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August 11, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling

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Hello fellow wrestling watchers! It’s Tuesday, and that of course means time for more Impact Wrestling. My name is Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. Last week’s Impact saw a host of developments for the likes of Rich Swann, Heath, the Good Brothers, and more as we head toward Impact Emergence next week. This week we have another Impact World Title match, Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace, MORE WRESTLE HOUSE and plenty more. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: Rich Swann talks about being injured, returning, and then being attacked by Eric Young at Slammiversary. He announces his retirement before being brutalized by Young once again.

* And we’re back into the action before the credits! Willie Mack is assaulting Eric Young backstage. Mack beats Young down but EY fights back and lays in some overhead blows before getting doubled over from a shot by Mack. Mack slams Young head-first into a case and security comes out to break them up. Mack with a cheap shot while Mack is being held back and they continue at it, with Young opening the door and heading to the ringside area. Mack pounds on him but Young with a kick to the gut, followed by a head slam into the guardrail. He tries to slam Mack into the apron, but Mack blocks it and sends EY head-first into the apron instead. Mack fires away and chases him, slamming him into the guardrail. Young staggers away and manages to get a shot off on the following Willie, then an elbow and they’re in the ring, where Mack takes EY down and lays in the mounted punches. The ref and security pull them apart and Young backs off saying that this is his world now. Mack gets a mic and asks where Young thinks he’s going. Mack says he’s not about a match anymore and tells security to kick rocks. Mack says that they can get it started now, and says he’s going to beat the bricks out of Young’s ass for his attack on Mack. Young walks off but Mack charges in and fires away at Young. Young backs up to the guardrail and gets a kick to the gut, then a shot but Mack blocks another and fires back. Kick to the gut and Mack rolls Young into the ring. The ref is in, Mack rolls in but gets kicked by Young as the bell FINALLY rings.

Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Young is stomping away at Mack, and he comes off the rope right into a heel kick! Mack off the ropes with a leaping back elbow, and he picks Young up for a jab. Mack nails Young in the corner, whip across the rung and he charges in for a bit of an avalanche. Mack stalks Young, shot to the gut and he knocks Young over. Young rolls out of the ring and gets up on the apron, where Mack grabs him but EY with a Stunner into the top rope. Young charges in with a kick to the head, whips Mack across the ring but Mack reverses and Young goes over the turnbuckle to the outside and Mack with a slingshot dive! Mack is right back up, he grabs Young and rolls him in, follows along and a pin gets two. Both men up, Mack with a shot and then a whip across the ring. Young flips over the turnbuckle onto the apron, runs to the other side of the ring up onto the turnbuckle and is hit with a right hand. Mack up top with EY, they trade shots and Young bites Mack’s forehead before knocking him to the mat and a flying elbow gets two. Young with knees to the back of the head and yells that Mack will end up like Swann. He comes off the rope with an elbow to the back of the head for another two-count. Young picks Mack up, head slam into the turnbuckle and hangs Mack from the second turnbuckle. He goes off the top, but Mack catches him into a Northern Lights suplex for two but EY with a clothesline right away. Pin gets two for Young, and he starts wrenching the neck for a submission hold. Mack is starting to fade, the arm is dropped twice but he comes to life at the last second and battles back. Mack to his fight and elbows and an armdrag break the hold. Mack with a big clothesline, a heel kick and a big bodyslam, Mack off the ropes with a leaping legdrop. Both men up, Mack with a Samoan drop and a kippup! Standing moonsault gets two. Both men are slow to get up, but Mack is ready first and goes for the Stunner but Young grabs the eyes for four. He lets go but goes back in RIGHT INTO A STUNNER! Mack goes to head up top but thinks better of it and goes under the ring for a steel chair. He’s in with the chair as the ref warns him, but Mack says he doesn’t give a damn. He puts the chair on Mack’s ankle, goes up top — but EY IS UP AND CROTCHES MACK! Young grabs Mack hits the piledriver and gets the pin!

Winner: Eric Young (8:28)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: This was exactly what you want from a feud this personal. There was no locking up, no innovative moves, just two guys beating the hell out of each other. The match was appropriately hard-hitting, and the ending made sense, with Mack’s desire to get revenge costing him. It wasn’t a technical masterpiece, but it was smoothly executed and told the story it needed to tell.

