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Super Estrellas WWC TV 11.30.19 Review

March 6, 2020 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez
Super Estrellas WWC TV 11-30-19
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Super Estrellas WWC TV 11.30.19 Review  

After many years of being out of tune with the local wrestling scene I have recently gotten back into it since WWC started putting their TV show up on YouTube and now I can watch it whenever I have free time. I am going to try and catch us up with the events as that started in December 2019 and after we are all caught up then hopefully cover it every week for the site.

WWC Super Estrellas November 30th 2019 TV Review

We open the show with a black and white video package set to somber music as The Colon Family, Carlito, Eddie (Primo) and Orlando (Epico) celebrate after WWC’s latest big event. They hug and everything seems fine, until Eddie low blows his brother and cousin from behind, officially turning heel. Rey Gonzalez (now acting as an authority figure) walks out with a look of incredulity. He is ambushed from behind by a masked man dressed like La Pesadilla (Orlando’s former masked identity before WWE) who nails Rey with a chair shot. Back in the ring, Pesadilla hands Eddie the chair and he proceeds to blast Carlito in the back. The scene cuts to Pesadilla removing his mask to reveal “The Precious One” Gilbert and he and Eddie hug, officially starting the era of The Dynasty.

We cut to Stacy Colon (she’s still got it) making some food for a family dinner. Carlito walks in a sharp-dressed man inquires if she’s heard from Eddie or Orlando. She says no. He mentions their current problems and Stacy says it is Christmas time, Thanksgiving and all that, her mother and father are coming over and they need to fix this. Carlito grabs a plate and walks out, saying he will see what he can do.

We cut to WWC lead announcer Luis Toledo who welcomes us to the show and promises that today we will see some of the events that occurred at Noche de Campeones (Night of Champions) the previous week. He mentions it was a night of action, betrayals and an unexpected appearance in WWC (we see a glimpse of two heavily tattooed arms). We cut to the WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre video package. The production values have really improved since the last time I watched the show some two years ago.

  • WWC Tag Team Championship: La Revolucion © vs The Hangmen (Khaos & Abbadon)/ with Pedro Portillo III

This is from Noche de Campeones. La Revolucion are now babyfaces. Their ring attire also looks much better and their shirts seem to have the logo of the National Guard on them. I must give props to all four guys for looking like actual professional wrestlers. My main gripe with WWC in the past has been too many guys with jeans and T-shirts. For reference on how long it has been since I watched, back then La Revolucion were heels and The Hangmen were babyfaces (and were just called by their names and not the Hangmen tag team name). We cut from the entrances to the ring as one of the Revolucion guys (I won’t even try to tell who is who since they look the same) starts with Abbadon, the biggest man in the ring. Clubbing blows by Abbadon and he takes over with a headlock. Revolucion escapes and they go to the ropes where he nails a nice back elbow and arm-drags the big man into a lock. Tag to the other Revolucion and it ends bad for Abbadon as he receives a double gut punch off the ropes and a bulldog. Khaos runs in and gets flapjacked as Revolucion takes over with another wristlock. Khaos is legal now? When did they tag? Another tag by Revolucion and Khaos gets double-teamed. They trip him into a sitting position and double-kick him off the ropes as Khaos rolls outside to regroup.

Pedro Portillo III gets on the apron to distract the ref and one of the Revolucion guys as the heels pull the other Revolucion outside and throw him on the metal stairs. They roll him back inside and a cover (from Khaos) gets two. I have lost track of who is supposed to be legal here. The Revolucion guy in the ring gets double-teamed in the corner and is kicked outside after a series of headbutts. Abbadon and Pedro Portillo beat him up as Abbadon distracts the ref. They roll him back in. The heat segment goes on forever as the heels isolate and triple team one of Revolucion and to liven things up, Abbadon grabs a bear hug. We cut to commercial as they hype their next big event, LockOut, with Ricky Banderas vs Gilbet and a rematch between La Revolucion and The Hangmen on the card.

