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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW SuperBrawl VI

March 2, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WCW SuperBrawl VI Image Credit: WCW
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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW SuperBrawl VI  

-We continue our quest to get through the PPVs of 1996. Up next is March with Uncensored and then I will find something else to do since WrestleMania XII I already reviewed. I’m thinking of doing The Main Event II since I enjoyed doing the first one a few weeks back and I am sucker for watching The Mega Powers Explode. For now, we go back to WCW and continue the last days of Hulk-A-Mania in the company before IT happened. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
-Bayfront Arena, St Petersburg, FL
-Date: Feb 11, 1996
-Attendance: 7,200
-PPV Buys: 210,000

Street Fight: The Public Enemy vs. The Nasty Boys

-This may shock you, but the brawl is on and they immediately hit the floor. Weird as WCW has the steps in the middle of the apron and Saggs takes a weird bump off them as I wonder if they forget the steps were there. Rocco already has a table and this is exactly what this match needs to be. Saggs destroys him with a sick chair shot to the head and then just goes to work with more shots to the back. Grunge eats a chair shot, but no sells and decks Saggs with it. Rock sets up the table while he brawls with Knobbs while Saggs and Grunge head up the ramp. Rock gets tossed off the apron and explodes through the table for a big pop. The count is broke up with a chair shot. Saggs grabs some “plunder” and in this case it’s a garbage can. He beats on Grunge with it, while Knobbs throws a piece of the broken table at Rocco. This is just chaos, but again, exactly what you need in a match featuring these four. Saggs drills Grunge with a piledriver on the trashcan, but Grunge gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Now he uses the can lid to beat on Saggs. We get split screen action as Rock and Knobbs brawl by a conveniently placed merchandise stand. Rock gets suplexed through a table and eats a chair shot as he stands. He covers, but there ref is near the ring so that won’t work. All four men brawl near the merchandise stand as they continue to use chairs and trash can lids. Grunge bulldogs Saggs onto an open chair. The crowd is eating this up! A Rubbermaid can gets used as Dusty says that won’t get it done vs the aluminum can. Saggs suplexes a table onto Rocco. He pays for that with a chair shot to the head and then a lid shot to the head. It’s about time to wrap this one though as they are running out of things to do other than use a chair or lid. Knobbs gets put on a table while Grunge climbs into the crowd. He misses a Senton and goes through a table. Knobbs slams the table on Grunge and gets the pin at 7:53. The Nasty Boys throw some more chair shots for good measure after the match.

Winner: The Nasty Boys via pin at 7:53
-Again, this is exactly what this match should have been. It was chaos for just under 8 minutes and was entertaining. They did start to run out of steam and never got to the greatness of Nastys vs. Cactus/Sullivan, but few ever get to that level of awesomeness. ***1/4

-Mean Gene is backstage and plugs a rumor that two WWF Champions could be heading to WCW. I’m sure that’s nothing. Let’s just forget Gene even mentioned it. I mean, what would WCW do with two Outsiders from the WWF? Konnan comes in to hype his upcoming US Title defense against The One Man Gang.

WCW TV Title and The Diamond Doll vs. DDP’s 6 Million Dollars: Johnny B Badd (c) (w/ Kimberly) vs. Diamond Dallas Page