After the match, a deranged-looking Young yells at a not-present Eddie Edwards saying that it’s his world.

* Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne break down the match briefly and hype Eddie Edwards’ latest open challenge for the Impact World Title, Madison Rayne hosting RVD and Katie Forbes on Locker Room Talk. We also learn that the Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton is official for Impact Emergence.

* Gallows and Anderson are backstage looking for Ace and Fulton and question a couple crew members. Gallows threatens one and he swears he doesn’t know where they are, so they stalk off.

* Back from break and IT’S TIME FOR WRESTLE HOUSE AW YEAH. We get the delightful opening sequence, which is still the best thing ever, and then Taya is calling for a house meeting with John E. behind her. She says last week’s makeover was a hit and a lot of work, but she’s planned another activity for everyone. She says she had an election for what to watch tonight, and the winner is Taya’s greatest hits. Kylie has a question about electoral fraud, but Taya says she didn’t get to vote because it was for adults only. She asks where Cousin Jake is, and we briefly cut to Cody in the confession seat with a secret. Cut back and Cody says Jake ate something bad and has been on the crapper all day. As for Susie — well, Alisha also has a secret and says Susie also has the runs. She says she should go check on her, and Cody is gonna check on Jake. Taya sits down with everyone to watch Taya’s Impact debut and John E. goes for a massage, but she berates him for not putting gloves on first. We get shots of Taya’s debut while Rosemary seethes at John E.’s massage of Taya. The Swingman is telling Crazzy Steve stories, but Steve isn’t paying attention — he’s staring at Rosemary and Swinger tells him to go get it. Steve says Johnny’s one hell of a mentor and walks off. We cut back to the footage of Taya delivering a faceplant to Rosemary in her debut. Meanwhile, Steve walks over to sit next to a pissed Rosemary on the couch and says it’s been a while. Rosemary says it’s not like their bond has DECAYED (nudge nudge) and they can pick back up where they left off. Steve says she seems troubled, and not the homicidal kind. He means jealousy, which can be a potent poison.

Meanwhile, Alisha is talking to Susie and Cody is talking to Jake, who are getting ready for a date. We get an uncomfortable amount of Jake and Cody staring into the mirror as we cut out for now.

* Rhino is coming out of the bathroom when Adam Thornstowe distracts him enough for Luster the Legend to blindside him. They beat him down a bit and get his money. Rhino socks Adam and briefly gets the money back before both RENO Scum members take it to him, leave him lying and walk off with the roll.

* In a related note, big ups to Scott D’Amore who donated big to the GoFundMe for Kamala’s funeral expenses.

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace

Lee promised Purrazzo last week that she’d take Grace out in exchange for a title shot. Good luck with that Kimber. They lock up and Grace with a side headlock, shot into the ropes and she avoids a roundhouse, charging in to knock Lee down. Clothesline and sidewalk slam for a quick pin attempt. Grace with a hard shot to Lee and a whip into the other turnbuckle. Grace with a punch and another hard whip across the ring. She charges in but Lee pulls the ref in the way and Jordynne stops. Lee gets out of the way of the remaining charge, gets sent over the ropes to the apron, blocks a punch and hits a roundhouse as we’re off to break!

Back from break and Lee has Grace in a single-leg submission hold. She starts to target the leg, hitting a stomp and then slamming her knee into the mat. Kick to the back by Lee and she picks Grace up, head slam into the turnbuckle and a chop across the chest. She pulls Grace into the middle the ring for a suplex, but Grace goes to a knee to block it and hits one of her own. Shoulder tackles by Jordynne, elbow to the back of the head and spinebuster gets two! Grace pulls Lee up, gets her on her shoulders but Lee rolls down the back. Grace sits down and hooks the leg but Kimber rolls Grace into a pin and they go back and forth repeatedly. Lee up and hits a step-up enzuigiri, German suplex gets two! Lee goes up top for the Swanton, but Grace is up as Madison heads off to do Locker Room Talk. Grace cuts Lee off, hits an uppercut and a chop before climbing up. Lee fights free, headbutt knocks Grace down and Swanton — Grace gets the knees up and locks in a sleeper which Lee quickly taps to.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (5:33)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Solid stuff here that was perhaps the best Lee’s looked in a while. But this was Grace’s match to win so she can have momentum heading into her match with Deonna, and she looked good in there.

