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411’s TNA Thanksgiving Throwdown Report 11.26.14

November 26, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

-Jeremy Borash is the host of the show. We’ll look back at the history of the TNA Turkey Bowl during the show.

-I’ll be pulling reviews from the 411 archive for this best of show.

From My 2007 Report- $25,000 Turkey Bowl FINALS: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin vs. AJ Styles: The winner gets $25,000, the loser gets to wear a turkey suit and the guy not pinned or winning gets to, well, be himself.

AJ looks to be the target. Kind of odd here as usually you’d get two heels in there, but a nice change. Sabin tossed AJ, he and Joe have some good exchanges, and stand off. AJ runs in, they move and he flies to the floor. Poor bastard. SUICIDE DIVE by Sabin to AJ, which sends us to commercial @ 2:00.

Back from commercial @ 6:00 with Sabin and AJ battling. Stun gun on Sabin, Joe back in with jabs to AJ, sweeps the leg of AJ and then an Enziguri to Sabin. Elbow Suicida cut off by AJ, kicks by AJ to both and then he battles with Joe. AJ gets the dropkick, Sabin flies in with a swank arm drag into a lucha roll up for 2. Sabin gets an octopus hold into a roll up on Joe for 2. AJ stops that, grabs Joe and tries a suplex and gets it. Side back breaker to Sabin, rights to Joe, snap mare and a headlock by AJ. Sabin grabs a sleeper on AJ now, Joe gets a jawbreaker which has the ripple effect, and we head to a commercial @ 9:30.

Back from commercial @ 13:45 with Joe starting to run wild. He picks op AJ, slams him into Sabin and then powerslams AJ, that was cool. Joe covered for 2 there. Atomic drop, running yakuza to AJ and then tosses Sabin onto AJ, senton to AJ by Joe and a cover for 2. Clothesline by Sabin to Joe, another and he is able to lock Joe’s leg and land the kick. AJ pulls Sabin to the floor, slams him to the railing and there is a table out there, Joe flies and they move and Joe CRASHES through the table! Jesus, we head to a commercial @ 16:34.

Back from commercial @ 20:12 with AJ working over Sabin, Joe is down on the floor. BRAIN BUSTA by AJ gets a close 2. AJ argues with the ref, Joe is alive but still down. Forearms by AJ, but Sabin gets a cutter and then the yakuza! Up top he goes, springboard clothesline gets a SUPER close 2! Enziguri by Sabin, Cradle shock reversed and the CLASH connects! 1…2…JOE SAVES IT! Joe catches the Asai DDT and gets the ISLAND DRIVER for 2 as Sabin makes the save. We head to a commercial, again, @ 24:00.

Back from commercial @ 27:13 with Sabin getting a tornado DDT for 2. Sabin up top, Joe stops that and they battle, Joe tossed off and then AJ nails Joe, Enziguri to Sabin , who falls to the floor. PELE by AJ! AJ charges…STJOE! MUSCLE BUSTA! 1…2…3!

AJ will have to wear the turkey suit.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 29:34 via pin

-Angle dinnertime, Angle is mad and he and Tomko go to the ring.

-In the ring the refs tell AJ that he has to out on the turkey suit.

-Back from commercial with a great video package, showing all of the major names that have come to TNA, highlighting the recent signing of Booker, who will have his “official” in ring debut on Impact next week and explain why he came to TNA.

-Hall and Nash crash dessert at the Angle dinner. They toss pies in Karen’s face, although I doubt that this is the first time she has had pie in her face. They degenerate into the predictable food fight. Kong catches a fucking turkey leg in the air and scarf’s it down. Tremendous.

-Cornette is out to tell AJ that he has to put the turkey suit on. AJ is about to cry. AJ gets dressed up, and Cornette says if he doesn’t get the whole suit on, he will fire AJ. The crowd owns, chanting “GOBBLE GOBBLE~!” He gets the suit on and Angle now comes to the ring, in his pilgrim outfit. Angle says he has never been so ashamed in his life. He is a gold medallist standing next to a turkey. They argue and JOE makes his way to the ring with the Outsiders. Joe says they look like jackasses. Angle would rather be an ass than a Samoan. Joe then says they should go kick ass, and they surround the Angle Alliance and we BRAWL~! Tomko bumps great for Hall as does AJ. Eric Young is out eating a turkey leg, and stuffs the turkey in Angle’s mouth as we end the show.

