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September 3, 2023 | Posted by Robert Winfree
AEW All Out Image Credit: AEW

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Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of AEW All Out, I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host. So, back to back PPV weeks for AEW, that’s different. And we’ve got a very full card tonight, I know Payback was a little light on matches but AEW seems to have gone the complete opposite direction and stuffed this one. We’ve got a lot of tag team or multi-man matches again such as Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata taking on Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, FTR and the Young Bucks against all four members of Bullet Club Gold, Dark Order takes on Adam Cole and MJF for the ROH tag team belts, the trios titles will be up for grabs, and somewhere on the show will be a women’s trios match and some kind of Battle Royal. In singles action we’ll the return of Bryan Danielson from his broken arm against Ricky Starks, Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs, and what might be the match of the night between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita. Then we get to the singles titles because Samoa Joe defends the ROH TV title, Kris Statlander defends her TBS title, Luchasaurus defends the TNT title, and our main event will be for the International title when Orange Cassidy defends against Jon Moxley. That’s, well that’s a lot. But despite the proliferation of ROH stuff on AEW TV, something I’m not generally a fan of, there’s a few matches with potential here. And I’m sure there’s nothing in the news lately that will overshadow the event, I mean that already happened last week and the odds of it happening twice in 7 days involving the same guy have to be pretty long, right? Right?! OK, seriously, we’re in Chicago and while Collision seemed to go off OK last night I’m curious to see how the crowd behaves for the PPV because there remains a chance this gets ugly. But that’s the preamble, let’s get to the action.

Zero Hour notes:

Brief promo from Bryan Danielson, he reminded Ricky Starks that the last time he was in a strap match it was against someone he loved and they beat the shit out of each other. Well he doesn’t love Ricky, doesn’t even like him, so just imagine what he’s going to do. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t his last strap match the strap match with The Fiend? If true that’s a nice little way to pay tribute to Bray/Windham.

Over Budget Battle Royal: Adam Page won by last eliminating Brian Cage. 2.5 stars, generic battle royal. No word on which charity he’s making the donation to.

Willow Nightingale, Hikaru Shida, and Skye Blue defeated Diamante, Athena, and Mercedes Martinez w/ Billie Starkz. 2 stars, the rough spots between Blue and Diamante pulled things down. Athena sent Diamante to the wolves early, lots of dissention between the heels. Diamante and Blue had a few rough spots, Blue took most of the heat for the babyfaces and Athena got left alone with Willow at one point because she couldn’t get along with Mercedes and Diamante. Shida and Athena squared off for a bit, and Willow Pounced Athena into the barricade. Ultimately Blue got the pin after a slightly botched Code Blue on Diamante. Blue and Diamante probably shouldn’t work together too often, they were out of sync.

La Faccion Ingobernable video, Rush wants blood and bad attitudes. They’re going to bring violence and dominate. OK then.

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) and Billy Gunn w/ Dennis Rodman retained the AEW Trios Titles against Total Nonstop Annoyance (Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Jeff Jarrett) w/ Sonjay Dutt and Karen Jarrett. 2.5 stars, you knew what you were getting with this match and that’s what they delivered. Max Caster’s rap insinuated Karren Jarrett was checking out Rodman, referenced Rodman’s history with Kim Jong Un to 0 reaction, and likened TNA to The Oddities. Not his best work. Billy Gunn brought out out Aubrey Edwards to be the ref. Jarrett took the Scissor Me Timbers. Caster was the face in peril for most of the time, Bowens was the hot tag guy and got a run before tagging in Gunn. Satnam got a brief run, including a massive chokeslam on Bowens. Aubrey caught Karen trying to hit the El Kabong leading to Rodman blasting Satnam with the guitar. Lethal ultimately took the pin form Caster’s Mic Drop.

Match #1 – ROH Tag Team Title Match: (c) Better than you Bay Bay (Adam Cole and Maxwell Jacob Friedman) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) w/ Evil Uno

Cole and Silver start us off, they trade headlocks and escapes then stand off. Very loud “double clothesline” chant from the crowd, followed by a “kangaroo kick”. Silver lands a kick, then rope running and Cole lands a pump kick. MJF tags in, they want the double clothesline but Reynolds saves Silver. Reynolds tags in, MJF chants for sportsmanship since Reynolds helped train him and offers a handshake which Reynolds does but MJF immediately pokes him in the eye and poses. MJF trips up Reynolds, and he wants the kangaroo kick but Silver cheap shots MJF to let Reynolds attack but MJF lands a shoulder block only to drop holding his neck. Cole and MJF talk on the floor, MJF selling his neck. Silver runs around and attacks Cole, then Uno distracts the ref so Reynolds can hit MJF in the back of the neck with a chair. The doctors are down to check on MJF as he’s down, they eventually take MJF to the back leaving Cole to fight 2 on 1. The numbers catch up to Cole quickly as Silver runs over Cole a few times.

