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March 22, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

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It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Hey folks! Welcome to AEW Dynamite coverage for tonight! I’m Jeremy — you know me — and I’m covering the first little bit for Tony while he gets a few things sorted. Tonight is Dynamite, you know the deal, no reason to get fancy here; let’s just do it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

Darby Allin, Sting, and Orange Cassidy vs Kip Sabian, The Butcher and The Blade

Cassidy starts against Sabian, and they lock up. Some counter-wrestling, Cassidy into the ropes, he counters a hip toss with an armdrag and ends up out of the ring. Cassidy back in and sends Sabian out. Back in and Cassidy takes down Sabian, who tags in Butcher. Butcher then tags in Sting.

Butcher talks trash and nails Sting, who no-sells. Another shot no-sold, and the third is blocked. Sting with strikes and kicks, but Butcher backs Sting in the corner and manhandles hi, biting his forehead and then knocking Cassidy and Darby off the apron. He dives at Sting who moves, and Sting with the Stinger Splash. He goes for a Scorpion Deathlock and Blade & Sabian run in. Butcher and Blade double suplex Sting, Sabian goes up top — but Sting does an Orange roll across the ring, so Sabian walks to the other side. And String Orange rolls to the other side, tagging in Darby!

Darby with a left-right to Sabian and then a sunset flip bomb for two. Penelope distracts the referee and Darby leaps up onto the ropes — and he gets tripped by Blade as we go to PIP break.


Butcher has a cover on Darby, but he kicks out at 2. Kip is in off the tag. Hard whip to Darby, and he launches himself at B&B. He turns, drops Kip to his knee, tries for a tag, but Kip stops him. Blade pulls Sting off the apron. Tag from Darby to OC!!! He sends Kip into the corner, hops to the top, crossbody, hits the ropes, ducks under, DDT to Kip!!! Kip uP! DASTARDLY KICKS!!! But in comes Butcher to clothesline OC. He locks the head and pulls up for a powerbomb, but OC fights back and tries for a rana, but Blade comes in to hit a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo and a pin by Kip for 1..2..NO!!!! Cannonball from Kip to OC! Kip asks for some love from the crowd, but Sting gets tagged in and KIP thinks the crowd loves him! STING WITH THE OC KICKS! He pounds on his chest like OC would! Clothesin e to Butcher, to Blade, Kip flies….INTO A SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Blade with a right! Sting no-sells! Butcher witgh one, Sting no-sells! Butcher and Blade attack over and over. Darby in, harrd slaps, to both men, Butcher blocks, lifts Darby, Darby kicks Blade, bites Butcher. Springboard coffin splash off the middle rope! Kip with a high knee!! In comes OC, misses Orange Punch, Kip grabs, goes for a suplex, Stundog Millionaire!

OC with a suicide dive to Blade Darby with a stunner to Kip then he launches himself at Butcher! Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop! Dude took forever to hit that. Lol. Cover for 1…2..3!!!

Winners: Darby Allin, Sting, and Orange Cassidy
Well that was just some good ol fashioned fun.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:55

Last week, MJF cut a cake covered promo on the other three pillars. Darby gets some quick notes on being him, Jungle Boy talks about being a champion on his own, while Sammy Guevara says winning his title is his destiny. MJF, covered in frosting, says this isn’t how things work around here. They all have to become number one contenders, and it wont happen, because they all suck.

Kenny Omega and El Hijo El Vikingo video package.

We are informed by commentary that Brandon Cutler sent a text to Excalibur accusing The BCC of attacking The Young Bucks.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match
Top Flight vs The Gunn Club

Dante and Colton to start. Colt runs the ropes, pretends to climb then says no to the crowd, they get no flippy stuff. Dante chops the chest, hits the ropes and springboard arm drags beautifully. Tag to Darius, tag to Austin, Top Flight double teams and in comes the other Gunn. Darius and Dante send both Gunns to the outside. They regroup, as Austin enters the ring.

We are BACK and a Standing Spanish Fly from Darius to Colten gets us a 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Dante who comes in to double whip Colten, blind tag from Austin, crossbody from Colten to Darius, in comes Austin and Dante counters a move into a pin for 1..2NO!!! Dante to the apron, calls for a nosedive, but Colten grabs the boot. Darius dives through with a sucidie dive to Colten! Dante caults over the ropes, nosedive, cover! 1..2….NO!!!

