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Robbie X Reflects On Facing Will Ospreay Last Year, Memories Of Mad Kurt

June 9, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
RevPro Photo Credit: Revolution Pro Wrestling

UK independent star Robbie X battled Will Ospreay in a match at 1PW last year, and he recently weighed in on the experience and more. Robbie spoke with Fightful’s Corey Brennan for a new interview and you can check out a couple of highlights below:

On his match with Ospreay: “I mean, it was, it’s unbelievable. Like the fact that i think everyone knows that with australia is the best wrestler in the world. So to step against him, I’ve wrestled will three or four times, but being against will at the point of where i think my career was at the top. Then obviously he’s been rising his game all the time. So for me to step up in front in front of my home crowd, by the way, um against the best wrestler in the world. It meant a lot to me. It meant a hell of a lot. My girlfriend my stepson was there, my family was there to watch. To be able to step in for in there with him and go over 45 minutes, like, that’s just it that’s something that i know that i can do. To be able to step in there with the best wrestler in the world, I know that i can step in there with anyone and push them to the limits as well, so. It was an honor. It was truly one of the best matches of my career.”

On the late Mad Kurt: “Every time I saw Mad Kurt at a show, I can’t tell you how it came along. I think it was just because I think we was messing around in the ring one time and he did a, he did one of my moves and went, “I’m Bobby X!” And I just went, I did the dab and I was like, I’m Mad Kurt. Ever since that day we did that, he’d introduce himself as hi, I’m Robbie X. So I’d be like, ah, I’m Mad Kurt, and then it would just be a continuous thing throughout. Like, we, we didn’t even have to say hi to each other. Like we could literally, be on the opposite side of the room and then i’d be like hi i’m Mad Kurt and then he’d repeat it or like opposite. It was nice, it was a good time.”