* It’s time for Locker Room Talk! Madison Rayne introduces the segment and says Swinger’s not there because he’s in Wrestle House. She says there have been a lot of eyes on Impact, mostly for Locker Room Talk’s return. She says she’s had advertisers begging for time on the segment and they have come to terms with their first sponsor. That gives us an ad for #Heath4IMPACT. He says anyone would be happy to have him and he still has kids and needs this job. He wants to get #Heath4IMPACT trending. Y’all know what to do, folks.

* Wentz and Dez are backstage, with Wentz complaining that Trey is always leaving them these days. Suicide shows up — but it’s Trey, having found the mask in Acey’s bag. He says that Dez has a match against Acey tonight and they tease Dez until Moose walks by and bumps into Wentz. He notices Wentz is wearing an EC3 hoodie and asks where he got it. Wentz says EC3 left it on the ground when he laid him out. Moose threatens him and tells him to take it off. While he’s here though, he has an invitation for a title shot next week and offers it to “Suicide” Trey, saying third time’s the charm. He walks off as Trey pulls the mask off and celebrates.

* We’re back from break with MORE WRESTLE HOUSE. We get a brief recap of Steve saying jealousy is a potent poison, and Rosemary is on the confession couch. She scoffs at the idea that she’s jealous as we cut to footage of Taya facing Jordynne Grace and Rosemary looks for a potential guy to make John E. jealous with. She settles on Larry and blows aphrodisiac digital smoke in his face before we cut to Alisha giving Susie advice before her date with Cousin Jake. She tells Susie to say she has the runs in case she needs an excuse to escape. Susie thanks Alisha and walks in for the date. He likes her dress; she likes his chest hair. They sit down opposite each other at the table and Susie says she has the runs. Jake isn’t sure what to say to that.

Back in the Taya viewing party and Larry only has eyes for Rosemary, who picks up the demon dog and walks off. Acey is talking but Larry hears nothing. Acey brings him back to his senses and says he’s acting weird; Larry says maybe he can finally be himself. Larry says sometimes there’s more to life than just food and Acey says he needs to smack some sense into Larry. They get in each other’s faces, and Tommy shows up excited for his TV time. MATCH TIIIIIIME!

Acey Romero vs. Larry D

Cody is the ref for this match, and the bell rings. Acey says he doesn’t know what’s going on with Larry but tonight he’s showing him some tough love. Larry with punches, whip into he ropes reversed by Acey and a jumping body block into a Thesz press. Acey lays in punches and lets Larry get up, Larry ducks out of the way of an avalanche and goes off the ropes — dropkick by Acey! He’s up and he goes for a back splash, but Larry moves. Larry with a curb stomp and he loads waits with the fist, but Acey ducks and hits the punch. He turns away for a second and eats the big right from Larry for three.

Winner: Larry D (1:25)
Rating: N/R
Thoughts: Short and not terrible. That’s all I asked for.

Larry tells Rosemary he knocked Acey out for her and we leave the House as Mathews hypes Havok & Nevaeh vs. Tasha & Kiera when we come back from break.

* Back from break with Deonna Purrazzo backstage. She says ever since Grace lost at Slammiversary she’s been more brutal and bitter than ever — ruthless and violent and not becoming of a champion. She is getting her rematch now that she’s medically cleared at Emergence. Deonna says that if Jordynne is deluded enough to think that she’s superior, she’ll accept a 30-minute first-ever Knockouts Iron Man stipulation.

* We then get a vignette on The North and the MCMGs, with Ethan Page talking about how their title reign was a reward for their hard work, while Chris Sabin says that what they do speaks for themselves. Alexander says they respect what the Machine Guns mean for tag team wrestling and Impact, and they came up watching them. The MCMGs are the best of their time, but The North are the future. Alex Shelley talks about tag teams copying what they’ve done. I’m not gonna lie; the music in this video is largely drowning out what the teams are saying and that’s super-frustrating. Alexander says they knew it was a matter of time before they became tag team champions. Shelley says The North are what brought them back to Impact, while Page says they dominated Impact’s tag teams for an entire year. Sabin says they had a good return and they beat the North; Page says that the MCMGs aren’t better because they beat the North as a fresh team fighting two men worked to the bone. They beat them on one night but they’re not better than The North. Sabin says the North won’t shut up about them and its time they shut them up. Alexander says next week at Emergence they will make an example out of the Guns. Shelley says come and get them.

