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Kevin’s NXT Review 1.08.20

January 8, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s NXT Review 1.08.20  

The first official NXT of 2020.

We open with the new NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley. “You deserve it” chants. She thanks the fans for the celebration last week but is quickly interrupted by the surprise arrival of Toni Storm! She beat Rhea for the UK Women’s Title earlier this year. Toni congratulates her and says she’s proud but asks her to remember that time she beat her. Twice. She promises to win the UK Women’s Title again Sunday and then at Worlds Collide, she’s going to become a double champion. Rhea accepts. They re interrupted by NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray. She says there’s no way Toni makes it past Sunday. Another interruption as Io Shirai comes out to a huge pop. She knocks the microphone out of Ray’s hand and gets in the ring. She says that the title is hers. Out comes Bianca Belair who says she’s better than them and says Toni doesn’t even go here. Now it’s time for Candice LeRae! Rhea knows she wants a fight and so does she. Rhea hits Bianca and everyone starts brawling. it seems like be KLR, Bianca, and Io against Toni, Candice, and Rhea. William Regal books this as a six woman tag opener

Bianca Belair, Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray vs. Candice LeRae, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm

Candice takes out all three opponents with a tope suicida to start. They go to break as we get PIP of the action. It starts hot but it seems to calm down with Toni taking the heat. Returning, Candice is now legal and she’s in trouble as KLR works her over. Bianca gets the tag and clubs away at Candice to keep her from making the tag. They keep Candice isolated though she gets two on an inside cradle on KLR. She pulls the top rope down to send Belair outside and crawls over. Belair gets back in to cut her off. Candice eats a huge forearm and is back down. KLR gets tagged and hits a swanton bomb for two as Toni breaks it up. Belair spears her, triggering an offensive barrage from everyone. Candice takes out Io to wrap that segment as we go to another commercial. Returning, Candice finally makes the hot tag to Toni, who runs over KLR. She hits her with a German suplex and gets two on a running forearm. Shirai becomes legal and gets close to a run as she sets up for a moonsault. Bianca tags herself in, upsetting Io. Bianca goes for KOD on Toni so Io takes her out with a springboard dropkick. Tag to Rhea behind Bianca’s back. Big boot, knee strikes and a dropkick. Io has walked off. Riptide ends this.

Winners: Candice LeRae, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm in 16:16 [***1/4]

Rhea has a staredown with Toni. Candice brings the title in for Rhea but stops to stare at it. She then keeps the peace, hands the title over, and raises her partners’ hands.

A vignette runs for Tommaso Ciampa, who talks about being NXT Champion for 238 days. He needs the title back.

In the back, Keith lee cuts a promo about having to prove himself no matter how many champions he has pinned. He will win the North American Title in 2020.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: The Forgotten Sons vs. Imperium

This gets off to a fast start and Steve Cutler hits a big knee followed by a backbreaker for two. Aichner is sporting a mask like he’s dealing with a broken nose or something. Barthel gets tagged and hits a kikc. Back suplex gets two. Back to Aichner who also gets a near fall. Imperium works their awesome tandem brainbuster spot for a near fall. Te tide is turned as the Forgotten Sons hit a superkick/fisherman driver combo. Aichner springboard cross bodies Blake onto the pin attempt to break it up. Again, the momentum swings. Imperium try a double move but Blake counters with a rana an da dropkick. He adds a moonsault into a DDT setup but the move is interrupted. Aichner and Barthel hit him with a powerbomb/diving European uppercut combo to win.

Winners: Imperium in 5:09 [***]

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviews Matt Riddle about the odd pairing with his Dusty Tag Classic partner Pete Dunne. Riddle says they don’t know each other well but that’s why it works. He said, “I’m a bro, you’re the Bruiserweight, let’s do this.” Pete shrugged and Matt said, “The Broserweights are born.”

A Gallus vignette airs.

Austin Theory vs. Joaquin Wilde

Theory gets to showcase his power since Wilde is much smaller. He threw a nice fisherman buster and then worked a modified cobra clutch. Wilde uses a springboard rana to turn the tide only for Theory to cut off a dive with a rolling dropkick. Leaping TKO gets the victory.

Winner: Austin Theory in 2:59 [NR]

The Undisputed work out backstage.