Out of nowhere, The Kingdom come down to stomp Darius out on ethe outside.

Dante dives over the ropes onto them, hops back on the apron, flies, but The Gunn Club stop the move! 3:10 to Yuma! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Gunn Club
Serviceable match. Good enough to get the point across.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 6:33

After the match, the music of FTR hits and out they come. The Gunn Club ask for the music to be cut. They say no one wants to see FTR. Cash Wheeler tells the boys to calm down, they are not here to fight, they want to talk business. Colten says they don’t like FTR, they don’t respsect them, they are losers. Austin says there is nothing they can say that will make them give a title shot up.

Cash says what if they never challenge again if they lose. Cash says they will never tag together in AEW again if they lose. Austin, again, says nothing they can offer. Dax takes the mic, says ok, fine, if they cant beat them and win the AEW Tag Team Titles, they’ll quit AEW.

The Gunns ask for confirmation. Dax says yes. DEAL. The Gunns offer a handshake, then spit in the face of FTR.

Jade Cargill is backtage with Renee, and she is pissed. She has a cease and desist order for Taya, saying she is no longer able to use The Jaded. Leila wants to deliver the contract personally on Friday.

Jade: “Welcome to ‘That Bitch Show.’” Maybe workshop that a bit, yeah?

The Firm is here, and Stokely Hathaway is out in some Nation of Domination looking gear.

After Hook’s entrance, Stokely says he spoke to “Dr. Simpson” and he is not medically cleared to wrestle. He also wants to announce his retirement. He has a doctor’s note for Justin Roberts to read. It’s a receipt for Wingstop that says, “He is Sick.” Bryce calls for the bell.

No Disqualification Match
Hook vs Stokely Hathaway

Hook turns, and Stokely runs out of the ring. He leaves through the crowd. Hook follows! He rushes towards the steps and grabs him, then sends Stokely into the steps and drags him down to the barricade then up and over. Hook hops over, Stokely runs with an uppercut. Stokes jumps up, gets caught, and we get a t-bone suplex! Hook sends Stoke into the ring. Hook lifts the apron and grabs…a steel barricade. He slides this into the ring and follows. The Firm is watching this backstage and Ethan Page hilariously says, “We didn’t practice any hardcore!” lol.

Stokes grabs a fire extinguisher! He sprays Hook! Stokes grabs a chair! He slams the steps so you know it’s real. Hook kicks! Grabs the chair! Beatdown on Stokely!!!!

Another capture suplex ONTO THE GUARD RAIL!!! Hook covers for a pin. 1..2…NO!!! Hook stops it! REDRUM! Tap out!

Winner: Hook
Stokely bumped more than I thought he would. Good for him.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:14

Backstage, Matt Hardy tries to talk Ethan Page into fighting Hook. Page says to sign it up.

Adam Cole is here, BAYBAY!!!

The crowd is very pro-Cole.

We are seven days away from making his in-ring return. He feels freaking great. He knows everyone has questions, the biggest being who is his opponent on March 29.

Before he can answer, music hits and out comes Daniel Garcia.

He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator’s twin. By twin, I mean Danny DeVito. He says he has become a locker room leader. As a leader, he felt it was his duty to not just welcome Cole back but to also put him in his place. While Cole was playing stupid video games on Twitch, Garcia has racked up a bunch of wins. Brody King, Ricky Starks, Bryan Danielson. He has been the lifeblood that pumps through this company, and he is supposed to respect Cole? Where is his welcome. He’s been doin this. He’s one of the best pro-wrest….he means sprots-etnertainers on the planet today! So if that’s what he is, what makes Cole so special.

Cole says when they ring the freaking bell is what makes him special. Listen, he likes Garcia, seriously. He’s really really good, and some day he can be the guy to lead the charge, but his problem is the company he keeps. The JAS has done a great job of giving him a false sense of security and over-confident, but even Cole not wrestling for nine months, he is still Adam Cole. He is a multi-time World Champ, traveled the globe fought and beaten the very best, in fact he sat at home hoping and praying looking for a second chance, and it looks like he found it. If Garcia is crazy enough to want to challenge him next week, then you’re on. Cole vs Garcia, next week. But let’s remind Garcia that this is not just a return, it’s a statement that one of the best is back. Next week will be great for him, or the fans, but not so much for Garcia. See ya next week. BOOM.

