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June 17, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 6-17-24 MITBQ Image Credit: WWE

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Hey everyone! I wrote something! I typically don’t shill myself, but this piece is pretty special to me! Give it a listen and comment if ya like it. Comment if you don’t, hell I don’t care – give it a star rating!

Join Micheal Ornelas, and his Fine Dining Podcast as he takes on Cracker Barrel! I have never been, nor do I ever want to go, so thanks for doing the dirty work for me!

Thank you for allowing the shameless plugs.

We start RAW with the typical intro, but it’s marred by skips and awkward flashes, signifying something big, I’d assume/hope.

After a recap of The Clash, we get Drew’s somber self walking into the arena.

We are LIVE in the ring, and BURN IT DOWN! Sounds! Seth is here lookin like he owns land in the South.

Seth gets a nice WELCOME BACK chant after some singing. He removes his Undertaker the White hat. He has missed us. He wants to cut to the chase – after ten minutes – and says he is back for one reason. He’s done it all, but he got into the business not just to be one of the best, but to be the greatest of all time. He can’t do that without getting back the title that he made.

We look up into the sky and two briefcases hang above. Seth brings up how close it is in time. Seth knows how to climb a ladder, he’s familiar with the contract, and he figure it’s the fastest way for him to get back in the mix.

He is cut off by Damien Priest.

Priest says he isn’t being sarcastic, he welcomes Seth back. It’s good to have him back, sincerely. Priest wants to tell him that he wanted to cash in on Seth. Out of respect. Priest wanted to beat Seth. It didn’t happen, but he feels like he’s doing ok. He needs to inform Seth though, that this is no longer Monday Night Rollins.

Seth chuckles a bit, cuts him some slack, says Priest had a rough weekend – almost lost a leg. He likes where he’s coming from, almost respects it. Priest may not know this, but they are a lot alike. Both made names in groups, both won MitB, waited a long time to cash in, but when they did, they made a mark. They both won their first titles at Mania. There is a difference, though. The fact that at some point, Seth grew a set. He wants to be the greatest of all time, so at some point he needed to stand on his own two feet. So…what kind of champion does Priest wanna be? Will he just a footnote?

Let’s not forget that when Seth first won the title, Priest was his first challenger. Seth beat him. Times have changed. He best people thought he’d relinquish the title. Seth is no longer better than him. His legacy, his reign. Don’t worry about it. How about at MitB, Priest vs Rollins for the title.

Seth wonders if this is a trap. Priest says no, this is between them. Yes or no. Want a shot or not?

Seth accepts, and says just remember that as long as he is around here, this show will always and forever be Monday Night Rollins.

Pearce is backstage doing backstage things. In comes Chad Gable and The Alpha Academy to tell Pearce that he is an intellectual, and after berating his team, he wants a rematch.

Perace understands how frustrated he is, but the best thing is for him to get in the back of the line. Gable is a leader, he says, he belongs at the front. But he is game. Find someone worthy. Pearce has just the guy.

Chad Gable vs

Sorry y’all, I come to after the break and Gable is getting completely demolished. Braun shoots Gable into the corner chest first. Braun then tosses Gable across the ring. Braun removes his shirt with a rip, then heads outside to start the train. Gable, too smart or all that, shoves Akira into Braun’s arms, but Braun just shoots HIM into Gable!

Braun sends Gable into the ring. Gable attacks the leg, again and again. He hits the ropes. Braun is up with a hell of a powerslam and a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Chad Gable
I’ll only be happy if this leads to Gable finally taking the next step.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: Stopwatch Issues

Gable demands the Academy enters the ring. He asks for Akira Tozawa to stand front and center. Gable shoves him, then tugs on his ear, but here comes Maxxine to stand in front of Akira. Gable then snatches her crutch from her and tosses it out of the ring. Lol.

