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December 2, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Jon Moxley Kenny Omega AEW World Title Match AEW Dynamite

Ed. Note: Hey folks, Jeremy here! Don’t forget, we’ll have LIVE post-show analysis of tonight’s Dynamite from Andy Perez and Blake Lovell on Dissecting Dynamite! You can set a reminder below, or watch right after Dynamite goes off the air. Enjoy tonight’s show!

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It’s MJF’s Gum Guy, Tony Acero, and I’m ready for AEW!

We got the roster outside, ready for the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal! Two winners to face off for the ring.

Match 1: Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

Everyone rushes the ring…except Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears, who stand on either side of the outside ring and stare each other down. The other 18 men wrestle in the ring while MJF cuts an in-screen promo saying as long as he has Sammy and Wardlow behind him, he’s taking this.

MJF, Wardlow, and Sammy decide to roll outside and stand for a bit, staring. It looks like Matt Hardy eliminates his own homie Kassidy. Adam Page eliminates Serpentico with the help of Silver and it looks like Silver is appreciative, hopping on the back of Page and celebrating. Silver and Reynolds eliminate Luther and smirk to Page. MJF helps Sammy up and they team up, standing aisde Wardlow. Matt Hardy looks all kinds of lost. Sydal tries to handle the entering Spears with a kick to the head. Knee to the face to Spears. Spears with a Fireman’s into a driver over the top rope, eliminating him.

Miro has Joey Janela in the corner, and Scorpio Sky eliminates Spears!!!

Sky and Wardlow are wrasslin, and we see Tully handing something to Spears, who loads up his glove and awaits his prey on the outsid.e Scorpio is close to the ring, Spears punches him in the back of the head, and Sky topples down. Wardlow eliminates Sky, who lands at the feet of Spears. Silver gets tossed into Reynolds, and eliminates him! Matt tries for a Side Effect, Silver escapes. Matt on the apron. Quen on the shoulders of Silver, he drops off and shoves him. Matt holds the ropes, Silver is eliminated!

Page and Matt Hardy go at it, and Quen tries to eliminate Page. Matt sends him to the apron. Quen with a dropkick! Page falls off the apron! DARK ORDER SAVES PAGE!!! They shoot him back on the apron, BUCKSHOT to Quen! Matt grabs Page! MATT HARDY ELIMINATES PAGE!!!

Kip Sabian eliminated! He pulls Orange Cassidy out of the ring under the ropes. The refs send Kip out, Miro leaves the ring and grabs Orange Cassidy. Miro sends Orange right into the ring post, face first! Miro is pissed. He re-enters, high kick to Lee Johnson! Belly to belly to Joey! Miro with a HUGE kick to the side of the head of Johnson. Miro sends Lee outside. Joey to the top rope, he dives. Miro catches him. Slams him down hard. Matt attacks from behind. Miro no-sells. Elbows to Miro. Shove to Matt. Matt kicks. Twist of NO!!! Miro lifts Matt and eliminates him! Miro sends Quen over Matt’s back. Goes for Silly String. Miro shoves Quen! ELIMINATED! He shoves Matt off the apron. Janela is next! Miro just got rid of four motherfuckers!

Miro tries to corner Jungle Boy, but Sammy, MJF, and Wardlow gang up on him from behind!!! Miro busts out of the pile of men, and he and Wardlow stare each other down. Chins jutted. Miro asks for a right hand. Wardlow gives him one. Miro gives it back. They go back and forth as MJF and Miro chill in the corner together. Lol. Seriously, they’re just layin together. Rights from Miro, sending Wardlow closer and closer to the ropes. Sammy and MJF come from behind, lock Miro up, and Wardlow beats him down on the head. Miro breaks the hold but eats a clothesline. All three men send Miro over the top rope.

We got MJF, Sammy, Wardlow and….JUNGLE BOY.

MJF calls his goons back, he wants Jungle by himself. Boot to MJF, back body drop to the apron to Sammy. Clothesline to Wardlow. Jungle on the apron, Sammy kicks, Tries again, Jungle flips ihm, superkick from Sammy, Juingle shoots Sammy over the ring post to the adjacent side. He hops up, MJF shoves Jungle Boy AND SAMMY!!! Eliminated!!!

MJF turns. Wardlow is there, ready. They high five.


Wardlow realizes Orange isn’t eliminated and heads outside, grabs Orange, and sends him back in the ring. MJF is already celebrating.

