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Raw History: Episode 260 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 140

November 19, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Monday Night War WWE WCW Raw Nitro
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Raw History: Episode 260 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 140  

Raw History
Episode #260
May 18th, 1998 | Nashville Arena in Nashville, Tennessee | Attendance: 11,528

WWF Champion: Steve Austin (1) since 3/29/98
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (2) since 12/8/97
WWF European Champion: Triple H (2) since 3/17/98
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (2) since 3/30/98
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (1) since 12/7/97

LAST WEEK ~ The Austin/McMahon/Foley saga was highlighted.

RAW! Jim Ross and Michael Cole host.

Mr. McMahon and the Stooges hit the ring to start the show. Vince said he gave Austin a mild concussion with a clothesline last week. To prevent Austin from retaliating and getting beat up by the three of them, Austin has been barred from ringside. They threw to a clip of Austin trying to enter the arena earlier, only to get stopped. Austin gave the guard a five minute breather before he tried entering again. Vince brought out Dude Love, again in a suit, who put over the guest referee, announcer, and timekeeper. When that was over, Vince introduced Dustin Runnels and ran him down for his actions and words last week. Vince wanted to give him a chance to prove himself, in a match against Dude Love tonight. If he can beat Dude tonight, he’ll become number one contender and get the WWF Title shot at Over the Edge. If he loses, he’ll have to work for free for a month. Dustin accepted and leveled Dude. He got overwhelmed by Dude and the Stooges to end the segment.

In the parking lot, Jerry Lawler arrived with someone under a sheet. We don’t find out who this is yet. After a break, he lost the person and found them talking on a payphone.

Scorpio vs. Val Venis
The debut of the BIG VALBOWSKI! Val brought fire here by no selling a shoulder block, hitting multiple clotheslines, and busting out a German suplex. Scorpio wasn’t going down without a fight, hitting a twisting splash off the top for a near fall. He missed a moonsault, opening the door for Val to debut the Money Shot and win at 6:01. The match wasn’t that cohesive, but there was clear potential with Val already. He had some nice offense, he just needed to figure out how to string it together better. Also, surprised this wasn’t a squash. [*¾]

Outside, Austin wasn’t allowed in again, so he threw the security guard into the gate. Austin stomped a mud hole in him.

After the break, Austin made his way out to the ring to a huge pop. He called out Vince and the Stooges and threatened to destroy camera equipment. They showed up and scolded him. Austin said he didn’t come here to wrestle, he wanted to fight all three of them. Vince said he doesn’t fight in suits but agreed to a Street Fight. Austin would face two of them (three would just be unfair) later, but he can’t know which two it’ll be.

VIGNETTE ~ Edge is coming. He’s mysterious and filled with RAGE!

Jerry Lawler found the sheet person, who is here to protect Jerry, by makeup for some reason.

IT’S SABLE TIME! That was my Michael Cole impression. She called out Marc Mero. She wanted an amicable split if Marc could be an adult about it. Mero said she signed a contract over two years ago with him to do whatever he says. He owns her. Why would she sign that? Also, Mero pulled out the contract as if he expected this to happen. Mero said he’d sue her if she breached the contract and he made her stand in his corner.

Marc Mero w/ Sable vs. Terry Funk
JR spent the entire match putting over the fact that Funk was a different kind of senior citizen from the ones clogging up WCW. Funk did bring some energy to this, getting a near fall on a piledriver. Mero used a low blow for a near fall of his own. Sable got on the apron to argue with the referee about Mero’s cheating. Mero hit the TKO and then argued with Sable. That allowed Funk to get up and win via DDT at 4:03. More of an angle than a true match, but Funk was trying. [*]

Backstage, the security guard Austin beat up was with cops and they looked for Austin.

WWF REWIND ~ Undertaker’s attack on Jerry Lawler.

Backstage, the cops found Lawler and his sheet person. They checked to make sure it wasn’t Austin.

DOA vs. LOD 2000
No Sunny tonight. This was just four guys brawling in boring ways. Chainz and Skull represented the DOA. That opened the door for an 8-Ball run in to pull twin magic and steal this again at 2:40. Yawn. Post-match, Animal demanded a six man tag next week, though no word on their partner. [¼*]

EARLIER TODAY ~ Paul Bearer went to a medical facility to get “complicated testing” to prove he’s Kane’s father. I don’t think the tests are that complicated.

WAR ZONE! Jerry Lawler replaced Cole.

Lawler revealed the person under the sheet as Al Snow. How he’ll keep you safe from the Undertaker is beyond me. Snow was doing it for a meeting with Vince.

