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March 27, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

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I don’t know what Culvers is, and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask. But after Dynamite, I’ll be sure to check out my good friend Michael Ornelas and his podcast where he searches high and low for something in between!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Oh we starting off heavy, with some NJPW action!

Will Ospreay vs Katsuyori Shibata

Shibat tries to ground Will, locking up behind, then tries for some wrist control, back into a waist lock. He mounts on the belly of Will, and Will tries to keep his shoulders up. After some back and forth in the center of the ring, Shibata ends it with a chop in the corner. Will fights out after a bunch of forearms and hits a huge dropkick! Will hits rights into the corner, then gets a bunch of forearms. Will backs up, turns, and rushes the corner with another huge dropkick! Shibata rolls to the outside. Will wants to fly. He springboards and hits a crossbody off the top!

Both men give their best shot near the ramp. Shibata, after a hard right, hits a suplex, then kicks the back of Will. Shibata rolls into the ring. He then sits and awaits his opponent. Will is in and Shibata kicks the back of it. He tries for a Figure Four, but Will blocks it, spins the leg, pulls Shibata up by the arm and hits a few elbows. Both men up, Will hits a chop, another chop. A third! Shibata grabs the waist, suplex!

We are BACK and Will tries to hit another crossbody off the top rope but Shibata moves, Will lands on his feet, big kick to Will, then Shibata sends Will into the barricade! He tries to whip him, Will hops over into the crowd, then flies off with a big right. He sends Shibata into the ring. Big flying forearm off the springboard. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Will kicks Shibata a few times, then chops. Shibata is up to go forehead to forehead. Forearm, another. Another and Shibata eats it. He bvacks Will into the corner as Will continues to hit strike after strike. Shibata with a single shot drops Will on his ass. RUNNING KICK TO THE FACE! He hits a few forearms, hits the corner, and Will is there to chop him, but Shibata reverses, elbow, uppercut, hits the corner, Will follows with a kick. Shibata with a bunch of forearms, Will stands into them. Jab and chop combo a few times, dropping Will to the mat. Shibata hits the corner, runs and gets his patented dropkick.

Shibata pulls Will up in the center of the ring and gets an abdominal stretch, but Will switches and gets the same. Shibata with his own reversal as Will stretches for the ropes. Flying Octopus! Shibat tries for a suplex, Will lands on his feet, hits a German, Shibata hits a German, kick from Will, whip, flip…right into a submission from Shibata! He locks up the leg and pulls on the face, trying for the STF! Rope break and Shibata hits some fists in the corner. He aims for the dome. Ref warns him and Will hits a bug chop. Chop from Shibata, he then drops him with a kick. Shibata grabs the head, sits Will up, tries for a huge kick, Will ducks, Shibata kicks the back! He tries for the front kick again, but Will catches the leg and rises for some forearms. They meeti n the middle. Will hits three, Shibata hits 1. Will staggers, hits another three, and Shibata hits 1. Will drops to a knee. Shibata with forearms over and over, kick, KIP UP AND AN ENZIGURI. From Will! Both men down!

SLEEPER FROM SHIBATA! Will nearly goes out, but hits the ropes instead, sending Shibata to the apron, he hangs over the 2nd rope, kick to Shibata. Will to the top rope, dropkick to the head. Will with a HUGE CUTTER! Cover! 1…NO!!!! Big clothesline from Shibata! 1…..NO!!!! They collide in the center, lariats from both, Will tries to run, but Shibata grabs the head and drops him, Suplex from Will! Backfist Cover! 1..2.NO!!!

Will double underhooks, Tiger Driver to Shibata! Shibata up to a seated position! HIDDEN BLADE!!!!

Winner: Will Ospreay
I can easily see how a match like this might deter purists, with many moments coming off a bit “much,” with selling becoming secondary to the excessive aggression as a rebound to hard-hitting action, but this can also be the very introduction needed to that style. For my money, both men killed it here, and the right man won.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 18:57

Both Shibata and Will are on their knees, and bow to one another.

Bryan Danielson gets a video package covering his rise to superstardom.