Wardlow gets Orange on his back, Orange shoves Wardlow, MJF is nearly eliminated. He is pissed. ORANGE PUNCH TO WARDLOW!!! ORANGE PUNCH TO MJF!!! ANOTHER TO WARDLOW!!! WARDLOW ELIMINATED!!!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy and Some Other Dude
AEW Battle Royals just hit different. Not to say there is absolutely NO senseless fighting, but there is a definite minimal amount, and they allow the stories that are currently happening to infiltrate the match itself. Aside from that, once the thinning of the herd is done, we get a next gear. Miro FINALLY has a showing worthy of his presence (something I’ve been hoping for since he debuted), Orange Cassidy does what Orange Cassidy does, and that apron sequence between Sammy and Jungle Boy was just a thing of beauty. A great start.
Total Rating: **************5/18
Match Time: 12:19

Miro and Kip come running out, pissed! Refs hold Miro back as Best Friends try and protect Orange, who has decided to take a seat.

Match 2: Chris Jericho vs Frankie Kazarian

Lockup!!! Side headlock take down from Kaz, Head scissors from Jericho, Kaz kips up. Both men up. Jericho tosses a belt, I think, at Kaz, so Kaz throws it back at him. Side headlock from Kaz. Jericho with forearms to the bck. Jerchi tosses Kaz over his head, Kaz lands on his head. Drop toe hold to Jericho onto the ropes, Kaz hops outside, right hand to the face. He enters the ring, rolls Jericho up 1..2…NO!!! Side headlock again to Jericho. Whip to the ropes. Eye poke from Jericho. Chop to Kaz. Jericho with a dropkick! Both men outside, Kaz drops Ortiz. Hager tries to grab him off the apron. The distraction allows a Code Breaker from Jericho! Jericho drops Kaz onto the ring then shoves him off to the outside. Hager and Ortiz are there to scream at him. Ortiz slaps Kaz one time with a belt. Jericho with a right hand to the face on the outside. Kaz brings it back, they go at it until Jericho sends Kaz into the barricade. Jericho steps on the chest of Kaz, flexes, then grabs the legs for a catapult into the bottom rope. Jericho distracts the Edwards long enough for Ortiz to scrape the forehead of Kaz. Jericho grabs him and sends Kaz into the corner face first. Right hands form both men, on the knees, in the middle of the ring. WE go back to full screen and Jericho is appreciating the love of the crowd. He turns to Kaz, grabs the head, and chops kaz. Right hand to the face. Another in the corner. Jericho whips, hits the ropes, goes for a bulldog, but Kaz with a surprise backslide!!! 1..2…NO!!! Chop from Kaz. Clothesline off the ropes! Whip to Jericho, reversed, hard right to the forehead! Jericho tries for a lionsault. KNEES UP!!!!! Kaz hits the ropes, springboards, gets mega height! LEG DROP TO JERICHO!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!!

Kaz gets Jericho up to the top rope, he sets up for a……FLUX CAPACITOR! Is that just a Spanish Fly? Pin for 1..2..NO!!!!! Kaz sets up for an Unprettier, but Jericho shoves Kaz into the corner face first. Jericho goes for a Code Breaker, but Kaz catches the legs. Is he goin for….WALLS OF JERICHO?!?!?! He turns it into a Boston Crab. Ortiz on the apron, threatening a swing of the sock, but Edwards sees. Hager tries to pull Ortiz off the apron. Jericho tries for the ropes, nearly gets it, Kaz nearly loses the hold, but reasserts himself.

MJF IS HERE! He has a towel! He teases throwing it in. Sammy runs down and grabs the towel! He yells at MJF. Jericho reaches the bottom rope.

Jericho stands in the corner. Jericho sees Sammy with the towel. Kaz rolls Jericho up. 1..2..NO!!! Inside cradle for 1..2….NO!!!! kaz with a spinning kick. Another, missed clothesline. JUDAS EFFECT!!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Interesting to see these guys who have been wrestling for roughly the same amount of time, yet Kaz look so much smoother and quicker than Jericho. The Inner Circle story seems rushed, but I think that’s just because they’re all so good, we don’t really want it to end. This was, seemingly, the plan anyway. I enjoyed the spurts of high action, namely from kaz, that really gave the match a good flow.
Total Rating: 10:58
Match Time: ***

Jericho celebrates with his people, but SAMMY SHOVES MJF!!! Hager and Wardlow get into it. Evryone is goin at it till Jericho grbs a mic, says stop this shit. He’s had enough. This is not what they planned. He says they got 7 days to think about this. Next week, we’ll have an ultimatum. Either they work together as a team, or The Inner Circle breaks up forever.

