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Mustafa Ali Reveals Himself As The Famous Smackdown Hacker On WWE Raw

October 19, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mustafa Ali Retribution WWE Raw

It’s official: Mustafa Ali was the infamous Smackdown hacker, as he revealed on Raw. Later in the night on Monday’s show after RETRIBUTION lost to The Hurt Business and were attacked by The Fiend, Ali cut a promo flanked by his stable in which he acknowledged that he was the hacker who appeared on Smackdown in vignettes earlier this year.

Ali said in the promo that The Fiend and The Hurt Business made a huge mistake as his power is creating chaos and he cam make make anyone’s world come crumbling down with a click. He said he united talented people who were being abandoned and forgotten in RETRIBUTION and that if anyone tried to stop the truth from being hurt — whether The Fiend, The Hurt Business, or anyone else on Raw — they would shut them down.