Backstage, Renee is with The Young Bucks. Nicolas is all smiles until Renee brings up the tournament and them losing. Nick gets upset, Matt calms him down, saying they came back with goals and objectives. One was to retire Sting, and so they did. Another was to restructure The Elite. They did that as well. Okada is now International Champions. He won that fair and square, just like they will tonight. They asked The Rainmaker to watch from the back tonight. Their biggest goal is to get their tag team titles back. They are there to right the wrong created by Private Party.

Matt tells Renee to try smiling a little bit more.

Kazuchika Okada is shown arriving in a Lambo.

The Young Bucks vs Private Party

Matt and Kassidy to start. Matt tries for a handshake, but PP ain’t havin it. Matt shoves the face. A few times then gets rolled up for a 1`.2..NO!!! Another quick pin for 1…2..NO!!! Big clothesline from Matt. He works the wrist, tags in Nick, Nick kicks, axe handle. Whip to the ropes, Kassidy kicks, in comes Quen for a sunset flip, gets a pin, a kick attempt from the Bucks, that’s caught, Quen and Kassidy swing the leg, flip, both men alnd on the ir feet and sends The Bucks outside. They dive through the ropes onto The Bucks. Quen and Matt stay outside as Kassidy sends Nick inside the ring. Matt turns and Kassidy is there to attack, Matt sends him over the barricade, but Quen is there, and we get some Silly String! Nick flies off the top, and lands on Kassidy. He heads to QUen, both stand on the barricade. He grabs the head and hits a Falcon Arrow off the barricade! Nick protected Quen there greatly. The Bucks roll into the ring and the ref starts the count.

Kassidy grabs Quen and sends him into the ring at 9!!!! Matt stomps the back of Quen. Double team on Quen, sends Matt into Nick, Matt locks the head, suplex onto the knees of his brother. Matt sends Kassidy off the apron.

WE ARE BACK and Kassidy is on the apron battling both Bucks. He kicks Matt on the outside, hits a right to Nick on the inside, hits a Asai Moonsault onto Matt, then flies back into the ring with a crossbody for a 1.2..NO!!! Both Bucks in, they double team Kassidy in the corner with a blockbuster/powerbomb type combo. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Quen saves the match. He high kicks to Nick, then drags Kassidy over to the corner. Nick gets Quen to the apron, hits a German onto the apron! Tag to Matt! Nick to the top rope, tries for a Driver, but Kassidy grabs the boot! Nick stands on the top rope, Quen sends Matt into the corner and this crotches Nick! GIN AND JUICE!!!!! Nick rolls out of the ring! MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK FROM PRIVATE PARTY!!! OOOOOOO!!! Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Nick in to stop the pin then a ground and pound to Quen! Nick leaves the ring and grabs the ring bell. He slides it into the ring and follows. Knox grabs the bell, sends it outside. Kassidy sends Nick out of the ring. LOW BLOW TO KASSIDY!!! But Quen has the title belt! Ref is distracted! Quen hits Matt with the title! Nick grabs the boot. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Matt with the leg on the bottom rope! Kassidy drags Matt to the center, tags in Quen. Quen to the top rope.

630 splash and Quen lands on his damned forehead! EVP TRIGGER! Nick slips up a bit and has to hit the knee after Matt. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
The Bucks are getting pretty good at the dastardly annoying, and for the most part, the grounded version of them isn’t ba, but it didn’t necessarily help the quality, either.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 13:25

Video package narrated by Don Callis about Konosuke Takeshita

We head backstage, and a black SUV pulls up. THE CEO MERCEDES MONE is here!

We are backstage with Hook and Chris Jericho. Renee congratulates Hook on his win over jEricho. Jericho says after being in the ring with him, Hook exceeded expectations. First pinfall ever and it was on Jericho. Jericho is proud of him for that. Jericho has never had a school or managed anyone, but he also hasn’t been in the ring with someone like Hook. He wants to tell Hook that after 33 years, if Hook wants any advice, he’ll be happy to give it to him. He’s here for ya, Hook.

Hook appreciates the praise, and of course he’ll take advice from him. He’s Chris Jericho. But he is Chris Jericho…he knows who Jericho is.

Jericho knows who he is, too. But he also knows who he can be.


