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Pat Buck Educates Fans on His Wrestling Background

August 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Pat Buck

– WWE Producer Pat Buck took to Twitter to educate fans on his background due to all the recent comments asking who he is after his appearance on Raw this week. You can view Pat Buck’s full statement below:

“Appreciate all the [heart emoji] from RAW Monday, and even all of the many comments asking ‘who are you?’ When I see something I’m not familiar with during something I enjoy (e.g. a marvel movie) I look it up so I can gain some insight. The backstories make for a higher level of appreciation. So if you’re a wrestling expert, critic, or devoted fan and don’t care to know about my nineteen year plight as a wrestler, promoter, trainer, agent then perhaps you’re not as knowledgeable as you pretend to be….but it’s still nice to meet ya anyway! Hi, I’m Pat buck…WWE Official.”

Scott Armstrong later commented in support of Pat Buck, “ALWAYS REMEMBER, the high flying eagle doesn’t concern himself with the crow!!!” Buck later responded, “So true Scotty, but this is me also. Ha,” along with a gif of Homer Simpson being attacked by a group of crows. You can also view that exchange below.

During last Monday’s Raw, Nia Jax attacked Buck and head-butted him after Buck announced that Jax was indefinitely suspended without pay for refusing to apologize to him.

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