We are back as Revolucion fights back but is denied the hot tag. The heels are working good heat, but it is all slow and plodding. Abbadon gets a near fall off a suplex as the fans start getting into it and trying to get Revolucion moving. He fights back but runs to the ropes like an idiot and Abbadon receives him with a spinebuster for a near fall. The other Revolucion is lured in and of course, now the ref enforces the rules, leading to a triple team of his partner that goes on for a solid two minutes. The ref finally discovers his balls and throws Portillo III from the match. Wait, scratch that, he says he will give Portillo one more chance. Great way to emasculate the ref WWC.

Revolucion finally fights back and sends Khaos into Abbadon. Hot tag to the other Revolucion who ducks under a clothesline and catches Abbadon with a neck breaker. Khaos gets flapjacked. He sends the heels into each other. Back Suplex for Abbadon! Back Suplex for Khaos and that one gets a near fall. Now he goes for a pin on Abbadon and gets a near fall….? Come on, what about the rules? The other Revolucion finally recovers and they try to whip the heels into each other, but the heels counter and the babyfaces collide. The Hangmen make my heart sing with a Hart Attack on one of the Revolucion for a near fall. I bought that as the finish. The other Revolucion comes off the top with a dropkick that knocks down both men and gets a near fall that is broken up by Pedro Portillo pulling and arguing with the ref. Revolucion goes after Portillo, he ducks and Khaos takes Portillo out. The babyfaces get double sunset flips and pin both heels simultaneously in about 14 minutes (with commercials) to retain.

Winners: La Revolucion   Rating: **The good news is that all 4 men have improved. Outside of a long heat segment by the heels, it felt quicker and livelier than when the roles where reversed. Two years ago, I used to switch the channel when Revolucion was on, but this was entertaining. Now, they need to do something with the Revolucion guys, they need actual names or something to tell them apart. Also, WWC needs to stop using “fluke” finishes in their matches. Too many roll-ups and sunset flips turned me off and my first match back ends on a sunset flip.

Post-match the heels attack the babyfaces, complete with using the title belts as weapons and hanging one of the Revolucion guys with the bull rope over the top rope and to the outside. The heels pose with the belts and walk off.

We cut backstage to Carlito hours before Noche de Campeones. He is on the phone and finds a black playing card inside his bag. He stares at it and then tosses it off.

  • Extreme Rules Match: Chicano vs Xavant

This is also from Noche de Campeones. Chicano comes to the ring with a cart full of plunder. He tosses some chairs and street signs into the ring. Xavant comes out in jeans and has lost the Xix (from the Xix Xavant name) and the face paint since the last time I saw him. I guess because he is a heel now? Still, he went from looking cool to looking like another big dude. Xavant stalls outside like his last name is Zbysko. He finally finds a club of some sort and heads to the ring. They brawl and fall outside and end up on top of a SkyJack, which gives the announcer the opportunity to thank the rental company. Of course, nothing exciting happens and they do more punching and chasing each other around the arena. Chicano gets a walking stick and whacks Xavant a couple of times, then chokes him with it. He drops that and goes looking for another toy. He settles on a frying pan and whacks Xavant a few times over the head. Next, he pulls out a fork (who is he, Abby?) but Xavant takes it away and uses it to bust Chicano open. He stabs and grinds on Chicano’s forehead with it. Props to the refs for going the WWE route and using gloves now. Chicano is bleeding all over the place as this match turns into a stab/grind and chase each other brawl. Xavant gets tired of that and gets a street sign now. Chicano is bashed a few times and he asks for more. Xavant gets handcuffs now and secures them on one hand of Chicano. Chicano is able to escape with a low blow and a street sign shot to Xavant as the cuffs hang open on one side. Chicano gets a ladder from under the ring and tosses it at Xavant. Back in the ring Chicano props the ladder in the corner. Xavant comes in with the frying pan but Chicano blocks and goes for a suplex. Xavant blocks that and tosses Chicano into the ladder, bending it in half. Xavant handcuffs Chicano and gets the black pipe he had at the beginning of the match. We head to commercial.

Eddie (Primo) is backstage before Noche de Campeones and he finds a playing card stuck to a wall with bubble gum (eeww). Carlito’s said 4 and Eddie’s says 5. Both where black with a wolf on the back. He leaves asking “the boys” who left that card there.