Gable then tries to eject both of them out of the ring, but Maxxine can’t walk. Gable grabs Tozawa, says he aint done. He slaps Akira across the face hard. Otis’ back is turned, but he hears the slap and it stops him. He turns slowly, stares down Gable. Otis shoves Gable with ease, shooting him into the corner. Otis yells for Gable to chill, the crowd is hot. Even Cole pops. Otis screams, then turns to leave the ring. He grabs Akira, Maxxine grabs her crutch, and the three of them leave Gable alone in the ring. The three look at Gable one last time before heading up the ramp.

Gable stands in the ring by himself, showered with boos. He keeps shouting how they are family.

Last Monday, Liv tried to hand Dom her hotel room key. Pat goes over the happenings and exposes that Finn Balor took the room key.

Backstage, Damien Priest asks Finn Balor why he took the key. Finn says he did it to protect Dom. He is also going to enter the MitB after this win and hold onto it for Priest.

Dominik Mysterio lost his cowboy vest. Carlito says he probably left it with Liv. Priest tells him to get ready for his match, and they all leave except Finn. Priest asks Finn if he’s spoken to Rhea, and he says no.

Iyo Sky vs Kiana James vs Zelina Vega

Iyo goes straight for Vega, but Kiana stop her and wants to have some words with Iyo. Iyo grabs her by the hair, but Vega comes by and pulls them apart b the hair. Knee to Sky, cover from Vega, Kiana drops an elbow hile Vega tries to pin. Rollup for 1..2NO!!! Kiana slams Vega into th corner then kicks a few times. Vega hops up and hits a rana. Iyo with a dropkick! Kiana swipes on the apron, Iyo ducks, hits a right and flings her off, then hits a moonsault off the ropes! Vega dives off the apron with knees!

We are back in time to just witness the tail end of the typical three-person corner debacle. Two girls try to cover but the ref won’t allow it. Iyo grabs Vega and hits her with a back breaker, she looks to attack the corner, but Kiana stops her with a shoulder in the corner. She handsprings into a shoulder to Vega. Then powerbombs her in the center of the ring. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Iyo rolls HER up fro 1..2.NO!! Kiana kicks Iyo away and goes back onto the attack with Vega. Vega with an arm drag. Rolls through, kick to the head of Kiana. Vega lifts Iyo with her boot like her hubby only not as cool. Big boot to Iyo. Kian grabs her, shoots her into a rana for Iyo! Vega with the roll through shooting Kiana into thw corner. Iyo to the top rope, but Vega stops her with a 619! Code Red! Cover! 1.2…NO!!! Kiana breaks it up! Jawbreaker from Vega.

Vega heads to the apron, Kiana misses a right, Vega with a kick, she turns to see Liv Morgan in Dom’s cow vest. Vega is distracted and Kiana hits her with some knees. Iyo with knees to Kiana! MOONSAULT FROM IYO!!! Cover! 1..2…3!!!!!

Winner: Zelina Vega
While I appreciate the crowd loving the girls enough to give them a This Is Awesome chant, this was just so so. Gotta appreciate Vega’s efforts, even the nod to her hubby, but she’s still not quite crisp.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:34

Recap of Ricochet going boink off a car hood.

Sami Zayn comes out to say he is proud to still be our IC Champion. He says Gable didn’t make it easy. Crazy to think that it all started by beating him in a wrestling match. Now, finally, it is over because he beat him in a wrestling match. He’s moving on from Gable, but it’s going to be hard to move on from The Alpha Academy. He’s been those guys. Everyone must do things on their own time, though. He didn’t leave til he was ready. Jey Uso didn’t leave till he was ready.

He will look forward, and he is going to defend his title against anyone and everyone.

Bron Breakker hears the call, and out he comes.

Sami wonders if he interrupted to just stand there or does he have something to say.

Bron says he doesn’t have to say much, Sami knows why he is here. Sami is next on the list.

Sheamus is here! He has been chasing that title for a very long time, putting on bangers and shit. So how about he is next?

Bron takes offense. He tells Sheamus in his way, and he will kick his ass.

Sheamus laughs this off, says he gets it. Bron is the new hot thing. Bron has no skin in the game, though. He is just the new kid. So get to the back of the line before he makes him.

