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Kerry Morton Says He and Ricky Are Firing On All Cylinders Heading Into NWA Crockett Cup

May 16, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kerry Morton NWA Image Credit: NWA

Kerry Morton is teaming with his father Ricky for the NWA Crockett Cup, and he’s fired up for the match. Kerry appeared on the Sports Guys Talk Wrestling podcast and talked about teaming with his father for the tournament, noting that they are a cohesive unit heading into the June 3rd and 4th tournament.

“You know, it speaks for itself so to speak,” Morton said (per Fightful). “We’re firing on all cylinders, especially when we step into the NWA squared circle. We come to win and that’s something we’re both on the same page about. Obviously, [with a] father and son duo, you kind of have that linger in between, ‘Hey, I’m thinking one thing’ and then he’s picking up exactly what I was thinking. With that being said, we’re firing on all cylinders. We’re training at the School Of Morton wrestling academy here in Tennessee, we’re on the road every weekend for the independents all across the country.”

Kerry continued, “This is less than three weeks away, we step into the Crockett Cup. The last one was in 2019, Ricky and Robert were thrown out by The Briscoes, rest in peace Jay. Paying homage, we wanna come back and do some Justice and show the world that a [duo of a] 66 and a 22 year old can come together and make something. We’ll make something for ourselves.”