-So the story is DDP stole Kimberly’s bingo winnings and this is her chance to get them back. They even have a large check written out to CASH for 6.6 million dollars. DDP comes out with roses and tries to give them to Kimberly, but Badd attacks him from behind. The man is just trying to give his estranged wife some flowers. Dick! Page gets sent into the railing and then gets fired into the ring. Page lands a double axe and throws some clubbing blows like you see from Sheamus. Badd pulls DDP over the top and to the floor which should be a DQ under WCW’s rules, but Schiavone tries to cover while Bobby is all over it. Page slows things down and talks trash to fans in the front row. They lockup and Page gets a snap more into a headlock and then again as Badd keeps fighting to his feet. They fight over a backslide and Badd wins that one and gets a two count. Heenan loses it as he calls Badd nuts for busting his ass in this fight just to want to give the money back to Kimberly. I love The Brain! Page catches Badd with a Stun-Gun and points to his head to let us know he is smart. Gutbuster from Page as I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Page plays to the crowd as he was still searching for something to get him to the next level. Badd tries a sunset flip, but Page punches to block and gets a two count. Badd ends up finishing the sunset flip and gets a two count. Hip-toss from Badd is countered into a DDT in a sweet move, but Page is more concerned with Kim giving him a 0. That lets Badd gets another roll-up for two, but Page maintains control and hooks a headlock. Page uses the ropes for leverage to keep the hold and that was right in front of the ref. Some spotty refereeing in this one! It dawns on Heenan that Kimberly may have 6 million dollars soon and no man. That dawning on him and losing focus on the match was pretty funny. We take time out of this match to cut to The Spanish Announce Table where Konnan is a guest. Awful seats for them and no chance they have to worry about the table being destroyed. Badd finally rallies with right hands and comes off top with a double axe. Now Badd waists his time as he points to Kim, who gives him a 10. Badd drops an elbow to the gut and comes off top with a sunset flip for two. Sit-out powerbomb gets two! Page rolls to the apron and catches Badd by dropping him throat first on the top rope. Charge in the corner misses and Badd gets a roll-up for two. Page goes to the eyes and lands an elbow in the corner. He uses the ropes, but Badd is still out at two. Modified power slamgets two for Page so he goes to a sleeper. Badd breaks with a jawbreaker and then gets his own sleeper as Brain calls this one a choke. Page breaks by running Badd into the corner and both men are down as we get a slight boring chant. Badd reverses a flapjack and gets a Tombstone for the pin at 14:58.

Winner and Still WCW TV Champion: Johnny B. Badd via pin at 14:58
-Funny enough, Badd would make his WWF debut at WrestleMania just a month after this match. I believe Mero cleared the air and stated he left because he didn’t want his daughter seeing him come to the ring with a woman that wasn’t his wife. Page would continue to improve throughout the year and eventually figured out what worked best. The match here was probably too long for where Page was at, but it was pretty good. They find a nice groove in the final five minutes or so. ***

-Badd gives the oversized check to Kimberly after the match and Heenan is already making plans to meet up with Kimberly.

-Harlem Heart cut a promo backstage as they are ready for Sting and Luger.

WCW World Tag Team Championship: Sting (c) and Lex Luger (c) vs. Harlem Heat

-The winners get The Road Warriors later tonight and the Warriors have made it known they want to face Sting and Luger. This is the awesome dynamic with babyface Sting and heel Luger being a team because they are great friends. Sting gives Lex the benefit of the doubt and Lex knows this so he pushes and pushes what he can do. Sting and Booker start which makes for a good opening. Booker gets a head scissors and Sting is able to fight his way out. Another go and Sting gets a side headlock and makes the tag to Luger. Lex just unloads with right hands, but eats a boot trying a charge in the corner. Booker makes the tag to Stevie Ray and we get a double team elbow that sends Luger to the floor. Sting doesn’t seem to be a fan of Lex stalling on the floor, but Sting needs to suck it up as Lex is doing what he can to keep the titles. Sting gets the tag and Stevie Ray pounds him into good and then decks Luger for good measure. Sting gets a hip-toss and gets a dropkick for two. Stevie works in a thumb to the eyes to turn the tide. Booker back in and grabs a side headlock. Rope running sequence and Sting lands a boot and plants Booker face first on the mat. Lex back in and he goes back to pounding away in the corner. Running knee from Luger gets two. He follows with a belly to back suplex for another two count. Lex misses an elbow and Booker is back with a a sidewalk slam. Booker now misses an elbow, but gets a spin-a-roni and lands a Harlem Sidekick. Stevie back in with a slam and then another as he keeps it simple. He chokes and makes sure to use the four count. Booker drops Lex throat first on the top rope behind the refs back and Stevie lands a clothesline for two. Booker back in with some knees and that has Lex backing off in the corner. Lex does get in a boot to the face and hits a weak clothesline. Stevie Ray back in as Lex being the face in peril just doesn’t work here. You have Sting on the apron! Nobody is better at taking a shit kicking than him. Stevie h its a weak powerbomb and hooks a nerve hold as this one continues to drag. Booker back in and he hits an ax kick, but doesn’t go for the pin. Instead he hooks a headlock and Booker releases so he can deck Sting. The ref goes to Sting, which lets Harlem Heat double team Luger in their corner. Sting has had enough and just beats up both members of Harlem Heat. Stinger Splash to Booker. Sting gets low bridged by Steve Ray and ends up on the floor. The ref follows them and that brings out The Road Warriors. Animal uses a piece of lead to deck Stevie Ray and Luger falls on top for the pin at 11:49.

