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PCO Weighs in On His WWE Release After Refusing to Job to Diesel

October 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– PCO spoke with Interactive Wrestling Radio for a new interview and discussed his WWE release in 1995 after refusing to put Diesel over. Working as Jean-Pierre LaFitte at the time, PCO was booked to face Diesel in Montreal, with the plan being that PCO would win by DQ or countout. That would allow the company to rebook the match when the company returned to the city; however, Shawn Michaels used his clout to get the match changed to a Diesel win. PCO refused to lose by pinfall and the match became a double-countout, but the Kliq buried him afterward.

Highlights from the discussion are below:

On the issues he had with the Kliq that ended his WWE run: “It was actually [laughs], it was a really bad move on my part! I can say I take 100% of the blame on that. You know what? The Kliq, they weren’t cool back then. They were all about themselves. They pretty much had control of the company. If Diesel wasn’t World Champ then he and Shawn were the Tag Team Champs and then Razor Ramon was the Intercontinental Champ. Then there was the [1-2-3] Kid and later, Triple H joined. They were the Kliq. I don’t know … At that time, at that age, I was like 25 or 26 and I just felt it was time I put my foot down on the ground. I felt Vince didn’t have control of the company anymore. The Kliq had control of the company. It made me kind of furious at the time. I was young and lacked experience while in a big company like that, pretty much alone with all my thoughts and problems. I think I created, you know, 99.9 percent of my problems. I confronted Shawn Michaels in 1994 and Diesel in 1995… I think I was my own worst enemy.”

On being released over the match: “The great thing about that whole thing is that I learned so much. Everything that I didn’t like about the Kliq… I was writing down a list of what I didn’t like about those guys and I was reading that piece of paper and looking at myself in the mirror and I realized it was a pretty good picture of myself. It made me change. At that point, and it took a long time for me to understand a lot of things, but at that point I stopped trying to change my outbound world and started to change myself inside out instead of outside in.”

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