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Jordan Oliver Gives His Thoughts On Wrestling ACH, Says He Has His Priorities Mixed Up

January 18, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jordan Oliver

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Jordan Oliver spoke about his recent match with ACH and the latter’s current priorities. ACH, who competed in WWE NXT as Jordan Myles, accused the company of being racist when they had plans to release a problematic t-shirt depicting what appeared to be blackface, although WWE denied any wrongdoing. Here are highlights:

On wrestling ACH: “I’m not gonna say it wasn’t cool because ACH has done everything in the business. But I feel he’s got his priorities mixed up with the way he’s viewing stuff. I think he should have talked to us a little more politely because Injustice would fit him perfectly. But he didn’t wanna hear it. He really wasn’t trying to hear the movement of Injustice.”

On King Mo in MLW: “It’s cool because King Mo has been in Impact and is a big MMA guy. But how long is it until it’s, ‘Oh, King Mo, we don’t have anything for you?’ How long until they realize he’s not a wrestler, he’s an MMA guy? This is the same issue people have with WWE with Brock Lesnar – how long is he gonna be there for? How long until King Mo has gotten his fix in wrestling? Is he gonna do one match and then not come back for six months? To me and some of the other talent, it’s really mind boggling they would go after someone who’s a non-wrestler.”

On if he wants to go for singles gold: “I’d love to go after singles gold but the way MLW treats [Injustice], it’s really whatever we can get as this point. If me and Snoop have to take some tag belts and slap some people in the face and show Court that we are the best in the company to get some singles action, then that’s what we’re gonna have to do.”

On who gets priority in the MLW locker room: “I think MLW gives priority to whomever comes in and shakes all the veterans’ hands. And whoever sits there and listens to what they have to say. To be frank, we don’t give a f*ck. I said it on Twitter – all 2020 is f*ck the vets. I’m not shaking no hands or picking no brains. I know my brain is ahead of this generation. I know in 20 years people are going to be talking about Jordan Oliver like they talk about Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask.”

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