Sami wants to give them time to sort this out. He will talk to Pearce, and make them have a match.

Our new Women’s Tag Team Champions get some words with Jackie, but in come Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark to warn them that they are coming for the titles.

Dragon Lee vs Carlito

Lee starts with a whip to the corner then a droplkick. Cover for 1..2nO!! Enziguri from Lee to Carlito, sending him outside. Lee flies outside, Carlito catches him and sends Lee into the barricade back first. Carlito rolls in then out. Carlito sends Lee into the ring, then walks over to Rey and dares him to hit Carlito. Carlito back onto the apron and Lee hops over the top rope to hit a rana to Carlito to the outside!

We come back and Lee has Carlito in a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Rana attempt, but Lee lands on his fet, kick to Carlito, Carlito with a back elbow, Lee shoots him to the ropes, GERMAN! To he shoulders, and Carlito hits a quick neckbreaker. Coer for 1..2…NO!!! Carlito with a shoulder in the corne. He sits Lee up on the top rope. Carlito climbs, ends up in the Tree of Woe. Lee with a stomp! He grabs Carlito, but Varlito hits a back body drop. Kick to Lee. Hits the ropes, running knee, clothesline attempt, Lee flips over the arm, lifts up Carlito for a powerbomb!!!! Cover!!! 1…2…NO!!!!

LIV IS BACK! She walks down the rmap wit Dom’s vest on. Dom and JD stand there. Dom asks for his vest back, asking where she got it.

HERE COMES ZELINA! She attacks liv form behind. LWO grabs Vega, but Dom is there to fight Wilde, then Rey beats down his son! JD Pulls Lee down in the corner, and Carlito hits a backstabber. Cover for 1..2.3!!!

Winner: Carlito
More storyline than anything, and good, because Carltio is lookin kinda slow, and that’s gott a be a feat considering he was in a match with Lee.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:55

Drew McIntyre is walking!

The screen flickers, and if it’s Drew that Howdy and His Happy Misfits attack, then damn..talk about a bad week for Drew.

Backstage, Chad Gable runs up on Otis, Akira, and Maxxine. He starts yelling until he realizes they are packing their bags. He asks where they are going, they’re family? Otis says they are done, and they leave.

Gable stands alone, says he is huge and massive and he will do something big. He will win Money in the Bank and do something that failure Otis could never do. He will cash in and become champion.

Drew McIntyre is here, and he is noticeably frustrated. We get a clip of Drew’s anger taking over after the match, including shoving a ref and getting in Graves face until Wade Barrett calmed him down. Cole tells us he was fined.

Drew starts with a name: “CM Punk.” The crowd chants it. Drew pauses. He then says he cant do this anymore. Screw this company.

“I quit.”

Drew tosses the mic and walks up the ramp. Out comes Adam Pearce to tell him there are a million ways to handle this and..

We cut to break quickly.

We come back, and Drew is with HHH. Drew is serious. He heard what HHH said at the press conference – how he loves Punk. He’s done.

Drew walks away and Pearce follows, trying to talk sense to him.

Damage CTRL vs Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter

Kai and Sane attack just before the bell. Once it rings, we got Kai and Chance. Dropkick, tag to Carter, Chance slides nad pulls Kai to the apron, spins her to hold her head and Carter flies off the apron with a splash. Carter sends Kai into the ring and covers for 1…NO! Sane grabs the boot. Kai sends Carter to the apron, stomps her back, tag to Sane. To the top rope! She dives with an ebow! Damn that was pretty. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Chance breaks up the pin! Kai with a huge kick to Chance. They stomp Carter, and here is Lyra Valkyria to check on Chance.

In the ring, Kai and Sane grab the head of arter until Kai sees Lyra. Kai walks over to the ropes to talk some shit to Lyra. Carter with a DDT to Sane! Kai turns, waist lock, of the ropes, Carter with a kick! Chance ot the top rope! After Party!!!! Cover! 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: Kayden Carter and Kitana Chance
Oooooohhhhhh Iyo gone be pissssseed!!
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:55

Backstage, Iyo warns Kai and Sane that Damage CTRL has to change or she will change things herself.