Reynolds went for a cheap shot on the floor but Cole cuts him off. In the ring Cole wants a Panama Sunrise but Silver avoids it and lays in kicks to Cole before dropping him with a Fisherman’s buster for 2. Reynolds tags in and trades strikes with Cole then they screw up something on the ropes so Reynolds just lands a boot to cover and tosses Cole out of the ring. Uno with some cheap shots and rams Cole into the ring post. Silver tags back in but Cole fights back and dumps Reynolds out of the ring then hits a brainbuster over the knee to Silver and everyone’s down. Reynolds tags back in and Cole takes the ping pong finisher from Silver and Reynolds but Cole kicks at 2. That felt rushed, there wasn’t a big bite on that one. Now Reynolds and Silver want the double clothesline, Silver tags in and they hit the double clothesline for a near fall. There was the bite from the crowd. Uno yells at the ref so Reynolds and Silver get a tag belt, but Cole boots down Reynolds and superkicks Silver and once again everyone is down. The crowd is looking up the ramp waiting for MJF to return, and here he comes. MJF gets the tag as does Reynolds, and MJF runs wild while selling the neck the whole time. Again MJF wants the kangaroo kick, and he hits it then kips up. Double clothesline time, Cole tags in, they hit it on Reynolds and retain the titles.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Better than you Bay Bay retained the titles in 14:07

Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: Interesting angle to take here with MJF still selling the neck, Dark Order got to show off more of their heel schtick and MJF and Cole retaining the belts makes sense as the Kingdom is probably looming. Much as the Kingdom is a waste of space.

Samoa Joe enters while MJF and Cole are leaving and just shoves past MJF, then MJF charges Joe and they brawl in the ring with Joe wrenching on a guillotine choke before the officials get involved and separate them. Joe and MJF could be interesting.

Match #2 – ROH TV Title Match: (c) Samoa Joe vs. Shane Taylor

Joe with quick strikes in the corner but he runs into a shoulder block from Taylor. Taylor with punches in the corner now but Joe chops him and we get more strikes but Taylor lands a clothesline to drop Joe. Joe pulls Taylor out of the ring and we’ve got the ringside brawl now as they’re trading strikes before working back into the ring. Taylor avoids a strike and hits a Uranage then a running splash. Joe fights back with an enziguri to send Taylor out of the ring then Joe with a suicide dive because he’s a madman. Back in the ring Taylor lands a punch but Joe hits a Manhattan drop, running boot, then a senton for a 1 count. Apparently one of the greats, Toshiaki Kawada, is in attendance so we know Eddie Kingston is losing later. Lariat from Taylor gets a 2 count. Joe to the apron and snaps Taylor over the rope then grabs the Coquina Clutch, but Taylor drags him over the ropes and hits a hanging Stunner, impressive. Taylor up top for a splash and a near fall. Taylor with more strikes, then Joe cracks him with a lariat spot that Taylor doesn’t quite take right and they’re both down. They start trading strikes for a bit, then Joe with a series of knees to the head and body and the Coquina Clutch makes Taylor tap after a bit.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe retained the title in 6:22

Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: Fun hoss battle, and about as good as you’ll get from a 6 minute match as these two just laid into each other. A few technical issues pulled this back, but you could get to 3.5 stars if those don’t bother you as much as they bother me.

Match #3 – TNT Title Match: (c) Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin w/ Nick Wayne

Christian is wearing a white turtleneck tonight. Darby charges then winds up low bridging Luchasaurus and jumping onto his back. Darby tosses Luchasaurus into the ring apron but Luchasaurus catches Darby and launches him into the barricade. Luchasaurus hoists Darby up and swings him head first into the ring steps. Christian demands more punishment, so Luchasaurus tosses Darby into the ring steps again and I’m pretty sure Darby is bleeding. Yeah, he is, but it took until the third match before anyone got cut tonight so that’s something. Luchasaurus sets the ring steps on their side, picks up Darby and drops him face first onto them, then tips the step over so they land on the lower back of Darby. That was almost comically safe from Luchasaurus, but then he walks up the ring steps on Darby’s back and gets into the ring. Wayne pulls the stairs off of Darby as the ref starts counting. Darby gets back into the ring, where Luchasaurus picks him up for a spinning side slam and a 2 count. Corner chop from Luchasaurus, but Darby avoids the second one only to walk into a headbutt. Luchasaurus wants the chokeslam, but Darby flips out of it and grabs an O’Connor Roll for 2 then a springboard low crossbody for another 2 count. Darby climbs up top but bounces off the body of Luchasaurus when he dives at him. Boot from Luchasaurus then he pulls the bandage off of the rips of Darby and chokes him with it for a bit and Darby slumps to the outside. Luchasaurus to the apron, but Darby trips him up and then shoves him into the ring post. Darby forces Luchasaurus into a chair and lays in strikes before climbing to the top rope and dives onto Luchasaurus. Back in the ring Luchasaurus gets caught with a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Luchasaurus catches a splash then murders Darby with a release German suplex. Luchasaurus with a Torture Rack, and Christian tells Wayne to throw in a towel. Wayne and Christian square up as Darby flips free and then hits a low suicide dive onto Christian.