Willow Nightingale vs Skye Blue vs Anna Jay vs Kris Statlander

Skye and Kris quickly fight to the outside. Willow and Anna go at it. Willow whips Anna and she hits Skye, who is trying to enter the ring. Elbow from Jay in the corner, a whip, reversed by willow, she hits a hip attack in the corner, big lariat, roll through and a kick to the face. Willow with a low crossbody. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Skye runs in to kick, and possibly break up the pin. Skye corners Willow and chokes her with a boot, a big DDT to Willow. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kris drops Skye and tries to cover. She sends Willow outside and Skye too. Skye kicks Kris in the face. Willow with a huge pounce to send us to break.

We come back and Statlander is handling both Skye and Anna. She drops Jay, hits an uppercut in the corner, then a falcon arrow and a cover! 1..2..NO!!! Jayi n the corner. She hits a suplex to Kris, covers, and here comes Willow to hit a senton onto both! She grabs Skye, elbows her head, gutwrench, tries for a bomb, Skye rolls her up, 1..2.NO!!! Kick to the chin from Skye, she hits the ropes, CODE BLUE!!! Pin for 1.2……NO!!! Kris there to stop the pin! Kirs hooks, tossese Skye over the head and hits a back breaker! Anna Jay grabs Kris, drops her on Skye, covers for 1..2.NO!!!

Kris and Willow try to double team Skye, but Sktye shoves Willow into the cnter of the ring. Willow rushes the corner, Skye moves, hits a right, Willow hngs over th 2nd rope, kick from Skye, Willo to the apron. Skye locks up behind her, elbow from Willo, Willow grabs Skye and hits. Death Valley Driver off the apron!!!! Willow gets some love from the fans, foolishly, because Kris and Anna are in the ring. Kris grabs both legs, Anna rolls her up, 1..2.NO!!

Waist lock from Kris, Jay sends Her to the apron, high kick to Kris! Willow back in, locks the hips, powerbomb! 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Willow Nightengale
This was a good mix of girls who get better with each outing, and girls who know how to string together a solid match. Good work all around.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:48

Julia Hart is here to attack Willow from behind! She holds her title up high then looks to Mercedes. She holds her title high.

We are backstage with Renee, and she has Dustin Rhodes with him! He is 3-1 for 2024. What’s next for him?

He says everyone on this roster is very talented. Every match he’s had has been really good. All of them. Nothing is different. Now, at 55, he is still as passionate as he has ever bee—

Here is Butcher, and HE FUCKING SPEAKS!! He challenges Dustin to a match on Friday. Dustin says everyone loves him, including Canada. He’s on.

Trent Baretta and Orange Cassidy vs Matt Taven and Mike Bennett

OC slugglishly walks towards the heel corner then shoots a hard right out of the corner to Taven! IN the ring, Trent gets whipped by Mike, but flies outside onto Taven instead of rebounding. Mike launches himself over the top rope onto both men. Orange goes to the top rope next, says hello, then drops onto everyone with hands in the pocket.

In the ring, Trent whips Matt, ducks under, hops over, Matt with a dropkick off the ropes! He sends OC off the apron with a right hand. Trnet locks up from behind! GERMAN! ANOTHER! A third attempt and Matt elbows to stop it. He backs Trent into th corner. Tag to Mike. Matt rakes the eyes. Mike in, they double team Trent with. Whip, kick form Trent, ducks under Matt, Knees to Mike!! Taven kicks the face. Another kick to Trent! OC in to help and Rick argues, being a typical horrible ref

We come back from break and The Kingdom is double teaming Trent. Spinebuster from Mike, a moonsault attempt from Taven, but Trent with the knees up! Tag to OC! He flies with a crossbody! Mike is the legal man, OC gets sent over the ropes, he lands on the apron, head to the buckle, crossbody to Taven! OC hits the ropes, DDT but NO!!! Mike catches him, OC switches and hits a Stundog Millionaire! KNEE STRIKE FROM MIKE! Taven and Mike double team OC. Matt ot the top rope, Mike grabs OC, Trent crotches Taven, OC with a Beach Break, including a stomp from Trent! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! DDT from Trent to Matt! DDT FROM OC! Running knee from Trent! KIP UP FROM OC!!

Roderick Strong hops on the apron, but Chuck Taylor is there. Strong hits him with a right, OC hits a suicide dive to Strong!

In the ring, Mike has Trent! Chuck on the apron, pulls Taven down, Trent with a jacknife pin! 1.2….3!!!