No Disqualification Match:
Havok & Nevaeh vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Tasha and Kiera go to hide on the side off the side of the ramp during their entrance. Havok and Nevaeh come out and get ambushed by Kiera and Tasha, and Tasha has a weapon. Tasha chokes Havok with her jacket and Kiera slams Nevaeh into the ring apron. Tasha comes off the top but Havok catches her — swinging sidewalk slam! She picks Tasha up and hangs her in the corner while the others fight outside, and an elbow drops Tasha to the mat. Nevaeh hits Kiera with the tongs (that was the weapon) and Kiera grabs Havok’s boot to distract her while Tasha swings with a steel chair that…does nothing. Oh my, Tasha. She throws the chair at Havok and kicks it into her face. Kiera with a kick to Havok’s face and she rolls out of the ring. Nevaeh in, she ducks a double clothesline and takes both the heels down. Suplex to Tasha, and another one as Kiera rolls out of the ring. Third suplex hits and she rolls her into a pin that gets two. Atomic front slam while on the outside, Havok charges at Kiera who dodges and Havok hits the steps knee-first. Nevaeh is distracted by that and Tasha with a schoolgirl for two but gets clotheslined right down. Kiera in and she hits Nevaeh across the back with the tongs a couple of times. Nevaeh whipped into the corner, Tasha runs in with a fist and she takes out Havok. Charging uppercut by Tasha, Kiera with a diving dropkick. Neckbreaker from Steelz gets two. Kiera pounds on Havok a moment, then they switch places but Havok takes Tasha out as Kiera chokes Nevaeh against the bottom rope on the other side of the ring. She breaks it and turns around to kick Havok off the apron, but Nevaeh fights back. Kiera with a boot to the gut and kick to the head, she knocks Havok down on the apron again and gets a two-count on Nevaeh. Nevaeh fights back, whips Kiera into the ropes and Havok with a kick to the face. Kiera backs into a release German suplex and Havok goes outside to attack Tasha. Havok gets the table out, sets it up as Nevaeh gets a two-count inside the ring. Nevaeh kicks Kiera and Havok in, they go for their finisher and Tasha pulls Kiera down. The two sides are brawling now, trading punches until they wear themselves out. Boot by Nevaeh takes out Tasha, Kiera misses Havok but hits Nevaeh with a roundhouse and then gets roundhoused herself. Havok picks Tasha up for a Tombstone but Kiera makes the save. Boot by Kiera, double suplex attempt is blocked and Havok suplexes both of her opponents! She charges at the heels, but they open the ropes and Havok catches herself just before falling on Chekov’s table. Havok on the apron, she clocks Tasha and tries to suplex her on the table. Tasha locks in a sleeper hold, Kiera breaks it up with a kick, Tasha with a kick to the midsection and Kiera dropkicks Havok who falls through said table. Nevaeh with a street sign takes out Havok, Kiera with Face the Music for the pinfall!

Winner: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan (8:20)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Good match here that featured the appropriate mix of hardcore action and tag team tandem offense. These two teams match up well and if that’s the end of the feud, it’s an okay blow-off that came just in time before the angle started to drag.

* Backstage, Karl and Doc have found Scott D’Amore and want to know where Ace and Fulton are. D’Amore says they can’t go around roughing people up. Someone should tell RENO Scum and Eric Young that. Karl says to find them and D’Amore says he doesn’t think they’re even in the building. Gallows says he knows he has to say that, but they’re going to the ring and they aren’t leaving until they get them. They leave and D’Amore says into his headset that he’s getting real Hall and Nash vibes off the two.

* Backstage, Moose is walking until an image of EC3 is projected onto the wall for a promo. He says Moose looks nervous but he’s not here to play mind games. He says this is more. He’s not there for friends, family, or to declare Impact home; he’s there for Moose. Not the man, but what he’s synonymous with which is something he has to destroy. He says it’s not a threat; it’s a declaration and Moose has been warned. Moose looks around nervously as we cut to commercial.