Winners and Still WCW World Tag Team Champions: Sting and Lex Luger via pin at 11:49
-Dynamic for this one was all wrong and it was just a boring match. Sting and Luger had to pull double duty so perhaps they were saving themselves. The ending at least played into the idea the Road Warriors wanted to see Luger and Sting later. *

-Gene interviews Sting and Luger after the match. Lex is pumped as he was there for Sting like he told him he would be. Gene tries to tell Sting about The Road Warriors, but Sting is too excited and walks off with Luger.

WCW United States Title: Konnan (c) vs. The One Man Gang

-Gang lost the US Title a week ago on Main Event and this is his rematch. For some reason I forgot Gang was a member of The Dungeon of Doom. The Konnan signing was one of the best things WCW ever did as it opened the floodgates for all the Luchadores that made WCW’s Cruiserweight Division. Gang gets in some shots early, so Konnan goes to the leg with a dropkick and then a pinwheel kick. Dropkick from the middle rope barely catches Gang and then a crossbody sends them tumbling down the steps. Again, the placement of those steps is awful! Konnan gets dropped throat first on the top rope. Gang yells at the cameraman and then drops a leg back in the ring. He goes to a choke and breaks at 3. Sidewalk slam followed by a fist-drop. Gang squashes Konnan and buries a knee to the ribs to cut off a Konnan comeback. The boring chant has returned as Gang fish hooks the mouth. The action is so enthralling we take time to pan to Steve Grissom (WCW stock car driver) in the crowd. Gang continues his slow and plodding offense as he chokes Konnan on the ropes. Konnan fires back with a series of punches and tries to flip off the top, but gets caught and then somehow that turns into a kind of Rana. Things get uglier as Konnan tries a dropkick and just doesn’t hit it. At least Gang didn’t sell it. That was really bad! Gang hits the 747 but pulls Konnan up at two. I’m sure that won’t backfire. Gang misses a 747 from the middle rope and Konnan gets a Senton for the win at 7:25.

Winner and Still WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: Konnan via pin at 7:25
-Just ugly and not good as Konnan didn’t get to show much. DUD

-Back to Gene who pimps the hotline again and these unfounded rumors that two former Champions from the WWF may be joining WCW soon. You think with the way he is hyping these rumors it would be business altering or something. The Road Warriors join Gene to hype their match with Sting/Luger and they don’t care about screwing over Harlem Heat.

”I Respect You” Strap Match: Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Brian Pillman

-Yes, it’s this match! So they are hooked together by a leather strap and you win by making your opponent say, “I respect you.” The ramifications from the fall out from this match are insane, but I guess we have to get there first. Pillman sprints to the ring and the brawl is on as they just tear into each other. Pillman just whips the piss out of Sullivan. They aren’t hooked up yet and Sullivan lands a right which has Pillman running to the mic: “I respect you Booker man.” Pillman bails and that’s the match.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan at 0:56
-Yep! DUD

-The announcers play it off like it was a straight match as ignore the “booker man” line. Arn Anderson comes down wearing his golf clothes and Sullivan whips him. He wants a match and you don’t have to ask Arn twice.

”I Respect You” Strap Match: Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Arn Anderson

-They are connected to the strap and Arn goes to town early with right hands. He gets in some lashes and then some weak ones. He ties up Sullivan and lays in some weak boots. Sullivan goes to the eyes and uses the strap to land a low blow. He lays in the leather a lot better than Arn was doing earlier. Arn gets pulled from one corner to the other. Arn lands a low blow and nearly calls Sullivan a son of a bitch on the mic, but catches himself. Sullivan gets choked with the strap on the apron and then they just kind of walk around until Arn is in position to get pulled into the ring post. That was weird looking! Back in the ring, Arn heads up top just so he can get pulled down. Ric Flair comes out with Jimmy Hart and Flair makes them stop it. Flair wants them all on the same side to take out Hogan and Savage. This was all leading to Uncensored next month and the Tower of Doom Match, but we will get to there.