Darby up top but here’s Luchasaurus to meet him, they climb the ropes and Darby has to bite his way out of a chokeslam then hit an avalanche Code Red for a near fall. That could, and maybe should have, been the three. Luchasaurus is still down, Darby up top but Christian cracks Wayne with a chair to distract him. Christian threatens to hit a con-chair-to on Wayne if he goes through with it, ultimately this all allows Luchasaurus to hit a Tombstone, hold onto Darby and stand then hit a second, and then tosses Darby into the corner. Northern Lariat from Luchasaurus ends the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Luchasaurus retained the title in 12:13

Rating: 3.5 stars
Thoughts: Good David and Goliath style match, just enough overbooking with the stuff between Wayne and Christian and Darby doing his usual amount of crazy stuff.

Post match Christian with a con-chair-to attempt but here’s Shawn Spears to lead a segment of the locker room out to save Darby. Darby might be doing a stretcher job as we cut to a hype package for Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Match #4: Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Hard tie up right away and Hobbs eventually tosses Miro aside. Another tie up, this time Miro tosses Hobbs aside. Now it’s punching time, Miro with punches into the corner and then he stomps on Hobbs in the corner. They run into each other, then Miro with more punches and kicks but he runs into a lariat from Hobbs. Shoulder strikes in the corner from Hobbs then an elbow as well. Miro avoids a scoop and hits a spinning heel kick for a brief 2 count. Hobbs rolls out of the ring to the apron and he stuns Miro over the top rope. Miro with a high dropkick back in the ring. Belly to belly throw from Hobbs now and he takes over. Hobbs in control now and he hits an exploder suplex. Miro fights back with punches but Hobbs lands a knee to cut him off. Corner avalanche from Hobbs, but Miro avoids the second one and Hobbs tumbles to the floor.

Miro to the apron and he hits a cannonball senton to Hobbs on the floor, then he tosses Hobbs into the ring steps. Some ringside work from Miro, he’s slamming Hobbs to the barricade and apron. Back in the ring now as the crowd with a “slap that meat” after a Miro chop, OK then. Hobbs with an attack back in the ring and then grabs a chinlock. Miro breaks the grip of Hobbs then they start trading punches. Some running avalanches from both men as we’re just waiting for one man to fall but neither will. They trade clotheslines now but neither man goes down, the crowd is chanting “meat” at every strike, Miro with a series of clotheslines but it takes a while before he finally drops Hobbs. Miro gets Hobbs on the apron for Bodhran beating to a little over 10, then he tries to suplex Hobbs back in but Hobbs counters with a gordbuster sending Miro back into the ring. Hobbs climbs the ropes, but Miro punches him and then climbs up there with him. Miro wants a superplex and hits it. The ref has put on the gloves, I’m not sure who’s bleeding or from where. Miro fires up, running kick but Hobbs wont go down and then avoids a second one and Hobbs with a spinning powerslam for 2. OK, Hobbs is bleeding from the mouth, not bad but it’s there.

The crowd with a “meat forever” chant. OK then. Hobbs with clotheslines to the front and back of Miro but Miro comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Miro with another kick to drop Hobbs and a near fall. Miro wants Game Over, he’s got it locked in but Hobbs fights to his knees, then stands with Miro on his back and slams Miro into the corner. “Holy meat” chant as Hobbs catches Miro with a spinebuster and a near fall. Close one there. Hobbs pulls the straps down and he wants the Camel Clutch, but Miro escapes and plants Hobbs wit ha spinebuster. Another Game Over from Miro and this time Hobbs can’t get free and taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Miro won in 15:30

Rating: 3.5 stars
Thoughts: Well that over delivered in the best ways, I’m surprised they got that much time and that they made a 15 minute match work with this style. Big E is happy somewhere with this one and these two turned out to have good chemistry.

Post match Hobbs offers a hand, Miro considers then accepts, Hobbs lets that stand until after they break then attacks Miro. Hobbs with mounted strikes, but here’s CJ Perry the former Lana with a chair and she hits Hobbs with it. That only annoys Hobbs who catches the second chair shot and tosses it aside. Miro recovers though and obliterates Hobbs with a couple of chair shots to send him out of the ring, then Miro can celebrate with his wife, but he refuses to do so and walks away looking scared and shouting that she’s not real.