From Randy Harrison’s 2008 Report – Turkey Bowl Finals (Winner Gets $25,000, Loser Wears A Turkey Suit) Alex Shelley vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Rhino: Rhino charges to the ring and looks ready for action. We’ve got Jeremy Borash in the ring for the SUPER-DUPER, SUPER-SPECIAL ring announcing. Shelley’s mugging as Borash explains the rules of the match is just outstanding. Goddamn, do I loves me some Alex Shelley. The bell rings and both Shelley and Bashir attack Rhino with punches and chops before they try a double-Irish whip. Rhino busts through and clotheslines both men down before sending Shelley out to the floor. Punches on Bashir in the corner by Rhino before he whips him across for a shoulder block to the gut. BIG belly-to-belly by Rhino only gets a two-count as Shelley makes the save and kicks Rhino in the face. Irish whip from Shelley gets reversed into a spinebuster and Rhino gets a long, long two-count before we hit a commercial break.

Back from the break, Shelley and Bashir are working over Rhino on the floor, but Rhino fights back on Bashir!! Shelley jumps him and locks in a sleeper before Rhino backs him into the barricade. Bashir hits a big right hand and sends Rhino back into the ring for a two-count before hitting the chinlock. Rhino fights to his feet and bounces off the ropes, but Shelley pops up onto the apron and hits an enziguri. Kneedrop from Shelley and a legdrop from Bashir leads to a two-count by Shelley before Bashir pulls him off. Shelley’s sitting and pouting routine after the pull-off is classic. Bashir hits a neckbreaker for a two-count and Shelley pulls him off, smirking and trying for a pinfall of his own that gets another two-count. Rhino gets to his feet and goes to work on Bashir with the rights, but Shelley kicks his leg out from under his leg and down goes Rhino. Shelley goes all Jericho and poses while standing over Rhino before Shelley and Bashir hit a double-suplex. Shelley shakes with Bashir and then tries to steal the pin, getting to two before Bashir pulls him off and threatens him with a dusky right hand. Bashir and Shelley get back on the same page sending Rhino into the corner with a double-Irish whip. Bashir whips Shelley into Rhino and Shelley hits a flying forearm before Bashir follows with a double-knee to the face. Shelley kicks out Rhino’s leg again and chokes him in the corner while shit-talking him. Bashir tells Shelley to set up for the Irish whip again and then double-crosses Shelley with a HUGE clothesline that gets two. Bashir lifts Shelley up to the top turnbuckle and follows him up, but Shelley fights him off to hit an inverted atomic drop off the second rope. Bashir and Shelley firing away with right hands and HERE COMES RHINO!! Shelley ducks a clothesline that WAFFLES Bashir, but turns right around into the GOARRRRRRRRRRR!!!! There’s the pin and inevitably there’s the three-count. What did I tell you, you had to know they’d put Shelley into the suit just because he’s the most entertaining of the three.

Winner: Rhino (pinfall, Gore)

Shelley kicks his feetsies like a kid that doesn’t want to put on his snow pants and rolls out to the floor as the referees chase him down with the suit. We head to a commercial as Mick Foley comes down to the ring in a leopard-print shirt and leather-fringed vest that break about TEN fashion commandments all at once. Apparently Mick is thankful for whichever Salvation Army he stole that get-up from.

We see that during the break, Foley presented Rhino with the check and as we come back to live TV, Foley tells Shelley that he knew the rules and that he needs to put on the turkey suit. Shelley grabs the mic and says that if he puts this turkey suit on, none of the ladies in the crowd will be happy. He asks Foley if he really wants the female demographic to dip to zero for the Thanksgiving Impact. Foley says that Shelley is one of the most talented and dedicated wrestlers he’s seen in a long time and that he wants to have him on his show. Foley tells him that if he wants to leave without putting on the suit that’s fine, but there’s a difference between wanting someone on his show and needing them. Foley says that he’s going to deal and that people will remember this as the night that he began to deal. He says that if Shelley walks away without the turkey suit on, he’ll walk without his job so he better put on the damn suit by the count of ten. The crowd chants “Put It On” and Foley starts the ten-count. Shelley pouts for a couple of seconds before realizing he better get to it and sticks a leg into the suit. Foley accuses him of short-cutting and that he needs to finish the suit, adding that a couple of weeks ago Shelley made fun of the size of his ass, so now he’s going to make fun of the size of Shelley’s giblets. Shelley does a little check of the old trunks and then finally pulls the suit on all the way, smelling the head of it and looking disgusted. He puts the head on and the crowd pops for it as JB introduces him as the “Turkey of the Year”. He asks Shelley for his thoughts and he says there goes his shot with “Mrs. Palin” before adding that he might get a great MySpace picture out of it. Shelley asks if it makes “Mickey” happy before FLIPPING HIM OFF!! RIGHT HANDS FROM FOLEY!! DOUBLE-ARM DDT!! Shelley’s sell of the DDT is absolutely CLASSIC!!! Foley gets back on the mic and says that on this most special of nights, Shelley needs to be thankful that he still has a job.

