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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 08.22.20: Big E on Kofi’s Loss to Brock, Criticism He Needs To Be More Serious, Plus More!

August 22, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-Talking Smack has finally returned and sadly it comes back just days after news broke that Renee Young is leaving the WWE after this weekend. For those who don’t know, Talking Smack debuted with the last brand split and quickly became the best show produced by the WWE. I was lucky enough to get asked to recap the show every week and it was fantastic. Renee and Daniel Bryan were great as the hosts and everyone who came on the show seemed so relaxed and comfortable compared to what they were told to say on SmackDown. Daniel was a non-wrestler still and clearly gave no care at all about holding back his feelings about things happening in the WWE at the time. The show gave us great moments with Miz cutting the promo of his life, The Usos and Daniel forming “Sweet Beets,” Kevin Owens trolling Renee like crazy and trying to get her to spill the beans about marrying Ambrose, and many more. So with no Bryan or Renee it will be interesting to see how this new version goes. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to Talking Smack from The ThunderDome. She is joined by The Miz which is weird as it was promoted that Xavier Woods was going to be the co-host. The Miz immediately brings up that he put Talking Smack on the map and tells Kayla that he misses Renee. She shoots back that she misses Daniel Bryan and I safely say we all miss them both. Miz asks Kayla if she saw Timeline and that gives me a chance to plug my review of that episode here.

-They discuss The THUNDERDOME and Miz talks about needing to feel the energy from the crowd and whether virtual or live it helps. Miz is pumped about pyro returning and he says that his entrance has more pyro that the SmackDown show opener.

-Next up they discuss Retribution and Miz says that he was there to help. Retribution was disrespecting their home, and Kayla brings up that Miz showed up a little late. His rationale is that someone had to hold the fort down in case every got knocked out. They have some breaking news as the Universal Title Match will be a Falls Count Anywhere match now. Miz brings up the point that being in the ring with The Fiend changes people and he thinks we will have a new Universal Champion tomorrow.

-More news as Rose vs Sonya is now a No DQ Match and the loser must leave the WWE. So, the shaved head stipulation is gone? I assume the change is due to the scary situation Sonya is going through in her real life.

-Our first guests are out and it’s The Golden Role Models, Sasha Banks and Bayley. They come on set singing their own version of the Miz/Morrison song. They give Miz the nickname of “Miz 10 Shows” and make fun of Braxton for having just one show. Kayla brings up the beat the clock challenge and how Sasha beat Naomi and Bayley couldn’t. Bayley doesn’t care about one loss to Naomi as she is still Bayley Dos Straps. Kayla brings up that they weren’t on the same page on SmackDown, but Bayley shoots that down as they are way tighter than being on the same page. It seems Bayley also had new boots tonight and blames that for her loss. Miz puts over Bayley for winning big money matches and that her and Sasha have done it all in the WWE. Kayla continues as she brings up that Sasha may not be RAW Champion if it wasn’t for Bayley’s help. Sasha laughs that off and says they are best friends and will walk out Sunday still double champions. They start asking for people to find Kayla a best friend as apparently “ding dong, there is nobody at the door” for Kayla. Bayley has an idea as Asuka doesn’t have a best friend anymore so she should be Kayla’s. It also seems that Asuka will be “Asuka No Titles” after Sunday. They give Asuka a double side smile as they leave and Miz gives them a round of applause.

-Kayla asks Miz what he is doing as they are supposed to be co-hosts. He brings up that she was asking terrible questions. He says that if he and Morrison were in the situation that whoever wrestled first needs to beat the hell out of the challenger win or lose after that match. Man has a point!

-While speaking, Big E sneaks onto the set and wraps Miz in a hug. He makes sure to get in a few squeezes of Miz’s chest and Miz says he is know as “Big Trap Mike.” Kayla gets a hug as well and congratulates E on his win tonight. Miz asks E what happens when he needs to be serious. E doesn’t know why he needs to change who he is. Miz brings up Kofi finding a more serious side when he went on his run to the WWE Title. E says that Kofi is far too humble to mention this, so he will. He says Kofi is a guy that had his legs cut out from underneath him following the Brock Lesnar match. Miz says you can’t do that as he was the WWE Champion as well and the same thing happened to him. He just needed to rebuild himself. He tells E that his jokey stuff won’t get him to The Universal Title. Miz asks why Kofi didn’t fight harder for another run, and E asks how. Miz says he blames himself for all his failures and E shoots back that Miz didn’t have to wait 11 years for his first Title shot. Well, to be fair, Miz did win Money in The Bank and created his opportunity. I was kind of waiting for him to mention that point but didn’t. Instead he just mentions that he was a star and most hated man in the WWE when he got his chance. E just keeps going back that Miz didn’t have to wait 11 years in the midcard and Miz brings up that he is waiting now. He wasn’t even supposed to be here today (CLERKS) and is showing he can do it all.

-We get back to E and his win as he calls Sheamus a human speed bump. He would like to drive a Fiat over Sheamus for some reason. He also calls out that Sheamus has also had many World Title shots and again, I bring up Sheamus did win a Battle Royal to get his first shot. I know they are kind of breaking the 4th wall with this stuff, but I like revisiting history. Miz asks if E has had a Title match and E says no and says it’s funny that he and Kofi have had to wait so long. Miz tells E that he thinks he can be a bigger star than he is now, but he is missing the serious side. He knows E won’t change his ways, but he thinks he needs to find another gear. E says that when the time calls for it he can be serious, but he is going to sink or swim on his merits. He doesn’t want to be Cena light or Reigns light. He wants to be different and why would he change something that is working with the fans to the point they think he deserves a World Title shot. All that matters is can he get it done when the bell rings. E thinks he should be getting his chance at The Universal Title in the next few months. E then gives Miz another hug before taking his leave.

-Our final guest as The New Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy is here. Miz is proud of Hardy for using his knee brace to get the win as it was something he would have done. Jeff is blessed to be here considering where he was just a year ago. Jeff knows there was something more than just him out there and this Title win is for more than just himself. Miz tells Hardy that he is spitting on everyone’s face that held the IC Title if he doesn’t have a match at SummerSlam tomorrow. Hardy agrees and I am curious if that goes somewhere.

-Kayla wraps things up as I guess they were running long and Jeff got the short end of the straw.

-This was a fine first edition of the rebooted Talking Smack. Big E and Miz were great and perhaps it was a blessing to have Miz as the co-host this week instead of Woods with E being on the show. Not sure we would have gotten the conflict with Woods there. Sasha and Bayley did what they do best and while not getting much to say Jeff seemed humbled to be where he’s at today. Again, it will take some time to get used to no Renee or Bryan, but a good first effort. Thanks for reading!

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