Match #5 – TBS Title Match: (c) Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho w/ Saraya

They tie up, and Statlander shoves Soho around for a bit with her superior strength. Soho with a knee to the body and slams Statlander down but Statlander kips up each time before shoulder blocking Soho down. Back kick from Statlander, then some corner evasion and Statlander lands a running knee but that collision was awkward. Soho rolls out of the ring but Statlander goes out there and slams her into the barricade then chases Saraya around which allows Soho to hit an apron dropkick. Statlander not catching Saraya was amusing, you could see her slow down at points. Some ringside brawling now as Soho slams Statlander into the barricade corner. Back into the ring now and Soho lays in some kicks. Saraya with a few cheap shots as Soho distracts the ref which leads to a 2 count. Statlander fights back but runs into a back elbow from Soho. Clothesline from Statlander as she’s looking to fire up but runs into an STO from Soho that gets another 2 count. They start trading strikes and Statlander lands a head kick but Soho responds with a knee only for Statlander to land a Pele kick and both women are down.

Soho misses a few corner attacks and Statlander with an elbow then uppercut and more strikes. Corner strikes now from Statlander including a knee strike and a powerslam for 2. Soho fights off the shoulders of Statlander and hits a Saito suplex but then runs into a tilt a whirl backbreaker and a spinning Michinoku Driver for 2. Gory special from Statlander, then Soho rolls through, avoids a kick and grabs a school boy for 2. Oklahoma Roll for 2 from Soho, then she avoids Saturday Night Fever and they trade roll ups for 2 counts then a double crossbody and both women are down again. Soho gets sent to the apron, but she headbutts Soho down then climbs the ropes but Statlander is up there with her and we get an avalanche spinning powerslam but only a near fall. Some counter rope running sequences, we just saw this last match. Soho hits a sick poisoned rana then a tornado DDT and a low spike hurricanrana all for only a near fall. Nice sequence from both women there. They start trading strikes on their knees and fight up to their feet, and Statlander with a Blue Thunder Bomb and a 2 count. Statlander climbs up, but Saraya distracts her and Soho hits a pulling No Future kick, then Destination Unknown but again only a near fall. Soho is apoplectic and Saraya distracts the ref so Soho can get the spray paint. Wait, here’s Toni Storm from under the ring to take the spray from Soho, all of this allows Statlander to hit the Saturday Night Fever and retain the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kris Statlander retained the title in 12:19

Rating: 3.5 stars
Thoughts: Pretty good stuff here, I could have done without both of Soho’s finishers failing in rapid succession but that’s a minor gripe. These two had a hard hitting match and the people were definitely into this down the stretch. If you went all the way to 4 stars I wouldn’t disagree with you.

Steamboat has joined commentary. Bryan also got the Final Countdown music, so TK is shelling out the cash again. Starks attacks before getting the strap on his wrist and hits Bryan a few times with the weight belt he brought out. Starks punches Bryan in the head with the buckle of the belt, so presumably we’re getting more blood right away.

Match #6 – Strap Match: Bryan Danielson w/ Ricky Steamboat vs. Ricky Starks

Starks then puts the strap on and we get the start. Some quick choking from Starks on the floor as Bryan is in fact bleeding. Starks tosses Bryan into the barricade and then whips him with the strap. Next Starks stomps Bryan’s head on the steps. Oh, we’re doing pin or submission rules not corner touching. Leg drop on the apron from Starks and they return to the ring for a 2 count. Some posing from Starks then he chokes Bryan. Some strap shots from Starks but Bryan fights back with headbutts then kicks. Another kick from Bryan then Starks sends him to the apron and smacks him in the head with the strap. More choking from Starks then he wants a superplex but Bryan slips free and crotches him. Bryan is pissed now and unloads on Starks with the strap until he falls into the tree of woe where Bryan starts strangling him a bit. More strap shots from Bryan then a basement dropkick, and another one. Another dropkick from Bryan and Starks finally gets his leg free and drops to the mat out of the tree of woe. Starks rolls out of the ring and Bryan baseball slides him all the way to the floor. Bryan wants to dive, but Starks uses the strap to pull him back and whacks him with the strap. Starks gets distracted trash talking Steamboat and Bryan yanks Starks into the ring post several times.

Bryan wraps Starks in the post and Starks is bleeding now as well and Bryan resumes whipping him with the strap. They head back into the ring and Bryan with more kicks to Starks in the corner. Corner dropkicks from Bryan, but Starks counters the third one with a clothesline and both men are down. Both men fight to their knees and Bryan grins at Starks as they start trading shots with the strap right to the face. These two are nuts. Starks gets the advantage with strap shots but Bryan fires up and starts no selling the shots. The crowd warn Starks that “you fucked up” and Bryan then murders him with a shot to the head. Bryan with another strap shot to the face then kicks and strap shots, good grief these two are nuts as Bryan lands the Buzzsaw kick to drop Starks. Big Bill shows up to make everything worse and attacks Bryan but here’s Steamboat to pull him down and take him out with strikes. Bill goes to chokeslam Bill but Bryan sends Starks onto him over the top rope, then Bryan goes up top and dives onto both Bill and Starks. Back in the ring Bryan wants the Busaiku knee, but Starks intercepts with a Spear and a near fall. Starks is pissed and unloads with mounted punches then tries a Roshambo but Bryan slips free, Busaiku knee and a near fall.

