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More On How Malakai Black Was Able To Appear On AEW Dynamite Last Night

July 8, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AEW Dynamite Malakai Black Aleister Black

The former Aleister Black made his debut in AEW last night as Malakai Black, laying out Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes. This raised questions about how he could have done this, as WWE non-compete contracts typically run for ninety days and Black was released on June 2.

It was reported by PWInsider last night that it was a clerical error that caused Black to have a 30-day non-compete instead. According to that report, Black’s NXT contract (which has a 30-day) wasn’t switched to a main roster contract when he was moved.

However, Dave Meltzer reported on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Black actually had an ‘opt-out’ clause in his contract, which allowed him to leave at thirty days if he chose. It’s unknown why he had the clause or if other talents do, but according to the report, he could have stayed for the entire ninety days and instead he went elsewhere.

Around the time that clause was coming up was when reports circulated that WWE wanted him back.

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