Backstage, Kenny Omega and Don Callis are arguing. Kenny is worried about his best friends. He should have been with them. Don says he has a match tonight. Injuries happen. Those two kids going to the hospital might be the best thing that could have happen. It allows for focus. Kenny is back! Those kids will be fine in a few months. Don turns to Marvez, saying The God of Pro Wrestling is back and tonight, it starts on Dynamite.

The Blackpool Combat Club is here to fight!

Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson

Stu starts with the chops!! Jon with a kick corners Stu, then hits a forearm and steps on his chest. Stu locks the head, takeover. Jon locks the fingers, Stu pushes up out of a few pins. Jon kicks, locks the head, Stu cucks, Jon shoves, shoulder tackle, antoher, Stu sends Jon to the outside and Jon is frustrated. Stu leaves the ring, Jon throws a freaking chair! Lol. Stu avoids it, sends Jon into the chair, rana to Jon. Hard chop in the corner. Knee to Jon, Stu hits a knee, whips reverse, Stu hops over Jon, Saito Suplex! Stu to the apron, and Jon hits the ropes then tackles him! Stu goes flying into the barricade outside!

We are BACK and Moxley is stomping Stu out! Jon drops into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Jon with a kick to the chest. Another kick to the chest. He slaps Stu. Jon calls for some action, Stu stands, he hits some forearms! Whip to the ropes, reversed, Stu with a clothesline! Another then some elbows! Stu ducks under a right, Uranage! Hits the ropes and flies off with a spinning flip! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Stu to the top rope. Yuta and Claudio walk up to the corner, but Dark Order is there to stop them. Stu on the top rope, turns, and hits a moonsault to Yuta and Castagnoli! Moxley out, shoves Stu into the barricade, Stu enters the ring, Jon follows, shotgun dropkick to Moxley! Stu to the top! 450 to Jon!!! Cover for 1….2….NO!!! Moxley with a surprise Bulldog Choke! Jon turns into a front face headlock, hits a bunch of knees ot the head, S-grip hold from behind, Stu stands up with Jon on his back! Stu is fading! Ref holds the hand up, Stu holds it! He runs into the corner and cannonballs! Breaking Jon’s hold! Jon is right back up tho! Paradi—STU escapes! Ducks under the leg, Pele kick!!! Stu to the top rope! Jon is far! Jon stands up, right to Stu in the forehead. He beats down the back, then rakes it!

Headbutt from Jon. Underhook! Death Rider off the top rope! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Some of this wasn’t pretty, but I get the impression that’s what they were going for. I love Stu, so I’m biased, and seeing him go toe-to-toe with Jon didn’t upset me in the slightest.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:00

Moxley, rather than attacking as per usual, leaves as he sees the numbers are even with Dark Order and his team.

Backstage, Renee is chillin with Ricky Starks. He is tired of no action, all talk. He had to take time off his vacation early just to tell Juice that he didn’t like how he was attacked two weeks ago. Juice can find him this Friday on Rampage. He’s over this. He will be there on Rampage. If Juice accepts, show up. Be a man.

Skye Blue vs Toni Storm (w/ The Outcasts)

Skye tries to attack out the gate but Toni shoves her to the ropes. Skye with a knee to the face and a dropkick and Toni leaves the ring. Skye to the apron. Rana off the apron! She rolls Toni back in, heads to the top rope, Toni just slaps her in the face. Hip Attack sends Skye off the apron to the outside. Toni distracts and Saraya and Ruby attack. Toni sends Skye into the barricade back first then chops her against the ring post. Toni with another chop. Toni tries for a third, but Skye moves and Toni hits the post. Skye with a right, Toni ducks, Skye hits Ruby instead!

We are BACK and Skye rushes the corner, gets sent to the apron, high kick, she flies with a crossbody. Skye rolls out, Spinning kick to Toni! Skye tries for a Code Blue, but Toni escapaes, kick form Skye, Thesz Press from Toni! Right hands! Skye kicks Toni away, stands, tries for a clothesline ut Toni with a tornado DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!! Toni tries for an attack in the corner, Skye stops her, picks the ankle, CODE BLUE!! Ref is distracted! Skye rolls Toni up! 1..2..NO!!!!