Bryan wants to kick Starks head in, and starts stomping on Starks over and over again then grabs the LeBell Lock and Starks fights but Bryan uses the strap to choke out Starks in the LeBell Lock and Starks still wont tap but passes out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bryan Danielson won in 16:40

Rating: 4.5 stars
Thoughts: Imagine thinking Bryan Danielson isn’t the best in the freaking world. Starks more than held up his end of things and these two just beat the holy Hell out of each other. Bloody, brutal, and great all around.

Nigel McGuinness gets a mic and announces Adam Page’s choice to receive 50 grand, he’s selected the Chicago Public Education Fund.

Match #7 – Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta)

Eddie is wearing a “Claudio sucks eggs” t-shirt, glorious. Shibata and Wheeler start us off, Shibata with some early leg kicks then they tie up. Some mat wrestling from both men, Shibata is fishing for a choke but Wheeler keeps evading that but he can’t get out from under Shibata. Armbar attempt from Shibata but Wheeler gets to the ropes and forces the break. Kick from Shibata, then some Kawada kicks and an uppercut that drops Wheeler. Claudio wants in, as does Eddie but Shibata wants to square up with Claudio first. Claudio with an uppercut but Shibata calls him on so Claudio obliges him only to miss a dropkick, then Claudio avoids a Penalty Kick. Eddie tags in and Claudio immediately tags out as he wont even look at Eddie. Wheeler chops Eddie, so Eddie happily chops him back. They trade chops for a bit with Eddie getting the better of it then he cheap shots Claudio and brawls with him on the floor. Wheeler dives onto Eddie to break that up and then Claudio picks up Eddie and slams him into the barricade as Wheeler cheap shots Shibata. Back in the ring Wheeler hits a senton then tags in Claudio. Claudio yanks on the arm of Eddie then starts laying in shots in the ropes. Corner strikes from Claudio and he tags in Wheeler. Wheeler into the ropes but runs into a knee from Eddie then a butterfly suplex and Wheeler tags out.

Claudio prevents the tag from Eddie and hits a double stomp. Another double stomp from Claudio. Uppercut from Claudio drops Eddie and he tags out. Wheeler grabs a rest hold but Eddie fights up to his feet but he can’t get free and Claudio with a few kicks to the face. Again Eddie fights up and spins free then clotheslines Wheeler in the back of the head and hits an STO to put them both down. Both men tag out and Shibata gets to run wild on Claudio for a bit. Elbows from Shibata in the corner but Claudio returns the favor with a running uppercut and they trade corner offense now with Shibata getting the better of things until he can hit a basement dropkick. Butterfly suplex from Shibata, then he turns the kick out from Claudio into an armbar, then a triangle choke. Claudio is able to hoist Shibata up and powerbomb himself out of the choke. Wheeler tags back in and Claudio launches him into Shibata for a 2 count. Sickening Uraken from Shibata absolutely floors Wheeler and Shibata then grabs a modified Indian death lock, Claudio tries to break it up with chops but Shibata just tells him to bring it before he catches Claudio in an Ankle Lock, he’s got both men in submissions. Claudio breaks the hold with an uppercut and but Shibata drops and puts more pressure on the knee for Wheeler for a bit. Shibata tags out and Eddie unloads on Wheeler with chops then a DDT. Corner clothesline from Eddie then the Kobashi chops and an exploder suplex. Eddie wants the Uraken but Claudio boots him in the face. Shibata takes out Claudio then holds Wheeler up, only for Eddie to grab Wheeler and Shibata hits a pump kick to maximize Eddie’s Saito suplex and Claudio has to break up the pin.

Things break down here as Shibata and Claudio are trading uppercuts, then Shibata drops Claudio with an overhand chop and everyone’s down. Shibata and Claudio keep fighting on the floor and Claudio sends Shibata into the barricade then hits an uppercut, and another one. In the ring Eddie eats a German suplex, but hits an enziguri, Wheeler through the ropes and comes back with a bridging German suplex for a 2 count. Mounted elbows from Wheeler then Eddie slaps the crap out of him and Claudio tags in. Eddie and Claudio trade strikes before Claudio hits a clothesline for 2. Hammer and anvil elbows from Claudio, then a Neutralizer but only a near fall. More uppercuts from Claudio, he wants a Riccola Bomb but Eddie counters and cracks him with a Uraken. Eddie pulls Claudio up, Northern Lights bomb but Wheeler breaks up the pin. Shibata grabs Wheeler in the sleeper through the ropes and that deals with Wheeler. Claudio with an uppercut to Eddie and the 3 count as Eddie kicks at 4 but Shibata was too busy holding Wheeler.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Blackpool Combat Club won in 15:50

Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: This could have maybe been a touch shorter as nearly 16 minutes felt a little too long. All four men are talented workers and the general story is fine but Eddie always losing to Claudio is starting to make it harder to invest in the story, he needs at least a few moral victories sooner rather than later.