Backstage, Marvez is with Young Bucks. They ask if he remembers when they kicked him in the face, for no reason. Anyway, Matt says they are fighting champions, and they’re giving a shot to TH2

In come The Acclaimed, who say they have arrived, and want to review their new book. We get a freestyle that is so not John Cena.

In come Angelico and Jack Evans for the attack! HARD punch to the face of Matt as Nick gets tossed into the garbage, just like this segment should have been.

Daniels and Kazarian come for the save. Why?

Wow, the crowd starts a USA chant when Leyla Hirsch comes out Florida, never change.

Match 3: Britt Baker vs Leyla Hirsch

Britt tries for a test of strength, but her opponent tries for an arm bar real quick! Britt runs to the ropes to break prevent the hold. Hirsh does some mat work, outwrestling Britt. Lockup and Hirsh with a side headlock takedown. Britt with the leg scissors. Hirsch works the left arm, Britt escapes, snapmare and a cravat, but Hirsch with a surprise cross arm breaker! Britt grabs a tooth! KICK TO THE FACE! DDT from Britt Baker.WE go PIP and Britt is kicking Hirsch around. She locks the arms up from behind, then kicks Leyla into the bottom rope.

Back from the break, and Britt uses Rebel as a wall to protect her, then hits a slingblade to Leyla. Britt to the apron. She goes for a kick, Leyla catches it, Britt stomps on her fingers. Britt locks the head, Leyla escapes, kick to the head!!! CROSS ARM BREAKER!!! Britt turns into it. Pin from Britt for 1..2.NO!!! Britt locks the fingers. Britt rolls over, locks the arm. LOCKJ—–NO!!! ARM BREAKER FROM LEYLA!!! Rebel tries to crawl into the ring, Britt escapes, goes for a kick, Leyla drops her, knee to the side of the head! Leyla can’t cover! Her back is hurting her. Leyla climbs up the ropes instead. Reel on the apron.

Leyla hops off the apron, Britt grabs her, sends her into the corner face first, hooks the leg, swinging neckbreaker. Britt drags Britt into the LOCKJAW!! Leyla gives up.

Winner: Britt Baker
I know Britt’s finisher is the submission, but I’ve always disliked a “wrestler’s wrestler” that taps out. I won’t hold that against them, as I know it’s a personal thing, and Britt is way higher up on the food chain.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 8:41

Britt won’t release the hold. Thunder Rosa form the crowd. She attacks Britt! Britt rolls her over, tries to attack, Rosa gets the upperhand, they go at it in the middle of the ring, Knox tries to break them up. Refs come out to break them up. REBEL with a cheap shot to Rosa!!! Leyla in to hit a Saito Suplex to Rebel! Leyla rolls outside. Britt and Thunder meet in the middle of the ring again.

Match 4: Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin vs Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks

The match starts, but we go to break right away, so I opt to take a piss.

Hands washed, and a new drink in hand; let’s go!

Darby has Starks in the face corner. Tag to Cody and he whips Starks into the ropes, Darby ropkicks the leg, Cody locks the head and hits a stalled suplex. Cody with right hands in the corner. Starks reverses, Cody reverses. Starks with a chop, Cody with a right hand. Cody tags in Darby. He works the arm, Starks blocks the hold and slaps Darby in the face. Darby runs after the chickenshit Ricky, ducks a clothesline, but Hobbs with a HUGE clothesline to Darby. He tosses Darby into the barricade. Back into the ring, and Hobbs gets the tag. Suplex to Darby. Pushups from Hobbs. He flips Cody off. Tag to Starks after a hard right to the back. They lift Darby and let him fall hard. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Hobbs. Hobs steps on the stomach of Darby. Hobbs locks up from behind, then lifts Darby and drops him into a backbreaker. Hobbs grabs Darby’s left arm and stomps it. Hobbs drags Darby to the corner, tags in Starks. Ricky with a stomp to the stomach. Ricky misses a splash in the corner. Right hand to Darby. Darby ducks under, hops off the corner, and they collide. Both men down. Tag to Hobbs. BEARHUG!!! Hobbs tosses Darby like nothing. Starks kicks Darby as the ref is distracted. Stomps from Hobbs. He grabs the ears of Darby! HE TOSSES DARBY OVER HIS FREAKIN HEAD BY HIS EARS!!! Hobbs whips Ricky into Darby, Darby kicks out, flips out of the hold, flips out of Hobbs hold, tag to Cody. Cody with a missile dropkick. Clothesline to Starks. Kick to the head. Cody whips Ricky, reverse, Cody hops out of the corner. POWERSLAM TO RICKY!!! Cody tosses his weight belt. Tazz on the apron. Ricky with an eye gouge. He slides, Cody flies over, Disaster Kick to Hobbs on the outside. Ricky counters Cross Rhodes, Cody drops, right hand to the chin!