No Contest at around 3:50 or so
-It was an improvised match (well, kind of on one hand I guess) with no ending. DUD

-So I believe the story is that Pillman and Sullivan were trying to work the smart fans that knew Sullivan was booking WCW. It was also to play on Pillman’s loose canon gimmick. It seems only Sullivan and Pillman were in on it, but Pillman was playing 4D Chess and took it a step further asking for his WCW release and he got it before people realized what had happened. The stuff with Arn and Flair coming in was apparently a shoot as they didn’t know anything, though I don’t know if that has been proven or debunked all these years later. -Now the tragic thing is that if they don’t go this route and Pillman doesn’t get his release perhaps he never gets in the car accident that shortens his career and leads to his eventual death. Benoit may never end up taking Pillman’s spot in the feud and that may mean no Nancy/Benoit angle that leads to them getting together in real life and who knows what happens from there. Again, it’s a lot of ifs, but it’s tragic sometimes how things work out.

-The Giant and Jimmy Hart talk to Gene backstage. They threaten to end Hogan!

WCW World Tag Team Titles: Sting (c) and Lex Luger (c) vs. The Road Warriors

-Some awful overdubbed music for The Road Warriors here. Luger wants no part of this match and starts to walk to the back. Sting gives chase and gives his best friend a pep talk. This goes on for over five minutes before we finally get everyone in the ring and a bell. Sting and Hawk start and Hawk controls with a side headlock. Shoulder from Hawk followed by a dropkick. Sting rolls to the apron, but Hawk follows and gets a stomp. Sting paces around the ring to escape and Hawk just stalks him. Sting suckers him into a kick and tosses Hawk into the railing. Back in the ring Sting sets too early on a backdrop and we get a brutal neckbreaker as Hawk lost Sting and they try to cover, but it’s just awful. Hawk goes to a modified STF and by modified I mean, lazily applied. Tag to Animal and he works the arm while Luger teases sneaking in, but the ref catches him. Sting fights his way out and makes the tag to Luger. Animal is ready and Luger slowly makes his way into the ring. Luger gets in a kick and throws some right hands. Animal sends Luger head first into the buckle and gets a running boot to the face. Powerslam gets two and then Animal hooks an armbar. Hawk back in with a weak clothesline in the corner, but a much better looking one in the opposite corner. Luger gets dumped to the floor and Animal sends him into the guard rail. This crowd has been dead since the Page/Badd match! Luger back in the ring, gets a thumb to the eyes and takes Hawk down with a clothesline for two. Sting with the tag and he gets two off a suplex. He hooks a side headlock and they work off that on the mat for a bit. Hawk fights back and gets the tag to Animal. Sting and Animal collide and Sting does his spot where he stumbles and falls with a headbutt to the balls of his opponent. Luger gets the tag and gets an atomic drop. Sting back in and he plants Animal face first into the mat. He heads up top, but Animal gets the knees up to block a splash. Tag to Hawk and tag to Luger! Hawk just pounds away on Luger and gets a flying shoulder block. Leg drop gets two! Hawk hooks a chinlock with a knee buried in the back to slow things down after that brief flurry. Chops from Hawk and then a sleeper, but thankfully Luger gets a jawbreaker. Each man tags out as this just seems disjointed. Stinger Splash to Animal! The Scorpion Deathlock is cut off by a Hawk clothesline. Luger arrives a bit too late and Sting gets caught in the wrong corner. Hawk gets a body scissors and works a wrist-lock as well. The crowd starts to come to life which is nice to hear. Sting gets a roll-up for two, but then gets mowed down with a clothesline. Animal back in and he goes to a neck crank. Luger has had enough and comes it and puts the stomp in Animal. Hawk saves and everyone is in the ring for a bit. The ref regains control and Sting gets a suplex, but Animal no sells. Animal gets a suplex and Sting no sells to pop the crowd. Dropkick from Animal and Hawk gets an illegal tag, but we are past that point now. All four men brawl in the ring and end up on the floor. Everyone gets counted out to end this one at 13:54.

Double Count-out at 13:54
-Boring match with a bad finish, but the idea was to build to a Street Fight between the two teams the next month at Uncensored. This went too long and was disjointed at times. Credit to Sting for getting the crowd into it towards the end before the non-finish. *

-In the back, Ric Flair and Woman are with Gene. I always loved Woman’s running gag of flirting with Gene and making him blush every time they were on screen together. Fired up Flair promo!

-Miss Elizabeth is in the back with Gene and man, does she looks great. As usual, she doesn’t get a chance to say much as Randy Savage interrupts. No wonder she turned on him. Sorry, SPOILERS!

