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Stevie Ray Regrets That Harlem Heat Never Feuded With the Road Warriors

December 7, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray, Booker T, WWE Hall of Fame Image Credit: WWE

Stevie Ray only has one regret in his career, and it’s that he and Booker T never feuded with the Road Warriors. During a conversation with the Grue Rume Show, Ray talked about why the match never happened and how both teams wanted it to happen.

“We wanted to do a program with the Road Warriors, but for some reason, the office never did it,” Ray said (per Wrestling Inc). “That’s my only regret in my whole wrestling career … Why the office didn’t see that, we have no idea. Me and Animal talked about it for years, man. You know, and another, another brother we’ve lost. God rest his soul, every time we’d see each other, we’d talk about, ‘Man, we could’ve, what kind of money we could’ve drew’ … I question the, you know, the people that were running the office at that time.”

The two teams did face off in the ring once, back on a 1996 episode of WCW Nitro, but it never went further than that.