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Perry’s Perspective: SMASH vs. CZW

February 5, 2016 | Posted by Chad Perry
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Perry’s Perspective: SMASH vs. CZW  

Date: January 16, 2016
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Franklin Horner Community Center

Here is another company that I have been wanting to make time for but had not quiet been able to. However with my quest to watch all the best wrestling of 2016 it was finally time. I have heard a lot of positive things about SMASH, both from fans and their works. Some have even gone as far as to call it the PWG of Canada! That is setting a pretty high bar right there. Often with new shows I am not familiar with a lot of the talent, that is not the case here as I have seen about 85 percent of the wrestlers here.

Drew Gulak (CZW) vs TARIK (SMASH)
There was a segment backstage before the match that had Gargano, Gulak and TARIK discussing which of these two was going to take the “fingerpoke of doom” as they don’t want Smash vs CZW to divide them. Commentary explains to us that both of these guys are members of the group named “Fourth Gun”. Both guys started with a fingerpoke attempt but neither man budged. This was a fun and fast paced opener. Neither guy got too crazy and it set a good pace for the rest of the show. I had not seen TARIK in ages but he has turned into a nice little worker. TARIK declines the handshake after the match.

Drew Gulak by pinfall @ 16:47 (***1/4) (SMASH 1-0 CZW)

Dub Boys (CZW) vs The Overdogs (SMASH):
Dave McCall & Nate Carter make up Dub Buys, The Overdogs consists of John Greed & Sabastian Suave. I know nothing about all four of these men. The Overdogs have apparently led the crusade against the Fourth Gun. Nate Carter looks eerily like the son of Booker T and did quite the hair whip with his dreads as the match began. Carter spends a lot of time favorite his right shoulder right from the get go. Sauave took the majority of the beat down throughout the match. Suave was able to break free and make the tag to Greed, which seemed to auto heal Suave as he was right back in the match within seconds. Dub Boys hit an impressive looking top rope superplex on the big man, John Greed. The Overdogs win it after Greed comes off the top with a huge frog splash. This was a match that I had no expectations on seeing as I was not familiar with anyone, but man I would like to see more from all four guys! Dub Boys get a “please come back” chant from the crowd. This show is off to a great start so far!

The Overdogs by pinfall @ 13:15 (***1/2) (SMASH 2-0 CZW)

Courtney Rush (SMASH) vs Kimber Lee (w/Cherry Bomb)(CZW):
Commentary bills this as what will likely be one of the most brutal grudge matches in SMASH history, and that has me very interested. Rush gave me 2003 ROH flashbacks as the start of her entrance was that of Homicide from the era.Rush came to the ring with a meat cleaver and what looks to be a blood stained white shirt, along with some crazy face paint. This is my first time seeing Rush, if her wrestling is as awesome as her character I will be a happy fella. Rush kept her eyes firmly on Cherry Bomb as she beat down Lee early on in the match as she also wanted a piece of Cherry. Very physical match between the two as they do a great job at showing their hatred, especially the chops from Rush to Lee. Rush picked up the victory in a good ladies match. Cherry Bomb got in the ring after the match with a stake, as Rush hit her knees to take it the lights went out. When they came back on Rush had scissors and was looking to get payback for Lee and Bomb cutting her hair. Cherry talks Rush out of it by saying that Cherry Bomb will face Courtney right now. As Cherry announced that she changed her mind Rush turned and sprayed some type of mist in the face of Cherry Bomb.

Courtney Rush by pinfall @ 9:04 (**3/4)

CZW Rules Match: DJ Hyde (CZW) vs Scotty O’Shea (SMASH):
It doesn’t take but a minute for the plunder to come out, and a couple minutes later the match has taken it’s way into the crowd. Shea busted a keyboard that he brought to the ring over Hyde’s head. The brawling through the crowd continued, thankfully the arena had enough lights to be able to follow the action but it is still annoying to watch as a viewer.A hockey stick of course came into play, because it’s Canada. Hyde sent Shea through the announcer’s table, then slowly made his way back to ringside after 6 minutes of crowd brawling. O’Shea went for the Lethal Injection and looked very awkward in doing so. DJ spends a good amount of time just walking around the ring, sometimes looking for weapons, sometimes looking at the crowd. O’Shea hit a nice moonsault spot with Hyde tangled upside down in the ropes holding a chair. I can faintly hear two fans trying to start a “this is awesome” chant, they are lying. The third table of the match is broken when Hyde superplexes Shea through it, but only for a count of two. O’Shea counters the lariat attempt with a chair to the fist. He then follows up with a cutter that ha the chair wrapped around Hyde. Hyde recovers from this in SECONDS and throws a chair at Shea. Hyde finishes Shea off with the lariat. This was horrible and a great example of why I do not generally watch CZW. There may have been 5 wrestling moves hit in the entire match. There were two spots that were impressive to me, but they were negated by Hyde recovering in no time. Hyde puts over O’Shea as being a tough SOB after the match. Hyde says he would love to have a rematch down the road, NO THANK YOU.