We are back as Xavant is still kicking ass. Chicano kicks him low and bails. A security guard tries to remove the cuffs, but Xavant blasts him. Back in the ring as this match is dying a slow death. Xavant steals Chicano’s backpack and wears it. Now chair in hand he nails Chicano a few times on the ribs as he struggles to try and protect himself. Xavant with the black club now and smashes Chicano in the back as I am running out of words to describe the act of someone hitting someone with plunder. Chicano fights back with kicks and goes for a superkick, but Xavant ducks under. Xavant goes for what appears to be a spear, but Chicano moves and Xavant goes headfirst into a chair that was propped in the corner. Chicano nails the superkick and gets two. Xavant takes over and with a new pair of cuffs he cuffs Chicano to the bottom rope. Xavant goes outside and gets a black bag from under the ring. Inside is a barbed wire covered baseball bat and some lighter fluid. He lights it up but does not attack. He bathes Chicano in lighter fuel! The referees run inside to stop this and one of them sneaks in from behind to steal the baseball bat. Security is now releasing Chicano from the cuffs. Chicano rolls outside as Xavant chases. Chicano gets hold of crutch and proceeds to beat Xavant back into the ring. Xavant goes up top but Chicano nails a weird looking Superman Punch and Xavant hangs from the top. Chicano opens the backpack (still on Xavant’s back) and pulls out a bag of thumbtacks. He spreads them in the ring, rips the backpack from Xavant’s back and hits a Superplex on the thumbtacks! That gets the pinfall win in about 15 minutes.

Winner: Chicano   Rating: *1/2 The “match” was too slow, just two guys hitting each other with plunder and walking around the arena. They teased a Skyjack spot that never happened, and a barbed wire baseball bat covered in flames that never got used. Also, Chicano took a superhuman beating and came back to win with basically nothing. I don’t know what they are doing with Xavant. He was one of their most popular guys with the face paint and the unique look and now he looks like a generic big man heel. It picked up near the end, but it was too long and slow.

We come back from commercial to “Lo Que Esta Pasando en WWC” (What’s Happening in WWC) a recap segment of all the latest events.

They recap Carlito and Eddie finding the playing cards as we cut backstage to Orlando (Epico) talking with Zcion RT1 and Gigante Nihan about his upcoming match with Carlito and Eddie when he finds a playing card on top of his WWC Universal Title belt. Zcion and Nihan plead innocence and they don’t know who put it there. Orlando leaves to find out.

We cut now a bit further ahead at the end of Night of Champions as Orlando retained the title over Carlito and Eddie in the “Colon Triple Threat”. They hug, Carlito and Orlando pose and get low-blowed by Eddie like we saw at the top of the hour. Eddie spits on their faces and kicks them down. Piledriver for Orlando. Backstabber for Carlito as Rey Gonzalez walks out looking shocked. Pesadilla ran in with a chair shot to the back of Rey and heads to the ring. He and Eddie stare down and Eddie laughs and whacks his brother and cousin with the chair. The ref eats one too. Eddie cuts a promo saying he is tired of being taken as the dumb one, the one in third place, when he is the best of the Colon family. He insults the fans, Pesadilla takes off the mask to reveal himself as Gilbert and they hug. The celebration is cut short as the lights go out. The chorus begins as “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas makes his return to PR! The heels bail as soon as he hits the ring. Pedro Portillo III tries to attack from behind and eats a facebuster. El Gran Armando also runs it and eats a chair shot. Gilbert pretends like he is coming in but bails at the last minute. Banderas runs through his catchphrases as Rey Gonzalez books Banderas vs “The Precious One” Gilbert at WWC LockOut on December 7.

Next up is a special message from the COO of WWC Rey Gonzalez. He confirms the Banderas vs Gilbert match but it will now be a Chair in a Pole Match. Then he announces Carlito’s Cabana with Orlando and Eddie will be live at LockOut. Finally, he thanks the fans for being there for his last match (let’s see how long that lasts) and thanks them for their support during the year. LockOut on December 7 will be their last event of 2019. Show ends with a shot of Rey walking out of the arena after his final match.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I had fun watching the show which is a major improvement from the moment I quit two years ago. The production values are a lot better; the angles are hotter and the fans seem to be into it. There are still some questions here, I don’t like the direction for Xavant or how some of their matches still revolve around punching and walking. I am interested in sticking around though. I will do the December 1 show later this week.