From My 2011 Report – Non-Title LOSER WEARS A TURKEY SUIT Match: Robbie E © w/Robbie T vs. Eric Young : Robbie E attacks before the bell, and EY uses the Turkey suit to fight back. That fails, tossed into the ring and here we go. Robbie E beats up the turkey suit, and then tosses it into the referee. Off the ropes and a right to EY, Russian leg sweep follows for 2. Robbie E to the 2nd rope, elbow drop connects for 2. EY then rolls him up for 2. Taz is completely making fun of the match on commentary, as he should, and EY fights back and connects with clotheslines. To the corner, back elbow and then a belly to belly for 2. EY plays the crowd, Robbie E has a foreign object and nails EY with it. Cover gets 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 3:00 via pin

-The ref then sees the object, and as Robbie E celebrates, the ref says they will restart the match. Robbie E argues with the ref, piledriver by EY and that is all. -Robbie T is in the ring and EY has a mic. He says that it is Thanksgiving, and it is a time to give, and he loves to give. He says Robbie E can’t wear the suit tonight, but he thinks they can find a replacement. He chooses Robbie T. Rudy Charles says that Robbie T MUST wear the suit. Rudy says it is by Sting’s law, and f he doesn’t, Robbie E will lose the TV Title. EY gets the crowd to chant TURKEY at him. Robbie T gets the suit on kinda as it is tight as hell. And there you go with your turkey suit match. Fantastic.

-Rudy and EY celebrate their victory in the Turkey Suit match. EY starts training for next year, because eh will never wear the suit again. He also wishes us a great Thanksgiving as Rudy wrecks his bike into a trailer.

-Robbie T is in the ring and EY has a mic. He says that it is Thanksgiving, and it is a time to give, and he loves to give. He says Robbie E can’t wear the suit tonight, but he thinks they can find a replacement. He chooses Robbie T. Rudy Charles says that Robbie T MUST wear the suit. Rudy says it is by Sting’s law, and f he doesn’t, Robbie E will lose the TV Title. EY gets the crowd to chant TURKEY at him. Robbie T gets the suit on kinda as it is tight as hell. And there you go with your turkey suit match. Fantastic.

-Rudy and EY celebrate their victory in the Turkey Suit match. EY starts training for next year, because eh will never wear the suit again. He also wishes us a great Thanksgiving as Rudy wrecks his bike into a trailer.

From My 2012 Report – Turkey Suit Match: Eric Young vs. Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz: EY tries to lock up with the ref, and then clotheslines both Robbie E and Jesse. Jesse fights back and beats down EY. To the corner, and then off the ropes and a dropkick to EY. Robbie E and Jesse look like they will play who can beat down EY better, and they take turns beating on EY. They then work together, and hit a double-team flapjack on EY. They then try to steal pins on EY, and then they argue. Jesse beats down Robbie E in the corner, EY up top and gets a missile dropkick to Jesse. Flying forearm to Robbie E. Belly to belly by EY gets 2. Jesse back in, and Tara is also in the ring and that brings in ODB to fight with her. The women roll over the referee and to the floor. EY tosses Jesse to the floor, Robbie T holds EY, but he moves and Robbie E hits his buddy. Jesse back in, EY counters the stunner and rolls him up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 3:30 via pin

-Tara tells Jesse that he is still hot, as he puts on the Turkey suit.

From Jonathan Sullivan’s 2012 Report – The BroMans vs. Norv Fernum & Dewey Barnes : Eric Young and ODB are in the ring with the turkey suit. EY is the “high chancellor of the Turkey Bowl”. Zema Ion is at his DJ table and introduces The Bromans to the ring. Ion repeatedly hits the horn button on his DJ set and all three-fist bump. This is actually wicked awesome and I feel weird admitting that. Their opponents, Norv Fernum & Dewey Barnes, make their way out second wearing Member’s Only jackets. Robbie E gets on the mic and tells Fernum he looks like a hairless hampster and Ion hits the horn button and laughs his face off. Jessie Godderz is next on the mic and says they are the World Tag Team Champions and Fernum/Barnes are nothing. Godderz slaps Barnes then they turn their back as Ion blows the horn again. The Bromans turn back to their opponents and Fernum/Barnes attack. The Bromans easily regain the advantage and hit their finisher on Fernum for the easy 1…2…3 in 18 seconds of actual match time.

POST-MATCH: The Bromans yell at them to put on the turkey suits and Robbie E does his turkey dance while they do so. Fernum and Barnes wear the suits and start dancing as the turkey song plays. Eric Young and ODB get on the apron and help Fernum and Barnes embrace the embarrassment much to the chagrin of The Bromans.

You can watch the show below…

* End scene.

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