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411’s AWE: Night of Legends PPV Report 10.15.11

October 16, 2011 | Posted by Leonard Hayhurst

Awesome Wrestling Entertainment (AWE)
Night of Legends
Oct. 15, 2011
Augusta Expo Center in Fishersville, Virginia

Commentators are Chris Cruise, Dutch Mantel and Larry Zybysko. Chris Graham and Bill Apter are doing backstage interviews.

The show apparently started at 8 p.m., but didn’t go to ppv until 9 p.m., so that’s probably why we don’t see some of the advertised matches and people.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Terry Funk in a no disqualification match
Mantel said Dreamer and Funk asked to go first. Probably so they can go get drunk. Well, drunker. The bell rings, but Funk asks for the microphone. Funk said he gets a physical before every match. His doctor said he was just fine, but he was too old to wrestle, but he wanted to come out for the fans and for Dreamer, who has been his fan since he was a pimple faced, greasy haired kid. Funk admits his real age is 105. He smacks Dreamer with the microphone and they go straight to the floor. Dreamer takes a bottle of Gatorade off of a kid and smacks Funk with it. Dreamer throws Funk into the timekeeper’s table. Funk throws Dreamer into the table and then starts throwing plastic chairs at him. Dreamer takes an atomic drop on the guardrail. They go into the ring and Funk hits a series of head butts. He then pays tribute to JYD with the crawling head butts. They go back outside and Dreamer takes a drink of someone’s soda and spits Funk in the eyes with it. They trade chops back in the ring. Funk hits a drop toe hold to send Dreamer into a chair. Funk throws more chairs. Funk works a spinning toe hold. Dreamer then hits a small package out of nowhere for the win. Funk knocks out the referee. Dreamer asks Funk what he’s doing, but he’s just mad and walks off.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer by small package.

Olivencia gives a pretty standard interview backstage where he says his own name like ten times and Jamin Olivencia doesn’t just roll off the tongue. Dutt responds that yeah, he wants to be a liar, a cheat and a jerk like Olivencia. He’s Jay Dutt from the feet up.

Jamin Olivencia vs. Sonjay Dutt
They do some grappling to start to establish they’re on even par. They trade off on a headlock. Olivencia gets cocky after knocking Dutt down. Dutt kips up and slaps Olivencia in the face. Dutt hits a dropkick and Olivencia takes a head scissors to the floor. Olivencia gets into the ring behind Dutt and blind sides him. Olivencia takes over. Dutt fights back. Olivencia stops Dutt from getting a springboard and covers for two. Olivencia with a suplex. He follows with a twisting splash for two. We go to the chin lock. Dutt works out, but takes a high knee for two. Dutt flips out of an atomic drop and takes over. Olivencia takes another head scissors to the floor. Dutt does a moonsault off the second rope onto Olivencia on the floor. He gets two back in the ring. Olivencia gets a spinning clothesline for two. Olivencia showboats and takes a knee in the corner. A springboard splash gets two for Dutt. Olivencia gets a back suplex. Olivencia misses a blind charge in the corner and takes a kick through the ropes. Olivencia comes back with a high knee. He goes to backdrop Dutt, but he lands on his feet and nails a super kick. They trade forearms. Olivencia blocks a sunset flip by grabbing the ropes. The referee knocks him off and Dutt completes the move. The referee gets bumped and Olivencia kicks Dutt in the groin. Olivencia finishes with the O Drop, some sort of body scissors slam.
Winner: Olivencia with the O Drop after a low blow

They show the contract signing from a previous show between Kevin Nash and the Rock ‘N Express. Morton looks like Charlie Rich with rickets. Robert Morton has Marty Feldman eyes. Morton said just to google Ricky Morton hates Kevin Nash and you’ll know what everything is about.

Rick Garrison joins the commentators and bad mouths Saturn. Garrison is president of the AWE from what Cruise said. Saturn hasn’t had a match in nine years. Anderson isn’t worried in a backstage interview. Apter has Saturn. They’re hyping Saturn’s comeback match and how he was homeless, ate out of the garbage and was a drug addict. That was Tuesday. Saturn calls Anderson a bunch of different names like C.C. Deville and B.D. Cooper.

