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Rocky Johnson Reportedly Passed Due to ‘Natural Causes’

January 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Rocky Johnson

The Tampa Bay Times has a report on the recent passing of WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, teh father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Fellow former WWE Superstar Brian Blair, who had previously revealed that Johnson was dealing with an undisclosed illness before his passing, is reported as saying that Johnson died due to a “blood clot” that went into his lung and that Johnson died due to “natural causes.”

Blair is quoted as saying, “A blood clot traveled from his leg into his lung. He died of natural causes.” Johnson was 75 years old. Blair added, “Every Sunday we’d go together to church. But he hadn’t been able to make it the past two weeks.”

Blair stated that Johnson was at first reluctant to get his issue checked out. He eventually opted to visit the doctor a a day before he passed away.

During Johnson’s career, he became the first African American heavyweight champion in the Texas, Georgia, and Florida territories. He and Tony Atlas won the WWE tag team titles and became the first African American to do so to accomplish that feat.

Barry Rose, who previously served as president of the Rocky Johnson fan club in the 1970s, said Johnson was very proud of his son Dwayne, who became one of the biggest stars in WWE history and is now one of the top stars in Hollywood. Rose stated, “That didn’t bother him. He was so proud of Dwayne.” You can read The Rock’s tribute to his late father RIGHT HERE.

Rose added, “Johnson was a trailblazer. It is cliché, but he was the guy who broke down a lot barriers.” Rose is also reportedly promoting an upcoming Legends Fan Fest that will pay tribute to Johnson at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC from April 2-4. Rose continued, “He had such a close connection with the other guys who will be there and the fans. We have to do something.”

Per Brian Blair, a private funeral service will be held for Johnson. He stated on his longtime friend, “He’d want to be remembered as someone who wrestled around the world, fought segregation, fought through many trials and tribulations and still won.”