Bron Breakker vs Sheamus

Sami is ringside for this, chilling with commentary, but not on the mic.

Lockup and Sheamus gets cornered. He works the wrist till Bron gets to the ropes. Ref break and we get another lockup. They tumble through the ropes to the outside. Bron with a right hand, one for the gut. Sheamus hits his own. An uppercut. He sends Bron into the ring and follows. Bron turns into a powerslam attempt but Bron slips off, Bron hits the ropes, big hit to Sheamus in the center. Bron corners Sheamus, hits a shoulder, another. Another. Big right to the head. Bron hits the ropes and runs right into an Irish Curse. Bron up in the corner. Sheaus gets a fireman’s. Sheamus with a rolling senton. He pulls on the face from behind, hooking the lips. Bron stands, turns into it, hits a few elbows. Bron grabs Sheamus, the leg. Exploder! He goes for a shoulder, but Sheamus moves and Bron gets posted. Clothesine sends Bron to the outside!

Sheamus to the apron. Running clothesline to Bron! Sheamus sends Breaker into the ring, Bron hangs him up. Bron hits the ropes, running knee to the shoulder! Bron on the apron! He flies with a clothesline, and they both tumble over the announce table!

Cole: “Sheamus may be dead!” lol.

We return to Sheamus on his knees goading Bron into action in the ring. Sheamus with a right, another, a big one to the dome. Sheamus with a clothesline to the corner. Sheamus lifts up, then spins Bron into a big slam. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Sheamus corners Bron, lifts him to the shoulders, then walks up the rmap, but Bron slips behind and hits a right to the spine. Sheamus with a right form above, Bron fights back. Sheamus with right, right, kick to Bron, Bron hops to the top, slips, takes Sheamus down with him in a sloppy slam. Sheamus grabs Bron as Bron is removing his straps. WHITE NOISE! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! Bron in the corner, Sheamus with a whip, Bron comes out of it with a clothesline! Bron waits for Sheamus. Sheamus slow to stand. Bron waits, RUNNING KNEE FROM SHEAMUS TO BRON!!! COVER!!!1…….2…..NO!!!! SO Sick.

Bron to the apron. Sheamus grabs him and beats his chest in. Bron falls on his face and rolls into the ring. Sheamus in the corner. This time, he lay in wait. BROG—-no!!! KAISER IS RINGSIDE! He pulls Sheamus out of the ring and attacks for the DQ!

Winner: Sheamus via DQ
In typical Sheamus fashion, this was godo and getting great. I don’t like the ending, but it lead to a sick moment and continued to entangle all these men in numerous potential storylines while still letting Bron look like a loose cannon.
Total Rating:
Match Time:

Sheamus attacks Kaiser around the ring, but here comes Bron with a spear!

Refs and producers force Bron to the back. Kaiser waits in the crowd, then attacks! He grabs the leg, kicks it, places it in front of the steps, then runs around the ring to kick Sheamus, but Bron is circling the opposite way and HE SPEARS THE ACCENT OUT OF LUDWIG KAISER!!!!!

Sami stands with his belt, and Bron walks up to him and shoves him! Sami is pissed! He tries to fight back, but refs come to break it all up.

Backstage, Dom continues to look for his vest. Liv is nearby and says he can have the vest, but he must take it off himself. Is he nervous? She’ll help out a little.

She unzips halfway. Dom continues to unzip her, and from behind them, Damien Priest is walking. He tells Dom to grab his stuff and go to the clubhouse. He takes his vest and leaves.

Damien tells Liv to leave Dom alone, he wants noting to do with her. Liv thinks Dom wants everything to do with her. Damien calls her crazy.

Karrion Cross cuts a quick promo about Woods and Kofi, and how they beat him up two – on – one. He was going to do something real crazy, but Scarlett talked him out of it, and he is issuing a challenge to either of them. One v One. He’ll leave his uys in th ack. He’s hoping it’s Kofi, because we all know ’e’d rather have Woods in the back anyway.

