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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Jinder and Corbin Come Face to Face, More

June 19, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 06/18/17

-This is the post Money in The Bank edition of Talking Smack. My thoughts are the Main Event saved things and the AJ/Nakamura interaction was something special.

-Renee Young, as always, is your lovely host and she is joined by WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T. Renee brings up that Corbin is Mr. Money in the Bank and she didn’t see that one coming. Guess she didn’t check the betting odds before the show.

-They cover the controversy with the Women’s MITB match where Ellsworth retrieved the case and gave it to Carmella. Booker has no problem with it as one of the ladies just had to end up with the case in their hands to win. Renee and Booker go over times in the past when people have interfered to help others win MITB. Booker asks Renee if she is saying an asterisk needs added to the match and she says she doesn’t get to make those decisions.

-SD Women’s Champ, Naomi is our first guest this week. Booker brings up that Lana brought the fight tonight. Naomi says that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up. She says she dug deep tonight and got the win. Renee brings up Ellsworth helping out Carmella and Naomi says it doesn’t surprise her. She was ready for Carmella to cash in tonight if it was going to happen. She also believes that if Carmella had cashed in, she would still be the champion. Naomi says she is a fighting champion and wants everyone to “feel the glow.” Booker talks about how he took heat in the past for trying to push Naomi and he did it because he felt she was one of the most talented members of the entire roster.

-Naomi doesn’t think it was fair the way Carmella won the match, and Booker brings up his MITB experience at Mania 23 when his wife got involved and it cost him. He tells Naomi that she needs to be on her toes as if Carmella catches her slipping for just one second her title reign will end. Naomi’s last words are that she is ready and prepared.

-They post the tweets from Shane and Daniel Bryan as they were less than pleased with way the Women’s MITB match ended. Bryan will be back on SmackDown on Tuesday (hopefully back on Talking Smack as well) and has posted that the ending of the match will be the first things he discusses.

-WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, interrupts and Booker T gives him an ovation and tells everyone to give it up to him. Mahal wishes Happy Father’s Day to Booker and to Cowboy Bob as well. He says Randy let his dad down and let down everyone in his hometown. They show the video of Randy hitting the RKO and Jinder getting his foot on the rope/Sing brothers putting his foot on the rope. They continue with the footage as they show Orton murdering the Singh brothers. Booker asks Jinder how it felt to beat Orton in his hometown. Jinder says it felt nearly as great as the night he won the title, and that Orton made a rookie mistake. He mentions that Randy won his first title when he was in high school and that means Orton is past his prime. He promises to beat the records set by Orton, Cena, and Flair. So he plans on losing the title a bunch? Why wouldn’t say he will beat Bruno’s record? Only person I can remember focusing on that was CM Punk.

-Booker brings up Corbin having the MITB contract and Jinder isn’t worried. He isn’t impressed that Baron won the Andre Battle Royal as so did Mojo and he squashed him last week. He says he will not be outworked by anyone, and that is what will keep him the champion. They discuss Jinder’s popularity in India and Jinder says he is the pride of 1.3 billion people. He takes time to speak to his people in his language.

-Baron Corbin interrupts and tells Jinder that he will see him soon. Tremendous!

-Baron says that was a warning shot to the champ, and he is just letting him get this one pass. Baron is great here as he says he doesn’t need abs to punch Jinder in the face or to take the title away from him. I love this man when he gets the chance to cut loose on this show. He doesn’t care that Jinder works hard as that is just an excuse for the less talented. He doesn’t have to work as hard because he was blessed with talent and some have it while others don’t. They show Baron jumping Nakamura as he was making his entrance. Baron says he doesn’t have time to waste and he wasn’t waiting 5 minutes for Nakamura to make his entrance. I love dick Baron!

-Booker says he likes Baron’s style as he is willing to steps on toes and keep on walking. He says Baron is about two things: checks and championships. Renee says he is also about contracts now and Booker digs what she is saying. Booker wants to know the plan and Baron says it would entertain him to have guys sweating and looking over the shoulder for the next 365 days. Booker brings up that he loved when Disco Inferno was TV Champion because he knew it was an easy bone to pick. He thinks Baron should do the same as he waits for his best opportunity. Baron tells Jinder to keep his head on a swivel and it will be a long walk after his loses his title. Baron is out as he is going to celebrate his big night.

-Booker and Renee love the attitude from Baron as they wrap up the show. Renee hypes the return of Daniel Bryan on SmackDown and we are out.

-Darn fine show as Mahal has done well with the chances he has been given to talk, and Corbin continues to be amazing when he can be a little more natural.

-Thanks for reading and join me Tuesday for the return of Daniel Bryan.

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