Perry Saturn vs. C.W. Anderson
Saturn’s a bit flabby. Replace bit with a lot. Saturn stalls to start. They trade off on some waist locks and hammer locks to start. Saturn works the punch count in the corner. Saturn follows with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Anderson takes a head scissors to the floor. He grabs a plastic chair and Saturn does a suicide dive in to it. He’s busted up. Great spot actually. Anderson works the cut back in the ring and then moves to the shoulder. Harrison has building respect for Saturn. Saturn gets a sunset flip for two. Anderson throws Saturn to the floor. Anderson wraps Saturn’s arm around the ring post on the floor. He snaps Saturn’s arm over the top rope. Anderson works the arm back in the ring. Saturn falls to the floor. Anderson smacks Saturn’s arm on the ring steps. Back in the ring, Anderson runs into a boot and takes a neck breaker. Saturn hits a clothesline. Saturn runs into a super kick for two. Spinebuster gets two. Saturn turns a backdrop try into a sunset flip for three out of nowhere. The commentators did a good job in getting the storyline over of Saturn’s return and his problems while away from the ring.
Winner: Perry Saturn with a sunset flip.

They show footage from a previous show of Akbar chewing out the fans. Cut to the backstage interview where Akbar gives an anti-USA promo. Akbar means the great and he’ll leave Duggan laying on his back in the ring with Old Glory draped over him. Duggan responds that he hasn’t been sitting in his rocker feeding the ducks, he’s been fighting kung-fu champions in Japan. On the Jake Roberts Heroes of Wrestling promo scale, Duggan gets about a seven.

Mohammad Akbar vs. Jim Duggan
Akbar gets in the ring and says there are three reasons people will remember his name. He’s tan, jacked, he’s got money in the bank and he goes for another one, but Duggan cuts him off from the back on what I’m calling the Awesome-Tron screen. As long as there is air in his lungs and blood in his arms he’ll carry the flag. He gets a USA chant going. They slug it out to start. Akbar takes a backdrop and is then clotheslined to the floor. They slug it out again in the ring. Duggan hits some clotheslines. Akbar is out on the apron. Duggan goes to get him and Akbar drops him throat first on the top rope. Akbar chokes Hacksaw. He then rakes the face. Duggan works out of a chin lock. He posts his shoulder on a charge. Akbar hits a knee drop for two. We go back to the chin lock. Seriously, they do the arm lift bit on the chin lock. Duggan lifts his arm on the third time and fights back. Three point stance into the clothesline gets the win. Akbar throws a hissy fit in the back. Duggan responds literally with blah, blah, blah and then starts a USA chant.
Winner: Duggan with the three point stance into a clothesline.

I think Silva’s gimmick is being a mentally challenged version of Randy Orton. Silva’s mind starts wandering and Graham has to get his attention. Silva’s response is “I don’t pay attention, attention paid me.” What does that mean? Finlay doesn’t understand what Silva’s about and he won’t let him humiliate him and send him back to his wife and kids with his tale between his legs.

Dave Finlay vs. Alex Silva with Tammy Sytch
Tammy looks pretty good in jeans and a pink shirt. She plays to the crowd. Silva introduces her as the most beautiful diva in wrestling history. Sytch says Silva is the future of wrestling and that’s why she’s with him. I’m guessing he also covered her cab faire to the show. Silva kind of stalls and plays to Sytch a lot. They trade off on a wristlock. Finlay lands an elbow to the nose and Silva rolls to the floor. Sytch checks him out. I’m pretty sure Silva has a big piece of duct tape on his trunks. Back in the ring, they grapple on the mat. Finlay hits a shoulder block and Silva bails. They grapple more back in the ring. Finlay works the leg. Silva makes the ropes to break a knee bar. Finlay gets a waist lock takedown. He works the European uppercuts. More mat grappling. Silva works a head scissors. I make a sandwich and read the newspaper and they’re still in it. They’re not working it either, just lying on the mat. Finlay finally gets out and goes to the floor for a breather. Back in the ring, Finlay gets Silva off his feet with an arm drag. Finlay works the back. He drops a knee to the head and covers for two. Finlay works the chin lock. Finlay gets two off of a body slam. Another one gets two more. Finlay tries to go up on the second rope on a whip, but hurts his knee. Larry Z recounts how Finlay hurt his knee going through a table years ago and has had trouble ever since. Finlay begs off and milks the injury. Sytch slaps Finlay as the referee deals with Silva. Finlay won’t give up, but can’t get up. Sytch chokes Finlay from behind. Finlay rolls to the floor. The referee and Silva follow him out. If the injury was legit, the ref would have called the match by now. Silva gets a microphone and rags on Finlay for giving up as the referee helps him to the back. Silva calls him a coward. Wrong move, bub. Finlay goes back to the ring and gets a beat down. Silva is smart enough to focus on the knee. He rolls to the floor and Sytch nails Finlay. Silva follows and they brawl on the floor. Back in the ring, Silva beats and bites on the knee. Silva gets a leg grapevine, then a half crab. He goes to an ankle lock. Finlay fights back with elbows and chops. Silva cuts him off and boots Finlay to the floor. Silva slides out and Finlay catches him inside the ring apron and beats on him. They brawl on the floor. Finlay hits some clothesline back in the ring and a butt splash for two. Irish cross gets two. Silva goes up top. Finlay catches him for another Cross, but Sytch trips him. Silva gets a low blow and rolls him up. Silva has a bloody nose.
Winner: Silva with a roll up after a low blow.