Winners: Trent Barreta and Orange Cassidy
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 9:34


But here come The Young Bucks to walk out slowly and stare down OC and Trent.

Kyle O’Reilly tells Renee that there is no feeling comparable to get back in front of the live crowd. He says the roster is deep, and there is no such thing as an easy match.

Does Kyle still want to do this alone? He says yes, he did it last week and he’ll do it this week.

Konosuke Takeshita vs Swerve Strickland

We start with a handshake, but n3itherm an lets go, and this turns into a power struggle. Swerve blocks it with a boot, waist lock, they tussle a bit on the mat, until Swerve bridges out and hits the corner.

Back in the middle of the ring, Side headlock from Swerve, with fingers laced. Takeshita sends Swerve to the ropes, hits a forearm, sends swerve ot the ropes, Swerve flips and stands tall. He flies over Takeshita, tries for a rollup, Takeshita squats, Swerve tries a rollup again, Takeshita to the ropes and breaks a hold.

Samoa Joe is watching backstage as Takeshita hits a right hand. He chokes Swerve up with a boot to the neck, Swerve kicks the thigh. Stomp from Takeshita. Whip to Swerve but Swerve reverses, hits a running uppercut, sends Takeshita seated to the center, and Swerve flies off with an uppercut to the back of the head! Swerve sends Takeshita into the bottom rope face first then covers for 1..>NO! Takeshita with a right forearm, Swerve gets his own. Takeshita locks the head, high knee to the face. Swerve catches a boot, ducks under, flip him into a backbreaker. Swerve locsk the head, but Takeshita with a BRAINBUSTAAAA!!!!

We come back to a Forearm Fest of Phenomenal Feats! Swerve to the outside, Takeshita flies out and gets hit with a low rana! Sick! Swerve sends Takeshita into the ring, hits the top rope, big crossbody! Cover! 1…NO!!! Takeshita kicks out at 1! Swerve grabs the head of Trakeshita, hits a right, left, kick to the thigh, Swerve tries to hit a right hand, but gets a stinger! Swerve hesitates and Takeshita hits a HUGE right hand to the chin!!!! Swerve to the apron, hits a shoulder, another stinger, hflies into the ring, onto the shoulders of Takeshita, and he slams Swerve onto his face. Running knee to Swerve! Swerve rolls outside! Tkaeshita flies over the top rope with a flip onto Swerve!

Both in the ring, Swerve gets Takeshita to the top rope, he kicks high, locks the head, and gets a DDT from high up! Swerve to the top rope! SWERVE twists in the sky and lands hard on Takeshita with a splash! Swerve stands, pulls Takeshita in, Takeshita spins, reverse. POISON RANA! BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!!! Swerve with a hard right! Takeshita drops to his ass! He pulls himself up in th corner, tries to kick, Swerve pulls the boot, rolls through for a Flatliner, but Takeshita hits a jumping knee!!! Swerve locks the head, hit a rana, roll through into a Flatliner!!! This time he hits it! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! SWERVE STO—-NO!!! Takeshita rolls to the apron. SWERVE STOMPS ONTO THE APRON!!!! Takeshita rolls back in, Swerve back to the top, he flies, Takeshita catches him! Poewrbomb! Spin through. Falc—NO!! Swerve chops the neck, Big Pressu—NO!! Takeshita deadlifts Swerve into a GERMAN!!! RUNNING KNEE!!!!!!! COVER!!!! 1……..2….NO!!! HOLY SHITT! Takeshita seats Swerve on the top rope, facing the crowd. He locks the hips, Swerve punches out. Takeshat drops. Swerve stands, turns, Stomp attempt, roll through, rana from Swerve INTO the buckle! HOUSE CALL! STOMP! COVER! 1…2…….NO!!!!!

Swerve tries a half and half, headbutt form Swerve, Takeshita with a jumping knee! Popup from Takeshita! STOMP!!!!! SWERVE HITS A STOMP!!! BIG PRESSURE FROM SWERVE!!! COVER! 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time:

Renee catches Samoa Joe in the back and asks him how he feels. Joe says this is a man celebrating the biggest fade he’s ever going to catch in his life. Next week, when Swerve signs the dotted line, Joe will make sure he understands what he’s asking for. You think you’re ready, but no, Swerve is not that man.

End Show

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