* Back from break and we get the Impact! Plus app.

Suicide vs. Dez

They face off and lock up, counter wrestling ends with a chop by Dez and another. Dez with strikes to Suicide, and as they start to brawl out come the Good Brothers! They walk into the ring and ANDERSON BOOTS DEZ!

Winner: Dez by DQ (1:01)
Rating: N/R
Thoughts: Too bad, this could have been a fun match.

The Good Brothers chuck Wentz out of the ring and Doc smacks Suicide, they get him up and MAGIC-KILLER! Suicide is chucked out of the ring and they get mikes. Karl says that Ace and Fulton messed with the wrong brothers and don’t know who they’re messing with. He says they have nowhere to go and will sit there all night until they get out there. Doc says last week wasn’t his first time behind bars. He tells them to get out here so they can get their asses handed to them. Ace and Fulton appear on the Tron, and Ace says they’re not even in the same state. Ace mocks Gallows and says he hopes Doc made some new brothers in jail. He says they’re looking to pick a fight and they’ll get it, but only on Ace’s time and that’ll be on night one of Emergence. He says don’t get too deep on the beers because they’ll see them next week. Gallows is down with that and we cut away.

* The Impact! Plus Flashback moment of the week is Cody facing Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Title in October of 2016, which saw Eddie successfully retain.

* Backstage, Rohit Raju walks up to Chris Bey backstage and says he knows Impact saw TJP beat him in the center of the ring and they have to have something cooking. Bey asks if he should be scared, and Raju says TJP will have Bahh in his corner. Rohit has something better: give TJP and him a title shot and then it will be a two-on-one match in reality. Bey’s not an idiot and asks why he should trust him. Raju tries to speak up and Bey says he’s joking; he beat Rohit at Rebellion so that’s not an issue. He likes Rohit’s plan and they’ll do it.

* Back from break and we get another Brian Myers promo where he keeps hearing “be a professional.” He finally takes the mask off and says he’s Brian Myers, and he’s the most professional wrestler.

* BACK TO WRESTLE HOUSE! Jake is waiting for Susie, and she comes back and says she had the runs again. She says she’s enjoyed his company, and he says he’s enjoyed her. He’s happy to see this side of her because he always thought of her as the undead bride psycho-killer zombie. But this is the real here. Susie gets a little Su Yung-ish and says it is the real her, and Jake is suddenly nervous. He has the runs and has to go. Alisha comes in and asks what happens. Susie suggests that maybe her advice was bad. Alisha calls for Tommy and it’s MATCH TIIIIIIIME!

Susie vs. Alisha

Steve is the referee and calls for the bell. Alisha says she tried her best and Susie says she gave bad advice. Alisha pushes her and says she told her to listen and for some reason the date was terrible. Susie slaps Alisha and Alisha with a double-leg takedown, they roll around until Steve breaks it up and tells them to go back to their corners. Alisha dives in and Steve catches her, Susie slaps Alisha and picks her up. Whish into the ropes reversed, double clothesline and Steve counts in nonsense words. They’re both up and trade blows until Alisha hits two and hits a clothesline. She picks Susie up, Susie with some elbows and a roll-up for the pinfall.

Winner: Susie (1:56)
Rating: N/R
Thoughts: Yeah, that was comedy that didn’t work.

Alisha outs after as Susie celebrates. Taya comes out and tells everyone to come back in to see when she won the Knockouts Championship. Kylie has a question; she appreciates the bonding exercises but everyone’s tired and wants to go to sleep. Taya says that’s a quitter’s mentality and they’re losers. Susie points out that Kylie’s beaten her twice and is #1 contender. Taya says anyone, even Bravo, could be #1 contender but she hasn’t beaten a champion. Kylie says lets’ find out if she can beat a champion and Tommy goes to call for match time, but Rosemary shushes him. Taya says she’ll book Kylie in next week.