Match #8: Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis vs. Kenny Omega

Omega got his overlong introduction with all of his accomplishments listed, he’s also wearing green and yellow in a callback to his early years. Takeshita and Omega go face to face right away then Omega circles before they tie up. They trade arm wringers and escapes for a bit, then trade side headlocks with Takeshita getting the better of things thus far. Omega escapes but Takeshita slams him down by the head. They shove each other then Takeshita rakes the eyes to take advantage. Kick from Omega off the ropes but Takeshita fires up and drops him with a jumping calf kick. Omega blocks Zahi and tries a snap Dragon suplex but Takeshita counters into a sick Back Drop Driver that sends Omega to the apron with glazed eyes. They head out of the ring now and Takeshita launches Omega into the barricade then hits a Helluva kick against the barricade. Takeshita with a suplex attempt, but Omega spins free and picks up Takeshita for a Finlay roll on the floor then a moonsault off the barricade. Back into the ring Omega with a springboard dropkick to the knee then a jumping leg lariat and a punt to the ribs. Omega goes after the legs of Takeshita with a modified Trailer Hitch, Takeshita with some elbow strikes but Omega is on top and they trade strikes with Omega getting the better of things before Takeshita gouges the eyes to break the position.

Takeshita into the ropes and hits a jumping clothesline to drop Omega. Some corner offense from Takeshita but Omega rolls over him and wants a hurricanrana but Takeshita counters with an Alley-oop into the corner. Omega rolls to the floor but Takeshita follows him and hits a brainbuster on the floor. Takeshita goes under the ring for some plunder, he pulls out a pile of chairs and goes to hit Omega with one but the ref stops him and Takeshita listens but distracts the ref so Don Callis can put the chairs on Omega’s body to allow Takeshita to hit a diving senton to the floor onto the chairs onto Omega. Back into the ring now Takeshita with another Helluva kick then a Blue Thunder Bomb and a near fall. Takeshita climbs the ropes for a senton which connects for a 2 count. Omega tries to fight back with a chop but Takeshita just clobbers him with an elbow strike. Takeshita up top again, this time Omega gets the knees up to block the senton and both men are down.

Omega is ready to fire up and lays in Polish hammer strikes but Takeshita avoids one and lands a rolling elbow but Omega avoids a jumping knee in the corner and Takeshita spills to the floor. Now Omega sets up for a dive, which connects. Back into the ring Omega goes up top and hits a missile dropkick to the back of Takeshita’s head. Snap dragon suplex from Omega, then another one folds up Takeshita. Omega wants a third one but Takeshita fights free with an elbow only to eat a knee to the back then a poisoned rana for a 2 count. Takeshita avoids a V Trigger but Omega flips out of a German suplex, then Takeshita does the same and clobbers Omega with another elbow. Omega avoids a kick and hits the V Trigger, but then Takeshita comes off the ropes with a lariat to floor Omega and both men are down.

Both men slowly rise to their feet, Omega avoids a powerbomb but Takeshita lands an elbow then heaves him but Omega counters into his own powerbomb then a V Trigger for a near fall. Omega wants another V Trigger and hits it, he tries the One Winged Angel but Takeshita counters into a package tombstone piledriver but only 2. Takeshita holds on, bridging German suplex but another near fall and Takeshita holds the grip around his waist. Omega avoids a German suplex and lands a back elbow, Omega with some wild strikes that finally drop Takeshita. Takeshita fires up and unloads with elbows but Omega lands a V Trigger then a spinning heel kick to the back of the head. Omega lines up another V Trigger that connects. One Winged Angel attempt from Omega, no they climb the ropes and Omega tries an avalanche One Winged Angel but Takeshita slips free and drops Omega on the ropes. Takeshita climbs up with Omega, he’s after a super back suplex, no sorry, avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb but only a near fall.