Silva and Finlay cut promos on each other in the back after the match. Finlay is going to shove Silva’s head up his own ass.

Shortsleeve Sampson vs. Abo Shango
Sampson cuts a promo before the match saying it’s midget time. Shango is a full size guy, but looks like a mini-me of Papa Shango. Sampson leap frogs over a charge in the corner. He tries it again and Shango catches him, but Sampson turns it into a head scissors to the floor. Sampson teases a dive to the floor. As Shango tries to get back in the ring, Sampson makes him ride the second rope. Sampson hits a dropkick with Shango seated and gets a two. A schoolboy gets two. Shango trips backwards over Sampson and he rolls him up for two. Shango comes back with a body slam. Shango drops a leg to the back of the head and covers for two. Shango kicks the back hard and covers for two. Sampson gets some back kicks to break a chin lock. Sampson runs into a short arm clothesline for two. Sampson fights out of another chin lock, but is caught for a body slam for two. Shango pulls Sampson up. Shango jumps over Sampson on a whip, but Sampson catches him on his shoulders and drops him on his face. Sampson with an airplane spin. Bulldog follows. Remember the Worm, Sampson goes for the Inch Worm. Shango bails. Sampson flies out with a suicide dive. Shango gets powder from a blow gun he has. Sampson knocks it into his eyes. A tadpole splash gets the win.
Winner: Sampson with a tadpole splash.

Back to the contract signing for the main event. Morton flips the table over and Nash hits him with a chair. Additional footage shows the Rock ‘n Roll Express jumping Marvin Ward, Nash’s original tag team partner, in the ring at another show. The Midnight Express come out for the save, but it’s a swerve and they break Ward’s arm with a chair. The Midnights are Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey. Diamond Dallas Page makes the real save. Never seen the Expresses team up before.

In the back, Morton can’t even speak. Gibson said he’ll take on whoever the mystery partner is. Apter has Nash. Nash doesn’t hate Morton and he can’t understand what Morton has against him. Nash actually gives a scary promo where he doesn’t raise his voice at all, but says the match will end with one of Morton’s kids over his body begging him to get up. Nash might be killed one day, but it won’t be tonight and it won’t be by Morton. Nash’s prediction for tonight is pain.

The Rock ‘n Roll Express vs. Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page
Gibson and DDP start. Page is backed into his corner and tags Nash. Nash wants Morton. Gibson tags him, but Ward interrupts with his arm in a sling. He said he wouldn’t just turn and walk away after what Morton did to him. Nash came to him earlier today and said he would handle things with Morton one on one. Ward tells Gibson and Page to take a walk. The new main event is Nash vs. Morton anything goes. How does he have the power to make matches? They don’t explain that. Ward sends the referee away and introduces the new special guest referee. It’s Ronnie friggin’ Garvin. Nash just hammers on Morton. He’s working pretty stiff and quick for him. Morton takes a choke toss out of the corner. Morton tries to fight back, but takes a side slam for two. Nash takes off a turnbuckle cover. Snake eyes to the exposed pin. Morton bleeds. Nash does it a second time. Nash kicks Morton to the floor. Morton eats the stairs. Back in the ring, Nash drops an elbow for two. Morton kicks Nash in the neck and punches Nash to his knees. Morton kicks Nash’s leg out from under him. Nash recovers with a choke slam for two. Morton kicked out of a choke slam, really. Nash asks for a microphone. Before he finishes it, he wants to know what Morton’s real problem with him is. Morton says he gave his life to the business. Everything he’s about is the business. Garvin and a few others in the back raised him in the business and he grew up with some others in the business. It’s not about the money. It’s about the love. Nash was a prick and an asshole to everybody. He loves the business and Nash doesn’t. Nash says if that’s his problem, then they don’t have a problem. He might be a better business man than Morton, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the business any less. They shake hands, but Nash knees him in the gut and hits a power bomb. He flips Morton off and does the crotch chop. Nash says it’s about the money. Morton doesn’t like him, who cares. Keep buying Nash dolls and T-shirts. The economy might be suffering, but Nash is doing fine. Nash walks off and Garvin counts him out.
Winner: Morton by count out as Nash took a walk.

It wasn’t enjoyable in a car crash kind of way. It was more like a tedious fender bender. It was alright for an indy show, but not for a pay per view. I would put all the matches around a star and half to two stars. The main event was just kind of weird and didn’t seem to really resolve everything. The Finlay and Silva match was way too long for what it was. For those expecting Heroes of Wrestling, it wasn’t that bad, but in that way was boring and not that much fun.


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