Damian Priest hangs out with random women and says that winning the title will allow him to live forever.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Gallus vs. The Undisputed Era

NXT UK Tag Champions against NXT Tag Team Champions. Gallus starts strong, using their power to beat down on Fish. They remain in control with a senton and corner avalanche. Wolfgang sends Fish outside and knocks O’Reilly off the apron. The Undisputed Era retreat and talk strategy with Cole and Strong heading into commercial. Returning, Mark Coffey has been taken out and Wolfgang is now the guy in peril. UE has used tandem offense to remain in control. Coffey gets the tag but it doesn’t change much of the match. He sends Fish outside and makes the tag for a tandem Samoan drop on Kyle. Fish breaks up the pin. All it takes is some Adam Cole interference to set up the High/Low and give the Undisputed Era the victory.

Winners: The Undisputed Era in 12:24 [***]

LAST MONTH ~ Johnny Gargano’s return and attack on Finn Balor is shown.

A video package airs to hype Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.

Out comes Johnny Gargano for a promo.  He talks about Finn Balor costing him a TakeOver. Finn’s past is his future and it’s him because he couldn’t get the job done the first time. He calls out Finn for saying he’s a flag bearer in NXT yet heading to the main roster with glee, while Johnny turned down the offer a few months back. He mocks Finn’s “extra ordinary” thing and says he took NXt to the next level without him. Balor interrupts to say he should be Johnny Promo because that’s all he’s been cleared for. Finn says he makes the calls and says he’ll take him out at TakeOver: Portland if Johnny can make it that far.

In the back, Cameron Grimes says that tonight is his night and it’ll take just one Cave In to win.

Kushida’s mystery partner for next week is revealed to be ALEX SHELLEY! THE TIME SPLITTERS!

Kayden Carter vs. Mia Yim

Carter attempts to use her speed and athleticism but gets caught with a powerbomb for two. Dropkick gets the same for Mia. Commentary mentions that Carter has faced Mia, Bianca, Io, and Rhea in her young career. Bow and arrow submission time that Carter turns into a pin for two. She starts firing up, including a huge facewash on the ropes. Another kick gets two in the middle of the ring. Yim hits Protect Ya Neck from out of nowhere to win.

Winner: Mia Yim in 3:47 [**]

Post-match, Yim shows Carter sportsmanship. It gets interrupted by the arrival of Chelsea Green, who hits Carter from behind and knocks Yim outside. On the ramp, a man in a suit named Robert Stone Brand says that he will take over NXT, starting with the hottest free agent signing, Chelsea Green.

Dijakovic prepares backstage and says we will feast our eyes on our next North American Champion.

Another Ciampa vignette airs, this one focusing on Adam Cole being the NXT Champion. Ciampa says his legacy is tainted because he hasn’t beaten him and Ciampa’s title was handed to him.

NEXT WEEK ~ An NXT Women’s Battle Royal will be held to determine Rhea Ripley’s opponent in Portland.

NXT North American Title Number One Contender’s Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Damian Priest vs. Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee

Grimes talks trash to rile his opponents up. Lee and Dijakovic work together to beat them up and everyone goes for their finishers early. A big barrage ends with Priest knocking Grimes out with a right hand. He gets caught with a series of strikes from Dijakovic and then suplexes him into Lee who catches him and uses his body to knock down Dijakovic and Grimes. Lee then powerbombs Priest onto Dijakovic. The fight goes outside and Lee stands tall. Priest goes to dive onto him but stops knowing that Lee can catch him. Lee is knocked to the side by Grimes and Dijakovic, so Priest then launches himself over the turnbuckle onto all three. Commercial time. Returning, Lee hits a big superplex and then Grimes gets two on a German on Dijakovic. Things go wild with big spots, including Feast Your Eyes. Then Lee Pounces Dijakovic to the outside. Priest hits Lee with the Reckoning only for Dijakovic to break the pin with a big boot. Vicious shots inside traded by Priest and Dijakovic. Lee returns and chokeslams them both. Cameron Grimes blows everyone away by catching Lee with the moonsault slam for a great near fall. He keeps Priest at bay and then moonsaults him outside. He drops Dijakovic with Cave In on the apron. Grimes goes up but has his chest caved in by Lee. A Spirit Bomb later and Lee wins.

Winner: Keith Lee in 14:00 [***1/2]

The final score: review Good
The 411
I enjoyed this episode of NXT. It had nothing bad and most of what we got was pretty good. However, nothing stood out as being all that great or memorable. Still, a very enjoyable two hours of wrestling with no BS and some good build for Worlds Collide and TakeOver.

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