Takeshita wants a Zahi and hits it but Omega kicks out at 2 again. Callis tries to refocus Takeshita, he gets Takeshita to distract the ref so he tries to stab Omega with a screwdriver, Omega avoids it though and then V Triggers Takeshita a couple of times. One Winged Angel attempt but Takeshita has the screwdriver, the ref sees it and takes the screwdriver away. They trade roll ups before Takeshita hits a wheelbarrow suplex, another Zahi but again only 2 because Omega is Omega. One more Zahi from Takeshita, with the knee exposed and that finally puts Omega down for the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Konoskuke Takeshita won in 22:21

Rating: 4 stars
Thoughts: Slightly generous 4 stars, but enough better than 3.5 to warrant it I guess. This got a little too self indulgent down the stretch as Omega’s formula is well established at this point and he pretty much ran that here. Only surprise was Takeshita going over pretty clean, there were some shenanigans but nothing that detracted from the match or even really factored into the finish. Again though this might have benefitted from being a little shorter and more concise. Still, it’s Omega and Takeshita so you know what you’re getting into.

Match #9 – 8-Man Tag Team Match: Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson, Jay White, Austin and Colten Gunn) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and The Middle Aged Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

Dax and White start us off. White decides against this and tags in Colten. That also brings in Wheeler who menaces Colten out of the ring. They tie up and Wheeler out wrestles Colten as they trade hammerlocks then side headlock takeovers and escapes until Wheeler reads a move and grabs an Oklahoma Roll for 2. Hip toss from Wheeler then another headlock takeover. Blind tag from Austin and he trips up Wheeler, well he misses but Wheeler trips anyway because he’s a pro. Rope running now and Wheeler with a shoulder block then an arm drag and hurricanrana to drop Austin. Matt tags in to serious boos from the crowd. Nick tags in now and the Bucks go after the arm of Austin with their usual tandem offense. Double fist drop to Colten then double dropkick to Austin and they mock the crowd. Dax tags in and Austin gets away from them and tags in White. White and Dax trade strikes, Dax gets the better of things then Juice tags in. Juice is able to get Dax from behind and they start isolating him.

White tags back in and lands strikes in the corner. Dax has had enough of this and chops White down then hits everyone in the heel corner. Another chop to White then Wheeler tags in and White now takes chops from Dax and Wheeler then a double team move. White avoids a suplex then gets chopped by Wheeler. White avoids another suplex and dropkicks the knee of Wheeler then tags in Juice. Juice with some jabs then a left hand to drop Wheeler. Wheeler fights out of the heel corner but Juice goes for the eyes to cut him off. Everyone jumps in and we get a stand off with all eight men, and that leads to the big brawl. Quadruple Atomic Drop from FTR and the Bucks, then four Sharpshooters. Eventually the ref regains control and Dax tags in then goes after Juice on the floor, but Juice trips him up and catapults him into the ring post. Back into the ring Colten tags in and starts stomping on Dax. White tags in and it looks like we’re isolating Dax now. Chancery suplex from White into the corner then he tags in Austin. Stomps from Austin then he tags in Juice. Juice mocks the Bucks, and gets cheers for it, then grabs a chinlock on Dax. Dax fights free with a jawbreaker then eats a shoulder block, Juice grabs a sleeper but Dax with a back suplex to put both men down.

Colten tags in and distracts the ref so White can drop Dax on the apron. Back in the ring Colten with a drop kick for a 2 count. Corner splash from Colten, but a second one is dodged and Colten tags in Juice. Juice cheap shots Wheeler and mocks the Bucks which allows cheap shots to Dax in the heel corner. Juice wants a cannonball senton in the corner but Dax rolls away and again both men are down. Austin tags in, gets back dropped and Dax tags in Nick to thunderous boos. Nick with his usual stuff now then he tags in Matt. Matt superkicks Juice then we get an assisted Shiranui. White gets attacked by the Bucks now, then Austin eats a bevy of superkicks but Colten breaks up the pin. Colten and Nick both get ejected, Cash with a blind tag in and nearly gets superkicked by Matt, then he and Matt with double superkicks. Dax with a DDT to Colten, but here’s White to drop everyone before eating a jumping X-Factor from Nick. Nick with a moonsault after that and that sounded bad as he banged heads with Juice. Dax tags in, things are breaking down again as Matt comes in for the spike Piledriver onto Austin, it connects but everyone breaks up the pin.

Everyone’s in the ring again and we’ve got more brawling, only Dax and Austin are down while everyone else is on the corners. Bullet Club get sent to the floor, Austin is all alone. Dax with a superplex then everyone with splashes to Austin and Nick finishes with a 450 splash but Juice pulls Dax out of the pin. Nick punts Juice in the face, gets launched into the corner, Colten then jumps onto Wheeler. Matt dives onto Colten and Juice leaving Dax and Austin again in the ring, and we’ve got a double clothesline into a double down. White tags in and chops at Dax but Dax gets to his feet and chops back at White. More chops are traded now and Dax lands a clothesline. Wheeler shows up but Juice blocks the Shatter Machine. Everyone fakes the finisher and Dax and Nick hit the Shatter Machine. Matt superkicks White then Nick dives onto Juice. Dax and Matt are in the ring with White, then hit a BTE Trigger but Colten breaks up the pin. Matt tosses Colten then jumps at him but Colten blocks and hits a Fame-Asser. Wheeler blind tag, things go sideways and White hits a Blade Runner on Wheeler and Colten steals the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bullet Club Gold won in 21:42

Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: I get the story about FTR and the Bucks not quite gelling and having to find that, but I also question again if this really needed 20 minutes. Bullet Club Gold getting the win was kind of necessary, and getting a pin on one of the tag team champs might get someone a title shot and BCG is going to be carrying the weight of Collision while they figure out what they’re doing on that show.

