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Several New Updates On Classic Wrestling Revolution

December 4, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

PWInsider has several new updates on Classic Wrestling Revolution, which has been in the planning stages for some time now. Shane Douglas and Road Warrior Animal wil be in charge and the promotion is expected to launch in early 2016.

The TV series will be called Revolution TV, with the product being promoted as “reality sports”. When the sizzle reel was filmed, there was material filmed around the idea of veterans like Douglas, Animal and Roddy Piper training and managing new talents. All outside of the ring segments would be the “reality” aspect. the name of the show and the “reality sports” term were trademarked by Bill Townsend, President of CWR. He also trademarked the term “Revolution Sports International” on other terms playing off the “Revolution Sports” name. The trademark covers organizing and promoting live wrestling events under that name, along with a website and streaming material/downloadable content on the web. Townsend is an Internet entrepreneur who created several online platforms like Lycos.com before he went to writing, motivational speaking and philanthropy. He is believed to be the primary backer of the promotion.

Douglas has contacted several wrestlers in recent months, asking if they were “ready to move to Vegas.”. The promotion is also looking for announcers who speak English and Spanish along with an announcer who speaks Mandarin. Those jobs are based out of Vegas.

The promotion has been working on a launch since March 2014, when Douglas first started contacted talent and asking them to sign letters of intent that they would be interested in working for CWR (then called Classic Wrestling Federation). The letter of intent for the promotion sent to talents last year said: “The purpose of the [then known as] CWF project is to return to American culture the classic sport of wrestling as made popular by the likes of Bruno Samartino, George Steele, Triple H, Andre the Giant, Baron Von Raschke.

It also said that CWR “intends to set base pay for our wrestler athletes an n‐air talent higher than current alternatives, to offer health insurance benefits or stipends, a 401k retirement plan and other benefits, and to create a profit‐sharing plan where all athletes share in the success of the company. In addition, CWF intends to make a percentage of television revenue available to retiring wrestlers in the form of a company operated pension plan.”