We head over to The New Day and Xavier Woods tells Cross they know he’s been around the world, and Kofi Kingston says but since he’s been here, he aint done shit! They are the greatest tag team of all time. But if he wants a one v one, Kofi accepts. Woods seems a bit bothered by this, as it appears Kofi cut him off.

Jey Uso is surrounded by fans at concession, and he’s got a mic. He makes his entrance while claiming that he’s gotta grab that YEETcase.

Jey Uso vs Rey Mysterio vs Finn Balor

Finn Balor rolls out of the ring immediately, leaving Jey and Rey. They lockup. Side headlock from Jey. Rey attacks the stomach. Jey with a tackle off the ropes. He hits the ropes, hops over Rey, Rey with a rana! An arm drag to Finn as soon as he enters. Jey to the apron, Rey kicks thn tries for a Sunset Flip, but Jey holds on and Finn attacks Rey. He pulls Jey down then slams his head into the apron a few times. Rey flies over the top rope with a crossbody to Finn!

WE are BACK and Finn and Rey are going at it. Finn is able to get a quick two, but Rey kicks out. Finn stomps him near the ropes then chokes him up and ads a few more stomps. Jey grabs him from behind, Finn hits a knee, then an elbow to the head. Finn with aright, Jey blocks, another, right hand from Jey. Another, he dances, hits another. Rey is seen climbing the corner as Jey lays the Smackdown. Kick to the stomach, uppercut, firemna’s but Finn shoves Jey. Rey lies off the top rope with a senton! Crossbody off the ropes! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Crucifix by Rey to Jey gets 1..2.NO!!! Finn rolls up Rey for 1..2.NO!!! Elbow from Rey. Rey to the 2nd rope, Finn attacks the back, climbs the back of the leg, then sits Rey onto his shoulders. Rey shoots Finn onto the ropes, goes for a 619, but Finn turns and hits a clothesline! ENziguri from Jey! Pele Kick from Finn! All men down!

We are BACK and Rey hits a rana off the top to Finn. JEY WITH A SPEAR! COVER! 1…2…NO!!!! Jey climbs! Finn is on the apron. He shoves Jey off the top rope! Rey with a 619 to the gut! Baseball slide from Rey! He sends Finn back in, sets Jey up. 619 to Jey! Rey sets them both up. 619 for both! Rey to the top rope! Dom and JD are here! They shove Rey off the top! Here comes Braun to chase both men to the back!

Finn rolls Jey, Jey rolls through, Superkick to Finn! Cover! 1…2…Rey tries for a spear, kick from Finn. Slingblade form Balor!

Rey shoots himself onto the shojlders, Finn swings him into Jey, then sends Rey headfirst into the buckle. Slam to the mat. Finn to the top rope! COUP DE GRACE!!! JEY WITH A SPLASH AS FINN PINS! Jey covers Finn! 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Jey Uso
Good main event, but y’all know what we’re waitin for…
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 15:48

Jey stands in the middle of the ring by himself, proud and yeeting.

WE get a recap and when we come back, Jey is in the crowd, Yeeting.

WE still got five minutes, so…..



Music chimes in. The door is at the center of the stage. The door swings open, and the light goes out.

A dirty dressed woman crawls towards a lantern, presumably Nikki Cross.She points to the back, and we follow a camera that finds a bunny with a hammer standing over slain security. WE turn towards Gorilla, and a bunch of people are laid out while a random sits atop a box in an odd mask. We scan more and run into another man in a pig mask, then follow a fog filled backstage area with more people laid out, including Chad Gable with blood pouring from his face, and finally….we see Uncle Howdy standing with arms stretched out.

He walks toward us, looking down at the handy work, as he walks, the masked people don either side of him. Howdy turns towards the stage, walks around the door grabs the lantern. He holds it high then says, “we’re here” and blows out the light.

End Show

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