* Madison and Mathews break down next week’s Impact Emergence night one:

Wrestle House Match: Kylie Rae vs. Taya Valkyrie
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Moose vs. Trey Miguel
X-Division Championship Match: Chris Bey vs. TJP vs. Rohit Raju
– The Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: Motor City Machine Guns
Impact World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards vs. TBA

And for night two:
30-Minute Ironman Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace

* Eddie Edwards is in the ring for his World Championship defense, but we don’t know his opponent as we head to break.

* Back from break and Eddie has a mic. He calls out Eric Young and says that after he did to Rich Swann and Willie Mack, he has his attention. He challenges Young to a match right here and right now — and Brian Myers’ music plays! Myers comes out with a mic and says that Eddie seems a bit disappointed that Eric Young didn’t come out. But the title he’s holding is just a belt in his hands and in Myers, it becomes a championship because he’s the most professional wrestler and he’s accepted Edwards’ challenge.

Impact World Championship Match:
Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers

They tease locking up but Myers dives for the ropes and the breakup is called. Lockup now and Eddie backs Myers into the ropes, then breaks it up. They lock up again and Edwards backed into the corner as Mathews puts Myers’ TNA and WWE accolades over and plugs the Major Wrestling Figure podcast. Eddie with a series of chops now but Myers cuts it off with a boot to the gut and clothesline. Myers stomps Eddie and flips him over into a side headlock. Both men up now, Myers shot into the ropes and he takes Eddie down with a bodyblock. Off the ropes and Eddie with an elbow and a two-count. Myers up and a shot to the gut, then he floors Eddie with a punch to the head. Stomp and he chokes Eddie against the ropes, fists to the dome and he whips Eddie, reversed, Myers grabs the ropes and gets clotheslined out of the ring. We’re off to break now.

Back from break and Myers is stomping Eddie in the corner. He yells at the ref and picks Eddie up, wristlock into a kneelift. He sends Eddie into the ropes, Eddie slips under and hits an inverted atomic drop and belly-to-belly suplex. Myers out of the ropes but Eddie follows and rolls him in. Myers catches Eddie in the apron with a kick, he grabs Eddie and slams him into the turnpost. Myers outside now, he rams Eddie back-first into the apron and rolls him in. Knee to the back of Edwards, kneedrop to the head and a two-count for the challenger. Myers with a chinlock, Eddie fights to his fight and hits Myers, comes off the ropes but Myers follows in and slides out, tripping Eddie to the ground. Myers poses outside and then climbs back in, stomp to Edwards. An elbow drop gets just two. Knee to Eddie’s back and a chinlock. Eddie powers to his feet but eats a kneelift. Myers whips Eddie into the ropes, Eddie catches himself and when Myers charges he gets sent over to the outside. Eddie off the ropes and dives through the ropes to take the challenger out, but he looks to have tweaked his knee. Edwards is limping now, and Myers slams him back first into the guardrail. He rolls into the ring as the ref counts. Eddie rolls in and gets hit with a knee. Myers picks Edwards up, back suplex gets two. Sleeper hold on Eddie wears the champ down, he manages to get to his knees though and then punches his way out. Eddie gets shoved into the corner but hits Myers with a back elbow. Myers with a kick to the gut, goes for a suplex but Myers reverses and both men are down. Both men slow to get up, Eddie charges in and splashes Myers but Myers manages to whip Eddie across the ring. Eddie baseball slides, turns around knock downs to the challenger. Myers in the corner, Eddie goes in but eats a back elbow. Myers climbs up but gets kicked in the head. Backpack stunner gets two. Eddie up, he lies in wait, Myers turns around into midsection kick, Tiger Driver countered, Impaler DDT gets two! Myers looking frustrated now, he gets up in the corner and lies in wait. Myers runs in — superkick! Forearm into a Tiger Driver, hits it for NO! Nearfall. Eddie gets up, preps for the Boston Knee Party, he runs in, but Myers ducks and hits a kick. Myers off the ropes — BOSTON KNEE PARTY! And that’s it.

Winner: Eddie Edwards (10:14)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Technically proficient piece of work here. I don’t love sacrificing Myers to Edwards in his first match after a few weeks of vignettes; that’s wasted effort. But it was a World Title Match and that mitigates things a bit. The story was Eddie’s knee being hurt, which no doubt Eric Young will follow up on as it’s so similar to Swann’s injury.

After the match, Eddie celebrates with the title and we go to black.

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