WCW World Heavyweight Title: Steel Cage Match: Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) vs. Ric Flair (w/ Woman)

-The cage lowers from the ceiling and it’s crazy the WWF didn’t think to do that and instead continued to waste time having people set up and tear down a cage for years after this. Michael Buffer is here for the super special ring introductions. Always awesome! Flair stalls before the bell and grabs a mic. He gives Liz one last chance to come over and kiss a real man. SHADES OF 92! Flair/Savage in 92 is one of my favorite feuds of all time and I love that they touched on it here. Savage patiently waits for Flair to enter the cage and even buries his head in the corner like Kevin Owens’ does today. Flair bails out the door again before they can lock it. Flair finally walks inside the cage and Savage is all over him. They tear into each other and Savage wins a punching contest. The ref locks the cage door as Flair gets in a shot and fires off chops in the corner. Flair drops a knee and then sends Savage into the cage. Savage of course goes head over heels taking the bump. Flair punches the ref out and stomps him to a pop from the crowd. Sure why not? It’s no DQ! Savage gets a backslide, but no ref and really it was just a spot to show there is no ref. The ref is back on his feet and just goes back to his job as even knows he can’t do anything to Flair. Tough ref! Savage gets a two count as Bobby complains about a fast count. Savage tries to throw Flair into the cage, but Ric shoves away and Savage goes crashing into the cage again. Flair lands a back elbow and that gets two. To the corner for some heavy chops and Flair tells a fan to keep their mouth shut for good measure. Clothesline misses, but Savage runs flush into another back elbow. Savage gets trapped on the apron between the ropes and cage and Flair takes advantage as he rams Savage back first into the cage. Flair heads up and Savage is there to meet him and throws him off with a slam. Savage goes to a Figure Four just to play mind games. Savage gets a two count as Flair nearly gets counted down with his shoulders on the mat. Flair gets to the ropes and thankfully the ref just kicks his hand away as there is no break since it’s no DQ. That makes me so happy they remembered that! Savage releases and just kicks Flair in the head effective! Flair back with a chop, so Savage punches him in the face. I love matches between these two. Savage heads up top on the cage and comes off with a double axe, but Flair avoids and lands a punch to the gut. That had to suck for Savage’s knees. Not Halloween Havoc 97 crazy, but still pretty crazy! Flair with a vertical suplex for two and then again and then again. Sure a fourth time and then a fifth time, but Savage is out each time. That’s costing him a lot of energy though. Savage gets sent into the cage and collapses on the top rope as he selling the crap out of each of these trips into the cage. Flair drops an elbow and now he goes to The Figure Four. Flair uses the ropes for leverage and in this case he doesn’t need to hide it from the ref. Savage reaches for the rope instinctively and again, it won’t do him any good. Wait? The ref pulled Flair off Savage and I have no idea why. What is that? Flair has a legit beef there! Flair goes back to it, but Savage gets a small package for two. They trade chops and punches in the corner and then Flair ends up getting tossed into the cage. Another trip and then some cheese grater action as Woman squeals on the outside. Flair bites at the forehead and Flair gets tossed into the cage again and then again. Flair is bleeding which you didn’t see often in WCW. Savage lands punches in the corner, but Flair gets an atomic drop to break and then does a Flair Flop. Flair decides to head up top and Savage pulls the pants down so Ric can show his ass and this building is alive. Flair kicks Savage away, but falls balls first on the top rope. Savage gets two even though the bell rings as they thought that was the finish. Flair regroups with a well placed ball shot and starts strutting around the ring. He decides to just choke Savage and then he decides to climb the cage. We get another ass shot and Dusty is all over that. “For all of you that didn’t see it on the other side.” Savage gets knocked down and takes a crazy bump between the cage and ropes as he just falls back on his head. Savage reverses a whip and Flair gets sent into the cage. Savage just rams his head off the cage over and over which causes the door to fly open. The ref puts the chain back on to close the door. Savage charges and gets backdropped into the cage. The camera is zoomed out before closing in on man who tries to throw powder in Savage’s face, but he ducks. That was only a fake-out though as Liz hands her heel to Flair. Savage gets a roll-up, but Flair kicks out and then blasts Savage in the face with the spiked heel. That gets the win and Title for Flair at 18:54.

