended squash that was fine for what it needed to do.

Right after the match, Gacy is out here in the straitjacket and distracts Dijak. Luca nails Dijak with a crowbar and Gacy and Dijak battle to the back.

* Tony and Stacks are in the back watching, and Stacks says to go get him. Stacks says now? No, not now, Tony has bigger things to handle. But later tonight.

* Lyra WALKS backstage.

* Kelly walks up on Noam Day and Ora Mensah and startles him. She asks who he’d rather face in the NQCC and he talks about how Meta-Four are killing it. He says as for the NQCC, it can be any of them, including the new guy or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it doesn’t matter.

* Lyra Valkyria is here! She gets a mic and says that first things first, she wants to wish Shotzi a speedy recovery and make it known that when she comes back, she owes her a title match. She gives Lash her flowers for showing up and she still has the battle wounds to prove it. But she vowed to remain here as NXT Champion and she keeps her vows. She also owes Tatum something and is surprised she held up her end of the bargain, but she did it. She calls Tatum to the ring.

Tatum crawls out of the guardrail area and says it’s so good to see Lyra. She says last week was so hard and when Ava issued the open challenge? Her sweet, sweet dove in danger of losing her title. Lyra says she didn’t and Tatum did what she promised. Tatum says she will do anything for Lyra and has proven her devotion for — she means, that she’s a woman of her word.

Tatum says she promised her a surprise and says she spoke to Ava, calls were made, and next week they’re teaming together. Tatum says she knew they’d be together forever. Lyra says they’ll be teaming not as friends, but as a common goal as they fight the Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships!

Tatum is speechless. She says they against Asuka and Kairi Sane at Roadblock for the titles?

And…here comes Ridge? Ridge says he’s happy about their big opportunity and wishes them the best of luck, but he’d like the ring if they’re finished. Lyra and Tatum leave and Ridge steps inside the ring. He appreciates it. The crowd boos him, but he says he’s a man of action more than words. But his actions as of late have got him in this predicament. He’s the guy who always takes it too far, and he’s out to apologize for those actions.

Ridge says he was defending himself and his family; there was no malice or malicious intent behind it. The lights go off and when they come back on, “Truth will ultimately prevail. But there’s always pain bringing it to light” is said. They come back on and someone nails Ridge from behind. It’s SHAWN SPEARS! SPEARS IS BACK IN NXT!

* Oba walks outside and Brooks Jensen says he’s Oba’s next challenger. Oba asks if he’s sure, and Brooks says he busted Briggs up and will bust Oba up. Oba accepts and walks away.

* Kelly Kincaid tries to get a word with Melo and is let through by security. Melo says he wants Ilja there and Ava with a contract that all he has to do is sign. No contract, no Melo.

Lexis King vs. Von Wagner

Lockup to start, Von knocks Lexis down and then puts him in the corner. Lexis ducks a shot and chops Von to no effect, Von chops Lexis down and then runs over him off the ropes. Big backdrop by Von, delayed vertical suplex for a 12 count. He charges Lexis in the corner, Lexis moves and hits a dropkick to the knee.

Lexis targets Von’s knee with kicks and dodges a big boot, hanging Von on the ropes. Kneebreaker and a dragon screw legwhip. Lexis to the outside and slams Von’s knee into the ringpost. Into the ring, cover gets two.

King with kicks and an elbow to Von, he grabs the leg and slams his knee into the mat twice. Single leg crab attempt, Von kicks Lexis in the head and escapes. He goozles Lexis, shoves him into the ropes for a clothesline. King off the ropes and kicks Von, who no-sells it and boots King down. Clothesline sends him over the ropes.

Out to the floor, they brawl and tumble into Stone. Von rolls King in and checks on Stone. Back in the ring, King chops out the leg and hits the knee to the back of the head. Stone on the apron to distract King, Von with the rollup win.

Winner: Von Wagner (4:10)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Very meh match here, it didn’t get time to develop at all.