Kick to the arm, double underhook, Toni rolls her out, shotgun dropkick! HIP ATTACK! GERMAN! Storm Zero! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Toni Storm
Skye did her best.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:45

After the match, The Outcasts attack but here come Riho and Willow Nightengale!

Backstage, Stu Grayson is getting checked on. Here comes Blackpool Combat Club to beat him and steal his lunch money, then walk away.

Before the match officially starts, Hijo flies over the top rope not once, but twice onto Kenny. He sends Kenny into the ring, flies with a dropkick off the top, and beats down Kenny in the corner. Kenny reverses. Hits some rights, ref is trying to back Omega up to start the match.

Kenny Omega vs El Hijo De Vikingo

Vikingo sends Omega into the ropes, hits the ropes and hits a huge knee THROUGH the ropes! Vikingo to the apron. He flies with a Shooting star press off the fucking apron!!! Vikingo rolls Omega back into the ring, then hits a 450 off the 2nd rope! Damn., Cover for 1..2.NO!!! HGigh kick in the corner. Omega is able to recover, wghips to the ropes, spins him high and lands hard with a backbreaker. Cover for 1..2NO!! Kenny locks the head, hooks the leg, suplex! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kenny kicks Vikingo out. Kenny follows and whips him into the barricade! Kenny grabs a table!

We are back and Kenny whips Vikingo, misses a right, kingo with a sick ass rana. Kenny to the apron. Vikingo to the apron, he waits, right elbow. Chop to the head by Kenny, chop from Vikingo, another from Kenny. Kenny drops him off the apron! He calls for the table. He lifts up Vikingo. Lockup from behind. Tries for a snapdragon but Vikingo lands on his feet inside the ring! Enziguri. Vikingot thoe post, he fucking flips, flies, lands on the head, hits a dragon rana to Kenny to the floor!! Into the ring and Vikingo corners Kenny. High kick to the head as Kenny sits atop. Vikingo climbs up, Kenny with a headbutt. Body shot. He locks the hips, Kenny stares aeead, lifts Vikingo but Vikingo counters and Kenny lands on his head!!! Hly shit!! Vikingo on the middle rope, back to Kenny. Phoenix Splash! Cover! 1…2…NO!!!

Both men in the middle of the ring. Right hands from Vikingo. He heads to the corner, springboard, but Kenny with apowerbomb! Another! V-TRIGGER!!! COVER! 1…2….NO!!! SNAPDRAGON!!! Another V-Trigger on the apron!!! Kenny puls him in for a One-Winged…but Vikingo escapes! He heads to the top riope! He dives with a….holy shit wtf was that?!

Kenny rolls on the apron. Onto the table. Vikingo hits the ropes! He hops to the 2nd rope OVER THE TOP ROPE! 630 ONTO KENNY!!!!! WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY!!?!?!?!

Ref starts the count. Both men out. He’s at 8! Vikingo rolls in, Kenny does too with a struggle. Cover from Vikingo. 1…2..NO!!! They are both on their knees. They trade blows. Both up. Forearms from Vikingo! KIkc, But Kenny hits a running high knee!!!! Whip, SUNSET FLIP! Cover for 1…2…..NO!!!! Holy shit. Vikingo to the top rope! Kenny waits for him! Another 630 attempt, but Kenny rolls out the way! KNEE!!!!! One-Winged Angel! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega
Holy shit.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 16:55

Tony gets some words with Kenny in the ring. Kenny say the more time that goes by, the more time he wonders if he is still able to do this kind of stuff.

In comes BCC!!!! They attack Kenny!! Holy shit. It’s a 3-on-1! They lift Omega up and beat him in the mid section. Bulldog choke!

We see the screen, and an ambulance is shown as coming back to the arena. Hangman Adam Page is driving! Lol. He has a weapon in his hand.


The three on one continues. They are waiting for Hangman.

Here he comes with what looks like a piece of wood. He enters the ring and BCC leaves. Don is checking on Kenny as The BCC makes their leave.

Hangman almost hits Don, but Page sees it’s Don. Don falls on his ass and Kenny looks to see what appears to be Page attaaxking Don. Kenny is pissed. He tells Page to leave him alone. Don continues to writhe in pain and Kenny helps him out the ring.

End Show

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