DJ Hyde by pinfall @ 16:48 (DUD) (SMASH 3-1 CZW)

CZW Wired TV Title: Lio Rush (c) (CZW) vs Kevin Bennett (SMASH):
Bennett introduces himself a singer, rapper and producer. Bennett then re-enters singing his theme song, this is the Kevin Bennett Experience and the fans hated it. His concert was interrupted by the entrance of Lio Rush. This is an impromptu match. Fast & furious action by both men to get the contest started. Bennett had a nice move where he did a 619 around the ropes and then hit a leg drop on Rush. Commentary did a lot of speculating about what a Bennett win would mean for the title since the match was not planned. Rush finished the match with a standing Spanish Fly. These two guys put on a highly entertaining contest and both look to have a huge upside for me. Bennett does a great job at generating heat, Rush has a good variety of moves and is only 20 years old!

Lio Rush by pinfall @ 9:28 (***1/4) (SMASH 3-2 CZW)

Jonathan Gresham (CZW) vs Tyson Dux (SMASH):
Dux is an absolute work horse and how TNA did not sign him back in the day when he did some Team Canada stuff is still beyond me. This was wrestled as a very technical contest. Lots of holds with both men trying to gain advantage. Dux was able to maintain control through the mid portion of the match with a lot of leg work. Gresham would get the win on a series of reversal roles and a very unique looking pinfall. Gresham kept selling the leg after the match by nearly falling on the turnbuckle. This was a very good technical contest between two great talents. Dux did a great job at working over the leg and Gresham did a solid job selling.

Jonathan Gresham by pinfall @ 18:30 (***1/2) (SMASH 3-3 CZW)

#TVReady & Mike Rollins (w/Cherry Bomb) (CZW) vs Brent Banks & The Super Smash Brothers (SMASH):
#TVReady is made up of BLK Jeez (FKA Ruckus) and Pepper Parks. I am excited for the match for the simple fact of my love for the Smash Bros. They were a highlight of every PWG show they were on but have not been to PWG in quite some time now. Both trios showed good teamwork and an impressive variety of double and triple team moves. Uno was left alone with all three CZW members and went to Banks for the hot tag who turned and walked away. Player Dos stopped Banks from leaving and tossed him into the ring. Uno used Banks as a weapon and threw him back out of the ring onto #TVReady. SSB win it with a head kick into a tombstone. Banks tries to take credit for the win and is booted from the ring by Uno. Fun trios match here with everyone getting a chance to show a little something.

Super Smash Bros. & Brett Banks by pinfall @ 14:04 (***) (SMASH 4-3 CZW)

SMASH Title: Johnny Gargano (c) (SMASH) vs Sami Calihan (CZW):
This should be a great match. I have seen Sami a few times since he returned to the indies and he looks to be just as good as when he left a couple years back. This is Callihan’s first time in SMASH. Commentary notes that Gargano plans to leave SMASH. If he retains and leaves with the belt they are without a champ. Callihan is a CZW talent so if he wins and doesn’t come back to SMASH then they would also be without a champ, a real lose-lose for SMASH. Stalling to start out as Callihan says he wants to kiss Gargano and Johnny goes to the outside. Very hard fought contest by both men, a ref bump late in the contest led to interference by Fourth Gun. The interference failed when TARIK hit Gulak with the SMASH title while going for Callihan. Argument by TARIK and Gulak distracts Gargano which allows Callihan to hit a piledriver but there was no ref. A back up referee comes down but his accidentally laid out by Callihan with kick. Gargano tapped to the stretch muffler with two referees in the ring, but both were laid flat still. Gargano hits a low blow and locks in the GargaNO Escape as the first referee comes back to and rules Callihan out. The match lived up to the expectations I had for it as these two put on a very good contest. The interference was a little frustrating, but that is exactly what it should be when you have a heel champion with a stable. Match of the night and a strong end to a very good show.

Johnny Gargano by TKO @ 21:54 (***3/4)

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was good stuff! SMASH really impressed me on my first viewing 75 percent of the matches being in the ***-***3/4 category. Take out the 20 minutes of that garbage CZW Rules match and this show would be even better. The show even showed me that CZW has a few guys that are worth my time to check out, so maybe I will be watching Seventeen as several of those talents will be featured. I will definitely be checking out SMASH again, next month they have a tag team tournament booked and it looks like a very strong card.

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