Cody to the corner, tag from Darby flying cutter! Cody flies over the top rope onto Hobbs on the outside. COFFIN DROP FROM DARBY!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin

Total Rating:
Match Time:

After the match, Darby trucks over Darby like a train. ARN ANDERSON attacks Hobbs from behind!!! Starks grabs him, kick from Arn, left hand to the head1 Hobbs holds Anderson from behind! Starks with a flurry of offense. In come Dustin Rhodes to attack Hobbs and Starks! Taz on the apron, but won’t enter the ring. Hobbs whips, bulldog from Dustin. POWERSLAM to Starks.

HERE COMES CAGE!!! He attacks Dustin! Cage with the F-10! Hobbs is choking Cody up in the corner. Cage helps him out, then grabs Dustin. Hobbs holds the FTW title up. Cage lifts Cody, F10 to him! Tazz calls for Cody to be picked up.



A video package of cold weather across the world shoes, and it’s…..STING!

STING walks over to Arn, looks him dead in the eyes, turns to Dustin, goes eye to eye with him, then to Cody. Sting, finally, heads to Darby. Darby stands. They go eye to eye.

The crowd is hyped. I am…indifferent.

BACK TO THE SHOW, and Marvez is talking to Shida. She calls out Abadon, saying she is just doing zombie cosplay. Some clattering is heard off screen, and Hikaru hightails it.

Moxley gets some promo time, saying two years ago, this was just an idea. The whole world wrote him off. He took his hand and bitch slapped the professional wrestling world across the mouth. He and Omega have been destined to be rivals. They want the same thing. They are the two best in the world. Tonight, they battle with swords on top of a mountain. It’s a long way down. Stakes couldn’t be higher. Contracts have been signed and winter is coming.

Don Callis is back on commentary, and it appears Kenny Omega asked him to be here.

Match 5: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega

LOCKUP!!!!! Moxley starts out the gate with a sleeper. Omega gets the ropes. They break. Omega with a snapmare, chin lock from behind. Moxley turns into it, hits an elbow, trips Omega down. Side headlock takedown from Moxley. Omega escapes. Chop to Moxley. Again. Another. Omega hops up and hurricanranas Moxley to the outside. Omega charges up. He hits the ropes, Jon back in, catches Omega an slams him down hard. Omega rolls out. Moxley reverses a whip, and Omega sends him into a barricade. Moxley tries to whip Omega into the barricade, Kenny stops it with his boot, kicks Moxley, Moxley holds the head, suplex! Jon sends Omega into the barricade. Again! This time, Omega rolls over the barricade.

WE COME BACK FROM BREAK, and Omega is tossing Moxley back into the ring. Springboard, and Omega dropkicks the shin. Leg drop to the back of the head! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Omega stomps the leg then works it around some ropes in the corner. Omega dropkicks Jon’s leg! Omega hits the corner. He rushes it, but Moxley flies out with a clothesline! Jon stands up, shuffles to Omega, Omega grabs the injured leg and gets a knee bar! He locks the ankle. Omega breaks the hold as Jon gets to the ropes. Chop to Jon. Kick to the back of the leg. Another chop to Jon. Omega lifts Moxley onto his shoulders but Jon drops down. GERMAN TO OMEGA! Jon locks up. Another German. Back elbow to Jon. Omega turns, Jon looks for an Exploder, Omega stops it, Pumphandle Exploder from Moxley! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Jon locks the head. Front suplex and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Both men on their knees. Right hands to the head from each. Jon pumps up for a forearm. Omega retaliates with one of his own. Jon with a Crossface!!!! Rolls into a pin for 1..2.nO!!! Sleeper from behind by Jon!!!! Jon locks the head of Moxley, double underhook, locks him up on the ropes. Hard chop to the chest. He runs into another one, goes for a third, but Omega kicks Jon away. Clothesline to Omega against the ropes, and another chop, Moxley hits the ropes, Omega side steps and sends Jon to the outside. Baseball slide into Moxley. Omega hits the ropes. He dives over the top rope onto Moxley!!! Omega rolls Jon into the ring. Springboard. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK!! PARADIGM SHIFT!!!

Jon rolls to the outside. He tosses two chairs into the ring. He sits Omega onto one, then sits across form him and asks for a hit. Omega slaps him, Jon hits one, They go back and forth, slaps, then jabs, over and over! A hard right from Jon sends Omega reeling. V-TRIGGER!!!!! Snap Dragon Suplex!!!! Another!!!! V-trigger attempt. Jon with a German!!! Kick to Moxley, hard right, hits the ropes. CLOTHESLINE TO THE RUNNING OMEGA!!! PARADIGM SHIFT!!!! Slow to cover. 1…2……NO!!!! Omega rolls to the outside. Jon tries fo ra suicide dive but OMEGA HITS A VTRIGGER TO THE DIVING JON!!! Top rope! Missile dropkick from Omega! TIGER DRIVER 98!!!! Omega covers!!! 1…2…….NO!!!!! Running knee to Jon! Another right to the head! He goes for a third, but Jon stops it with his shoulder, stands, hard forearm, hits the ropes, Omega with a V-Trigger!!!!!! Omega sits him up on the shoulders. One Wing—no!!! Paradi—NO!!!! Omega locks up, tries for the bulldog, Omega escapes, Moxley hits the ropes, DROPKICK FROM OMEGA!!! Ripcord V-Trigger from Omega! Goes for the winged angel again, but Jon hits the elbows!!! Omega lifts Jon, drops him in front of him, GERMAN!!!! Rolls into a pin! 1..2….NO!!!!! Cover. No! No cover! Omega to the top rope! Omega to the top rope! He looks to dive, Jon is up! Omega hops off the corner to the outside!!! Jon slides out, sends Omega into the apron! PARADIGM SHIFT INTO NEARY HEATERS!!! Ref calls for the doctor.

Moxley walks over to Omega, the ref tells him to stay back. The doctor checks on Omega. Moxley rolls into the ring. Out comes Callis to check on Omega. Ref says omega hit the side of his head. Moxley runs over to Omega, shoves the refs aside, rolls Omega into the ring, and mounts Omega. Moxley strikes Omega in the forehead over and over and over. Don is ringside, he has a mic. He taps it, it won’t go on. He says Omega is hurt. Stop. Jon turns around, shoves Don onto the ground. Omega has a microphone!!! He clocks Moxley over the forehead!!

Moxley is bleeding on the forehead from the mic shot. Omega pulls his knee pad down. Running V-Trigger. Holy shit that was brutal. ANOTHER to the side of the head of Jon Moxley! ANOTHER TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!! ANOTHER TO THE HEAD IN THE CORNER!!! Omega pulls Jon up, sends him into the corner face first, he puts Moxley on his shoulders. ONE WINGED ANGEL!!!!! Cover for 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega
JEEESSSUUUSSS! This was truly one of those matches where the first few minutes was a little on the slow side, but without those slow minutes,the impactful finishing minutes may not have had such a solid impact. Omega and Moxley put on a fucking clinic, especially in the second half. I really didn’t like the inclusion of Don, the mic shot, etc, BUT it seems like there is more to this story, and not some unplanned one off for the shock factor. Time will tell, but as a strictly wrestling match….geez. Hell of a main event.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 28:36

Callis raises the hand of Omega, then runs out of the ring with Omega, moving quickly!!! They head to the back, and people are asking what the hell to the running Omega. He and Don leave the arena as Tony claims BULLSHIT.

We try to stop Don and Kenny by their car, but Don says if you wanna know what’s going on, find out next Tuesday. BUT DYNAMITE IS ON WEDNESDAY!?!?!

Eddie Kingston is on the mic, but we can only hear him. He says he isn’t waiting for next week; he wants Lance Archer now.

End Show

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