Winner and New WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair via pin at 18:54
-These two could fight forever and I wouldn’t complain. A slower pace than their WM classic, but this was a different kind of match. This was an old school cage match where someone survived. The Liz turn was great and it made sense as that was her ex husband. ****

-Hogan is out as Liz and Woman celebrate and then run off. Arn Anderson is out and Hogan hits him with a chair which lets Flair escape the cage. Flair/Anderson and the women run off together. The crowd starts a Hogan Sucks chant as he checks on Savage. Maybe they should considering turning him he….nah, that will never work.

-To the back where Gene is now interviewing Hogan about what just happened. Hogan doesn’t want to say it but perhaps this all goes back 4 years ago when they were legally separated. I wonder if he wasn’t allowed to say divorce? He then threatens The Giant and we learn this cage match is escape rules only.

Unsanctioned Steel Cage Match: Escape Rules: Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan)

-Hogan is sporting a patch over his left eye thanks to a shot from a spiked heel. Hogan goes right to the eyes and starts bouncing The Giant off the cage as some in the crowd start a “Hogan Sucks” chant. Tony brings up The Giant carrying the legacy of Andre and Heenan goes back to The Giant being Andre’s son. Thankfully, they dropped that. Hogan gets the 10 count punches in the corner and then bites at the forehead before choking with his boot. Hogan rakes the back and then uses his t-shirt to choke. He goes back to the eyes and then tries a slam, but that’s not happening. Giant lands some clubbing blows to the back and gets a kick as Hogan bounces out of the corner. Giant stomps the hands and grabs a knuckle lock. The crowd starts to rally Hogan, but The Giant just boots him back down. Bearhug doesn’t go anywhere as Hogan bites the forehead. Giant blocks getting thrown into the cage and sends Hogan into it. Now Giant uses the shirt to choke which is fair. Another kick as Hogan comes out of the corner and Hogan blades on camera. Giant rips the bandage off Hogan’s eye which lets Heenan break out “Well Hogan, you should keep an eye out of The Giant.” I love Heenan! Giant misses an elbow and Hogan starts to unload with right hands and goes back to the eyes. Slam doesn’t happen though as The Giant just falls back on Hogan and then stands on Hogan’s throat. For the third time Giant throws a kick as Hogan comes out of the corner. Hogan gets sent into the cage twice and gets a nice looking suplex. Giant tries to walk out the door, but Hogan grabs the leg to make the save. Giant hits a backbreaker and then sends Hogan into the cage over and over again. Now we get the bearhug which gets the crowd trying to rally Hogan. He starts to fight and lands enough right hands to break the hold. He ducks a clothesline, but runs into an ugly boot to the stomach. Chokeslam, a weak one that even Heenan notes, from The Giant and Hogan no sells as he bounces up. Hulk up and you know the drill. Giant gets sent into the cage over and over and over and over again (weak blade job) before Hogan hits the big boot. The crowd is into this one now and Hogan gets the slam. The leg drop connects and then another and then another. Hogan starts to climb but The Giant sits up to the shock of Schiavone. They battle on the top rope and The Giant gets dropped as he falls to the mat. That was kind of cool. Hogan escapes over the top and gets the win at 15:05.

Winner via escape: Hulk Hogan at 15:05
-The crowd was into it by the end and I guess it was at least a different type of cage match than what we saw from Flair and Savage. It was your normal Hogan vs. Monster match as he ran wild early, took a beating to suck the crowd into the match, and then made the comeback for the win. *1/4

-Sullivan blasts Hogan with a chair, but that does nothing and the end up in the cage. Meng, Barbarian, Shark, Zodiac, One Man Gang, and Hugh Morrus all enter the cage and Hogan fights them all off with a chair. The Giant and Sullivan bail as Loch Ness heads down. Hogan chases off The Dungeon with the chair and the Dungeon opt to hold back Loch Ness. Even as of the biggest Hogan fans that was just silly as he was trapped in the cage with eight men and they couldn’t knock him down. Even more insulting is you had Meng in there. This of course was a tease for what was to come the following month, but we will get there soon enough. Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Poor
The 411
This is a weird one to rate as three matches were good to very good and the rest was pretty awful. Both Tag Title Matches were bad and then there was the craziness with the two strap matches. The first one at least being something memorable that people still aren't sure what happened, but think they know. Savage/Flair was quite good, but I am sucker for them facing each other so I can see where some aren't as fond of this one. The fun part of this show is you are starting to see parts of what put WCW on top coming on the horizon and it only gets better as we approach the summer.