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Jinder Mahal Loses 24/7 Title to R-Truth on an Airplane (Video)

June 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
R-Truth 24/7 Title WWE 24/7 Championship

– Jinder Mahal’s second run with the 24/7 Championship at least lasted longer than the first one. After Mahal won the championship from R-Truth on an airport tarmac was the WWE crew was headed to Jeddah for Super ShowDown, Truth decided to bide his time. And as you can see below, Truth regained his championship by pinning Mahal while he was asleep on the plane. The new champion then ran away from a host of potential contenders to hide in the bathroom.

This makes R-Truth a five-time holder of the 24/7 Championship with a combined 17+ days as champion. Mahal and Elias are in second place for total reigns with two each, though neither has a total combined reign of a full day yet.