Lexis attacks Von after the bell and Stone in now to grab King by the hair. King nails Stone and goes for the Coronation, downing Stone.

* We get a vignette highlighting the Kabuki Warriors ahead of next week’s Women’s Tag Title match.

* Lyra tells Tatum they have their work cut out to them but could be the people to bring the Women’s Tag Titles back to NXT. Tatum says Lyra will be a double champion. Jaida says that they’re about to be embarrassed and it almost becomes a fight until Arianna Grace says that they need to be more civilized and are all champions in their mind. Jaida mocks Grace’s crown and goes to head to the ring. Lyra tells Grace this is NXT and they’re about fighting.

* Someone is recording Dijak arguing with Ava. It’s Gacy, who says Dijak may be done with him, but he’s not done with her. The camera drops, a brawl happens and Ava says he cannot keep doing this.

Gigi Dolin vs. Jaida Parker

Lockup to start, Jaida with a waistlock takedown and some shit talking. Gigi charges, Jaida with a waistlock, they go into counterwrestling. Gigi with a front facelock on the mat, Jaida with a judo throw escape and a knee to the gut. Jaida backs Gigi into the ropes and nails her, back into the ropes and Gigi with an armdrag. She hits a hip smash against the bottom rope and a basement dropkick for two.

Gigi goes after Jaida, who kicks her leg out and slams her into the corner. Jaida stomps Gigi down, Gigi comes back with strikes but gets battered into the corner. Jaida sets Gigi across the bottom rope and leaps on her, cover for two.

Suplex attempt countered by Gigi into an inside cradle for two. Jaida takes over, blockbuster off the ropes for two. Jaida with a kneeling abdominal stretch, Gigi manages to fight to her feet and strikes her way out of it but is sent into the corner. Jaida charges into a boot and gets some momentum, she batters Jaida until she falls over and Arianna Grace is out here now telling them to stop? Gigi with a clothesline and a spin kick o the head. They trade shots and Gigi takes over before Grace distracts her. Gigi knocks Jaida down and kicks her in the head.

Grace blocks a punch and gets headbutted, but Jaida taks Gigi down. Running elbow, Jaida gets the win.

Winner: Jaida Parker (4:39)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Decent match that got pulled down by Grace’s silliness. Not sure what the point of that was, where do you take that storyline? Anyway, the match itself was solid enough.

* We’re at the beach for a vignette and see “See You Soon” written in the sand.

NXT Heritage Cup Match
Noam Dar vs. No Quarter Catch Club Member

Dar is facing… Charlie Dempsey!

Round One

Circle to start, Dar with a wristlock that Dempsey reverses. Dar reverses back and puts Dempsey on the mat, but Dempsey back up and backs Dar into the ropes. They break and Dar nails a kick to the leg, then one to the chest. Dempsey tries to control Dar and takes a couple kicks, Dar dodges Dempsey and hits an armdrag, Dempsey with a go-behind, Dar into the ropes, Dar trips Dempsey up and gets a one-count. Dempsey with a backslide and rolls over for a three-count!

Round Two (Dempsey 1-0)

We’re back and Dempsey charges in for an uppercut, gutwrench suplex and a cover for two. Dempsey with an elbowlock as we go to PIP break.

Back from break and Dar has been on control throughout the break. We have just 10 seconds left, Dempsey gets a shot on Dar right at the bell.

Round Three (Dempsey 1-0)

Dar and Dempsey with shots to each other and they immediately start trading blows. Alternating Euro uppercuts, Dempsey with a backslide but Dempsey turns it into a sleeper. Dempsey counters and tries to get an armbar, but Dar escapes. They’re trading submission attempts back and forth, Dempsey with an ankle lock but Dar escapes and rolls Dempsey up for two.

Dempsey with a double underhook suplex and starts grinding in the submissions to work over the shoulder, Dar rolls him onto his shoulders for two. Punch by Dar and he goes for the armbar, Dempsey struggles but get to the bottom rope. 30 seconds left, Dar starts to jab away at him and goes for a suplex, Dempsey escapes, Dar with a kneebar but Dempsey counters into a German suplex. Dar with a big shot to Dempsey right at the bell.

Round Four (Dempsey 1-0)

Dar attacks with a leaping elbow and hits a suplex, spinning back fist and big kick. Nova Roller gets a pin.

Round Five (Tied 1-1)

Dempsey dodges an attack by Dar, but Dar off the second rope for a shot to the back of the neck. Pin attempt gets two. Nova with knees to Dempsey and gets a back elbow. The NQCC are getting involved, he takes them out but Dempsey with a full nelson suplex and pin for the Cup!

Winner: Charlie Dempsey (0:51 in Round Five)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Great match, obviously. It’s nice for a change in this scene, it was getting very monotonous. There’s no way this is the end of Dar’s story with the Cup, but this at least changes things up a bit for now.

* Ilja Dragunov WALKS backstage.

* Shawn Spears is walking out of the building and is asked why he attacked Ridge. He says he likes Ridge but he’s been lying to himself. The jolt of pain in his body is the truth, and the truth will set you free. He’ll see us at Roadblock. Roxy is asked for a comment as she walks out and shuts it down as she leaves.

Set For Next Week:
– Asylum Match: Dijak vs. Joe Gacy
– NXT Tag Team Titles: Wolfdogs vs. Chase U
– WWE Women’s Tag Titles; Kabuki Warriors vs. Lyra & Tatum

* Ilja is pacing in the ring and out comes Melo with his security. The full contract signing set-up is in the ring. Melo steps into the ring and gets a mic as they sit down.

Melo says this is more like it: contract, the boss here. Now they’re speaking the same language. He says he had to bring the security out for his own protection. He says let’s get this on ther road, he’s been separated from his title for too long.

Ilja says he has realized who Melo is: he’ll discard anyone and anything for the title. Melo says it’s shocking to hear that from someone who said last week he’s take Melo’s soul. He says the only difference between them is that he’s colder with how he does things. And he is going to take the —

THE D’ANGELO FAMILY ARE HERE! Tony D steps into the ring and says if you’re talking Big Business, he needs to be included in the conversation. Melo threatens to have security take him out and Tony says you don’t have to be Him or NXT Champion to make things happen; there’s only one Don.

Melo’s security all leave at once! Tony says the NXT Title picture has been dominated by the Ilja-Melo-Trick saga for eight months. And there’s one person who needs to be part of it. Melo tries to speak and gets cut off by Tony, who says he’s had months to do his thing. He says Ilja is intense, and a little too dramatic for him. He’s going to speak directly and wants to talk to Ilja face-to-face, saying he wants to be the man to take the title and not Melo. He’s earned everything he has and everyone he’s faced has earned what they got. Tony says he’s going to earn an NXT Championship match at Stand & Deliver.

Ilja says he respects that. Tony says that next week it will be Melo vs. Tony D, and the winner gets an NXT Title match at Stand & Deliver. Ava says that it’s ultimately Ilja’s decision. Ilja says he’d like nothing more than to see Melo earn something for the first time, so Tony has his match. But please, Whoop That Melo!

Melo asks Ava if she’s going to stand behind this coward of a champion? Ava says yes. Melo says Tony can’t beat him. If they need someone to take out trash or bookkeep, he’s the man. But when it comes to the NXT Championship, he is the Don. Tony gets in his face, Melo shoves him into Ilja and then hits a back suplex on Tony through the table. He signs the contract, puts the title on Ilja and poses.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This week's NXT may not have had the most sparkling in-ring action but the build to Roadblock was very effective. We had one banger of a match in the NXT Heritage Cup bout, where they actually did a title change with it for once, and the arrival of Shawn Spears and main event segments were quite good. I might be a bit more generous with this episode than I might otherwise be because the twists worked for me, but either way I think this was a pretty good episode after last week's lackluster taped and injury-marred ep.

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