Match #10 – AEW International Title Match: (c) Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley

Cassidy hangs out in the corner and just chills as Moxley paces. Eventually Cassidy moves to the center of the ring and puts his hands in the pockets, but just before he can Moxley cracks him with an elbow. Chops from Moxley now as he’s all over Cassidy then hits a 10 punch in the corner and bites him. Cassidy with a boot and elbow then running dropkick. Moxley avoids an Orange Punch and hits a Saito suplex, then another one to floor Cassidy. Chops from Moxley then an elbow. Cassidy to the apron then he lands a few punches while bouncing Moxley into the corner, he climbs up top and hits a crossbody but Moxley rolls through and starts stomping on the face of Cassidy. Stunner from Cassidy then a suicide dive. Back in the ring Cassidy with an around the world DDT but Moxley counters into a rolling release suplex. More stomps from Moxley then he tosses Cassidy out of the ring. Moxley slings Cassidy into the ring post and mocks the crowd. Moxley with more brawling, and Cassidy is bleeding now so Moxley happily bites his head on the announcers table.

Cassidy slowly makes his way to the ring, bleeding all over the place, but he makes it. Moxley with a piledriver for a 2 count. Punches and crossface blows from Moxley, he’s just abusing Cassidy right now. Cassidy fights up to his feet and lands strikes but Moxley just encourages him then puts his hands in his trunks and lands a headbutt. More strikes from Cassidy but he’s not got the mustard on them and Mox floors him with an elbow. Moxley puts Cassidy on the top rope and chops him then climbs up with him. Cassidy avoids a superplex and scratches the back of Moxley then bites him and punches him down then follows up with a diving DDT. Around the world DDT from Cassidy, he misses an Orange Punch and Moxley with a series of jabs then an elbow. Cassidy rolls through on a sunset flip and lands a kick then an Orange Punch for 2 count.

Cassidy wants a Beach Break but Moxley counters into a Gotch piledriver but a lazy cover lets Cassidy counter into a crucifix for 2. Moxley grabs a Bulldog choke, Cassidy tries to counter but Moxley switches to a rear naked choke. Cassidy breaks the grip so Moxley counters into an armbar, Cassidy is able to roll out of it but Moxley grabs the LeBell Lock. Moxley is cranking the hold, Cassidy wont tap though and rolls out to the ropes to get Moxley’s chain wrestling off of him. Cassidy rolls to the floor as Moxley can’t believe he wouldn’t tap. Moxley heads out of the ring and pulls up the mats around the ring exposing the hard flooring under it. Moxley wants a piledriver, but Cassidy counters into a Beach Break. Cassidy dropkicks Moxley’s head into the ring steps then scampers back to the ring and will take a count out win if he can get it. Moxley gets back into the ring at the 9 count but it was a near thing. Cassidy sets for another Orange Punch, hits it to stagger Moxley and another one drops Moxley to his knees, then a third but Moxley counters with a Cutter. Cassidy avoids a Paradigm Shift, hits an Orange Punch, then a Spear but only a near fall.

Now Cassidy gets the hands in the pockets, kicks to the kneeling Moxley follow but they turn into real kicks but Moxley intercepts a kick with a lariat. Another lariat from Moxley, then a third that was just a right hook and that all only gets 2. Death Rider from Moxley but again only a near fall. Moxley takes a moment to pray, the bloody Cassidy slowly staggers to his feet and flips off Moxley. Moxley with another Death Rider and that’ll do it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jon Moxley won the title in 19:43

Rating: 4 stars
Thoughts: Bloody physical fight, Moxley did a heck of a job making Cassidy look good while Cassidy hung tough with one of the biggest and best in the company. Hats off to both guys, Cassidy elevated that title but he’d gone as far as he was going to and there’s no shame in losing to Moxley, especially if you push him that far and show that much fire.

The BCC come down to help Moxley to the back, the group went undefeated tonight and head to the back together. Cassidy is just flat on his back in the ring for a bit but the crowd shower him with chants as he rolls to his knees, still bleeding. “Thank you Orange” chant, and he acknowledges the crowd while a bloody mess as the PPV goes off the air.

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