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Jim Crockett Recalls Ted Turner Being Upset With Clash of the Champions Running Opposite WrestleMania

November 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– During his panel at Starrcast IV, Jim Crockett looked back at the decision to run Clash of the Champions opposite the first WrestleMania and how that upset Ted Turner. Discussing the situation, Crockett recalled (per Fightful) how the move was in reaction to Vince McMahon running the first Survivor Series in 1987 opposite Starrcade and how, in trying to hurt Vince McMahon’s big gamble of a pay-per-view, he ended up hurting Turner’s own bottom line.

Crockett said, “Pay-per-view was the way to go, of course, and we did that. Of course, then Vince does his first pay-per-view and I had come up with the bright idea let’s try to hurt his pay-per-view. So, we did a two-hour live special from Greensborough. No commercials during the matches. The next day, we did great, great ratings, matches were great. [Then,] Ted Turner calls, ‘I want to see you.’ Well, his partners for his business, were the cable companies. Cable companies make a lot of money off [of] pay-per-view. And we hurt the pay-per-view badly. And [Ted Turner] said, ‘You will never, ever do that again.'”