Number One Contender’s Match: Dude Love w/ The Stooges vs. Dustin Runnels
You’d expect this to be competitive. It really wasn’t. Dustin came out firing, only for Dude to attack his damaged leg and turn the tide. Mandible Claw ended this at 2:19. [½*]

Backstage, Stone Cold got arrested for attacking the security guard. Vince talked a bunch of smack as he was being taken away. JR somehow believed Austin getting arrested was “not right.”

Dick Togo and Men’s Teioh w/ Yamaguchi-San & Sho Funaki vs. The Headbangers
The Japanese group PEARL HARBORED their opponents during their entrance. Still, the match went on and the Headbangers turned it around. Sensing trouble, Kaientai resorted to cheating, when Funaki and Yamaguchi-San used a flag as a weapon on Thrasher. They kept cutting off the Mosh hot tag and eventually, Bradshaw and TAKA ran down to stop the interference for a DQ at 5:21. Longer and slightly better than expected. Still nothing to write home about. [*¼]

Vince kept talking smack to Austin as he sat in a cop car.

DOCTOR’S OFFICE ~ Kane and Paul Bearer got their blood tests. Kane sat in just a ski mask and looked hilarious. Bearer was a bitch in terms of pain tolerance.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws [c] w/ DX vs. Owen Hart and WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock w/ NOD
DX opened with their usual spiel and immature jokes. Even though the feud hasn’t done enough to be heated yet, they opened this with a giant faction brawl around the ring. It was a fun, hectic thing to do and made me more interested in this feud. I recall this being the best stuff DX does. That got broken up and the match officially opened following it. Rock hit a People’s Elbow quite early. It’s amazing to see how over that move would be in about a year. This one got some decent time and surprisingly, the Rock Bottom wasn’t the finish. Dogg had a bad looking bloody ear and crawled over to make the pin after a Chyna distraction set up a Billy piledriver on Owen at 4:39. Solid little tag. [**¼]

Oddly, Austin was still sitting in the cop car in the parking lot.

Outside, Austin got let go after apologizing to the guard, though he called him a sorry SOB and flipped him off.

Kevin Kelly stood in the ring with the doctor who took the blood tests for Kane and Paul Bearer. He confirmed that Bearer is the father. Not in the entertaining Maury Show kind of way. That brought out Bearer and Kane so Bearer could brag. When he called Kane’s mother a whore, that triggered the arrival of a sprinting Undertaker. You don’t see that often. He planted Kane with a Chokeslam, but got one in return as well. Out came Vader to brawl with his Over the Edge opponent. That left Taker to chase Bearer to the back. Wild segment with a hot crowd.

We’re set for the Street Fight pitting Austin against the Stooges. They debuted their WrestleMania 2000 attire “BRISCO BROTHERS BODY SHOP” and “1ST IC CHAMP” shirts here. Sgt. Slaughter was set to be the referee. Austin flipped him off, leading to a cheap shot. The Stooges jumped on Austin with the advantage. Austin quickly turned this around and started kicking old man ass. He started dropping fools, including Sarge with a Stunner. Dude Love ran down for a fight and got beat up. He slipped on a drink outside and it didn’t help his cause. A “fan” jumped the guardrail in a Steve Austin mask. He hit Dude and security didn’t take him away. The man in the mask hit Austin with a chair and it was revealed to be Vince. Austin went after him and Dude took him down. The beating is how the show ends.

EXTRA ATTITUDE ~ Our free post-show WWE Network segment saw Austin eventually get up and chase Vince. He sent him to the outside and went after him again, only for officials to get in the way. Austin chased Vince to the back to end it.

Slamboree Results
WCW Television Championship: Fit Finlay [c] def. Chris Benoit in 14:52 [***¼]
Lex Luger def. Brian Adams in 5:5 [DUD]
Dean Malenko won a cruiserweight battle royal in 8:27 [**]
WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Dean Malenko def. Chris Jericho [c] in 7:02 [***½]
Bowery Death Match: Diamond Dallas Page def. Raven in 14:38 [**½]
Eddie Guerrero def. Ultimo Dragon in 11:09 [**¾]
WCW United States Championship: Goldberg [c] def. Saturn in 7:01 [¾*]
Bret Hart def. Randy Savage in 16:38 [**]
WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Giant and Sting def. The Outsiders [c] in 14:46 [¼*]

Reliving Nitro
Episode #140
May 18th, 1998 | Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island | Attendance: N/A

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan (4) since 4/20/98
WCW United States Champion: Goldberg (1) since 4/20/98
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Giant (2) and Sting (2) since 5/17/98
WCW Television Champion: Fit Finlay (1) since 5/4/98
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4) since 5/17/98


LAST NIGHT ~ Scott Hall turned on Kevin Nash! SHOCKING!

