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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Reportedly Waiting to Make Decision on Where They Go Next

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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The latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has further details on the situation with WWE Superstars Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. As previously reported, the former WWE Raw tag team champions turned down multi-million dollar contract offers to remain under the WWE banner. The new report has a more fleshed out overview of the Gallows and Anderson situation, stating that they want to wait and see how the marketplace looks closer to when their contracts are set to expire in the fall.

The Observer notes that recently WWE Superstars who have contracts that are set to expire this year are being given “big money offers” to stay with WWE “for obvious reasons,” that being the start of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Per the Observer, many WWE Superstars, such as Gallows and Anderson, aren’t signing the initial new offers because they want to get a greater “lay of the land” so to speak when their current deals are up. For Gallows and Anderson, it appears they want to wait until September, when they will have a better idea for what their next five years will be than right now.

Additionally, the team has reportedly not yet made a decision on what they want to do next. It should be noted, Karl Anderson did recently post a video that seemed to respond to the rumors of him leaving WWE, saying “don’t believe everything you read.” The Observer Newsletter report notes that Anderson and Gallows could end up staying in WWE.

Anderson is in a situation where he’s 39 years old and has said that he doesn’t want to be away from his family for significant periods of time. Meanwhile, Gallows is 35 years old, so both men have less years left in their careers than what they’ve already put into it. The Observer notes this would likely be the last major wrestling deal for both talents. If they were to go to AEW, they’d probably be working a lighter schedule and get more days to be with their families at home. Not to mention, they’d likely be featured players against The Young Bucks and get to work a less restricted style.

However, WWE would provide a better option to make more money for their families. There’s also the idea of having a better career and forging a strong legacy that can help them make more money later in life after their wrestling careers are over. The long-term viability of AEW could also be a factor. If AEW becomes a significant player in the industry, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would likely be featured stars there, while in WWE, they’d probably be warming the bench for the next five years if they sign new contracts.

The state of WWE right now is that they are said to have “unlimited money” and don’t want talent to leave. If AEW does manage to stick around and keep its momentum going, that means by the time Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows’ contracts expire in the fall, there could be greater demand for them. As a result, there might be a more competitive marketplace for wrestling talents such as them later in the year, hence why they are waiting to see how things play out.