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WWE News: Nancy Benoit’s Sister Appearing on Talk is Jericho, Xavier Woods Talks New Day Being Geeky

June 22, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE New Day WrestleMania 32

– Sandra Toffoloni, the sister of Nancy Benoit, will appear on Talk is Jericho on Friday. The episode is titled, “Inside The Benoit Family Tragedy,” and this is the first interview Toffoloni has done in years.

– During a recent interview with The Phoenix New-Time, Xavier Woods was asked if the New Day gimmick is geeky. Woods responded with the following…

“Uh … this word ‘gimmick’ that you keep on using, I’m not sure what that is. When I go out on TV, I’m just myself, and I feel like my personality isn’t really any sort of gimmick the way that people might use the word. What we do, when our music hits, we go out and we just hang out with each other. We’re friends and that’s what we’re about, being friends and making sure that we have a good time. We’ve just been lucky enough that other people think that us having fun is funny.”