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Three Feuds For The Social Outcasts

February 1, 2016 | Posted by Mitch Nickelson

Normally, I’d take this weekly opportunity to express my opinions about professional wrestling to highlight the many positives on the current landscape. Despite an enjoyable Royal Rumble, the WWE debut of AJ Styles, and the return of Lucha Underground – all worth praising – I’m going to depart from that format to address a missed opportunity in WWE. What I want to discuss is what could’ve been between The Social Outcasts and The Big Show.

The week prior to the Rumble, Big Show defeated Heath Slater in a match after about a minute, giving him the KO Punch. After the match, he KO Punched every other member of the group, establishing how dominant he was heading into the 30-man contest. When he stepped into the Rumble, Show was eliminated by the newest monster on the block, Braun Strowman.

There are no complaints from me in regards to Strowman eliminating several giants in that match, but Bruan also tossed out Kane and Mark Henry. I’d argue that those two were more than enough for Braun to make a statement. Big Show should’ve had a showdown with the guys that he chumped out less than a week prior. Having the Social Outcasts all gang up to eliminate the guy that KO’d them all could’ve been the start of a feud. Heath and crew could’ve used this “victory” as bragging rights few weeks to come. Big Show could’ve then racked up multiple victories in singles and handicap matches to regain his status. If the schtick between them all was working at all, then the Outcasts could’ve eliminated Show again at the upcoming Andre The Giant Battle Royal to start a new cycle of this rivalry.

The previous paragraph was nothing more than a fantasy booking opportunity that has already passed by. I find it to be a shame. WWE could’ve used these Social Outcast guys as more than just temporary fodder for Big Show, but they do still have the chance to give them something meaningful. Social Outcasts are still new – plenty of good can still come from them. For this article, I’m going to pitch some ideas that I have for feuds for this foursome. I’ll try to keep it all fairly reasonable, so I’ll save my plans for Heath to pin Roman clean for another day.


WWE might’ve passed on some fun with Big Show, perhaps they can redeem themselves with The Big Guy? Ryback can easily move into that dominant monster role who’s repeatedly bothered by the Social Outcast thorn in his side.

Initially, I’d have a series of interactions in which Ryback keeps getting approached by members of the group, asking him to join their ranks. Curtis Axel could even get annoyed by the other three wanting to recruit him because The Ax Man is supposed to be the “muscle” of the group. Their former Rybaxel alliance could even be brought up but with unease on the part of Curtis. For in-ring drama, I’d pair Ryback and Social Outcasts on a team in a ten-man tag match one day, making Axel take the fall because he refused to tag in his former partner when he was the legal man in peril.

The relationship between The Social Outcasts and Ryback would remain in a state of fawning over (minus Axel) until the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. The four would still eliminate The Big Guy over the top rope, but it would be totally inadvertent. This would be the last straw for Ryback, who would turn hostile against the foursome from this point on.

All of this could lead to a singles match at whatever pay-per-view is after WrestleMania 32, pitting Ryback against Axel. I’m not pitching that these two be given a twenty minute singles match, but a ten minute bout filled with Social Outcast antics could be a fun middle card match on a card. Despite the massive interference Ryback can still walk away the victor.

League Of Nations

Even though I have an appreciation for each member of The League of Nations individually, I’ve had trouble investing into the group. Sure, they occasionally hold meaningful titles and even get to smash Roman Reigns through tables, but it feels like WWE hasn’t fully invested in them as a top heel faction. Despite the lack of commitment in keeping some of their members near the top of the card, they still do a solid job at getting the crowd to not like them. So if WWE has any desire to take The Social Outcasts in a more fan-friendly direction, they could pick a fight with the resident foreigner baddies.

One reason that the Outcasts could take offense with the League is because of nationalism. Heath Slater absolutely gives off the vibe that he could rock some red, white, and blue. There is a flaw in this set up because not everybody in Heath Slater’s group is an American. I don’t think people would ultimately care that Adam Rose is actually South African, but I don’t think there really needs to be a reason other than the Outcast are looking to make a statement.

Slater could preface this clan war by telling the world in a promo that he wants his group to be taken more seriously. He’d tell everyone that he’s looking for a fight and would soon bring it. Then, while the League of Nations are gathered together for a promo of their own in the middle of the ring on Raw, the lights would go out on them. When the lights turned back on, Slater, Dallas, Rose, and Axel would be on all sides of the apron.

I don’t for a second believe that this would stir a reaction anywhere near the level of, say, the first face off between The Shield and The Wyatt Family, but it doesn’t have to be that. Maybe Sheamus and company will just treat them like bothersome flies that needed swatted at from time to time, which could serve as an entertaining constant side story for them.

Unlike the other feuds I’m proposing here, I’d like to see The Social Outcasts pick up a few solid wins in a rivalry like this. I mean, if R-Truth was getting wins on King Barrett in 2015 then Heath Slater might have a chance to put Rusev down for 3 a few times in 2016.

Quick Note: Del Rio and Sheamus weren’t injured when I began writing this article, so I realize that this probably can’t happen in the near future.

New Day

What credible threats are there currently to New Day’s Tag Team Championships? The Usos just failed at their recent attempt to capture the titles, The Lucha Dragons are half injured, and The Dudleyz don’t appear close to another shot anytime soon. That’s not a bad thing that New Day are set to hold the straps for a very long time, please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are all highly entertaining, but they need new challengers for the time being. And these new challengers need to be entertaining without ultimately taking away the titles.

Between all four members of Social Outcasts, someone should be able to piece together one cohesive tag team to challenge the champs. To get the ball rolling for this one, I’d like to see a few Social Outcast parodies of New Day, sort of like what D-X and the Nation of Domination did to each other years ago. The Social Outcasts could round up some bright matching ring gear like New Day wears. They could also find a musical instrument of their own and get one of their guys to mimic Big E’s preacher voice. I’m not sure who’d be the best to copy Big E’s voice but something tells me that I want to hear Bo Dallas give it a shot.

Before getting to an actual challenge for the Tag Team Titles, various pairings could be made along the way for their matches. When it comes time to have an actual duo to fight with the belts on the line, I’d have Slater and Axel do the in-ring work. Ultimately I want New Day to retain, but for a one or two month break from an Uso challenge, this could be a hit.

Final Thoughts And Plugs

I realize that I’m a mark for the Social Outcasts. I’ve already brought them up repeatedly in my writing at this site and I hope I haven’t driven away those that aren’t as keen on these guys as I am. I promise to write about other wrestlers and topics in the future.

After going through this exercise in fantasy booking I think I’ve convinced myself that a New Day feud would legitimately be money. If one of you readers talks to Vince any time soon, pitch my idea. You can even take credit for it. I won’t mind.

If you’ve got other Social Outcast rivalry pitches, comments on my ideas, criticisms and/or whatever else, then go ahead and drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I love how the readers of this site are so interactive and comment regularly. I do make it a priority to check back and read everything.

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