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ROH News: PJ Black Recalls Base Jumping Accident That Nearly Killed Him, New Merchandise, 2014 Silas Young vs. Kevin Owens Match

June 11, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
PJ Black

– ROH has a new column from PJ Black recalling the base jumping accident that he nearly died from. You can check it out in full here and see an excerpt below:

Everything happened so quickly, but I was surprisingly calm. I bounced off the building a few times and then decided to kick really hard off of it and grab the rear risers with opposite hands in an attempt to face away from the building. I kicked so hard that I felt my ankle completely shatter. I was still calm.

What hurt the most was my right ring finger. Somewhere in this process it must’ve gotten caught in the breaks or toggles because the top of my finger was ripped off all the way down to the nail.

I was very, very lucky not to go through a window, as the building was 50 percent windows/glass. I ripped off a few satellite dishes on my way down, and in slow motion I saw a lady’s face as she was eating breakfast at her kitchen table staring out the window.

I landed exactly where I had planned. That was the only thing that went according to plan that day.

– ROH has posted some new merchandise for sale, including a new Vincent T-shirt and saome Micobrawler action figures. You can see them here.

– ROH has released a the full 2014 Silas Young vs. Kevin Owens match online ahead of this week’s ROH TV, which will focus on Young: