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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 2.19.21

February 19, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 2.19.21  

-The snow is continuing to fall in Western PA as the winter here has been a rather brutal one. So, we head to Orlando for our weekly dose of 205 Live to escape the winter blues. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Bolly-Rise (Bollywood Boyz and Ever-Rise) vs. Curt Stallion, Jake Atlas, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, Mansoor

-For those wondering, yes they are being introduced as Bolly-Rise now. Mansoor starts with Martel and Martel bypasses the standard lockup and delivers a kick to the guy. He takes to Parker who gets a quick cover that Mansoor kicks out of rather easily. Tag to Samir and now we get a lock-up. Mansoor gains an advantage and makes the tag to Adonis, but he gets blasted with a right hand. Sunil in and The Bollywood Boyz get a double back elbow for a one count. Martel back in as Joseph lets us know that if the Bollywood Boyz win the tag titles he will finally do their dance. Atlas gets the tag and catches a charging Martel with a right. He follows with a springboard into an armdrag and then a tag to Stallion. He sets too early on a backdrop and eats a boot. Tag to Parker who gets caught with a powerslam for two. Stallion fights out of the opposite corner and in the chaos Parker accidentally hits one of the Bollywood Boyz. Adonis gets the tag and avoids getting caught with a cheap shot from Martel, but as the ref catches him, Sunil decks Adonis from behind. Martel gets the tag and he fire Adonis from one corner to another and then makes a tag to Sunil. He kicks away in the corner and hits a suplex into a float over cover for two. Sunil goes to a side headlock and ten tags to Samir. They double team a bit and then Adonis gets beat down in the wrong corner. Tag to Parker and then to Martel so they can use their double team offense for another two count. Samir tags and then another tag to Sunil for more double team offense as Samir hits a nice back elbow from the top for a two count. Adonis avoids having Sunil slammed on him and makes the tag to Atlas. He runs wild a bit on everyone and bounces off the ropes to take out both members of Ever-Rise. Stallion in and he hits a dive to the floor on one end and Atlas on the other end. Adonis back in and he hits a dropkick for a two count. Adonis backdrops Martel into a DVD from Mansoor for two. Mansoor makes the mistake of trying to come off the top in the wrong corner and pays for it by eating The Power and Glory from The Bollywood Boyz. That actually got a great near fall that had me buying Mansoor was eating a loss here. Samir gets caught with a Falcon Arrow and everything breaks down as everyone starts hitting everyone. It ends with Stallion getting a blind tag and hitting a running headbutt on Samir after accidentally running into Martel. That gets the pin at 9:58.

Winners: Curt Stallion, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, Mansoor, and Jake Atlas via pin at 9:58
-This was a chaotic 8 man tag where nobody got a lot of time to shine and the sole purpose seemed to be to continue the Bolly-Rise issues. The ending with everything breaking down was fun though. **3/4

-We go to a promo from August Grey that gets cut off by Daivari who beats the crap out of him. Nese comes in to break it up just to tell Daivari to let him hold Grey and then beating continues. Grey vs Daivari is our Main Event tonight.

-We got back to NXT two days ago as Santos Escobar backs out of his match against Karrion Kross. Regal promises the match will happen next week or Santos will be stripped of his Cruiserweight Championship and be suspended indefinitely.

-Later that night Kross cut a promo….Tick Tock!

Ariya Daivari vs. August Grey

-Tony Nese is on commentary as he asks if anyone can even stand Grey. I kind of like him! Quick start as Daivari buries a knee in the midsection and then a dropkick to the side of the head. Nigel tells us that Vic has always wanted to ask Nese how to get an 8 pack and Nese tells him it is a trade secret. They fight on the floor a bit and Grey hits his rope walk crossbody that he usually uses to finish a match, but instead he throws heavy blows as he is heated for this one. Daivari slides out of a move, but charges into an elbow. Daivari counters a move into a DDT for a two count. He goes to a chinlock which Grey counters into a backslide attempt, but Daivari blocks that which Grey then counters into a sunset flip for two. Grey gets a neckbreaker next to leave both men down. Grey fires off some strikes, but gets caught with a sleeper. Grey uses the corner to break, but gets caught with a urinage for two. The Hammerlock Lariat is ducked and Grey snaps off a superkick to again leave both men down. They struggle to their feet and Grey gets the advantage and hits a slam for two. Daivari avoids a move and preps on the apron, but gets sent to the floor. Grey follows with a dive and then turns his attention to Nese which could be a mistake. Grey sends Daivari back into the ring and again gets caught up with Nese which gives Daivari a chance to hit a baseball slide. Back in the ring the Hammerlock Lariat finishes at 6:55.

Winner: Ariya Daivari via pin at 6:55
-The distraction finish was telegraphed but what we got was rather solid. Grey continues to be fun on this show and Nese and Daivari are playing their roles as angry veterans well. This was fine though I was hoping for a little more. **1/2

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
An average edition of 205 Live that continued the Bolly-Rise drama and also continues Nese and Daivari's crusade against the fresh faces on the brand. Both matches were solid, but never clicked into a higher gear. Even with just an average episode it was still a fun watch and way to spend 30 minutes.

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