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Renee Young Discusses If She Has Had Any Talks With AEW Yet, Her WWE Non-Compete Clause

September 3, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Renee Young WWE

Speaking with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Renee Young discussed whether she’s talked with AEW about coming on board now that she’s exited WWE and how long her no-compete clause is. Young’s husband Jon Moxley of course works in AEW as their World Champion, and while Young said she would be open to potentially doing something her non-compete clause prevents her from doing so and says that there have been zero talks between them. You can check out highlights and the full podcast below:

On if there have been conversations with AEW: “There has been no talks .. That’s everybody. Literally, the second anybody leaves WWE or is fired or whatever, it’s like ‘Oh, they’re going to AEW. AEW confirmed!’ It’s non-stop. So obviously, I knew it was going to come up. But you know what I found interesting is, as much as I assumed that’s what everyone was going to say when I left, more people were like, ‘No, she’s going to work for FOX, she’s gonna go to ESPN, she’s gonna do whatever.’ Like, a lot of people saw me kind of leaving the wrestling world, which I was surprised by.”

On if she has any interest in coming to AEW: “Again, I have not a clue where they stand on any of that. And you know, I never say never to anything. I do have a non-compete that’s for quite a while. So if anyone’s expecting me to show up in 90 days, they’re gonna be waiting a bit longer than that. So yeah, I think everything they’re doing there is great. I think there could be a ton of spots I could step in and work, and do some stuff there. One of the things that I did find a bit difficult in the past year or so was not working with Jon, for us to be in different places. And it’s not even the fact of not working together, it was the almost pretending he didn’t exist. That’s hard. I found that to be a little bit like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t even tweet about him’ … Where it’s like, ‘What are we doing?!’ Especially like — I don’t know, whatever. At a certain point it just gets a little bit too nit-picky with stuff where you’ve gotta take a bit of a step back. ”

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