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko hosted.

In the ring, Eric Bischoff sat on a motorcycle with a giant crown on his head. He claimed that he was 2-0 in his career with wins over Zbyszko and Vince McMahon, who didn’t show up at Slamboree last night. This segment was just here so he could brag.

NITRO GIRLS! They even got a fancy Mean Gene intro with their individual names.

THUNDER ~ This past week, Saturn got interviewed about Glacier. He ran down his Cryonic Kick, calling it “just a side kick” and saying video game rejects like Glacier make guys like him look bad.

Psicosis vs. Saturn
There was some potential for this match. Saturn could somewhat hang with Psicosis’ style and throw in some more aggressive stuff. However, this was used more as a squash to get Saturn over ahead of an eventual match with Glacier. He won with the side kick, DVD, and Rings of Saturn combo at 2:33. [NR]

LAST NIGHT ~ Still images from the Hart/Savage match.

Mean Gene introduced acting commissioner Roddy Piper. His role makes me wonder what Bischoff and JJ Dillon’s job titles are. Piper said being a referee is the worst job in the world. He kind of blamed Elizabeth for saying some filthy things to him. Piper believed Savage hit him last night, which wasn’t the case. He called out Savage and admitted that he looked over the tape and knows what truly went down. So, Piper reversed the decision and gave Savage a DQ win. Of course, that triggered the arrival of a pissed off Bret Hart. He ran them down and before anything could happen, Hulk Hogan and his nWo Hollywood guys showed up. Hogan said they could have fun beating these dudes up, challenging Piper and Savage to a tag match at Great American Bash. When Piper wanted the match now, Bischoff held his guys at bay. Pretty much anything involving the older guys in WCW is a hot mess.

Bobby Heenan replaced Zbyszko.

LAST NIGHT ~ Mean Gene interviewed Dean Malenko following his shocking return dressed as Ciclope and his win over Chris Jericho. Dean mentioned that even though he won the title, he’s not done with Jericho for bringing up Boris. This is far from over.

ALSO LAST NIGHT ~ Jericho threw a toddler like temper tantrum after losing.

Damien vs. Juventud Guerrera
I figured this would be a squash. Instead, Damien got in a bit of offense. Juvi still held serve with some of his aerial stuff. Damien did throw him kind of viciously into the steel steps. A badass looking Muscle Buster type move was hit by Damien (except he dropped to his knees) in the match’s top highlight. Juvi kind of just shrugged it off and hit the Juvi Driver for two. He added the 450 but overshot his target so he just dropped an elbow to win in 3:52. It was a clusterfuck. [*]


WCW United States Championship: Goldberg [c] vs. Glacier
Somehow, he’s reached 88-0. Goldberg had a block or counter ready for everything Glacier did. He dominated and won with the Jackhammer in 1:55. Total squash, but it was fun. [*½]

Diamond Dallas Page is brought out for some promo time. He put over how he does this night after night, even though he’s not sure how. Surprisingly, he turned his focus to Hogan, saying he hopes he’s champion when he eventually gets a World Title shot because he hasn’t forgotten anything over the past 15 months.

Time for the nWo black and white to close out the show. Hogan just put himself over as the man to be worshipped and things like that. He introduced Scott Hall as the newest member of this section of the nWo. Hall never got the chance to speak, as they were running low on time. Bischoff called out to give a decision on joining the nWo, now that he’s Tag Champions with Giant, who is in the nWo. Sting came out, Giant got in front of him and tried to talk to him about it. Sting spat at him (not a babyface move) and Giant choked him out. Kevin Nash showed up with a pipe to back Giant towards the ring as the show ended.

Raw MVP: The Rock
Raw LVP: Dustin Runnels
Nitro MVP: Goldberg
Nitro LVP: Roddy Piper

Raw Rating: 5.3
Nitro Rating: 2.5* (Nitro aired at 7:30PM)

The final score: review Average
The 411
Raw: Nothing about this episode was great, but it was an easy, fun watch. They advanced all the angles they need to, nothing overstayed its welcome, and nothing was bad. That made for some above average TV that gets slightly elevated for how it successfully built to the PPV. 7.0

Nitro: Having this episode last just an hour made for a much easier watch than usual. They just still didn’t do enough interesting with the time. I dug Goldberg’s stuff, DDP’s promo, and what they showed of Malenko/Jericho. The nWo stuff is just not interesting at all and has crossed over into flat out dumb territory. 5.0