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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report 09.09.23: Grayson Waller Talks John Cena

September 9, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Money in the Bank John Cena Grayson Waller Image Credit: WWE

-On this day, twenty-four years ago, SEGA released The Dreamcast! I still have mine and my 6-year-old has enjoyed playing Tony Hawk. I have thought about selling it over the years but I can’t pull the trigger. I bring thing up because anytime I see 9-9 as the date, I remember what it means thanks to SEGA’s marketing campaign.

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined, as always, by Matt Camp.

-To the video where LA Knight gets a win over Austin Theory to continue his push. It seems the WWE is getting behind him now that he has signed a new contract. They need to keep giving him wins and let him move up the card organically. It will pay off!

-Kayla Braxton is backstage with LA Knight and he wants to talk to us. He is prepared for The Miz as he has already beaten him once. Next week Miz gets BFT courtesy of L A Knight….Yeah!

-Camp and Megan talk Miz vs. Knight II. Resist the urge to 50/50 book this feud! Resist the urge!

-Grayson Waller and Damage CTRL still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-This Monday on RAW: GUNTHER gets a celebration, Cody Rhodes returns, and Rhea/Raquel II.

-Megan lets us know that John Cena will be the guest on The Grayson Waller Effect next week!

-Grayson Waller is backstage with Cathy Kelly. Waller notes he is a good bloke and tried to help fix the turnbuckle tonight, but it’s all about next week when John Cena is on his show. He gets to make John’s wish come true and bring him back to the spotlight and Main Event. He gets the Grayson Waller rub!

-To the video as The Brawling Brutes did battle with Judgment Day in a non-title match. Good match with Judgment Day using the numbers game to get the win. After the match, Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits make their intentions known as with The Bloodline crumbling, they will be taking over and not Judgment Day.

-Camp and Megan discuss the idea that the throne is open with The Bloodline falling apart. I am digging the story as well, and I am cool with factions feuding over the throne.

-Damage CTRL up next!

-Peacock commercials!

-Shop WWE commercial!

-To the video as Charlotte Flair and Shotzi get a win over Bayley and Iyo thanks to Asuka terrorizing Dakota on the floor. Shotz gets the pin on Bayley. After the match, Asuka and Iyo go face to face and I think we are all ready for this!

-Damage CTRL is backstage with Kayla and she asks Iyo if she is ready for Asuka. Bayley and Dakota note the question should be if Asuka is ready for Iyo. Iyo responds in Japanese and someone on Twitter will help us out with that.

-Iyo vs. Asuka in 2 weeks on SmackDown!

-To the video as AJ Styles fights off Solo and is able to get the win over Jimmy Uso. I assume this is leading to AJ getting a Title Match against Roman at some point. After the match we get intrigue as Judgment Day attack AJ and send him back in the ring so Solo can hit The Samoan Spike.

-Megan and Camp discuss the current state of The Bloodline.

-Plug for RAW and NXT as we get Raquel vs. Rhea II on Monday and Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton on Tuesday!

-Megan wraps things up and we are out this week. Thanks for reading and Go Niners!